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DONCASTER RACES. (From the Morning Chronicle, Sept. 14.) TuiioiY Night. — Our prefiont communi. cations hate conteyed a tolerably accurate, but not «ry flattering, idea of the prospect! of the meeting up to Monday night ; the nett t»eWe hours contributed little to their improvement The trains, oorth and south, certainly added considerabl* to ttie company ; but ' lodgings to let' in all the vett situutionv, and a palpable lurk of excitement of any kind, were evidences of the declining importance of a race tliat of yore tvas tlie pioailiii); topic in all parts of the kingdom for weeks before its diciiion tliat could not be mistaken. We by no means intend to imply tliat tiie course was not largely at tended ; on the contrary, tlie stand, without ucinp ciammed, was well filled, and tlie country people assembled in sufficient numbers to make a good tliow, and lo impart life and animation to a scene that is still almost unequalled. Of rank, fashion, and beauty, however, the falling off was preceptive to all who used their eyes, and without those adjuncts no meeting can thrive. But we must return to the town. In our commencement of the arrival of .Scott's horses en 8u»-i.j, »c mentioned that Cotherstone and prizefighter remained at Pigbutrn (about thiee miles fiom Doncaster), and that they would tint nrriic until the day of the race. The e« traordinary fluctuations in tlie belting against Prizefighter, and tlie rumour on Monday night that he had thrown a cuib, made their' a matter of no little importance, nine out of ten imnuining 'hat they would walk in about the usual lime, and I bat they isbould haie an opportunity of reaio^iiij; or confirming suspicion by personal obieriation : they were fated to be disuppotuted. A. van pasted up the town to the Suluiation about nine o'clock, out of which walked Cotherstone and his second in com mand, and very few had an opportunity of gratifying their curiosity even by a peep. About eleven o'clock the betting recommenced at the rooms, and continued wilh some spirit until near one ; its chief, indeed its entire in terest centred in the t«oj»ni»»ls, PcizeCgler's backers bearing up with so much energy that before the doors were closed S to one tvas taken ; this movement, of course, affected the crack, who from 2 to 1, laid at one time rather freely, rpperiVd In 7 lo 4. ufitti n!*-nr» nf ,aL.R

Business was resumed at the Grand Stand, and with a different effect. Prize-fighter gave way, and large sums coming into tlie market in support of thejLucetta colt, in became a diffi cult matter to ascertain wliiili had the best of the belting at the finish. Cnthentone suffered ? further decline, and Nutwitb, Mania, and Aristides were only backed for tmali sums; in short, the actual business was conSned to the thice principal favourites The first event on tbe list came to a walk oter. The next afforded a splendid race between the Knight or the Whistle and Blue Bonnet. To this cuccceded tbe St. Leger. About a quarter of an hour before three o'clock the bell rang for saddling, the coune was cleared shortly afier (not quite to well or quickly as ive tare teen it), and within IS»e minutes or the time Ejed e-ery horse bad passed down the course. Ariitides and Trueby were tint out, and had returned from their canter some time before Mania and Kutwith appeared. Except to ascertain whether Aristides was 'i' tbe vein,' very little notice was taken of this lot j of Nutwith, perhaps, leu than of anyjotber. After some delay. Scott's three reached the stable from tbe Salutation, and in a few mi nutes appeared, mounted, oi the course, fol lowed by Reviewer. All eyes were tied on the two favourites, and various were the opinions hazarded upon their appearance. Prizefighter certainly looked best in his coat, but this will not appear very surprising when it is consi dered that Cotherstone has been in constant training for at least twelve months; some, not a few, insisted tliat the latter was ' lusty.' Scott's horses, however, generally look big, we shall therefore leave that an open question. The Lucctta colt appeared last of all, in * cap and half withers, but looking as Bt as horse could look. At ten minutes after three the last signal for starting was given, but Dawson, who had stayed with ArUtidei to keep him in a pleasant mood, did not quit his hold of the bridle in lime, and it was no go; the second also failed, Ariitides tlie LucelU colt, aud one ot two others having remained behind; after this failure,' Aristides became somewhat fractious, but with a little ' soft sawdei' he nu brought once more to the post, and the next attempt having been better managed on all tides, the race commenced equitably for all engaged in it. -Ye had intended in Ihii place to give a selec tion of the fashionables congregated within ? L_ ,*_«J _a iL!. —II _!._ _? C_ . .

iuc iuiiu tab un« *ii aiMOrDlng luOlOCni J llUiCt. however, forbids it, and merely observing en pattant, that tbe weather was dull but favour able, we mult proceed, without further prelude, to the ' order of running,' The two.yrs-old Produoe Stakes of 100 sots. each, h. ft. For colts, 8rt. 7ttt; fillies, Bit. 5tlrt. Red House in. 2 subs.

