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THE THEATRE ROYAL. - The plays of " Gilderoy" and " Bride of Lammermoor " were performed on Saturday night very creditably. In the first piece Mr Mungall played the part of Jock with that peculiar perception of the salient points of the cha- racteristics of Scotch low life, which distin-     gnishes his acting, and which, if it does not set the audience on a roar, is to a degree provocative of that lower-toned laugh that especially belongs to those who can really appreciate a humor which, if not-wit, makes a very good substitute. Mr Stuart O'Brien played the part of Gilderoy with fire and energy. The chief triumph of the evening, however, was Mr Warner's representation of Edgar in the "Brideof Lammermoor." The character is in itself a most effective one.

Edgar is not moody and melancholy by nature, but a noble-souled, high-spirited man, whom the presence of poverty, and   chiefly disappointment in love, bends so low, that the character of the man seems

changed. And in these various lights did   Mr Warner so admirably develop his imper- sonation, as to place himself high in the es- timation of his audience. A little more attention to costume, and deference to what is correct, rather than what will most please the unthinking part of his audience, is almost the only desirable -addition to his perform ance. The other performers (save Mr Bruton, who was through illness unable to appear) played very creditably.

THE CHARLIE NAPIER THEATRE.-A large audience assembled here on Saturday even ing last to witness the equestrian and acro- batic performances of Messrs Davis & Leith's Circus Company. Though the posi- tion of the circle on the stage is somewhat derogatory to the success of the performances, yet so superior were the latter that the audi- ence were thoroughly well gratified. Several of the performers were old favorites, and among them Mr George Lewis and Lillipu- tian Tom may be reckoned as among the first. Mr Harry Adams was a very good clown, if he were to rely on his drollery to give due effect to which be possesses con- siderable power, he would be somewhat more successful. On the whole, however, but little cause for complaint could be found.

The feats of the Chinese acrobats were wonderful, as also were the jumps made by Alexander Alkanna, the Sydney-side native.   Mr James Hernandez showed himself worthy of his high reputation, and Miss Isabella Irwin performed a very graceful act. The circus will remain open for some few nights during the present week.

Tars CEITEEIOIT SALOOH.-The San Fran cisco Minstrels appeared for (ha first time at this popular saloon on Saturday evening. Even in the vast space of the Charlie Napier Theatre we recognised their great merits ; but in a room like this, at once so handsome and suitable, their performances are . more than doubled in value. The perfect execution of some of their concerted pieces makes it a matter of some surprise (hat they do not seek to perform pieces of a different character, if only to give variety to their entertainment. Mr Emery does not make many mistakes »hen engaging " talent" for his concert room, and the engagement of the San Fraucisco Minstrels is moBt certainly a successful coup

STAB CONCERT HALL.-Mrs Douglas still continues her tiresome feat, having already finished more than a quarter of her distance. She does not appear to be much fatigued, and completed a mile on Saturday night last in 14 min. 45 sec. A good many visitors put in an appearance to witness this feat-really extraordinary when performed by a man, but peculiarly so when accomplished by one of

the weaker sex.

FATAL MIKING ACCIDENT AT ITALIAN GOLLY.-Dr Glendinning held an inquest at Old Italian Gully on Saturday last, on the body of Alfred Angel Black, aged 23 years, the particulars of whose death were thus given in evidence by his brother Wil liam Black. Is manager of the Home ward Bound Quartz Crusliing Com pany. On Wednesday last, about half past three p.m., deceased was preparing a blast under his directions, for the purpose of excavating thc surface of the ground, to receive the stamping portion of

the maclunery. The hole was drilled fifteen inches in a horizontal direction; and deceased was using an iron tamping rod, for the pur

pose of forcing the first half of the charge to the bottom of the hole, when the powder ignited, and deceased, who was sitting, was lifted a distance of about twelve feet over a heap of stones. Witness was standing within four yards of bim at the time of the explosion, and another man also was stand ing close to his side, whose clothes were set on fire. On going to his brother's assistance found him lying on his side, quite insensible, with a large wound on bis forehead. He was removed to his tent and Dr Smith sent for, but he died the same evening about nine

j o'clock. Deceased has been cautioned by

his mates about using an iron rod. Dr Smith next gave his evidence, which proved that the cause of death was the fracture of the skull, aud stated that he was still attending the man John Mayhew,previously mentioned, who was suffering from the burns received at the same time. Verdict-Died from the effects of an explosion of powder, caused by the very incautious use of a naked iron tamping rod.


