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WA.RTEP. ? Q 522 238 a £?» «T ANTED to purchase. ONE THOUSAND EWES and W ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED LAMBS. . ? ,„ C. J. Weedon. Affi^____ ? cl TsTaNTED BY THE GEELONG AND PORTLAND W BAY IMMIGRATION SOCIETY, TENDERS for the conveyance of £00 Immigrants from Van Diemen's Land to ike Wharf, Geelong, between tbis and the 1st May next, and in Mimben or not leu than 81) by each «hipment. The Tender to itste whether it be for the whole or a portion j the respccti»e baree for eBC|, immigrant of the age of ten years and upwards, when lelected by the thip owner, and when by the agent for the Knrietv ? and the period of landing the first shipment ; and to be ?Xssed to Jam** C. Wallace, GeeloDg February 2. Secretary to the Society. EMIGRATION TO GEILOWO. Wagei according to the following scale are now current in the diitrict of Port Phillip, for servants of the following de scription, viz. !— Ploughmen _ _. _ —from JE28 to £30 Bullock DriTeis ? — — „ £26 „ £28 Shepherd.— — ? — — „ £25 „ £28 Hutkeepen .». __ _ — „ £24 „ £27 Farm Labourers _-__., £26 ,, £28 George Rdssell, Chairmau of Committee of the Geelong and Portland Buy Immigration Society. Geelong, Port Phillip, February 2. To Persons conversant with Dairy occupations. WANTED, a respectable family at tenants of a large dairy, herd and station, -in the Portland Bay district, Australia Felii. Cbeeteinakers who can rear calves by band will be pre ferred. Every encouragement will be given to suitable tenants who must be well recommended, and have a small capital to procure the necessary supplies. Particulars of the Station and other necessary information may. U iten by advertisement in the '? Cornwall Chronicle' of the Srtli February. February 1st. Hf ANTICD to purchase, a puie bred Italian Greyhound Dog. Apply to J. 8. U.,care or Editor of this Paper. ? January 2. ? ? ? ? WANTED— A WAITER, apply to Jamkb Bdrhs, February 20. ? ' Steam Packet Tavern.' \\T ANTED ? In a small family, a HOUSEMAID ; and also »' a MAN competent to wait at table and take care of a bone. Apply at the office of this paper. February 34. Destitution in'»cotland. AT a MEETING of tbe Managing Committee of the SAINT ANDREW'S CLUB, on the 23rd instant, the following raolutions were agreed to, in accordance with thole passed at tbe late General Meeting or the Society : — lit. That a subscription list be opened for the purpose of railing a fund, towards the relief of those in Scotland wlib are suffering (rum the failure of the crops, and that this society head (be said list with a donation of thirty pounds, and that this turn, together with ail olher donations received fur the like purpose be invented in produce, which shall be forwarded to to be distributed by them in accordance with instructions from this conmiltee. 2nd. That in furtherance of this object, the members of the general committee of the St. Andrew'* Club, be requested by the secretary to use their individual exertions to obtain subscriptions in money or produce, and to transmit tbe money collected to tbe treasurer, James Robertson, Esq., and the produce to John Thompson, Esq., Cameron-street. Srd. That Mr. John Thompson having kindly offered to take charge of such produce as settleit may be disposed to give in aid cftbeiuffereri — such donations be invited from all favorable to the object in view, to be lent to the stores of Mr. Thompson, as soon ai convenient. List of contributions (already received) in aid of the poor in Scotland suffering fVom the failure of the crops, to be for warded to the agent of tin Royal Highland Society, London, under the direction of the managing committee of 11 The Launceston St. Andrew's Club.' £ s. d. The Launceston St. Andrew's Club _. ? SO 0 0 Collection at Scotch Church ? ? ? 