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The following are the official instructions for the guidance of the Resident in the North District, aud Mr Assistant Surveyor Phelps : — INSTRUCTIONS TO THE GOVERN MENT RESIDENT os the NORTH DISTRICT. Colonial Secretary's Office, Perth, JanuarypO, 1865. Sie, — I have already had the honour of notiry ing by my letter of the 30th u!t. No. 45—1143, that His Excellency Governor Hampton had been pleased, subject to the approval of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies, to confer on you the appointment of Government Resident in the jtforth District of this Colony, and it now becomes my duty, by the Governor's directions, to lay down for your guidance general instruc tions for carrying ou the public service in the very responsible position to which you have been nominated. 2. — The boundaries of tba JNiorth District are defined in the existing1 Laud Peculations, with copies of which you have been furnished, and settlers have already proceeded to several localities witbiu its limits ; its extent however renders it impracticable for one Magistrate to exercise juris diction over the whole; and it lias been decided you should proceed to Camdeu Harbour, to which port several vessels with settlers and stock are reported to have sailed from the colony of Victoria, aud that the ultimate division of the new country into separate Districts should be left for further consideration. 3. — With this' view the barquetta Tien Tsin has beea chartered and will be ready to sail on or about the 25th inst. with the party detailed to accompany you. 4. — I annex- (enclosure ISo. 1) a nominal list of the several persons who have been directed to proceed with you to your destination, showing1, also the rates of salary payable to each person., and the duties to which they have been specially

appointed ; you will distinctly understand that ail the persons named in this list . are placed under your authority and control ; that His Excellency looks to you for the enforcement of good conduct amongst them, and for the efficient discharge ot their respective duties. The necessity of prompt aud cheerful obedience to your wishes aud instructions has beeu carefully iatpressed upon them, and it should be your earnest eudeavour, by every means in your power, so to regulate your intercourse with them as- to ezjsure the existence of those reciprocal friendly feelings, without which the interests of the public service are sure to suffer. 5. — Mr Assistant Surveyor Phelps lias been appointed to the Commission of the Peace, and, as the person next in rank to yourself, will, either in the event of any casualty occurring1, or iu the case of your illness or absence from Cauidea Harbour or its vicinity, assume your duties, reporting his proceedings, with as little delay as possible, to Head Quarters. 6. — The men detailed to accompany you have beeu so carefully selected that their misconduct is looked upon as a very improbable eveufc; should, however, any misbehaviour or insubordi nation unfortunately take place, the lioveraor looks to you to take such prompt steps as may at once check such proceedings, aud authorises | you to suspend any member of the party so j offend' eg from pay aud duty, and to appoint, j peiidiag his pleasure, *-ueh persons as you may find it necessary to engage for the protection of j*our party, and the performance oi' such duties as vou mav deeui necessary or advisabia.

7. — On board the Tien Tsin your party will j be rationed by the owners of the vessel, in accordance with a scale and on terms arranged by the Government, and it will form part of your duty to see that tbo rations issued are cf good quality aud iu proper quantity, and that effective arrangements are provided for cooking and messing purposes generally. I have already handed to you a copy of the terms ou which the Tien Tsin, has beeu engaged. 8. — During the voyage you will issue such instructions as you may consider to be proper for the comfort aud good conduct of the party under yonr control, being1 specially careful that the rules relating to cleanliness, hours for meals aud retiring to rest, the use of lights, and tbe non interference with tbe crew of the vessel, are rigidly enforced; audit is desirable yoa. should instruct your party not to assist in working the vessel, except at the special request, of the Master, and then only under your lustiuctious. 9. — You 'will be lui'nitjhtd with horses for Police aud Survey purposes, aud with some sheep, in order that you way have a supply of fresh meat on landing, and it is, I feel sure, needless to suggest that your special attention should be directed to the cart) of the stock during the I voyage ; regular watches, day aud eight, should be appointed; change of food should be given to the sheep or horses if tuey appear unwell ; and should they not take te the natural herbage oa landing, yoa will give thorn forage, of which an ample supply will t'e provided. 10.— Rations for nine months for your whole patty wili be placed' oa board by the Commits

