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More Railway. Engines. BURN BROWN COAL THE Minister of Transport, Mr. H. J. Hyland, M.L.A., who has been keen on the use of brown coal fuel for loco motives submits the following statement The success of brown coal fuel which locomotive X32 has demonstrated in pas- senger and goods work has stimulated the decision to equip 28 X class engines to burn it. In parallel, 130 CK waggons to transport the brown coal dust and ten overhead hoppers will be built. Plans are already in hand to convert an N class   engine to brown coal firing and to put it into service next year. The joint fuel needs of X32 and the N to be converted will, it is understood, be met by the S.E.C. Meanwhile, departmental and S.E.C. engineers have been conferring on the brown coal fuel supply for the re- maining X class engines, as they are pro- gressively converted. From this has emerged an estimate that sufficient fuel will initially, in 1953, be available for 15 engines; provided that the equivalent in alternative fuel is given to the S.E.C. (such as slack and other coals unsuitable for locomotives). The brown coal supply will be at the rate of 30,000 tons a year, which will be increased to 60,000 tons in 1954, regarded as the full require ments of 30 engines.