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A correspondent writes from the Yilgam BjUs, under date of December 8:— We arrived here on tie evening of Tuesday (to-day being Thursday), after a trip from Newcastle of ten days' duration, eight days

travelling and two Sundays resting. The road is an extremely good one, considering that with the exception of one or two spots near Newcastle it is in ite natural state. We found water at easy stages all the way; bat with two or three exceptions tiey are mere soaks tnhich may ran dry any time, and I am assured by one who has travelled the road time years that there is really only one permanent watering place between here and Slater's— 35 miles from Newcastle; hence you will recognise the very urgent necessity for action on the part of tie powers that be. I am of tha opinion (in which everyane I have spoken to coincides) tiat plenty of water is obtainable by sinking mMg the BBef, amnngat. Hin hillg Brniing, a tank of Mr. Lukin's, is our only supply now, and I -1« nnf.Hiint- ifr Mil \nmf miyy frhpti fon, days, unless we have another thunder shower. The insane action of the Government in granting tie 60,000 acres concession to Mr. Anstey is causing ™ni4i Q]-feeling and is acting very prejudicially to the develop ment of the fields ; of coarse it is not gen erally recognised, but it is very dishearten ing to be working with a feeling tiat if anything ib found it may have to be fought for. Hftwever, it is to be hoped that ere this, tiat most ridiculous concession may have been rr*u*xi*xi The reets in tie vicinity are numerous and well defined, many of them showing stone of an ex actly giraiiitii description to Anstey'e, but so far no further find has been made; the prospecting has chiefly consisted in breaking up surface stones. A ' $arty started from here a few days ago, under guidance of natives, for »*to.p hillg fifty miles to the eastward ; tiey are expected back °*'* X may be able to add a lino before this goes. I would most strongly depre cate any more parties coming out until a supply of water is obtained, as it is only owing to a thunder shower that we are able to remain here now. Feed for horses is very scarce indeed, and should anyone come out it is very advisable they should endeavour to bring some fodder. Mr. Lnkdn is supplying sheep at tie reasonable rate of 16s. per head, delivered on tie ground, and other supplies may be obtain ed from him at reasonable rates; but I would advise anyone to bring general stores, as Mr. Lukin may run out.