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FOOTBALL. -o - TO-DAY'S MATCHES. Brighton v. Leopold at Higgin. botham's paddock. Park team will be represented by Barrett, Brumley, Butler, Coe, Dingle, Edmonds (2), Gardner, Howell, Haines, Jennings. Linehan, Maitland, M'Bryde, Power, Rowe, Rutherford, Ruddle, Scott, and Smith. Emergencies, Clarke, Wilson, and Watkins. Brighton Park Second v. Arma dale at Malvern. Van leaves Middle Brighton station at 2.15 and North Brighton station at 2.30. The fol lowing will represent the Park- Ar thur, Cox, Darvall, Downie, Evans, Green, - Higgine, Mason, Male, Nichol, Pamphilon, Ruddle, Ranken, Raphael, Stein, Teesdale, Thomson, Williams, Woods, Woodward. Em ergencies, Ewens, Hayball, O'Rourke ann Downey. Brighton v. Preston at Brighton Beach. Team - Barrow, Bennett, (2), Box. Clarke, Blackham, Jenkyn, Johnston, Shannon, Poole, Teague, Hiller, Hammond, Rowe, Orford, Stephens, Newatead, Evans, Brady, Griffin. Emergency-Courtney. BRIGHTON SECOND V. ALBERTON. This match was played on the Beach ground last Saturday, and provided ae':ifost, interesting game; and4he local teaios itii ethe'congratur latel,on the form many of their; players showed, especially in the first half, when they played over their op ponents. The Alberton brought down a full team, including the re doubtable Dick Wardill, of Mel bourne club fame, and it was this player's contribution that did more than anything else to gain his side a victory. His high marking was fine, and he made frequent dashes away with the ball. The majority of the Brighton players seemed to have a liking for him, too, for every time he got near the ball, someone's arms were sure to be found embracing him.. The result was, of course, free kick after free kick, and it was from one of these he scored Alberton's first goal-the only one they got in the first half, during which period the Brighton put up two, the first kicked by , and the other by Glen M'Dowall. In. the last half, the game was more in favor of the visitors. who rallied and soon made matters even by Buzolich kicking second goal. The same player shortly afterwards potted another, and in the last quarter a fourth was scored. The fiual result was Alber ton 4 goals 9 behinds; Brighton 2 goals 6 behinds. The Brighton men played together very well in the first half, but after that they did not do so well, and many of them were out of their places pretty often. Those who played well for Brighton were Ross, Williams, Stirling, Wal. stab, and Smith. PARK,V. COLLEGIANS. The Brighton Park played the Caulfield Collegians on the Coast Grountd on Saturday, the former win ning by six goals to three. The game was fairly even until half-time. In the third quarter, however, the Collegians proved their superiority. Much quarrelling took place and one fight. BRIGHTON BOYS AT RICHMOND. Barrow played a dashing game, re lieving the goal in splendid style. Johnston played in his.usual man ner, and was the best of the followers Blackham played a game to suit the day, always kinking off the ground. Jeukyn played the game of the forty. He never played such a bril liant, game before in his life. His runs were the talk of the day. Box was in his element in the ruck. Brady was at his best,l notwith standing the wet and heavy ground. He repeatedly beat men .twice his weight. Poole proved a thorn in the side of the man hews minding, alwaysget ting to the ball first. Shannon was the most: improved man on the ground judging by last season's play, and if he keeps up the same form he will be in the first three of the best of the team. Teague suffered through the heavy ground, and did not play -the same as against Hawthorn. Ellis was very much abroad at times. The greasy ball and heavy gthund was against him. Newstead showed his men a splen. 1id example' of cool and collected play. His mai; had no chance against hin.. He made some very fins runs, iind always got his kick, Orford prdved a tower of strength and is a decided acquisition. He played one of the best games on the ground. Miller, who played for the first time, was a surprise. His kicking was the best on the ground, and he will take a lot'of beating. Hammond played better than ever and should be one of the best juniors playing this seasion, .. -.:~o wer was':handicapped'by? wet and heavy' ground. but at times' got in some pretty play. Griffin was the surprise of the days It was certainly the best game he has played for years, and promises to be one of the mainstays of Evans showed to great advantage all the afternoon, His marking and kicking was good and he used his strength to great advantage. Stephens was shaping in a first. class manner when he got a buster, which upiet him for the afternoon. Courtnuy showed signs of return. ing to form, but although he showed occasional fine work he was at times patchy, AT SOUTH MELBOURNE.. Rowe had a weakness for getting on the blind side of one of thei South's men, and suffered the penalty by falling " quick and lively." Brighton's passing on. and smart marking surprised the South, who are past masters of the same little game. Windley, Duggan, Brines, F'raser, and O'Hara were all at their best for South. The famous old player, Jimmy Young, was in the Sauth's rank's on Wednesday. He got iun some good work at times, and showed he could do some dodging as of old; he 'sav Twsteuad a good shake up,