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SHIPT &gg, NEWS. APRIL 4— Arrived the schooner ELIZABETH, Captain Brown, from Sydney. Passengers, Mr. and   Mrs. M'Killop and two children, Mr. Weymouth »and James Griffin. Cargo, 1 package furniture, 1 bale cotton, 18 casks glass, 18 cases Hardware, 4 cases vinegar; 3 cases castor oil, 1 case glue, 100 cheeses, 3 bags ginger, 1 case lemons, 2 cases hats and caps, 86 logs cedar, 85 window sills— H. Brown; 6 casks oil, 1 case shoes, 30 cases gin— M'Killop. April 5— Sailed the Caledonia, Captain Sy- mers, for Port Phillip King George's sound, Cal-

cutta, and Madras. Passengers, Major Wellman, Mr. Hector Wellman, Mr. and Mrs. Batman, Miss E. Batman, Miss A, Batman, Miss Newcomb, Mr. IH. Hesketh, Mary Dobson, Mary Hylaud, James Simpson, Esq., Robert Marsden, Peterr Vallach, a prisoner, with permission from the Principal Super- intendent. Cargo, 800 sheep, 20 horses, 50 head borncd cattle. APRIL 8— Cleared at the Custom House, the schooner ELIZABETH, Captain Brown, for Sydney. Passengers— Messrs. Mathew Webster, Wm. Rad- ley, Thomas Batten, and Wm. Johnson. Cargo, 600 bushels wheat, 100 bushels oats, I ton potatoes, 4 tons hay.