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EPSOM RACUS-THE DERBY DAY. Tiiir. 'the day of days,' among all cockney spoilsmen, as well as the most ticking of the meeting, opened unfcvuuinuly, as fur ns the aliiiot|ilicic was lonmncj, for it was »et and misty; but (lime who had made up their minds fur a, tiip to the downs, and who bad in fact their vcliirlesand made (heir lirrangr ments, were not to be fiightcncd fiom their anticipated enjoyment by Irifles ; and as to go they had resolved, at all* hazards go they did ; and a uioie numerous' turn-out ' of carriage*, of every imaginable description, and of cattle of every conceivable quality, it has seldom been our lut to fvilnctt, notwithstanding Ihe great and much patronised facilities of transit af forded liy the South Western Railway from Vauthall to Kingston, and from thence, per omnibus or other eonve}aoces, to the downs. Fortunately the rain was not continuous; and although Rome little inconvenience was expe rienced from an occasional damp jacket, the absence of dust operated as a set-ofT, much prized hy those who Teel the mortiCcation of having tlieir finery eclipsed by coatings of chalii. Al early dawn the 'slow coaches' were on tlie move, and as the day advanced the more hashing ' drags 'went rattling along, the pustboys occasionally at fault for want of practice, and tlieir costumes an odd miiture of i jackets, evidently borrowed from the by-gone I wardrobes of their eslablijbmentf. Tlie spicy ' '? fours ' of olden times were ' few and far between ;' and the company, upon the whole, although extremely gay in appearance, and not Icsi. cheerful in bearing, lacked that aris tocratic dash which, id our early days, was wont to » utODivh the natives,' and draw forth humble admiration. Theie tvere the usual stoppages at the turnpike-gates, and the custo mary vicissitudes arising from cutting in and cutting out, and other acts of impatience ; but ire did not dear of any serious accidents. The goal reached, all hastened to lake up tbc most convenient posiiions. £very eligible spot trat soon occupied, especially on the hill, which was complexly covered with equipages, while the sides of the course, from the winning-post to far beyond the turn at Tattenham Corner, were thronged three and four deep with coacliH of every degree; In truth, we repeal. in deCance of the supposed prevalence of dis tress. Join, Bull De-:cr lSrne4 out his happy family ivitu tt mor(. obvious desire to enjoy the pleasures of thi, life, without regard lo expense. The Grant! Stand was, as heretofore, patronised . by those who consult comfort as well as desire to (ecu re sn uninterrupted view of the sports, and was thronged fiom its summit to its base. The display o! beautiful women -v«s nt gor geous as the lovers of the ftiir sex could desiie ; and, during the heavy shatvers which fell im mediately before and after the race for the Deiliy, they were fully sensible of the advan tages they had secured in avoiding the morti fying necessity of being cooped up in their close carriages. All the other stands were equally will filled, and ihe caterers for the gratification of rwijr class of visitors Kemcd to l-e reaping ample harvests from the liberal spirit and crav. in? r»H* of their cunnmers. Tlie Steward's Stand was tilled with the intlucntinl patrons uf

