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By H.M.S. Parmelia (May)— Mrs M. Clarkson, Mr. Ewan Mackintosh, Mrs. Henry Strickland, Mrs. Studsor (Marsh), Mr. Thomas Drummond, Mr. John Nicol Drummond, Mr. Geo, Eliot, and Mr. John Davis. By H.M.S. Sulphur (May)— Mrs. Mary Ann Stanton, Mr. Stephen Knight, Mr. Thos. Farmer, and Mr. Patrick Hefferon. By the Marquis of Anglesea (August) — Mr. and Mrs. William Glover, Mrs Dent, Mrs. Fred Backshall, Mrs. Joseph Ken- worthy, Mrs. Porley, Mrs. William Dun- ham, Mrs. Moss, Mrs. Thomas Grigson, Mrs. Walter Padbury, Mr. James Nairn, Mr. John Welbourn, Mr George Wall,   and Mr. John Kenny. By the Lotus (October)— Mrs. Thomas McHard, Mrs. Leeder, Mrs. G. W. Green, Mr. Henry Trigg, Mr. John O. Davis, Mr. Edward G. Hester, Mr. Richard Jones, Mr. William Jones, Mr. Richard Gallop, and Mr. James Gallop. By the Caroline (October)— Mrs. George Rewell, Mrs. John Bowra, and Mr. Wm. Rewell. By the Gilmore (December)— Miss Eliza Flaherty, Miss Pengelly, Mrs. William Joyce, Mrs. John Eakins, Mrs. Henry Tichbon, Mrs. Henry Gray, Mrs. W. H. Leeder, Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Thomas Farmer, Mrs. James Nairn, Mrs. S. E. Burges, Mr. George Munro Meares, Mr. Seymour Goldsmith Meares, Mr. William Gibbs, Mr. John Crane, Mr. Francis F. Armstrong, Mr. George Armstrong, Mr. Adam Armstrong, Mr. Chris. Armstrong, Mr. William Inkpen, Mr. James Crane, Mr. Edward Pettit, Mr. John Gooch, Mr. John Flaherty, Mr. John Thomas, and Mr. John Pengelly. By the Hooghly — Mrs. Connolly. By the Atwick— Mrs. Mary Anne Cock- man (the first white woman married in the colony), and Mr. R. E. Thompson. By the Thames— Mr. John George Stubberfield.   By the Calista— Mrs. Erl (Wilcox), the wife of Robert Wilcox, who is an inmate of the Mount Eliza Invalid Depot. A clergyman writes to say that, though infirm and of impaired health, she manages to support herself by needle-work. She was the first settler’s wife who landed at Fre- mantle, in 1829, having arrived the 5th of August of that year, in the ship Calista, with her first husband — Richard Erl, a carpenter, who, with herself, was an inden- tured servant to Colonel Latour. Erl left the colony in 1838, owing to scarcity of work, in a whaler for America, with instructions for his wife to follow him the succeeding year; but owing to his premature death, shortly after his arrival in America, she remained in the colony, and subsequently married her present husband, Wilcox. We have endeavored to render the list as perfect as possible. It is not improb- able, however, that in consequence of the scattered state of the population many omissions have been made. In addition to the above the following list of persons who arrived during the first year of the settlement of the colony— 1829-30— has been furnished to us : — Mr. and Mrs. Dyer, Mr. and Mrs. G. Glyde, Mrs. Pearse, Mrs. John Duffield, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Stirling, Mr. Walter Padbury, Mr. Henry Strickland, Mr. Thomas Williams, Mrs. Fred. Caporn, Mr. Eacott, Mr. Velvick, Mr. Richard Smith, Mr. Isaac Cousins, Mr. James Draper, Mr. Bayly Maycock, Mrs. Steele, Mr. J. M. Dempster, Mr. S. S. Parker, Mr. John Parker, Mr. E. R. Parker, Mr. W. M. Parker, Mr. Samuel Cox, Mr. Thomas W. Mews, Mr. John C. Mews, Mrs. Fras. F. Armstrong, Mrs. H. Spencer, Mr. Chas. Powis, Mr. James Tuckey, Mr. Mark Read, Mrs. George Green, Mr. James Beacham, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. H. L. Cole, Mr. George Johnson, Mr. John Wall Hardey, Mr. Edward Middleton, Mrs. Caroline Hanham, Mr. Thomas Salkilld, Mrs. William House, Mr. William Williamson, Mr. H. W. Higgins, Mr. Frederick Higgins, Mr. Samuel Duffield, Mr. George Christmass, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rowland, Mrs. Lloyd, Mr. Geo. Wood, Mr. Joseph Bobin, Mr. Tom Harwood, Mr. John Adams, Mrs. Adams, Mr. William Harwood, Mr. William Willis, Mr. John Willis, Mr. J. Tonkin, Mr. Thomas Britnall, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wansborough, Mt Geo. Whitfield, Mr. Francis Whitfield, Mr. Edward Whitfield, Mr. Thomas Whitfield, Mr. Joseph Ridley, Mr. Louis F. Ridley, Mr. John Grainger, Mrs. Stephen Allpike, and Mrs. Thomas Mews. JUBILEE TEA MEETING AND DANCE. —On   Friday evening Messrs. Stone and Burt's   new Music Hall will be opened for a public tea-meeting and concert, and a dance will follow in the Town Hall, for the working-men and their families. Mr. S. H. Parker, M.L.C., Chairman of the City Council, will take the chair. The success of such a re-union in connection with the working classes claims the sympathy and support of all sections of society. THE NATIVE MISSION. —While the in-   habitants were awaiting the arrival of His Excellency to turn the first sod of the Eastern Railway, Mr. Henry Albert, the well-known butcher of Fremantle, went among the crowd hat in hand and collected no less than £4 on behalf of the Native and Half-Caste Mission. How consider- ate! Now would be the time for our Nabobs to make endowments for institu- tions for the welfare of the natives. OURSELVES — We present our subscribers, to-day, with a special issue of the Inquirer, containing a detailed account of the Jubilee celebrations in Perth, Fremantle, and Guildford, and the provincial towns. We have also distributed a large number of copies among the citizens, as a memento of the great event in our history. THE CAPITAL OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA— It is not generally known that Perth was named by Sir James Stirling after the city in Scotland, which was his birthplace.