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Local and Domestic Intelligence

The following is the nominal list of persons ap- pointed to proceed to Camden Harbor per ' Tien Tsin' : — R. J. Sholl, Government Resident, £350   per annum and forage for 1 horse, and £50 per annum, as Sub-Collector of' Customs; T C Sholl, Clerk to ditto, £75 per annum, do. as Postmaster £ 25 do : do. as Tidewaiter £30 do. ; W Phelps,

Assistant Surveyor, £300 do., with field allowances and allowance at rate of £2o0 per annum for carts, Horses, &c; James Cowle, do. £200 per annum, and field allowances; John Graham, Chainer, £4 per month and rations ; James Paterson, do., £3 do. do ; Michael Murphy, do., £3 do. do. j Maurice Enright, do., £3 do. do C. Chamberlain, Assistant Commis-   sariat Storekeeper, 4s. per diem and allowances. Enrolled Pensioners — J. Ahern, Serjeant Enrolled Pensioner Force; H Cowen. Corporal; H. D. Naylor, Private; James Robarts, do.; William Dunlop, do. John Ward* do.; Peter Starkey, do.; William Smith, do. N. Dullard, do; William Swift,   do. J. Kelly, do. ; W. Doil, do. ; Richard Daly, do.;   pay and working pay arranged as per instructions from the Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce. Police — Samuel Benson, Corporal of Police, £110, and £36 per annum to provide forage for 1 horse; Robert Jackaman, Constable, £30 and 2 forages at £36 per annum each; Walter Gee, do., £90 aud 1 forage at £36 per annum. Thomas Tompkinson, Carpenter, £6 per month and rations ; Michael Quinlane, Black smith, £6 do. do. ; William McLeod, Mason, £6 do., do.; John Staines, Laborer, £2 do., do.; Daniel Coffey, do., £2 do, do. John Ryan, do., £2 do., do. j   Charles Sutton; Servant to Government Resident; Native Constable do., do.; Rosamond Ahern, wife of Sergeant of Pensioners, Mary Ann Ahern, daughter do. ; Fanny Dullard, wife of Private Dullard, William Bollard; son of do., age 12 ; \

Mary Kelly, wife of Private Kelly, Margaret Kelly, daughter of do.; age 13 years, Jane Kelly, do. do., age 6 years; Jane Daly, wife of Private Daly; John Thomas Jackaman, age 16   years; Mary Gee, wife of Constable Gee; Charles Gee, Son of do., 7 years; Alfred Gee, son do., 5 years; Hannah Gee, daughter do., 3 years; Arthur Gee, son do, 2 years.   All the foregoing not entitled by special agree- ment to rations, are to be provided with a free ration until further order.

? ♦ ? A Comet ha& been very plainly visible for the last three or tour evenings, from sunset till 9 o'clock, about which time it disappears in wester y cU.-€cticn. ? -c ? COKsrDEBABtE redaction has been made in the price of flour. It ia now selling in f&riix at £18 per ton, aad a quantity was last week disposed of in Fremantle at £ 16. «&» ? Ddeing the recent hot ?weather ztl old settler named Hewshaw was sun-struck, and almost itnlh.edia.tely after wards died from the eiiccts of the attack, tiemal other cases of sunstroke also occurred. A few nights since a stack of wheat, supposed to con tain 150 bushels, a stack of iiay, a threshing-shed, and otiicr b«ildjags belongii'-r -o i-! r Miliard, KewcasUe. were wil fully Set on lii£ aud burnt to the ground. There is no doubt as to its being an act of incendiaxisuL, and strong and well grounded suspicions are entertained by Air Miliard as to the party who committed the act. A train of matches was afterwards found laid around Hie stables and a shed, filled with sitndalwood, but the incendiaries were fortu nately disturbed before sfitting it alight ? * ? Tbe limited space at our disposal will permit us only briefly to notice that the cricket-match between the United Eleven and the Scholars oi the Bishop 'a rScuooi, which came off on tiie .Perth Kecreation Ground on the 17th instant, resulted in favour of the latter by 64 runs. ? ♦? ? ? To correspondents.— Want of space compels us to postpone die letter of ' H. fc-. &.' Annual Kepart of the jSortham Mechanics* Institute, and other local matter, till next week. — ? *' ? Government Gazette. — In yesterday's Government Gcusette proclamation is made declaring Camdeu Harbour a Fort, and establishing a. .Local Court lor the recovery oi' small debts at the town of JbJliot, Fort Camden. INotitica tion is made that 75 additional town and 5 suburban iuts hi tieraldtonareopen to purchase-, alstf that the price of town lots in liliiot is fixed at .£10 each, aud suburban lots £S per acre. Tenders are invited for additions to the York luck-up, aud for a quantity of Utuber required at Frciuumle aud liottnest. A return of the Seveuue and Expenditure tor the quarter ending 3lst December is published, which gives the revenue at .£15,918 fas. Id., and expenditure £l3,ma iJs. 4d. ; also an estimate of ihe proposed eipeudi dure of the Perth City Council lor the present year, which is put down at JOTM.

? ♦— ? The Overland mail ?will be closed at the General Post Office, Perth, to-morrow (Thursday), at lo a.m.