?^ ?_ ?? t _ J ;? * * * ? _; ' ' eariat Department, and will be in charger of Mr i C. Chamberlain, Assistant Comtaissamu Store keeper, ivLo will' issue them,- oa laudiag, under* your instructions. Each of the officers and ibcu of your party will be entitled .to a free ration till fui-feuer oraers, but for the rations issued to the wives and children of Pensioners and' Police, a stoppage will be made at the raw of Od per diem foradcits, and 3d per diem foe Children. En closure No. 2 shows the daily £calo uf rations for

adults aud childreu, and No. 3. is a list oi' the provisions supplied by the Commissariat. Tue payment for tiie ration stoppages will be arranged at Head Quarters from the accounts, wiieu. received from you. Considerable supplies, other thau the daily ration, will be furuisiieJ by the Commissariat, and 'can be issued under your orders, but these must ail be paid ior, at prices to be previously arranged. A large assortment of medical conilcrts will also be placed under jour control, to be used iu cases of sickness or emorg^riuy. II. — Your first duty on arrival at Camden Harbour will be to laud in company with Mr Assistant Surveyor Phelps, and to decide on some spot for the location of your party, and for the formation of a depot. Iu selecting a locality it is desirable that a somewhat commanding site should be chosen, not iu the immediate neighbourhood of settlers who may hare arrived Defore you, nor at. so remote a distance as to preclude the rendering mutual assistance* if necessary ; the vicinity- of good water should be a sine qua non, aud if practica ble the ground should be so chosen that a rough fence or stockade could be erected round it, so as to prevent tbe possibility of surprise by tsuddeu attack from the aborigines. 12. — The first and paramount care will be to see that your stores of all descriptions are pro ( perly housed and protected, and that a sufficient I party are at all times left with them for their own protection and that of the property entrusted to them. A wooden house, 30 by 15 feet, and iu two compartments, which can be quickly put together, will be shipped on board the Tien Tsin, aud in addition to a supply of tents for immediate use, timber for rammed earth quarters for all your party, with door frames and windows, will be furnished, so that it is hoped, by exerting all the strength of }rour party to this end, it will not be long before you are enabled to report: that the exposure to the sun and rain has not been of long duration. A due regard to health in the tropics renders this a matter of primary importance. 13. — A medical man has not beea detailed to accompany the expeditiou, because it is uuder stoud from a .reliable source that two surgeons have already proceeded thither from Melbourne.

In such case, you are authorized to engage the services . of one of them to attend members of your party on such terms as may appear to be lair aud reasonable. Should it unfortunately prove that do surgeon is available, His Excel lency trusts that the medical knowledge possessed by you and by Air Chamberlain, will euable you to use with judgment and benefit the medicines supplied, wliichare in ample quantity and selected by the Principal Medical Officer, with a due regard to the peculiarities of the climate and the probable ailments that will- be prevalent on the North- West Coast* 14. — Prior to conveying the instructions of His* Excellency the Governor as to your general proceedings alter your landing has beeu effected, and your stores properly housed, I am to offer for your guidance, some remarks on the several official duties of a varied aud important nature that will devolve upon you as the Government Resident- of the District* 15.— -You will be provided by the Colonial Treasurer with a sum of five hundred pounds to meet casual expenses, pay wages, -fcc., and as the majority of those who accompany you have made arrangements to draw their salaries iu Perth, it is believed this sinn, with the amounts that wili pro bably from time to tiaie be paid to you as revenue, will be sufficient for all public purposes for some considerable period, but in the event of your being pressed for money to carry ou tbe public service, you are authorized to draw upon the Colonial Secretary for such amount as you may require. It is impossible to issue instructions as to a system of exchange, which can only be regulated by local circumstances, and it must therefore be left to your judgment and experience. Tou must understand that it is considered inadvisable that you should entertain monetary transactions in any form but that of cash payments, except in the event of your having to draw upon the Government lor money. You will be provided with a secure iron chest for the safe custody of cash, and though you are at liberty to oblige others by