27 10 0 James Robertson _ „. ______ 10 10 0 Thomas Ritchie, R.N. _ _ „_, ? S5O Colin N. Campbell , , , Q n n John Thompson™. .,,„ r 9 q n Adam Thomson... , 9 i n James Aikeuhead ? .. ,r . , „ „ ,,,,„, R S 0 Alexander 1-earmonth „_____ 1 1 0 Thomas Corbett_ _ _ ? ? _ 5 3 0 R- H. M'Kenzie, 40 bushels wheat, or ? 6 10 0 Robert M'Kechney ___.«. ? 110 William Williamson.^ ? __ __ 2 2 0 Robert Williamson ? „. ? ? _ 1 1 0 Andrew Gatenby, 2S bushels wheat, or »_ 4 7 6 David Taylor _____.«»_500 Alexander N. M'Barnet _ _ „ „. ~~ 2 2 0 John Taylor —.^.^.^^.^.100 John Fawns ? . R s n John MuDroe -,.-, , „ , , . R r n J. C. Shearer r - , . . . _.M . r l n n John Nicholson, D.A.C.G._ _«.„]{ 0 O A. W. |M , ^ ^ v . i . „ 0 ff 0 Afeiander M'NauBhton '».--. 11 2 0 Jo'tph G. Jennings .— _ _ _ ? 110 Donald M'Queen _..».«.__320 J. J. Falconer ? , ' _ , ? ' , ? ,r 7 7 Q J. A. Eddie _ _ ? ? .... BED P-.Oakden ? ~ ? _ 1 0 0 Robert Bell ? ~ ? S g g J.'S.Waddell _ZZZZZll0 A-Passholder _._ZZZZllO An Englishman _ »_,_,_ ? _ 1 0 0 J. C. Urown ._ „ _ _ ,_ _ S 2 0 Francis Evans _ ? ._._._,_». 1 l o W.G.Sams ?_. ? __ _ 1 I 0 James Crear, RN. „ - ? ZfiOO Robert Pott ? ? 1 0 O Donald Morrison ? Z ? Z Z Z ''' 6 0 0 Aleiandet. Thomppon ? Z Z Z 1 1 0 Robert Taylori V.lle,fieu_ Z Z Z « 0 0 Aim. Leikmonts, Secretary.

WO T_1C E. TBE Sale of WOBKXIfO snTXAOCXS and 3KX— -!H COWS advertised to take place at tbe Yards of Mr. Clyne on TUESDAY HEZT, tbe 2nd March, Is un avoidably postponed for a few weeks. TJITBSKWOOD cV ESSIE. tannceston, February aft, 18*7. SA.163 BY AUCTION.. BI-OOD STOCK. BY MESSRS. UNDERWOOD & EDDIE, On the first day of the I»aunceston Races, at 1O o'clock in the forenoon, at the Stables adjoining the ?- Steam Packet Hotel,' CHESNUT COLT—' MISCHIEF,' S yrs. old ; sire Reubens, dam Kate ? by Little John, grandam Emancipist, by Eman cipation. [Emancipation by Blacklock, out of Finesse, (titter to Bizarre), by Peruvian, her dam fiolante—by John Bull (John Bull won the Derby in 1781 J, her dam utter to Sky teraper, by Highflyer, (Skytcrapcr uon the Derby in 1792) ; Everlasting by Eclipse.] Great grandam Uegum, a bay Ara bian mare, one of the mott valuable in the Bengal presidency, and impoited into this colony, in foal to Emancipation by C. R. Prinsep, Esq., of Calcutta. BAY COLT—' PHOSPHORUS,' 2 yr». old; sire Lucifer; dam Kate, by Little John; grandam Emancipist, by Emancipation ; great grandam Begum, a bay Arabian mare, imported. ROAN COLT — 'MERCURY,' Sire Lucifer ; dam Selina, a pure Arabian mare by Bluebeard, (an imported Nej'd Arab stallion) ; grandam Sadee, an Ara. bian mare, imported into the colony by C. R. Prinsep, Esq. t£T Messrs. Underwood & Eddie wish to draw the attention of the breeders of fine Horse stock to the three Colts now adver tised, and their pedigrees, as their blood is as high as any Colts that could be imported from England. N.B. To breeders and owners of private studs, these Lucifer colts are invaluable, as their blood is undeniable ; and in the scarcity now prevailing of pure thoroughbred horses in the colony, they offer a change of blood not often occurring. They will be sold without reserve. 