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Sm, — A question has cropped up in con nection with tie discovery of auriferous m quartz near Lake Deborah, east of New- ~ castle. It is stated, on good authority, that 60,000 acres of Crown lands have been reserved to Messrs. Anstey & Leake for prospecting purposes, no particular time

being specified, as to the durataoB of this reservation. Now wby or under what reg ulation has such a concession been made ? Looking at the matter from a pnt^Hcwl standpoint, it looks very much like a dead lock to other parties, ready and willing to devote their time and spend money in prospecting for gold in tbe place tiey would naturally do so, tiat is to say, somewhere in tie vicinity of where the auriferous .' quartz was found. The difficulty of dffin-* ing the exact boundaries of such a large reservation make people pause and consider whether it will be good enough to go to the field till something Jofiwifa» is done, to enlighten the outside public, by inserting notices in tie public press. Of course no right thinking person would for a moment consider that Mr. Anstey is not justly en titled to unlimited praise aud also substan tial remuneration for his plucky enterprise, but it stands to reason that half a H-w.o»i or more prospecting parties would do more in a few weeks to develope the field, &h«i one party alone. These parties would naturally take out miners* right to protect themselves, so that money would find ite way into the public treasury, a good deal ot the present dullness of trade wo'ild be relieved to a certain extent, and last bat not least the future DrosDeritv of the field

would soon be assured beyond doubt. If you can find space for these few remarkB, and give any information in your powtr, you would benefit a large section of the community. — Yours, &c, INTENDING PROSPECTOR. [It is perfectly true, as stated by our correspondent, tiat the extensive area of 60,000 acres has been temporarily reserved for Messrs. Leake & Anstey. — £0.3