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m (From our own Correspondent)

Monday last being Licensing Day, then was a large attendance at the Local Court of onr various hotel proprietors, besides many boarding house keepers, and others, applying to make a start in the 'eating

line*. Mr. BelL of Bocking&am, who has recently built a fine hooee at the Beach, ap plied fora general publican's license, bat as there appeared Borne bitch as to the proper notice being given before-hand, the consideration, of his application was deferred. Now that tiie well-known Eock jnghnm Jmx belonging to Mr. Chester is about to be dosed, a bouse with good ac commodation at tiie beach cannot bat be considered very necessary. Had an botel been in existence hitherto, many folk would have gladly availed themselves of recrea tion, which could have been resorted to as a minature Brighton. Many frequent visitors will greatly miss the excellent aeeommoda

ami %m. ^u:. vjuvavcu b ukju^ m mw vu* w..-» mte inn, while it is to be regretted that the travelling public to and from the South will be deprived of the hotel conveniences bo necessary? or tbe weary traveller's comfort. On Wednesday last a vast number of folk — chiefly employers and employes of onr mercantile bouses—epent a most enjoyable holiday at Claremont, to which place the different tains conveyed tail living freights tilipaghout the day. This mon ster picnic having been held on tbe anniver sary day of tbe baU-ioliday movement, all places of business were closed as early as 10-30 a.m., and from that boor numbers de- sertea the town and thoroughly enjoyed their day's outing. The immense gather' ing returned per the 8 pjn. train, apparent ly well satisfied with the day's recreation. The Rev. Ralph Brown lectured on 'Heads and Faces' %t tiie Literary In stitute on Wednesday evening to a crowded audience. His bearers were much interest ed, while tiie wrgnitMaifai of the lecturer were most convincing on the important potBts pertaining' to phrenology. Two or three subjects were persuaded to undergo manipulation, and the characters formed of each individual were most conclusively il lustrated. The lecture throughout, while tempered with mnch merriment, was most instructive. The Adelaide Steamship Company's Agent, with his proverbial thoughtfulness for the public convenience, detained tiie Otway until the arrival of the Sob Boy] from the Sound, so that the Colonial mails for the northern settlements eonld go tor _?«) nap Hm- Wm-Hi-wpBfc boat, thus savins'

the delay in transit of fully sue weeks. The Otway, withalarge cargo and & comparative ly large number of passengers, left on Fridayeveniiiglast. The South Australian, from the Colonies, arrived on Tuesday last. The fine steamer encountered a. strong westerly gale, after leaving Albany, neces sitating very hard duties on the part of the popular master (Capt. Colder) and his efficient officers. On tbe completion of tbe voyage, the passengen presented Capt CaMer with a very complimentary addrfflB, together with a purse of sovereigns, in re cognition of his great care for the ship and tfconghtfuliiesG for tie comfort of the large nnmber of souls on bond during the trying «»m«n» The fam -nmmmndiD£r officers ot

the intercolonial steamers (South Aus tralian and FHUiSdin) axe certainly worthy feliows, enjoying the good will of the many with whom tbey are brought into contact from tune to time. On Monday and Tuesday evenings last Stanley's Opera Company played 'Colleen Sawn' to bumper bouses. Each chnrartifir was most creditably delineated, and the play throughout clearly convinced tiie audience that these clever young people (Harry Stanley excluded of coarse) are equal to the occasion is dramatic, as well as in operatic, entertainments. By tiie Sooth Australian on Saturday last two gentiemen (Messrs Fry and LewU) rere passengers to Port Adelaide. These visitors are both well versed in go-ahead principles, and I learn that they hold a good opinion of onr Colony audits resources, while their return to our rfiores in a few raifnihp hanro in tint af all imjimliahlfi We want many of the experienced and practical colonists of 8.A. to augment the present limited number to be found in so sparsely a populated Colony such as this. I regret to hear that «nr much respected and highly ssteened -»ngregstianal pastor

,M.c. Johnson) has been somewhat severely indisposed daring- the past week, tbengh it is gratifying for us to know that a daily improvement is now apparent, and I h?pe Mr. Johnson will again be quite restored tc health in the course of a few days. The contractor's men are again busily engaged at the National Bank building. The work of clearing away ihedebris from the fallen walls will take time, while the re construction will occasion muc'a delay in die compietaom of the contract It has not transpired as to 7hat is considered by those concerned the absolute cause of this unfor tunate (or probably fortunate) casualty, owing to which, bad it been day-time, many lives would have been, more than likely, sacrificed. Somosr has it that we are to lose the valuable services of our worthy R.M., Mr. Siade, whose promotion, while all will agree as being most deserved, wQl deprive the Port of a Magistrate, who has won golden opinions during bis long tenure of office. Mr. Blade has, at all times, shown a. most gentlemanly disposition and distinguished himself as being a most impartial, though just and dignified, chief member of oar Bench. We, therefore, regret the de parture of this official from amongst os. On Friday last, while digging up a part of the sod in the vicinity of the Sooth ward, a number of men discovered the skeleton of a human frame. Dr. Barnett examined tiie remains, and describes them as being those of a male, having tfte appear ance of being under ground for the past thirty years. An iron band was found round the calf bone, while the upper bone of tbe left arm was saen to be mnch shorter than that of the right arm. It is con jectured that these are the remains of a native prisoner whe had possibly escaped from a road party in ttie earlier times. The sjb. iaderslie from London, after a voyage of fifty days, arrived on Saturday last. A good number of nominated immi grants landed from this vessel in the after noon. After discharging, it is expected that this large steamer will sail for Hobart about Thursday evening. Tbe barque Wistaria, from the Gascoyne, also arrived on Satur laet. The numerous friends of Mr. H. P. Hfllas, of Perth, will regret to learn of that worthy old colonist's loss sustained by tbe death of his partner in life, and willeympatii ize with Mr. Hfllas in bis ffA bereavement, more especially when it ie borne in mind that only a. few months ago the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hillas, expired. I refer to Mrs. Hewlett, who died at Texas. The weather on Friday last was intensely and unbearably hot, while the glass showed a downward tendency. A 'cock eye bob,' or better known as a ' willy willy,' is looked for at any time from now to March, and the low glass of Friday last led many to think that the elements were working up on the North-west coast. Confirmation services ware held at St. John's Church on Sunday last. Monday morning.