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THE TOCHI TROUBLE. London, July 22.

Tbe Anglo- Indian expedition in the Tochi Valley, on the Afghan frontier, has now occupied both Shirani and Maizar, capturing large stores of grain.

[The outrage by Mulirks on the British expedition under Mr. Gee has already been r-ferred to in our cable messages. The latest mail uews concerning Mr. Gee's movement* is to the effect that he was moving in the Fhirani country. Tbe Tochi valley, the scene of the disaster, lies to the north of the well-kuown Gumal-road to Gbnzni, and commands that route. -inre tbe Durand agreement and the ation of the Indo - Afghan frontier ihe valley h»s l-een oon tr.-led by the British, who have estab lished posts all al--ns it. Mr. Gee, the political ottici'r in charge of the district, has been moving in the district with an esr-ort of native troops end British officers*. As already stated, he was visiting the t-hiiaui country. 'I hr tribes in the district have always been turbulent, ar.d it ijas liven more than once necessary to teach them a sharp lesson, 'i be chief cause for future anxiety in ronin-ctisn with the attack is the probability of olher tri'jes being stiri-c-d up. It is not cle::r which tribe i6 respousib'e fir the massacre; 1 ut the Mullah Po«-inri»h is well known U the Indian as a notoriras priest, who lias always been very hostile to British influence. Some time ag.i he was expelled by the authorities for bis ntte:npt U- stir up disaffection, and he w:'.s also throv.-n over by his own pe.iplc. iMnee his exile )v: has been living in Afghanistan, and bas apparently got to jeiher a fresh following. He took part in the attack on tbe British camp at TVano in November, 1894. 1