depositing private monies in it, such accommoda tion is only to be afforded at their urgent request, and in all cases at their own risk. You have already been instructed to place 3'ourself in com munication with the Colonial Treasurer, who will afford you detailed information as to the mode of keeping the public accounts, which should have your special care, and furnish you with the necessary books, forms, &c. 16. — In the Government Gazette of the 17th instant a proclamation appears notifying the declaration of Port Camdeu, and this has beeu done to enable you to carry out tbe provisions of the Customs Ordinance of 1860, so tar as its provisions are to be made applicable to the North District. The boundaries of this Port are exten sive, in order that you may have full scope for determination as to the best places for landing goods, and for the future erection of bonding storehouses. It will be your duty to issue notices as to the proper places tor laudiug goods, aud to see that your instructions on this head are strictly adhered to. It is not proposed at present to levy duties ou imported goods, other thau spirits, wines, beer, and tobacco, on which the usual im port duties will be charged, provided such duties bare not previously beeu paid iu the settled Districts, aud it is desirable you should give public notice to this effect, iu some formal manner, as soon as practicable after your arrival.- 'The Collector of Customs has been instructed to afford to yoa aud to the Tidewaiter the fullest informa tion ou all points connected with the duties of his Department, aud to see that you are furnished with proper eaujriuir instruments, books, lorms,

and such other matters as he may consider to be essential icr the due carrying out oi' the tervices to be performed by you. 17. — The Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, wiil not at first prove a duly ef a very oaerous nature, but it is advisable you should, at an early date, make yourself ac quainted with the numbers, ses, ages, and con dition of those who may have arrived at Port Caoiden, and make the necessity for, acd tbe mode of registration, generally known. This, and & due attention to returns of arrivals and departures, will enable you to compile a correct ceusus of your population at any time with little trouble, with which it is necessary you .should periodically keep the Registrar-General acquainted. That officer has beeu directed lo provide you with the customary *et ot books aud forms, and such information as to the mode of keeping them as you may require. 18. — Copies of the Acts of Council, with suck books of legal reference as are likely to be of Use to you, will be supplied, aud to enable you sum lnan'Sy to decide cases of debt to an extent of £50, aad thus' avoid the spread of litigation or a releicuce to the Supreme Court, a Local Court has been established at the Town of Elliot, iu Port Camdeu, aud you have been appoiuied the Magistrate thereof. This will probably remain a dead letter for - somea time, but has beeu inaugu rated ior the decision of cases that cannot now be foreseen. ?*. 19. — -A sergeant, a corporal, and ten. privates of die' Enrolled Pensioner Force -have been detailed to accompany the expedition, and act ua

been drawu up -fay 'the Mbni^uw^)'^^^^^f'::: mandant,- showing the^dutie* to te t»nda«^ ^y* them, and the position they faola tomtdlg jpjli and & copy of these instructions will Ibe Ititedeifc to you; \Theu not on, or 'wanted for, military duty, these men can be employed in the serectiort of Imildiugsy or such, other work as joa may decide noun. i%n& will he naid bv von on ilia

