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Oar Fremantle Letter.

(From our Correspondent.]

The launching of the dredge took place yesterday afternoon. The ceremony oc cupied about two hoars and the arrange ments were considered to be very successful.

His Excellency and Lady Broome arrived about 2.30 p -m., and the vessel began to move on the ways of the slip about 3 p.m. A large concourse ot people assembled to witness the ceremony. The dredge, form erly nick-named Hampton's Yacht, will henceforth be known aB' The BlackS^mn.' The christening of the vessel by Laiy Broome took place as soon as the vessel began to move. The train wbich conveyed foot of the Bailway bridge, dose to where the launchingtook place, His Excellency and Lady Broome being received by tha Mayor (Mr. D. K. Congdon) and conducted to the place of the ceremony through an arch erected for the occasion. The arrange ments were most complete and satisfactory and no serious hitches occurred throughout. Though the dredge may be considered an old vessel, the repairs which have been effect ed to the hull and machinery are said to have made her as good as new, and notwith standing the excess of ceremony yesterday it is now hoped that 'The Black Swan' will lose no time in getting to work again in improving the navigation of the river from which it lias, not inappropriately, taken its name in its second baptism. I notice the lamp-post erected in Canton ment-road is scarcely in the proper place for lighting up Hie letter receiver, and as it is not to be wed till 1st July, it would be far better situated if moved opposite Mr. James MaimiTig'q ;ppai«i«»tiff» bringlEg the light SO as to face the letter-box. The road leading from the East Fremantle Station is also badly in want of a good lamp, and as there is no light at tie entrance to tie platform,

which is far from being safe tor passengers leaving the station en dark nights, it is, I think, quite within the province of the cor poration to draw the railway authorities' attention to tie fact, and seeing the road was made to the station at tie eu-enseof the Municipality it is a very small return for tha Works department to neglect to erect a lamp near the station. It is hoped they will do so for the convenience of tie travelling public Wednesday morning.