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The weather yesterday was rather unpro- pitious in the morning, the sky looked rather clear, and every one anticipated that it would keep tine, bat about 12 o'clock clouds of dust h'gan to blow, and the sky looked cloudy, the wind also became in- tensely keen ; it was evidi nt that before the termination of the proceedings, it would be rather unpleasant for the pleasure-seekere. The course, as on the previous day, was in capital order. About 5000 persons were present, and considerable interest was felt in the events, chiefly,however, with reference

to the Great Ballarat and Creswick handi-

cap. In this race Tomboy, who has all along been the favorite, was entered, but owing to sume foul play, we understand, he did not occupy a very honorable place at the termination of the race. Betting was particularly thick throughout the day, and with the exception of a few pi i vate "sweeps," very little speculation was visible. On the road back several casualties occurred, one of them being of a fatal character, and were chiefly owing to the "rjwdy" character of several parties who had been imbibing rather freely. The police did their best to check the abominable practice ot reckless racing on the road, and several arrests have been made. A dispute exists as to the winner of the great even«, Tombiy hav- ing been jostled in the hrs', heat by Hap- hazard's jockey. A protest has been entered,

and the matter now awaits the decision of thc stewards.

The following were the events of the

day :- j




Of 120 sovs. added to a sweepstakes of 15

SOYS, for all three year olds. One mile anda half; weight, 8st 7lbs. Mares and geldings

allowed 8 lbs.

Mr \V. T. Greene's b f Tricolor, 3 yrs.

(Snell,. I Mr H. Philiips's b g Cavalier, 3 yrs. 2 Mr J. Smith's blk c Skylark, 3 yrs. 3

Betting.-Even on Tricolor.

Skylark raced thc fiily well for the first mile, when she went ahead and won easily ; Cavalier a good second. Time, 3 min. 40




Of 200 sovs, added to a sweepstakes of 15 sovs.

10 sovs forfeit, or a sovs. only if declared.

Two miles.

Mr 13. Ü Clark's hr g Haphazard, aged,

9 st 8 lbs. (Hayes). 1 Mr Wilson's br m Brunette, aged, 8 st

12 lbs. (Owner). 2 Mr John Orr's br g Tomboy, aged, 10 st

12 lbs.. Mr J. Smith's ch g Odd Numbers, 8 st

12 lbs. 1

All got off well together, and when passing

the Grand Stand the first lime, Brunette was about two lengths behind. Just past the first turn some jostling was s ated to have taken place, by Haphazard's jockey, which threw out Tomboy completely for the first place. Haphazard going in and winning easily ; Brunette second. Some miscreant during the race rode from the side of the course with the apparent intention of crossing Haphazard, but missing him, fouled Tomboy. Mr Orr entered a protest against Haphazard being declared the winner, and the Stewards, after a very patient hearing disqualified him, but deferred deciding to whom the stakes were to be given.


LADIES' PUBSE of 50 sovs., added to a sweep-

stakes of 5 sovs. One mile and a half ; welter weights. To be ridden by members of the Ballarat and Creswick Turf Club,

professional riders excepted. | Mr A. Chirnside's gr m Alice Hawthorn,

aged. (Mr John Orr). 1 Mr Hepburn's b g Young Camel, 5 yrs.

(Mr Auslow). 2 Mr Howell's g g Pioneer, 5 yrs. (Owner) 3 ( Mr Chirnside's b c Delapre, 4 yrs. (Mr j

Johnston). 4 i

Betting a to 1 on Alice, who matte all the running and won in a cauter.


Selling Stakes of 50 sovs, added to a sweep- stakes of 5 SOTS. Oue mile and a half.

Weights : 3 yrs, 8 st ; 4 yrs, 9 st 3 lbs ; 5 yrs, 9 st 9 lbs ; 6 yrs and aged, 9 st 13 lbs. A winner of the present year of £50 to carry 3 lbs extra, and of £1<X), 5 lbs I extra. The winner to be sold by auct ion

after the race for £100, any surplus to go I to the fund. If entered to be sold for j £80, allowed 4 lbs, if for £60, 8 lbs ; if for £40,14 lbs ; if for £30, 18 lbs.

Mr Pliillips's br g Dermot Astliore, 4 yrs,

£80. (Snell) . 1 Mr John Orr's b g Yankee, aged, £80 ... 2 Mr Mather's br g Spring Bok, aged £80 3 Mr Kennedy's b g Coronet, 3 yrs, £30 ... 4

Betting 2 to 1 against Dermot Asthore.

Spring Bok kept the lead for a mile, when he fell off, and Dermot Asthore came in an easy winner. Yankee challenged Spring Bok

at the distance and came in second. Coronet

nowhere. The winner was bought in by

the owner for £95.

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