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There, ia the privacy of his sanctum the j

Colonel sat, and edited his paper with the predatory «hears and the dishonest paste pot,

Max Adler.

Appropriate ! The proprietor of Cobb and Co's coach company is named Wag goner, ç

Columbus' remains now consist of a dust and 30 bones." The explorer died 393 years «go.

W. T. Stead says " I have often been tempted to leave my appointed work and join the Salvation Army.'*

Viscount Hinton, who has for some been an " organ grinder" is London, suc ceeds to the title of Earl Poulett.

The Earl of Eeauchamp, our next Go vernor, is 27 years of age and unmarried. Here's a chance Cor the husband-hunters of the colony.

Tenders were opened last week by the Minister for Works for 10,000 tons of steel rails, &c;. the lowest was from'an English firm.

0 Ouida" rook Lady Jersey as her model of " Violet Guernsey in her novel entitled " Syrlin." Violet is a platform oratoress of primroses and platitudes.

The sum of ¿8000 passed through the totaiisator at Charters Towers on Boxing Day. The club made a profit of over £6OQ foiJhe day's transactions.

Thé new Business of the Australian Mutual Provident Society for the past year amounts to over ¿3,750,000 stering, being in excess of any year since 1892.

A huge refrigerating works is being erected in South Africa. The railway, and most of the timber in the immense building, are carried on Australian iron bark girders.

Mort's Dock and Engineering Co. are about, to construct a big dock 660 feet long and 80 feet wide. This will be abie to take in the very biggest liners which come to the port.

A hopeful sign in the labour market is that carpenters and joiners feel them selves sufficiently strong to stand out for 9s per day. This means that the building

trade continues brisk.

14 The police are very reticent" is the stereotyped telegram from Gatton. Any chump can shut his mouth and look art ful. Fact is, the police are so completely at sea that they don't see anything.

Under the new Municipalities Act ic in Maoriland, every owner of freehold valued at ¿25 and upwards, and every lodger who pays a rental of £10 and up wards, is entitled to one vote, and one vote only.

A photo by Mrs. Ambrose, mother oi the Yarra victim, reveals her as a hand some woman in evening dress. And she is now confined on a charge of vagtancy in order to secure her sobriety at the police court.

Aid. J. G. Griffin, who once contested the Hawkesbury electorate, is the prim« mover in a project to unite the numerous Sydney and suburban municipalities ir one whole, on the lines of the Londor. County Council,

Out in the north-west of this colony foi some months past the rivers have beet mere waterholes lined with the carcase! of sheep, kangaroos, emus, and other ani mais. No other water is available. Hors« feed has been at fabulous prices.

In a cemetery on the Clarence River rt tombstone bears the inscription " Adel« Ronald, 1866. I wait you." Beneath thi is : " Louis Ronald, 1895. Here am I.1 The other day some irreverent scam] scribbled at the bottom : " He took hi time.'

Perhaps dead and gone J. Tyson hele the same view regarding a will as the lat John Harris, of Shane's Park, held: " Devil a bit of a will I'll make," he one said ; " let the .-fight it out when Va gone." And they did, as Tyson's relative are doing»

An acquaintance writes of our net Governor :-" All I know about him i that he and Lord Cottenham wer amongst those who painted a statue a Oxford red, because the Dean would nc give them leave to go to the Duke c Marlborough's coming of age ball." Pei haps he'll " paint Sydney red."

An old record states that III years ag the proclamation of British sovereignt over Australia was made at the head < Sydney Cove, " near the run of fres water which stole silently along throug a very thick wood." Gone is the " vet thick wood." Bricks and mortar an Sydney sandstone occupy its place.

Australian authors are again to the foi in London. Louis Becke is out wit *« Rodman the Boat-steerer," Mr. W. Í Walker has published 44 When the Mopol Calls." Ethel Turner (Mrs. Curlewi has issued 44 The Camp at Wandinong, and Mr. Fergus Hume has another my¡ lerious story called *« The Raiubo fetthet."

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