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(From Our Own Correspondent.)

June 14.

The first Cricket Ball for a good many years took place on Wednesday, 1st June, anrr*was a splendid success. The two new. lights were a great im provement. The pretty decorations,

Ike good music and beautifully decor ated supper table all added to the calling's pleasure. About 20 or '30 ?wep; in. fancy dress, and all were very good. An 'Aboriginal and his Gin' and 'A Married Man — 2 a.m.' caused shrieks of Laughter. Among those in fancy costume were the following: — Mrs. Coyne, 'Moonlight'; Mrs. C. Sheldon, 'Weldon's Fashions'? Mrs. Anderson, 'Crimson Bambler'; Mrs. Clarke, 'Carnival'; Mrs. McNeice, 'Bridie': Mrs. Rechner, 'Murray

Moon'; Miss Stockden, 'Weldon's Crochet'; Moss H. WitheralL 'Colleen Bawn'; Miss Hazeldine, 'Queen of Hearts'; Miss Flanagan, 'Golden ', West'; Miss Rechner, 'Gipsy Fortune Teller'; Miss G. Bodan, 'Gentle- man'; Miss B. Burgess, 'Bed Cross Nurse'; Miss L Elder, 'Ragtime';

Miss Goodwin, 'Jap Lady'; Miss Grace, 'Moonstruck'; Miss Thomp son, 'Spanish Lady'; Miss McGlen ehy, 'Spanish Dancer'; Miss B. McGlenchy, ' ' Norwegian Peasant ' ' ; Bessie Wetherall, 'Golden Butterfly'; Delys Beehner, 'June Hoses'; Mr. C. Sheldon, ' ' Native ' ' ; Mr. Cross, ' ' Gin ' ' ; Mr. Peet, 'Married Man — 2'; Mr. E. Fathers, 'Pierrot'; Mr. Prid ders, 'College Student'; Allen Bur gess, 'Soldier'; J. NevilL 'China- man'; Mr. McGlew, 'Black Druid.' Special mention must be made of the 'Clown,' Mr. E. Anderson, who was very comicaL A confetti supper table, decorated with the ribbons of the club colors and silver tinsel and baloons, was the work of Miss Josie Grace. The stage -was beautifully decorated with the club colors, gold stumps and balls, tied bats and flowers. Mrs. Nichol son's work for both stage and supper table was beautifully done. Mr. Wal iington (cornet) and Mr. Colmer (piano) rendered good music. Mr. Smith proposed a vote of thanks to the ladies, and Mr. Clarke presented the following prizes . to the winners: — Association: Bowling average (pre sented by Mr. J. Chirk), Mr. P. Stockden; batting average (gold medal presented by Mrs. A. A. Clarke), Mr. Alf. Smith. Railway Cricket Club (prizes £1 1/- each): Bowling average (presented by Mr. J. R. Edwards), Mr. P Stockden; batting (presented by Mr. S. McGlew), Mr. Aif. Smith. Rovers C.C. (prizes £1 1/- each): Bat ting (presented by Mr. Jack Rodan), Mr. E. Wilton; best fielder (presented by Mr. P. Coyne),-\Mr. J. Thompson; bowling average (presented by Me. A.

E. Burgess), Air. J. umaiai. Trains are still held up here on account of washaways, and the Murchison   mail is still at Wolleen. On one   station 15 inches of rain has fallen. It is raining now, and the weather is looking very heavy. Mr. Symes, our constable, has had word to' remove to Sandstone. He leaves on Friday. Miss Buby Wetherall had a surprise party on Wednesday evening, when a large number of her friends arrived, all carrying a gift. The guests, on ar rival, took charge, and a, very jolly evening was spent. The principal singers were Mrs. Rinaldi, Misses Rodan, Cummings, Graee^ Hann»g*n

and Recbner, and Messrs. Colmer, Peet and Fathers: Mr. Wellington ren dered several selections on the cornet. Supper was served in the dining-room. Miss Wetherall is to be married to Mr. W. Johns, of Cue, next Wednes day. Mr: Johns is well known and liked in Yalgoo. For several years before the war, he drove the Field 's Find mail, and was offered the same position on his return.