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A very agreeable smoke social was held last evening in the Working Men's Hall, under the auspices of the West Perth Foot bdl Club. Mr. T. F. Quinlan, M.L.A., oc cupied the chair, and there was a good a'- tendance of members and their Men is. The event of the evening was the presenta tion of a very handsome picture frame, con taining the portraits of last season's twenty aid the office bearers of the club, to Mr. K. H . B«rrett, one of the vice- Presidents. The pre-entatioa was made by Mr. Quin an, who alluded to Mr. Barrett as one of the f mndeis of the Club, and always its most eotliusiastic supporter. At the beginning of kst year, Mr. Barrett experiencei a difficulty in getting a capable twenty to take the field, but as tbe result of his efforts look he s-ud, at the West Perth team at the close of the season, the premiers of Perth, and separated by one point only from the premier club of the col

ony. (Cbf-ei8.) Mr. Barrett had not only assuted the c'ub with his advice and opinion, but had come forward to aid it financially, aud its members were, t herefore, grateful and desired to show their appreciation of such true sportsmanlike con duct. He asked Mr. Barrett's acceptance ©f the gift as a mark of esteem and good fellowship from the members. In respond iag, Mr. Barrett said he was proud to know that he held the esteem of the members of the Ciub, and the handsome gift that even ing would be prized as the expression of! that esteem. He h«td done his best for tbe Club in tbe past, as he hoped to do in the future, for he believed always in aiding sport in the most thorough manner. He hoped much from the West Perth Club next season, and bilieved they would come out premiers of the c.lony. During th-* even in? song* were given by Messrs. Eveston, Copley, Taylor, Brady, Jsykes and Duff, and


reetations by Mrssr*. Scott, Walsteoholnie and Walter Herdsmen were well received, the latter gentleman bringing down the bouse with a realistic effort ' What we do with 'em when they aretight.' A ve-y en joyaMe evening broke up shortly before midnight. Advices from Sydney by Monday's mai state that small-pox has appeared at Cap 1 t wn, and was ciusiog anxie'y (here when the mail stta'iacr left l*st month for j\ev Zealand. It seems that the Union liner fc-cot had arrived with the disease on board, and another steiiner, the Lismore Castle, one of Donald Currie and Company's (Jape line, was also found to be infected, and was, with the Scot, quarantined. Twenty four persons from the steamer Tartar had just completed a term of quaran tine when the New Zealand steamer left. Ihe position of affairs at the quarantiiae grounds, £aldanha Bay, is described as re sembling a huge ho»pi al. At one stage of the outbreak there were 150 per*ons in quarantine, only a few of whom were actually infected, and the release of the Tartar's passengers and others a few days before the mail left would reduce the number there to just over 80. It would appear that some of the passengers by the Scot had landed and got away into the interior before the presence of the disease on board the steamer was discovered. Amongst the number bo land ed were Lord and Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox, and they had r- ached Johannes burg, wh. n nneof the servants was attacked wita hytuptoms of varioa 'Ihe whole party whs ordered into quarantine for a period of three weeks, and the hotel at wtich the servants were quarier^d was im mediately shut up by the a .thorities. Lorlj and Lady Gordon- Lennox at

On April 20 a meeting of tbe Dis trict Board of Education was held at the Port Town Hall. President, Archdeacon Watkins, chairman, Messrs. J. B. Doonan, and the hon. secretary (Mr. W. E. Wray). Correspondence was r- ad. from the Central Board as follows : — A letter stating that the Board would consider the advisability of increasing the salaries of assistant teach ers at a future meeting ; a letter stating that the Board had no power to instruct the Resident Magistrate to issue a sum mons to the compulsory officer gratis. It was decided to ask the Colonial Secretary to give effect to the recommendation ; a letter acknowledging the receipt of a re port from the Health Officer re the Beacons field school buildings, replying that the Board were d'ing all in their power to get the new school erected as speed'ly as pos sible ; ako a later communication stating that the Works Department had been re quested to hive plans prepared and tenders called for tbe bui'd-ng at once; a letter approving Miss Ida Mofflin's appointment as pupil teacher, North Fremantle school. It was decided to defer the matter of grant ing school requisites for tbe establishment of a night school at Beaconsfield. A re quisition from Mrs. Price, headmistress of infant's school, for certain alterations, was deferred. The Board decid- d to visit this school. It was also decided to pay a visit of inspection on Friday morning to the whole of the Fremantle schools. The Central Board replied to a Jetter from the secretary to the effect that he (the secre tary) should procure flny necessary disin fectants for the various schoools. The sec retary stated that he would purchase some at once, and a supply would be sent to each ecQool. 'I his concluded the business, and the meeting adjourned.