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ii OCA! anti General #eU>8

BALLABAT HOSPITAL.-The Secretary < the Ballarat Hospital begs to ackuowledg the receipt of the following sams :-R»F. J Fennelly, 51; C. Lester, ll; Henry Farlej 21 2s; T. and S. Learmonth, 20/; Eobei Simpson, 10/ ; J. A. Douglas, 21 2a ; Bet J. Bickford, 21; J. Paul, ll- C. Morrù 21 2s ; J. E. Dance, 21 ; Golden Point Quart Beef Company, Ulis; Waterloo Company 61; G. Jackson, ll; Mr Ocock, 1/; Drape and TabeL 21; A. Norrie, 21 j White Fla Company, 121.


meeting of miners yesterday for the purpos of electing a surveyor, when a Mr Baile; was chosen, and proceeded forthwith to la; off claims. There was a pretty good muste: of well known surveyors there, but th< newly elected gentleman, although a etran ger professionally, was the favorite. Thi guiler promises very well, and the ground i extensively taken up.

INKERMANN.-There ia more good newt from this line to balance the bad luck of fJhi Great Republicans, who, by-the-bye, hav< begun to remove th .-ir plant some 600 feet nearer to the Swamp for another set in The good news we refer to is the striking a patch of good ground in the Freehold', i claim. Four pounds weight were washed out of half a bucket full of stuff on Tuesday. The ground looks very promising we hear,

ST. PATRICK'S DAY.-Your true Irish* man will never under any circumstances allow his nationality to remain a mattel of doubt. Englishmen have no day the celebration of which is peculiar to themselves for St. George's day is known now but io few, and the Scotchmen who have immigrated to these shores do not seem to care much about Halloween, Auld Hansel Monday or any of the other festive days, the custom of keeping which has been handed down by so many generations, but an Irishman is not to be fettered by any conditions which the force of circumstances may i TI pose upon him. He must keep St. Patrick's day or " bust," as Colonel Chopper would have said. Lack of funds do not fetter his joy. Friends he always has while a countryman is within hail, whiskey comes by nature, and St. Patrick's day is his chosen holiday whereon be enjoys himself to the utmost extent of his power. From twelve o'clock the night before, when peri patetic bands of musicians defy all musical precedent in their rendering of " St. Patrick's Day in the Morning," till the* small hours after the glorious day is over te is happy for why perhaps he can hardly tell you. Brought down and 'degraded as Ireland may have been by raigovernment, and the efforts of misguided men to achieve an impossible independence-it is his country, hallowed by the presence of the great saint, and he almost fanciers he is again treading the emerald soil of Erin aa he quana far more whiskey than will do him good, and would have brought many a stalwart English man into trouble, and«, fine from the ine vitable Clissold the following morning. On Ballarat yesterday, our Irish citizens formed no exception to the general rule, «nd St. Patrick's Day was duly observed. With the exception of a well attended service at the Catholic chapel, we heard of <tio great display made j none of those ceremonies and public exhibitions with which «n English man would celebrate a public holiday, took .place, bat somehow if we «et an Irish man in the street his features were lit up with a most unmistakeable expression of joy. 'He drank ead sang «nd laughed, but, we sans happy to say he did not fight. That there may always be plenty «f "Weü_- ^ispqsM Irishmen on Ballant to celebrate St Patrickr* day, as they did yesterday ii oar earnest


^JÎP^ï*iX&n&zZä* evening flBom to Good JUneTc* *.* ¡playead» :moaeratây «*^ea iipow/; 1^ gie ptees/affimbW for acting is that«f

emplejosrieejto-being the adventures «fan Irishman in .Naples, TOmbimng theltiaicrons and the wonderful to a considerable «Stent. Mr Coxon'« new song about the late fire, when the Fire Brigade provoked municipal anger, was highly amusing and telling. The amusements concluded with some very clever dancing by the Leopold Family, the lady excepted, who was, we believe, too indisposed to appear.

CBICKET.-The scratch match, which it was stated in yesterday's (Wednesday's) isene, would come off on that day qa. the ground of the Ballarat Cricket Club did nrt take place, owing to sot inaurEcient muster of the members and the threatening appear

ance of the weather.


Tuesday morning the culprit George Robin- son, convicted at the last Castlemaine Cir- cuit Court, was executed in the Central Goal. This man was found guilty of the murder of a woman with whom he cohabited. They latterly led a very unhappy life, and often got drunk together, and as often quarrelled. At the time the offence was committed the convict said they were both drunk, and he in his drunken madness threw the woman into a mining shaft, one hundred and twenty feet deep. She was killed on the spot. George Robinson was a Swede, a native of Stockholm, and was 36 years of age. He was a sailor, and arrived free in the year 1852, by the ship Anne Maria. Since his arrival at the Central Goal he has been con- stantly attended by two clergymen of the Wesleyan denomination.—Age.

CONTRACTS ACCEPTED.-John Johnston, forage (hay) for police at Quartz Beef, £19 10s per ton; William Bramley, forage (oats] for police at Hexam, 9s ©d per bushel ; citto, forage <(bran) for ditto, Ss 6d per bushel; Wm. Bramley, forage for poMceat Caramut, oats 12s, bran 4s per bushel ; C. 8. Baillie, erection of goods shed at jetty, Portland, £299 10s ; Nicholas Wells, completing Court house, Taradale, £667 7s; Evans and Barker, additional excavations at Court ol Mines, Ballarat, £260 8s -td.-Government


THE CONVICT CARDAN NA.-The Executive Council have declined to interfere with thi due course of law in the case of this convict, and his execution is fixed for Friday moni'


INCREASE OF IKSOLVEKCT.-From thi commencement of the year up to the presen! date, t\e number of insolvents has been 86 Up to the 16th March, 1857, the number ol insolvents was 57, from the commencemen of that year. This shows an increase for th( present year of nearly one hundred per cent on the nnmber of insolvents that have airead] filed their schedules.-Age.

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