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Last month we were honoured with a visit from vice-royalty, and this month brings us the gallant explorers from South Australia under the leadership of Mr. Ernest Giles: The party consist of Mr. Giles (leader); Mr. W. EL Tietkens. second

VICTORIA PLAINS, November 1*2.

in command ; Mr. Young, observer; Abe Ross, Peter Nidiolls, Salap (an Afghan), in charge of the camels, and Tommy, a native lad. It is needless to state that they were cordially received by the settlers here, who were sincerely pleased to sec the party. Their passage through this district has been one trium phal ovation. Mr. Giles, in replying to an address presented him at St Joseph's School, said the kindness shown to him and his party on the Plains almost made them forget their six months' suffering in the inhospitable interior. It was a rare sight to see the camels, marching in single file, so docile and ' biddible.' As soon as young Mr. Lefroy heard of the arrival of the party at Chine's station near the Wongan Hills, he, in company with several other sotUers, forming a respect able cavalcade, proceeded on horseback to welcome them. On Sunday the party reached Messrs. Clarke's statiou; on Monday and Tuesday they .halted at Walebing, with Air. Lefroy ; on Wednes day they arrived at Mr. Macpherson's station (Gleutromie) ; and on Thursday they made their entry, into New Norcia, the settlement being gaily decorated for the occasion. The population, black and white, turned out en masse to give them a right hearty reception. On Friday morning, at eleven o'clock, they left for Newcastle, in capital health and high spirits. I hear that Mr. Giles and party intend returning to South Australia over land, following, to a certain extent, Mr. Forrest's track, but, I suppose, making occasional detours.