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The Bohemian Leoturer.

THESE WM a large and appreciative audience at St. Matthew's Hair on Friday Dight, Wheh Mr E I Colé, or as he euphoniously stylet himself, «» The Bohemian Lecturer," exhibited «ii eteetrie Hms light apparatus. The sights shown nnmbered ovsr 400, and inpluded namerou^ excellent rennwenta tions of landscapes, scenery, ' arohuèetufe, and various cities of England, Scotland, th* Continent, Bnssia, India, Africa, Japan, as well as námeroai views of Australia, also some grand specimens of sculpture from the Vatican of Borne. The sights which were the best ever exhibited in WinasOr, where fully ekplstried in an interesting and instruc tive lecture by the Bohemian, who* undoaoiedljra man of many parts. AB an orator of Jbhe Bohemian chsracter he is certainly without a rival, and as an entertainer he possesaeB attributes of ho mean order. The entertainment concluded wjth some vie#á ol animals from the Zoo.' The pianoforte sok>« by Mr Oliver Leighton were allihat cbnld te desired. . We believe that it is the intention of Mr Oole to repeat the entertainment at no very distant daté.

On last Monday evening, a large crowd as sembled to hear Mr Cole, and some of them were testing the electric battery, when a number bf boysprdssed toó near the stage, and otherwise misconducted themselves, interfering with the en tertainment" The naturally irate lecturer sprang down and clouted two or three of the delinquents. Some of these afterwards resented this action, and " cheeked" hita, creating boite a' babel-so much so that the visitor had to bring the proceed ings to a close at an early hour. Mr Cole now ' threatens to take action against some of these

larrikins, who of late have been very troublesome.

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