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Sitting Magistrate.-Rev. R. Knopwood, M. A.

SHIP NEWS. - On Monday

last arrived from England the ship Caroline, Captain Taylor,

with a valuable cargo of mer-

chandize.- This vessel left Plymouth the 11th August, and touched at no port on her pas- sage.- Passengers, Edward Lord, Esq. of this Settlement, the owner, Miss Caroline Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Margett, Mr. Talbot, Mr. Williamson, Mr. Cartwright, Mr. Eldridge, Mrs. Risely, Miss Stagg, Miss Saunderson, and Master and Miss Piper.

The same day arrived the ship Skelton, Captain Dixon, from Leith, and from Ports- mouth the 7th July, with merchandize and numerous passengers, having touched at the Cape of Good Hope.— Passengers, Major Macleod, Lady, and family, Miss Jane Miller, David Jamieson, Esq. Lady, and family, Mr. James Neil and family, Doctor Cameron, Lady, and family, Mr. C. Haywood and family, Mr. and Miss Speed, Mr. Frederick Langlow and family, Mr. James Parker, Mr. Geo. Brooks, Mr. Cummings, Mr. and Mrs W. Wilson, Mr. Thomas Roadknight and family, Mr. Colin Campbell, Mr. Donald Campbell, Mr. John Headlam and family, Mr. Andrew Birell, Mr. Alexander Waddell, Mr. John Sanderson, Mr. James Haig, Mr. James Anderson, Mr. Thos. Scott, and Mr. Robert Anderson.

Yesterday arrived also from England the ship Maria, Captain Walker, with 156 male prisoners, under the Superintendance of Dr. Hamilton, R. N.—The military guard consists     of a detachment of the 48th Regiment, com- manded by Lieutenant Croker, of that Regi- ment;—Lieutenant Gordon, of the 48th, being also on board, proceeding to join his Regiment at Sydney. The Maria left England the 10th of August, the day previous to the departure of the Caroline; and came direct.  

The brig Queen Charlotte, Mr. Paine, master, arrived at Port Dalrymple this week in 48 hours from Sydney.

On Thursday sailed for Calcutta, the ship   Guildford, Captain Johnson.    

The brig Haldane will sail for Port Jack- son in the course of the ensuing week.    

Remain in the harbour, the ships Caledonia, Maria, Caroline, and Skelton; the brigs Hal- dane and Campbell Macquarie ; and the  

schooner Victorine.

In the night of Monday, or early on the morning of Tuesday last, seven prisoners, who   were confined in the stone cells of the jail under committal for trial before the Court of Criminal Judicature, broke out by working through a drain, and perforating the wall. Constables and parties of troops were despatch- ed in pursuit of them, the moment the circum- stance was known, and all precautions taken   to secure boats in the river; but, owing to a neglect of the notice at New Norfolk, these

villains contrived to cross the river there in a

settler's boat, leaving two, who were taken on this side. From the timely notice of their escape which reached the districts, and the strong parties in pursuit, we entertain san- guine hopes that the rest of the gang will be

soon retaken.