27th February. The Auctioneers feel it due to the Owner of the above splendid COLTS to state, that the Stock of ' Lucifer' ran, for the first time in this Colony, on tbe Longford Race Course on Thursday last, three closely contested heats of one mile etch under a burning sun and won. The first heat in 1 minute 48 seconds, carrying 8 stone— the two last in 1 niiuute 50 seconds each heat, being the fastest three heats of a mile ever ran in the colony, and under tbe weights and age equal to any mile ran in England this last Racing Season. ? Terms made fcnbwn at time of sale. ? Sixteen Thousand Five Hundred Feet Mew Zealand Fine. BY MESSRS. UNDERWOOD & EDDIE, At the Queen's Wharf, on F R I D A T next, the 5th instant, at eleveD o'clock precisely, without reserve, SIXTEEN THOUSAND FEET MEW ZEALAND PINE Twenty sii Boat Spars, just landed from the cutter William Four large Sails fit for Booths ? Terms— Cash. ? TO BREWERS, CAPITALISTS, AVD OTHSKS. MR. B.HlANCIS, Has been favored with instructions from Mk. W. S. Turner, to sell on tbe Premises, on FRIDAY the 12th MARCH, at twelve o'clock precisely, the undermentioned properties, ill health obliging him to relinquish the very lucrative business of BREWING. LOT 1 ? The CATARACT BREWERT, too long established and too well-known to need comment — it always has been in Fun trade, and must ever command an extensive business. The premises consists of DWELLING HOUSE or five rooms, with BREWERT ad joining, M ALTHOUSE &a&c; a Large Yard, having a frontage of 147 links to Patterson-street, and a depth or 186 links. Title,— part of a location to the late James Kirk, and by him devised to Mr. Isaac Sherwin. Lot 2 ? The CORNWALL BREWERY, situate in Margaret street, with about 98 rods of ground, part of which is an eicelleut Garden, stocked with the most choice fruit trees. Tl-e Buildings consist of Brewhouse, Malthouse, with an excellent substantial Store for dry goods and convenient Bins for the storage of malt, an Office, Men's Huts, and a neat Dwelling House of four rooms, with an out-door Kitchen, an excellent well of Water fitted with pump, and shoots for the supply of the malt-house is convenient to the dwelling. There is also a pump for tbe supply of water from the river, which is available for the purpose of brewing the greater portion of the year. Tbe malt kiln ih capable or drying off ISO bushels or malt per week, and is particularly substantial, 2 j. brick walls, well bound with timber ; the iron floor above cost upwards of £100, the bars or rafters being only nine inches apart both wavs. The Auctioneer most particularly call to the minds of intending purchasers, that a very short period will elapse before the Distillation Act comes into operation, and then no premises in the town will prove better adapted than these, for the purpose of distilling. Nothing but severe indisposition would iuduce the proprietor to part with these premises, but change of air has been so strongly re commended that be leaves to others the opportunity of amassing a fortune he is obliged to relinquish. The UTENSILS will be sold separate, and consist of a one-horse Mill, a new Pump, one large three-hundred gallon Boiler, one small thirty-gallon Boiler, two Under backs, a Liquorback, and a Cooler, capable of containing nine hogsheads, and a Fermenting Tub or tbe Fame size. Title.— Part of a location order, the other part Grant from the Crown. Terhb.— For the Cataract Brewery, 16 per cent, cash deposit on the day of sale ; the remainder at 6, 12, and 18 months ; the last two bills to bear bank interest, secured on tbe property. For the Cornwall.— 10 pev cent, cash deposit on the day of sale ; remainder at 6, 12, and 18 months ; the last two bills to bear bank interest. £300 may remain on tbis property for three or five yean,' at the option of the purchaser, at 7 per cent, inteiest ; the bills to be secured on the property. The purchasers to pay their own conveyance. Immediately after tbe above, The carts, drays, horse and harness, malt sciecns, a hand malt mill, a quantity of excellent vinegar, six fine pigs, tie stockin trade and household forniture. Terms at suit.