An inquest was held on Saturday, the 18th inst., at the Scotchman's Lead, Buninyong, on the body of Robert Thompson, miner, aged 33, a native of New York. The evi dence of George Westaway, John M'Hugh, and John Ternant, was taken. The two former were working in the Criterion claim in company with deceased, on Friday morn ing about four or five o'clock, and whilst deceased was shortening a prop with an axe, about forty square feet of the roof fell in without any warning, covering the deceased. They immediately set to work to dig him out, and succeeded in reaching the body about four o'clock in the afternoon, which was quite cold, lying on the back with the knee bent up. Ternant assisted in getting de ceased ont, and testified as an old miner to the ground having been well timbered in his opinion. Verdict accidental death.

[ADVKEXISBMBNT.] -The particular atten tion of oar readers is requested to the sale of the Golden Fleece or Dent's Hotel, to take place this day, at twelve o'clock sharp, in the C!ornmereial Sales Boom, Start street, Mr W. C. Smith, auctioneer.

rADVEKTISEMEST.j-£500 REWARD.-Art Union of 1659. The day of drawing will be annnnnrmi bi a fer days. 1000 shares at . £1 each. The seven beautiful pic tores will he drawn fin: at Mr Emery's Crite rion Hotel. Mr Bridges hegs to state that he ie empowered to guarantee for the first prize, the Last Rapper, £500; for Beautiesof Aus tralia, £50; for Clvjgis^on, £50; for Con templation, £50; the fifth prise is the beau

rnUbmesl7y,Écce Honro; the sixth priée, o\lpiöoti^,^Ä^ o(ßower^ i^, beautifully painted; thfe seventh prize, coi painting, bas ket of cottage flowers, beautifully paintel Monéy cí'píctnres wiU be delivered o to lucky winners immediately after they are drawn for, on producing winning numbers. A few shares are still procurable at Mr Hum ffray^ labor mart, by the Bridge; also, at the Criterion Hotel, where the collection is nov on view ready for distribution. The whole of the subscribers will be invited to attend the. drawing. Sweepstakes for 20 shares at 5s. each every evening.

Tax 'SOCIAL EVIL nr MELBOURNE.--A large number of persons met last evening at the Mechanics''Institute for the purpose of de vising some measures for the repression of prostitution in this city. His Worship the Mayor presided, and opened the proceedings by stating that he considered the subject was more a matter for Parliamentary legislation than for private action. The Rev. Mr Tamer moved the first resolution, and, seconded by Mr H eales attempted to prove that prostitu tion was entirely attributable to the intemp erance which existed in a coantry, and the

connection between public houses and places i of amusement. Mr Hull argued that j morality ia this colony was not at so low an ebb as many persons asserted, and expressed his regret that tiie present meeting should have been held on the eve of the de parture of a mail, inasmuch as the people in England would form most unfavorable opinions of our social state. The Rev. Mr Higginson threw the whole onus upon the census, and the unequal proportion of the sexes in flus country. Mr Dewar, in a long and extremely sensible address, contended that the system of assisted female emigration was the cause of a large amount of female depravity in the country; and Mr Godfrey, on the other hand, expressed his belief that were tile lands placed within the reach of tiie poorer classes, crime would rapidly di minish. The printed resolutions which had been framed by a committee of gentlemen the originators of the present agitation-ap peared to give great dissatisfaction; so much so, that it was proposed to, have them revised. Several gentlemen addressed the meeting, and owing to the diversity of the opinions entertained, the business was not brought to a termination. An adjourned meeting will be .held op Thursday evening, the 30th of this month.-Argua.

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