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3u)£al and gom^ttc juieilig-(nr,£.

By this Mail the long-expected Land Situations bare arrived. They hare been approved of in thetorm suggested by His Excellency, but we regret to eay that a rider has been added by the authorities in the Colonial Office prohib iting the mere presence of conrictB in the Norttieru Terri tory. The absolute purity of die settlers from Melbourne ia therefore, as tar ae.aaman agency is concerned, ensured. ? -^~- ? Mr Eanpoed, of South Australia, has obtained the con tract for thesupplyof 18,000 cubic feet of our jarrah timber, which we last week referred to. The Cfem was expected to sail from South Australia for this port on the 30th Decem ber, to convey the telegraph-posts already ordered for the railways in that province. ? -O» ? . SIb, Tbulv, the Deputy-Surveyor-General, and family, arrived by the overlauu mail on Friday.

? ? ^- ? The VFeathee.— The beat for several days last week was most oppressive, the thermometer ii equentif ranging above ion degrees. Afewmoredaysof such temperature, and Banting'is reducing process will be quite unnecessary for the most corpulent of our Citizens. ? ««. ? . Jdst before the departure of ihe English maU, Major Sanford and Messrs. Mangles aud Grellet had an interview with the Secretary of state for the Colonies as regards the cessation of Transportation to Western Australia, when Mr. Cardweii stated that any reasonable proposition having reference to compensation to the colonists would be readily entertained, but recommended that so moaey should be asked for. ? ♦ ? . The Tien Tsin arrived from Tien Tain Harbour on Friday, after a protracted passage of one month. Her outward passage only occupied five dayB. This shows the necessity for a steamer plying between Fremantle and the various settlements to the JSorth. The Tien Tsin will leave for Camden Sound, with the Government StaSx stores, &c, ia a lew days. ? +- ? Yesteh&ay's Government Gazette announces the following appointments :— Kobert J. Sholl, Esq.. to be Sob-Collector of Customs and Internal revenue, District Registrar of Jiirths, Deaths, and Marriages, and tlie Magistrate of the Ijocal Court for the Kortli .District; Mr Trevarton Charles Sholl .to be Clerk to the Government Resident, Tidewsiter, Postmaster, and Assistant Registrar for the Korth Distsict; Police Corporal isamucf iieuson* to be Bailiff of the Local Court in the Korth District ; and William r&elps, Esq.. to be a Justice of the Peace tor this territory, ? ♦ ? Want of space compels us to postpone Albany shipping, the W. A. Bant fiepoit, and other local matter till next week.