t lie ium, find artionjj o I tiers lierc we noticed Jus Koyal Highness I'rincc George of Cambridge, and the Piince Royal of Mecklcnburgh. U was not difficult to discover that, amoiic the great mast of visitors, the spirit uf speculation wiis widely disseminated— a spirit which be. comes every year more gencial, from the almost uni'mal KcTuptinn of 'sweeps,' varying in amount from len pounds to ten shillings per member; mid, following tlie genera) example, the inmates uf every cairiajic seemed to be engaged iti forming lists uf the horses announced signed to I he foi lunate ivinnus. The sums in this way ventured mutt have been enormous ; and, in Derby clubs alone, we think we should not far exceed (lie nmik if -vc were to say that at least £100.000 has to Ik diuiibutcd, inde pendent of tlie suppers, dinnen, and cilnm pajjiie, consequent upon ihe event which was this day decided. ' The ring ' on the hill km sion arising from the intrrmiiturc of eques trians and pedestrians, nil desirous of ascer taining the precise state of the odds on each I horse, with a view cither to hedging their chances, feeding their hopes, or confirming tlieir fears, was eitiaorilinary ; and I he Uabel 1 ike vociferations of the excited multitude is more easily imagined tlian described. Tlie grnvs of book-makers was certainly not so con. spiruous as in foimer (iniet. Tlie fatal issue of Ihe Derby last year has thinned their ranks ; and it is much lo he feared the result or tlie present year will not lend to improve tlieir position. In truth, for months past, the great, est distrust has prevailed, and Ihe betters round have found so much difficulty in preserving a proper equilibrium, that we fear the succe.i of Collimtone will reduce their numbers to a still narrower compass. Nevertheless, we arc dis posed to believe that many, from hedging in time, nit hough at it great loss, -vill be cnnUcd to weather tlie storm. At half-past two pre.'iselr, according lo the regulation of the stewards, the bell was rung for saddling; and, almost immediately afler, the multitude on the hill dispersed simultane ously in all directions, tome scampering off to obtain a close vietv of the start, ol litre to reach their carriages or the stands, to olitain a vieiv of the nice, and a vast number lo line the course from the high ground to Tattenbam Corner, there to form tlieir own judgment of the probable chances of their nags. It had been ascertained that lhree-snd-twejity only would start, although Ihe caids had announced tweuly-scven to be the number; and among the still lingering adherents of Aristidct, from the fact that Jem R- liinson was lo ride him, fresh courage was diffused. You cannot, how ever, make a silk purse of a sow*s ear ; and lioliimoo, although an excellent workman, proved to his admirers that, with the material be bestrode, it ivat impossible: to create a winner of the Derby. Of the start and the race we have hereafter given an ample description. From the moment tlie first bell rang, a feeling of intense aniiely seemed to pervade the vast multitude assembled. Deep murmurings might lie heard in all directions ; and tli« ineulal ngony of many was evinced by their pallid countenance* and the profuse perspiration which burst from every pore in their skint.

Unfortunately, almost at the momeit when the liigh-metilcd plialani was rxpectedto tie off, a heavy shower drove many of the fa.i sex to the cnver of their carriages, from wherce * cests lion of the unwelcome visitation portly after enabled them to emerge, lut In lime scarce sufficient lo be prepaied for the -nal signal, which was given from the roof ol the Grand Stand by reiterated cries of 'fhey're off, they're nfT!' followed by Ihe tolillg of the stewards' bell. The clouds of linemen as. scmbled at tlie starling-post wee then seen (muring across the downs, and in« few seconds the contending racers tvere abscrcd surmount in; the liill, and Coaling along fl'»i tlie mile pust towards Tattenliaiu Corner It was soon obvious that the grand strug«t was confined to tlie Brit six or eijilit horns, tb others having ' dropped astern ; nnd on roundng the corner and coming into Ihe straight running, the ex clamation of 'Gaper wius!'was universal; (lie note was, fiowcver, spcedly changed, the black jacket of Hill Scott tas soon seen to adrttnee, and in another iiiK'it the err of 'Coihcrstone wins!' drownei all other sounds — and onward he came, gal'snlly bidding de fiance to his pursuers, piou'ly sustaining the , confidence of his owner, hi trainer, and his jockey, and winning with icifcct case ; Gor hambury, the rejected of ..ord Vcrulam, and half-brother to Robert de Gorham, (who was second to Attila, the winrtr of the Derby last year,) being, by a singulfi' coincidence, second to another winner of ill' Dei by from the same -

