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FOOTBALL. FIEST-BATE JUNIOR PREMIEBSHIP. BarrAissA v. WArLTH A -This match was played on the ground of the latter at Richmond, and'after a very fast and ex siting ganme resulted. in a draw. J. O'Brien led theBritannii, whilst May hal charge of the Waltham, the result being Britannia 2 goals 4'behinde, to WYallltama 2 goals 5 behinds. ' .. . To-morrow the Britannia journey to Fern Tree Gully to play the local club. The members and supporters, are requested to meet at Princes Bridge Station not later than 1.25 p.m. sharp. ALnoaoN UNIrrD v.EsSEND3gIS DTRIsOT. This match took place laost: Saturday' at Royal Park in the preenco of a great num ber of spectators, there being fully 3,000 persons present. Great interest was taken in the match, as the District was the only unbeaten club among the juniors. CG. Hamilton 'again led the Albion who were represented by the following :-Armetrong (2), Ameess, Budd, Bannister, Browning; Bullion, Caffrey, Callison, Doddo; Douglas, 1iox (3), Hamilton, O'Brieon. Phillipe, Stranger, anid Woodbridgo (2), whiloA. Patterson held -command of the District. In the first.quarter t~,iDietrict ,had-the beat of it,, playing a very. fast: 'game:. Quarter time .District 1 goal 3 behinds,: Albion 1 behind, in thoeseeoud qihatted th Albioni taredd'the tablet having a'lot the best of it. ' Half time" being,' "Albin United 3 goals 4 ' behinds, Essendon District 2'' goals 6 behinds. Three quarter time, Albion 4 goas 6 boehinde, District 3 goala 7 behinds. Final lResult, Albion United5 goals7bohinds, Esiendon District 3 goals 7 behinds,'thus leaving the Albion winners of aesplendidly contested game. The goal-kickers for the Albion were D. Bullies (2), H. Caffrey, II.Phillips, and D. Fox. Besidesa the goal-kickere Armstrong, O'Brien, Budd,' Woodbridgoe Bannister; Amese; Douglas, and Stfanger, played eplendidly,"and for tie losers Dickens, Downio, Conic,r Sedlier, Scott, Riley, Smith, Patterson, and Gilleepie, tried hard to avert defeat. W. MeMahon as field umpire gave general santisfaction. NonTII MiLBoonreN Judloas v. UBION JAcK.--This match was pla)ed'on the 3rd inst., eand resulted .in an easy 'victory for the juniors, who kicked.5 goals to 1. Th,' goal-kickers for theJuniors were Hughes 2, Grant, Brown, and Oates. JUNIooiS. V; EDLItON.-Played on ground of. former, Itoyaul Park, resulted in another easy win for the Juniors, who kicked 8 goals'to L- Goal-kickers were lughes 5, Greenwood 2, Power. The Juniors, who are training hurd for next Saturday's match against the Fitzroy Juniors, are putting forth their strongest team. T. Warne wil again don the Junior's colours. T. Peters, late of Bendigo, and J. Reekie, late of North Melbourne, will also play on Saturday. . ; The team selected to play against the Fitzroy Juniors on Saturday is tho follow.' min:- Armsutrong, Grant (capt.), Green. wood, Htighes, Heron, Irwin, McCousland, Oates, Power, Platt, Peters, Roche, Rutley, Rosbourne,. toeekie, Shaw,. Thompson, Warne, Woodhead, Wa!eon, Gibson. Sr. MArY's F.O. v. A.LnETON F. C., aon the ground of the former, Royal Park, and after a fast and exciting game resulted in a draw, There was a good deal of interest centered in this match, as neither of the above clubs has been- defeated' for the Metropolitan junior prtemiership. Gee. Jar. ter, Gough, McLeod, Keenan, Arnold, and Launder played well for- the Saints, and Messent, Davidson,. Wilson, Shaw, and Irwin played well for the Alberton. E. Launder 2, Gough, kicked the goals for the Saints, and Shaw,)spJiDn and Maygher for the4lbertoo. - ...- * .. . -.a The following will representSt. Mary's against Orlinda on the KewCricketGrouud: -Arnold, Boyer, Bucasnau, T. Smitl,, A Tatterson, Troup,WVhlto, II. Itutley (capt.), McLeod, Gough,. Saunders, Duane. ountl thard, Miller, Chandler (2), h Lueder, McAlister, Moorehouse, Carter, Butler, B, Scott, Corman. - The above are r - quested to meet at the North Mclbourne Town Hall, before 2 p.m.