The Cleveland Handicap of SO tots, each, 10ft, and 5 only if declared ; with 60 added ; the second saves his stake. One mile. 18 tubs. ; G of whom declared. Lord Chesterfield's Kniglit of the Whittle, S yrt., 8kt 120.1. (Nat) 1 Lord Enlington's Blue Bonnet, 4 yrs. 7st 7tb....(M. Noble) ? 2 Mr. Meiklum's Pliilip, S yrt. 6st. 9&-. (Riley) ? 8 Mr. Shellon't Peter Plimley, S yrs. at. (Jefferson) ? ? ? 4 Mr. Walker's Raveoswortli, t yrt, Sit 101b. (Abdale) ? 0 Even on Philip, 7 to 4 agst. Knight, and G to 1 agst. Blue Bonnet. The Knight of the Whistle jumped off in fiont, and, with a lead of three or four lengths, carried the running to the distance, where Blue Bonnet reacted him ; at the stand she had a little the best of it, but was collared near the end, and beaten by a head ; Philip a bad third. Ravenswortb. did not get off. Tbe Great St. Leger Stakes of SO son. each, h ft. For tlnee-ytait-old colts, Btt. 7B-. ; fillies, 8-U JHj. ; the second receives £200 out of the stake, and the third saves hit stake. Tbe winner to pay £10 to tbe judge. St. Leger Coune. 127 tubs. Mr. S. Wratber's Nutwith by Tomboy (J Marson) ? 1 Mr. Bowes'i Cothentone, by Touchstone (F. Butlei) ? 2 Lord Chetter6eld't Priieighter, by Gladi- . ator, (Holmes) ? E laid .Ejcter't c bj Bertram, out of I-ucrita (Robinson) ? 0 Lord Islington's Arittides, by Bay Mid dleton, (G. Noble) ? 0 Mr. Payne's Mania, by Muley Moloch (Nat) 0 Mr. D. Cook's Erueboy, by Tomboy, (Cartwright) ? 0 Mr. Bell's Reviewer, by Romulus (W. M-ble) ? 0 Major Yarburgh's Dumpling, by Muley Molocn, (Templeton) ? 0 Belting : After several fluctuations the odds closed finally as follow :_ 6 to 4 on Cotherstone 6 to 1 apt. Prizefighter (t) 6 to 1 — Lucetta c (t) 100 to 7 — Nutwith (0 100 to 6 — Mania 20 to 1 — Arittidea 25 to 1 — Dumpling 40 to I — Truebojr Tux Rice ? At the third attempt a very good start was accomplished, PriieGghler quitting. the crowd in a few strides, and taking up their running at a steady pace. Reviewer

following in bis wake, Nutwitb third, Cutber stonc, Lucetta, and Tmeboy neit, and tbe others in good places. Tbe speed increased up the bill, and witb it Prizefighter's lead ; but the order of running continued almost at it commenced to the mile-post, where the Lucetta colt was observed to mote up, bis position in Ibe race on passing the T.T.C. being next lo Reviewer; this bone, however, was already in difficulty, and before be reached tbe turn bad fallen back to the ruck ; Lucetta colt tired immediately after, and ere he was round was passed by nearly every borse in ibe nice. Up to this lime Prizefighter bad a strong lead, but it now gradually diminished ( and at the bend Nutwilb, Cothentone, Trueboy, and Aristidet, were lying close up. This lot ran in a body „ the distance, where a slight lead was taken by Cutlierstooe, Nuttritb following him ; Prizefighter next, outside of the latter, and Trueboy and Aristides at tbeir quarters. At this point Aiulides made an attempt tor the lead, and fairly reached tbe leading bones, but died away in two or three stridet, and left the three to finish tbe race. At (be stand Cbtberslone't hud wot still in advance of Nutwith, Prizefighter lying at the latter's quarters, and in this way the race continued till within a dozen yards or Ibe chair, when Marson made one grand effort and landed »U bone ant by a bead. Cotherstone beathlg Prizefighter, far the second prize, by a neck. So line a race with thiee, we may venture to say, bad never been seen at Doncatter. True hoy ran in a capital place throughout, and finished at Prizefighter's. Mania was a bad fifth, and Aristides sixth ; the others were tailed off. The race was timed at three minutes and twenty seconds. Value of the stakes, subject to the usual deductions, £3,100. The losers of Scott's two, at a matter or coune, were enrage at tbe defeat of their favourites, which tbey do not hesitate to ascribe to bad generalship- The Cothentone party labour under an impression that the weight of the stable money was on their second horse, and that he been bad out of tbe race the black jacket whould have been triumphant. On the other hand tbe Prizefighter's backers insist llitt he fnst tbe race solely from making such strong running. We leave others to decide wbicli, if either, of tbe parties is right, merely ob serving that tbeir favourites were beaten by a good public hone — ono that ran well at two yeais old, that, well ridden, would bave brutes Prizefighter at Tork, and that was not quite up to the mark wben he cane to tbe pott tbit afternoon. The Selling Stakes of 10 son. each, with 60 added. Tbe winner to be told for £200, if demanded. St. Leger Course. 6 tubs.