stable. It inuy he ber- staled that Gorham- ' bury was originally decribed as the 13 reward Colt, and was purchase* fiom his noble owner ; for £40;', in the name of Mr. Gray, a livery- '. stable-keeper, for a larty, by whom he was trained, and c)nisten:d after his birth-place, and by whom he was nominally transferred to Colonel Chaiiiie. It will be seen that in the , belting he stood at 6C to 1 ; but 100 to 1 had tircn laid against llim, aud his owners vtere enabled, hy taking these, odds, to stand to win an enormous stake st small odds. A rumour was aOoat that an exchange had been eO'ccled, nnd that a foui-yeai-tld had been substituted j for the ' real Simon lure ;' but this suggestion is so preposterous as cot to admit of a moment's credence. It would have been impossible thus to deceive his owner and breeder. This is the second time the same nobleman has fallen into error, and shown hisignorance of the prixe in liis possession. We ought to state that the lli it isli Yeoman was laddled and mounted op posite (lie Stewards Stand, and cantered in front of the Grand SUnd, round the course to the starling-post— ail f mrople which all wished the other mmpelitorsliad fallowed. The mo ment the race was orer, the rain came down more rapidly, and tli« rush towards the judge's chair to obtain his lecition was terrific ; but suspense was soon at an end, for 'quick as thought' the luckjt No. 1 for the winner standing Erst on theiist in the card of the day, was displayed, andtdl doubts were at an end. Ill tbe agony of lisappointment we heard many fearful cipresionc, but reOeetion soon soon impressed on tWe bi whom they were uttered the prudenctof calming the deep sense of the misery inflicted!; and :)ie desperate efforts to subdue the exhiiition of disappointment enabled many to assune at least the appearance of indifference, whiU oilers fled fiom the course as from a pestilence.. Among the minor fry, whose losses were not irreparable, the phi. losophy of ' better lutk another time ' enabled them to bid defiance lo the frowns of fortune ; and, judging from Ihe heart; gOod will with which almost all impectcd and distributed the cheering contents oT their hampers, they were evidently happy in being for once engaged in a game Bt which all were prizei and no blanks. The winners were of course in liigli glee, nnd the liberality witli wuicli they distributed Ibeir bottles of cJiampague showed I list tbey wished their friends lo be joyous participators in their good luck. The clouds having shed their In si tear over the woes of ?' the field ' so signally defeated by ' the crack,' the remainder of the [ evening proved favourable ; the concluding : nuo pasted off nttlsiactorily, although with tittle desire to speculate; and the return to ' sweet home ' «oou alter commenced, willl r

degree of order, regularity, and gnod humour, scarcely to be anticipated under such exciting circumsUuccF. Tlieie »as of ciune sonic little confusion, some few accidents, and not a few chaffing matches. Some gentlemen lost their carriages, and tome ladies their friends ; but it it to be hoped, in tlieir fresh elections, (hey did not lind their in sfmtunesaltojcther without cons ilation. The roads to London— for they arc happily varied— presented ihe customary succession of lively adventures. TLc toll. keepers showed (heir wonted scepticism as to the toll

having been paid in lie morning, insisting on seeing the licket, or Demanding ?» n refreslier ' — a ceremony prudu.livc of no small incon venience and much il'. humour ; but there was no help for il, anil it equired all ihe authori tative persuasion uf tic new police, of whom, most wisely, a large nimbcr were on duly, to prevent recourse to ' deeds of arms.' The practical jokers were not idle, and I lie pco sliooting riQcmcn picked off their victims with ludicrous' succcsf, iilthujgli ofieu al the expense had tlieir eyes and linbs been susceptible of wordy impression, miglt have furnished ample occupation for oculists ind 'snwbonts.' The road from Clapl\an\ Conmun to Keonington gate was, as usual, fring:d with spectators; but the threatening state ofilie weather prevented many from enjoying the pleasures of the mov ing panorama, and witn&ing the eccentricities of the passing throng. It was of course laic before ' the coast was :le«r.' A few wrecks were reported, but we hue not heard that any lives were lost, nor hatt ire ticen forewarned or any incidents of peiny-a-linc impoilance beyond those which we line ouiselves recorded. Having concluded our pcliminary sketch, we shall proceed todctciibc tie business ofllic day. It would be liresouie lego at length inlo all the fluctuations tlmt aroi. in ihe course of the day ; sclecliug llic principal, we maystBtc first that Cotherstone was in as great force as ever; (liat John Day look 2(),Ono to 3,000, to hedge the 20,000 to 250 he .aid some time back ; aud othcrc, also, taking the slum, closed with lives wish we could add tlmt Ihote who ivere heavy against Cutherslone had lioptcd the same pre caution ; but some, with (pod intention! oiijti nally, had put olTtlie evil lay until tire small ness of the odds made thtni desperate ; and others, wanting the will fror the Hilt, stood it out to the last, and, as a mailer of course, were floored. The Yeoman tectded to 20 to 1 in the town, and to SO to 1 r-n the downs; we quote I lie latter m the marlet price at the dis persion of the ring, but ilwuld udd that 2,000 ID 45 and 1,000 Io25 ncrcluid bv parlies who knew ' which way the cat jumped.' Winesour, Elixir, and Aristidcs, came Into favour at the last; Siricol and Dumplinj declined. The other movements may he gilhered from the following list of the ODDB AT 8T1RIIWC. 15 to 8 against Cotiieritole 6 „ 1 ? Gaper 14 ,. 1 ? Ncwcourr 16 „ I ? Gamecock 18 „ 1 ? General Pollo.-- 20 „ 1 ? Wineiour 23 „ 1 ? Dumpling DO „ 1 ? Arittides 81 „ 1 ? Elixir 30 „ 1 ? Parthian SO ,, I ? A British Yeorr.un £0 „ 1 ? Siricol SO „ 1 ? Takeaway £0 „ 1 ? Languish colt C6 „ 1 ? MagnaCharta - GG „ 1 ? Humbug GG „ 1 ? Gorhatnbury 66 „ 1 ? Mercy colt. THE RACE. Within a few minutes of ihe appointed time, the liorsei were, mounted., ready for siirlis