spot,- at ihe rates specified, ia the instructions adverted to. . . 20. — A corporal of Police, with two European. and two uutive constables,- have been placed uudei- orders to proceed in the, 2Sen ' 2!sin to Camdeu Harbour for the performance of the usual police duties of your District. ThfeSe anb bt-eu neiacLed^iot only for their q'»foifit *«* gooi bushraeo, but as intelligent, Bdu?e eoa* stables, who will cheerfully carry, out yonr instructions, not alone as connected with the duties of their particular department, but in any way you may consider their BerviceB most available. They will be provided wilfr four horses for riding purposes, with full equipment of saddlery, aud a cart and two draught borseg wiil be shipped for general service, and can be looked after for the present by tiie Police, who will see that a due supply of forage is placed on board the Tien Tsin. The Superintendent of Police has been directed to forward for yonr information a copy of his instructions as to file departmental duties of these u-en. The cor poral of Police has also been appointed to act as the Bailiff of tbe Local Court. Mr T. C. Sholl, who has been appointed to the office of Postmaster at Port Camden, in p^rti*'*' to the other duties that he will assume on arrival thither, has been directed to report himself to tin Postuiaster-General, iu order to make Jiimarff thoroughly acquainted with the nature of. the postal' duties, and it is desirable you should see *?»?*. a proper supply of postage and* official stamps, and other requisites for carrying out the postal regu lations are provided. 22.— Assistant Surveyors Phelps and Cowle have been directed to accompany you, with chainers, tenta; earts. and four horses, and will, like all other members of the expedition, be placed Tinder you* orders. 1 have already informed you that SSr* Excellency has added the name of Mr Phelps to tiie' UoiauiLssiou of the Peace, and that he will assume your duties, in the event of any casualty or illness disabling you, and the Governor feels sure that yoii1 may depend on receiving the counsel and aid his* experience may enable him to afford, and that on all occasions he will endeavour to uphold your autho-' rity, and assist you in the discharge of tiie multi* furious and responsible duties devolving on yon. The ? Honourable the surveyor General will furnish votf

with a copy of the instructions he has issued for the' guidance of Mr Phelps, in which you will find many valuable hints that will be of great service ta yon iu tUe selection of townsites, and in the general routine of your important duties in connection with the sale aud leasing of laud, and the location on runs of settlers, who either have already arrived, or may hereafter arrive, with stock. 23. — To assist yoa in constructing, with as little de lay as possible, the necessary buildings for tbe location ot tbe members of your party, some labourers and mechanics are to be hired to accompany yon; the nominal list referred to in paragraph No. 2, shows the conditions on which they have been engaged, and the rates at which they are to be paid. These men are placed entirely under yonr orders, and it would appear advisable they should be employed:— 1st,— In assisting in the temporary location of tiie parly and stores; 2nd, — In clearing the bush in tiie vicinity' of the camp; 3rd, In clearing such tracks as may ba necessary to and from the camp; 4th,— La the col lection of material tor, and erection of, tiie buildingr requisite tor housing the party. His Excellency^ however, does not in any way desire to* fetter your* discretion as to the manner in which they are to be employed, feeling sure yonr good sense and discretion will lead you to put them to the most advantageous purposes. 2*. — The selection aud laying out of a townate on the shore of Port Camden or its immediate vidni- -- ty will be one of the first and most important duties that will devolve upon you, and in this you will be' greatly assisted by Mr Assistant Surveyor Phelps, and by the very copious instructions on this head with which he has been furnished by the Surveyor Guneral. Materials for building purposes, means for good drainage, an ample water supply, adjacent ? ground suitable for garden purposes, and free' exposure to the sea breezes, will be matters not likely to escape your observation when, directed to this object. 25. — The Regulations tor the lease and disposal of land require your earerol attention, as on your arriva* you will, in all probability, be called upon by many persons connected with the Melbourne Camden Harbour Association to locate them on lands which they may have selected without reference to the rules

