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H O B A R T T O W N.

Sitting Magistrate—Rev. R. Knopwood, M.A.

SHIP NEWS.—On Tuesday last arrived the ship Saracen, Captain Kerr, from England, with merchandize.—She left England the 25th December, and on her pas- sage touched at Bonavista, where she stayed 10 days.—The Passengers per this vessel who in- tend to remain here are, Lieut. Jeffreys, R. N. Lady, and Nephew, Mr. James Westbrook, Surgeon, Mrs. Westbrook and infant, Mr. Pal- mer Stone, and Mr. H. W. Mason.

On Sunday last the brig Active, of Port Jack- son, under the command of Captain Thompson, who afterwards came up to town in a boat, put into Frederick Henry Bay, having been out 4 months on the sperm whale fishery at New

Zealand : she comes here to commence the black whaling season.

On Monday last sailed for Port Jackson, the ship Seaflower, Captain Spiers ; also  

The ship Actaeon, Captain Mackey.

The Saracen will sail for Port Jackson early in the course of the ensuing week.

The Eliza, Captain Hunt, will sail shortly for Port Jackson, and from thence proceed on her voyage to Batavia.

Remain in the harbour, His Majesty's brig Prince Leopold ; and the ships Eliza & Saracen.