and would have been undci nay instanter but for tlie viciuisiiess of Highlander, who tried every manoeuvre logct rid of his jockey, and -*as only brought into subjection by a goud towel ling. The race then commenced— not, by the way, that he (Highlander) bad anything to do with it ; for, like Murton Lordship, tbe speed was loo much for him, and he was beaten before hchnd gone a hundred - arris. Ooihambuiy, we believe, went off in advance ; but in ubout C It y tards Gaper shot by him, and made strong running, attended very clmtly by Kliorassan, Coihcrstone, and Garhamliury next, uiili C'en. Pollock, Siricol, A British Yeoman. Ncwcourt, Arislidcs. and Klixir, at their licelf. Several others followed in tolerable places till halfway up the hill, which, so killing was the pare, haJ 6. visible effect, lu the front rank we observed no change, but in Ihe second a wonderful dif ference was observable after passing the mile post : Aristides threw his bar shoe, ami gave up ; General Pollock had been going his best all the way, and however good through dirt, with such horses as ran at Chester, ivos over, matched here; Elixir, Parthian, Dumpling,1 and Winnour, ireie alto beaten ; end. even before this, Humbug, Magna Charta, Game cock, and the Languish colt, had retired alto- 1 gcther. The horses in the rear of thelirst live were Chotornian, Fakeaway, the Mercy colt, ; and A British Yeoman, but neither of them ran be said lo have had the slightest participa tion in the race. Gaper went round the turn a rattler, and really looked as if he was going (o win, and nothing else ; hut at tbc last road things assumed another aspect— Sam Rogers ivas evidently ill at ease, nod in a few more

strides the Goodwood colours were stiuck; Khorassan's fell at the same moment ; aud the lead was left in possession of Collierstoi.c, Cor hambury lying half a length from him on the left, Siricol third. They ran in Ihil order about fifty yardt beyond ttie distance-post, when the lint two went right nway from Siricol, and Guished the race, Cotherctone increafing his lead every stride., and passing; the uo*t a very easy winner by two lengths. Siricol was beaten lliree lengths from Gorliamliury, and mi about a length before Gaper, who had about the same vantage over Kliorasssn— these fivr, having been in front from the commencement, finibhed iu a separate body. Three or four lengths in the rear were Choioinian, Fakeuway, and A Yeoman, each of their jockeys claiming Ihe valueless honour of being sixth — we cannot undertake la say which was right. Of the others we took no account : it is enough that their jockeys abandoned the contest a long way [rom tioine, and did not struggle for places : to satisfy the curious, however, Murton Lordship was ateolutely lut, and Highlander last but one. Value of the stakes, free from the usual deductions, £4,250 ? BtlCt Life, June 4, 184S.