applicable to pastoral lands or to the neighbourhood of proposed townsites or public reserves. I have handed to you for presentation to Mr Meaden, Che' managing Director of this Association, a letter addressed to him from my office, enclosing a copy of a letter to Mr Harvey, also a Director of tiie Asso ciation, in which the decision of His Excellency on the numerous applications received from those gentle-' men is clearly and precisely laid down. A copy of this communication I hate also forwarded for yonr' own guidance in dealing with their applications. Under the land regulations^ and adhering to the stipulations laid down in this letter, you are authorized to approve the applications of persons for fieerans-of land not exceeding i0O,Oi-0 acres for' -any one' establishment, but, on consideration of those applica tions, aud prior to their approval, you win bear in inind, that a preference is to be shown to any person who may desire to secure land at once by taking op blocks of 20,-j0u acres on 8 years* leases, and with ?payment at the rate of five shillings per 1000 acres* lrou will be specially careful in dealing with applica tions for free runs from persons conaected with the Camden Harbour Association, to look at them by the light of tbe prospectus ot that Association. Claims from the hired servants of that Association cannot be admitted, unless in each instance a separate establish ment is formed, should there be conflicting claims for the same run, aud in your cpiuiou the claims of each applicant are equal in every respect, the matter must be decided by lot* Each applicant for a separate r&n most satisfy you that the stock on account of which he claims a run is bona fide bs property. You are further authorised to appore applications for the purchase of Town, Suburban and Country lots .Toarh and Suburban lots are to be sold by public auction, tbe former at an upset price of .£10 per lot, aud the latter at an upset price of £3 per

acre, at periodical times, to be duly noohed by you. Country allotments wili be sold during the first twelve months to the extent of :50,0i-0 acres, at the rate of 7 s. 3d. per asre, under Regulations proclaimed on tlie 17th instant, and which will be published in the Government Gazette of the 20tb instant, wiflv copies of which you wiU be furnished. After twelve' months, or within that time, supposing 150,0'JO acres to have been disposed of, country- lands Vill be sold at 10s. per acr-v under the Regulations of 20th August, 1864. Under the new regulations you, will uoUr that, during', tbe ensuing twelve months, purchasers of country lands to an extent of 160 acres at 7s 6d per -acre, will be entitled to one town allotment at the same rate. 26.— As a Stipendiary Magistrate, it will be year' duty, assisted when necessary by Mr Phelps, to; administer the law. Your extensive knowledge ©f the Acts of Council applicable to cases of RUnmary- ' jurisdiction renders any remark on this bead unneces sary. Directions have already been issued to«n-pljrybu« with such numbers of the usual f»rms- .applicable to miuor Courts, as you are likely to- require for 150016' time. ' '' 37. — The treatment of the aborigines, wbo ~mv reported to be troublesome aad treacherous*- -$p& demand tiie utmost caution on your part.' SSms pu£ instructions on ibis bead issued by the Sonfil JkHHttfr-'1 lian Government toColonel Finnish w^ofaaspbppefa^ toAdam Bay in a somewhat amikr«ap^|^^g| you are about to assnmft, are bei^ltil»»ml§§MH& your guidance, His fiiedlency the Gorfffl^H» that it i* imtttttsihteiriH* tO^nr^s^^mSm duct be would widmshonW ,|» ?ty|l||MMHE native inhabk*ntsof'ihesial £pu,^JDJ|nfj|JM^^^HH - Your duty will be to exfl^B^^ng^M^^H and forbearance ip ^mrnnn^t% J^ |lJiM| warn gpr party to^tudwu^ f^^^^^H