3 & L E 3 BY AUCTtOtt. NEWNHA1L Eleg-ant Kodern Household Furniture. Plate, Crlaas, China, Books, Carriage Horses, Cows, flee. MR. C . J . WEEDON, Hae pleasure in announcing, that he is favored with instruc tion from Jas. Raven, Esq., who is about visiting England —to sell by Public Auction, at N E W N HAM, on WEDNESDA Y $- THURSDA Y, the 3rd and 4th March next, commencing each day at eleven o'clock. fW\ H E whole of that Gentleman's Household Furniture and M. Effects, which will be found to comprise, in Drawing-room elegant Rosewood, Loo and Card Tables, Chairs and Couches to match, Curtains and i'oles, Brussels Carpet, a splendid Cabinet Piano-forte, by Coilaid & Col'ard, Rosewood, Canterbury, and Wliat-not, elegant rosewood occasional Table, Twenty-oncday Clock, with Alabastet figure and shade, Japan-work Table, Indian Vase*, with a choice collection of articles of Bijouterie. DRAWING-ROOM— Solid Mahogany Telescope Table, Chairs and Sofa in moroeo lenting to match, Pedestal sideboard, Dinner Waggon, Easy chains, Brussels carpet, Hearth rug, Feuder and Fire-irons, a few choice Engravings afltr paintings by Cooper, Landseer and other masters, Plate Dinner-services, dessert do., Tea and Coffee do., very chaste, Glass in great variety, and of the best desciin. tiou. THE BOOKS Consist of liyrons, Scotle, and works by other popular Bullion, most of which are elegantly bound. THE BED. ROOM FUKNITTJRE Consists of Massive Mahogany four. post Bedsteads, with hang, ings. Feather beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Hair Maltiasses, Ma. hogany Wardrobes, Clietts of Drawers and Dressing Tables, Cbe val and dressing Glasses, Marble blab, Wash-hand-stand, Shower Bath, 4c, 4c. The Domestic office will be found replete with articles suitable \o an establishment of the first respectability. After wnicn, An excellent Cab Phaston A tplendid pair of liay Horses Double and single Haruess Also, several valuable draft and saddle horses, Milch Cows, and a quantity of Pigs Poultry, 4c. To the whole of which the Auctioneer rcsi-ectfully invites attention. Catalogues will be ready for delivery on the 25th instant, and the furniture can be viewed on the Saturday, Aionday and Tuts, day prior to the sale. *«* Refreshments will be provided. BY MR. M. LASSETER, At his yards, on SATURDAY next, WORKING BULLOCKS, MILCH COWS, Several useful Horses, and a quantity of Pigs. Together with such other Stock as may offer on the day of Salt. IMMEDIATELY AFTER WBIcn, Household Furniture and a general assortment of Merchandize, ? Terms— Cash. ? Twenty first-rate Milking; Cows. CARRICK. SALH. MR. M . L A S S Vj T T E R Has received instructions, from Mr. Thomas Simmonds, or the. Moat Farm, to sell by public auction, at the yards of Mr. James Pascoe, on T II U R S D A Y , 4th March. A BOUT twenty first-rate Milking Cows, and one pure Devon r» Bull, the proprietor being about to give up his dairy farm, is the sole cause of parting with his Stock, they have beeu selected with the utmost care, and can be strongly recommended. ALSO, A quantity of PIGS and one AYRSHIRE BULL. Terms, cash. Any Gentleman having Stock to dispose of at this sale, wilt please communicate with the Auctioneer as early as possible. BALE OF STOCK AT EVAKDALG. MR. M. LASSETTER Has received instructions to sell by Public Auction, in the yards of Mr. Morrison at Evandale, on THURSDAY, the 25th March, t-^EVEUAL PAIRS WORKING BULLOCKS k3 Milch Cows Six good Useful Horses Terms at sale. KT Gentlemen having STOCK to dispose of, will please com muuicate with (he Auctioneer as early as possible, in order that they may be duly advertised. Fat Bullocks. MR. M. LASSETTER Will sell by Public Auction, in the yards of Mr. Morrison at Evandale, HOUR very superior stall red bullocks. *? Terms at sale. ? Tamar Steam Navigation Company. A DIVIDEND of one pound sterling per chare will be 5* payable at my office on and after THURSDAY, the 26lu instant, to the Proprietors of the above Company. Pioprietors are particularly requested to bring their scrips. James Raven, Supt. Sydney Place, Match 8. 1847. ? TO SELL OR LET, for a term of years, the FARM of 1 'BEL RESPER O,' WEST HEAD, KELSO. consisting of EIGHTEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY ACRES OF LAND, fenced and subdivided into several paddocks, 120 acres of which iiave been cleared and cultivated. Terms liberal. Application to be made to Major Wbhtwohth, now residing on the Farm. If by letter, post-paid. February 27. Mew Forms of Contract for Hiring Probation Men and Women. I^ORMS of CONTRACT for Hiring Probation Men and *? Women, according to the New Regulations are now ou ShIc at the Office of the Cornwall Chronicle. Price Sd. Return of Liquors. PRINTED Ruled Furuis for Licensed Victuallers, of Liquors * bought and sold, which must be tent quarter!}' is tbe Col lector of Iulernal Revenue and the Collector ol Customs, to We ?ltd at this Printing Office.