y^'-iropiHw^iBenoei widrfgjwMywimidlhyiugpBlf^CTil^Ty ?'?£ JUu3ftiiBhU^J'io 'iiat^e tntescburse - willi them, Or JW :^B||| «jfco *ny doulngs witn tiiem, yoo miilt in^ft ?'tjpTBii wlbry 'transaction being earned oat oa jdurpart 4fi£h the moat scrupulous exactness; jtod, tflufe it uny be vrdl to eocoarage cduiibdmratJoa withtiiem, fcy stowidg tbeni yoa are prepared to ^rrist them, you will take every precaution against their taking ;cnl-y srirpri&- byahrays being prepared to act upon the. defensive. by keepi&g regular writch in your camp, aria, by Ordering: your party not tor move aboat the' toantry in small parties, or unarmed. Above all, yon tnnst wiirri your party to abstain from anything like hostility jtoiirarda them, aiid to avoid the extremities of a conflict, which most only be had recourse to in bdf-deteneQ and only then from absolute necessity. Ton will show them thafc,»uile you are atunoris to gain their gOodwui and confidence by kindness and {huBdoos Hberalfyi yon are able to repel, and, if necessary* pon^h aggression/* As a matter of pre temtion, 1 am directed to impress on you the necessity that, for some time after vonr arivaij a Bne should be draws' nrodrid your* camp arid distinctly marked, inside of which1 line no natives stiatfldj on any pretence whatever, be admitted. A large Supply of presents, suitable for the aborigines, lias been purchased, and will bs despatched in the Tien Trin, to be disposed of id such manner as may seem desirable to yoa. 23.— -fera wi!I not fail to see that Divine fervice is regularly aud decently performed, and it will be the flu^y df all yoar part/professing the Prdtestant feith to attend ou such occasions. 29. — After your party is landed, the Hisn 2&» will return to Frerrjantle, and it is desirable you should, by that opportunity, as* far as practicable, forward a report containing yottr impressions of the coast; the climate and its productions, the suitability of Port Catriden as a resort for shipping, yoar general ideas as to the formation of a town, sxas accdarit of the proceedings of tliO33 whd hare arrived before yon, and any infijnnaiioa of a ueueral nature that may ba inade available for intending settlers. Yon will also hot fjdl to communicate with head-quarters by every available opportunity, giving a. lull account of yoar proceedings, and df the progress of. the settlement. 8i\— ^Your correspondence will ia all cases be ad dressed to the Colonial Secretary, aud yon will wake it known among your party that no caiinuaieation that aiy of them desir&s to uiake to the Government will be acknowledged , unless it be transmitted ? ihron-rh you, in order that you may forward a report thereon for tlie inforuiatiaa of Ilis Excellency the Governor. 31 — There is no rea§dn to doubt that on arrval at PortCttntlc ?,voa will fiada settlement already formed, bad from oae to two hundred persois, with a consider able number of stock, in occupation of the country. It is just possible that exploration cfthe coast may have iuduc&l tlisrii to form a location at Bnirie point not imaie Uiitely in the neighbourhood of Port Camtlen, and it n-ilt ba tor your careful consideration to decide whether it would be wise to follow the example of those who have preceded yoa, or closely to ai'.hsre to the instructions to t'orji your Depot at Port; Cauuleii. On this poret it is impossible to issue precis? directions, but His Excellency had full confidence in your ju ig- meat and discretion, feeling assured he may safely Ierve the matter iii yoar hands, and that, sliould yoa feel it necessary to deviate frooi ths coa-se laid down, you will bs able' to afford gooi and saSk'isnt reasons far so doing. 32. — I bate endeavorued in the foregoing instruc tions to place you fully id possession of the news of His Excellency Governor Hampton upon the princi pal points df drity that will devolve upon you, but there are numerous details iota which it is impassible I should enter, and which, at So great a distance from head-quarter, can only be decided by yourself. Yon are to consider these instructions as ibr your general guidance; you are not bound to adhere to them in xninnte particulars, where circumstances may occur to justify a departure from them ; but whenever you may decide du any departure from ttieui. you will be careful to - report the cases, aud the reasons for such departure, for the information of His Excellency the Governor. I shall only, in conclusion, assure you that His Excellency fully relies en your ability and discretion, and ths cheerful obedience of the members of your party ; and while he prays that the blessin js of an All-niercifal Providence may attend your pro ceedings, he confidently commits you to His care, in the firm' belief that your espediuoa is the first step to the opetiing of a new and important province of the Australian Continent, and that -ou are acting as the pioneer of future wealth and civilization, beneficial to Western Australia and the Mother Country. I have the Honor to be, Sii% Yocr obedient Servant. FRED. P. BASLEEi To 1*. J. Shall. Esquire; Government Resident; North District.