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August 31.— L.M.S.N. Co's steamer Black Swan, 300 tons, A. T. Woods, master, from Melbourne. G. Fisher, agent.— 60 bags collee, 83 bags sugar, 1 case boots, C tierces beef, 2 pbgs dra|tery, 4 cases hops, 1 ditto books, 200 bhecp 80 doors, 40 sashes, order,

August 31— Ship Southern Eagle, 747 tons, J. Chisham master, from Liverpool. DuCroz & Co., agents.— 50 barrels resin, 100 casks ale, 5000 slates, II casks soda ash, 30 barrels tar, 30 ditto pitch, 15,000 best blue Bangor slates, 240 tons coal, 100 barrels bottled porter, 30 tons pig iron, 7 casks manufactures, 620 sacks salt, 110 barrels whiting, DuCroz & Co; 1 picture, Mrs. W. D. Lette. August 31.— Uarque Carl, 441 tons, G. W. P tenon, toaster, from London. DuCrox and Co., agents.— MH) cat-es geneva, SO qr.^asks 1 octaves wine, 100 casks manufactures 1,0 casks bottled ale, 50 ditto imrter, Drownr, Kennedy and Co ; 200 cases goneva, 20 hhds. rum, 8 half tierces tobacco, 25cssesfips,70boxci candles, CO hhds nle, 1124 yellow deals, 2 casks hardware, i bundles piping, 30 hhds stout, 32-caskH blacking, 100 kegs nails, 115 bags rice, 100 cases battled beer, CO ditto ale, 60 hints .tout, It biles woolsacks, 8 bales sacks, 162 boxes window glass, 20 casks currants, 126 quarters malt, 160 cases bottled stout, 50 ditto ale, DuCroz it Co. : 3 casts brandy, 2 hhds whiskey, 27 boxes candles, 1 case chocolate, U. D. & A. M'Eacharu ; 3 cases manufactures, 7 casks beer, J. C. Burnett ; 1 ease wearing

apparel, J. K. Archer ; I ditto, Mrs. Pegns ; 2cases books, J. Co|ie ; 1 case apparel, J. Harnard ; 1 case leather, 17 ash p|auk», 100 boim candles, A. Fl. Armour; I case manu fectures II. Dowllng ; 1 ditto, C. J. Irvine ; 23 cases 12 casks hardware, A. Webster ; 18 cases manufactures, Mrs. I'.. Morrison ; 8 crates earthenware, I case stationery, A. Joiinsoq ; 1 box apparel. I ditto drugs, Mr. Simpson ; 13 cases manufactures, James Robertson ; 35 cases 38 casks 2 packages, I hamper manufactures, 2 bundles shafts, 3 bundles buckcti, 109 kegs nails, 40 grindstones, 43 weights, 6 pig trough*, 4 forge bickn, 30 arm moulds, 36 packages Iron, 15 boxes tin plates, 26 cans oil, 10 barrels pllcli, 5 ditto lor, 5 ditto rosin, 4 casks colors, T. Cornell ; 8 bales woolpacks, 4 ditto sacks, 100 casks bottled beer, James Peters ; 3 cases manufactures, J. Urickhill ; 2 bales 6 coses ditto, 1'owell i. lladfleld ; 12 bales paper, Alkonhcad and Waddell i acasei manufactures, Mn. O. Maker ; 6 trunks 12 cases, 1 bsrrel manufactures, 37 bars iron, 16 waggon arms, 1 bundle Iron shaft plates, H. Hopkins. ClrORTS.

August 29.— Steamer Queen, 300 tons, J. Blackburn, master, for Melbourne. Wm. Johnson, agent.— 600 bags flour Drown and Son ; 60 ditto, Gunn ; 50 ditto, Tlioui|ton A Co i 100 ditto, Trcw i 20 lots Umber, 1 case ikllis, Peters ; 60 bslcs hay, Il.-ow.i & Son ; 52 bags potatoes, Tankaid; It ditto, Capt Illackburn ; 79 ditto Morrison i 100 ditto, 31 bags wheat, Johnstone ; 2 ditto scuds, Illman i 13 horses, Nesbltt ; 60 rams, Kcrmode ; 1 ball, Dartley. August 1.9.— Willing Lass, 116 tons, J. Jamie, ion, commander, for Melbourne— 233 bags bran, J. Ualston ; 400 dllto, It. Hnijtcr ; 20 bales hay, A.M. Armour ; 20.000 feet timber, J. Munro ; 99 bags flour, 742 bags polatocs, 50 ditto oats, Ilrowne, Kennedy & Co.

|-utongenner Black Swan, from Melbourne— Mcsirt. Perkins, Peters, ttsffln, M'Mlllan, Tlllcar, Santy, Taylor, Miss Falconer, and II steerage. Passengers per Queen for Melbourne.-MeMrs. .1. Cox, Wlnterbrcw, M'KInnuu, Thompion, Pannifex, Nesbltt, Mlfi Cox, Ur«, Cowl, Captain Anderson, )[rs. Price, and 20 steerage. Passengers per Southern Eagle from Liverpool.— Fred. Wilkinson, Esb., surgeon, Rev. Mr. Mathieson, Mrs Ma- thieson, 2 children, Mrs. Chisham 2 children, 263 Immi- grants.

Arrival, and Oepurtifret p/ VtneU TtlrgrapM at the Btndi Anirt. r-O.-Steamer Black Swan, Woods, commander, from Melbourne j II. Fisher, agent. - Schooner Alice, ? commander, from Mel bourne. Augt. 30,— Clcainer Queen, Illackbi.urn, cmimandcr, for Melbonrno : W. JnhusUinc, agent. Aug. 59.— Schooner Pox, — ? commander from Mtllmurne.

CIRCULAR HEAD. (From our own Corrcspotulrnl.) Aug. 14-nriganUne Prince of Wales, 114 tons, Camp, bell, from Melbourne, In ballast. Aug. 14.— Steaiuer TlUnla, Phllllpi, from Launccston, and the Coast. Cargo— 1 cask rice, 1 cask mill, I bag sun dries, ton brlcki, 1 ca*e, I bale, 2 cases ulu, 2 c&sus stout, 2 Imxo* soap, Alexander ; 2 boxes, 1 bonnctt box. Old ; 1 lilid. sUiut, 1 case, J. II. Ferguson ; 2 cases ale, 2 casks porter, 1 bundle trees, P. Smith ; I package containing 2 watches, Kay ; 30 bsgs Hour, 1 cask, Hoys ; 15 bags flour, ICniincU ; 2 bhds. ale, I ba!e, 2 b:ur- Hour, I quarter cask rum, 1 oeUve wine, I box cigars, 2 coses stout, 1 cms pep permint, 1 box soap, I box candles, 2 chests tea, Wood - gale; 1 package tiibacco, 1 box plpos, 1 parcel, 1 grind stone, Mralwln ; 1 bag flour, I do. sugar, 1 box sundries, Conway ; 6 bags flour, 2 boxes sundries 1 box raisins, F, Kerr, 1 bag, I package, 0 sjiudeF, Alford; 1 bag sugar, 1 box tea, I parcel, F. J. Holmes ; 1 package, Police Magis trate; I case, D. Smith ; 1 chest ten, If err ; sundry small parcels to nrder, Emtnctt Agent. 21.— Bchouter Uelcu, Gibson, from Melbourne, In ballast. 24. -Schooner Water l.lly, Tnlloch, from Melbourne. 100 sheep, Carroll ; I cask beef, Cmmclt. 84,-Schooner Helen Ann, Lewis, from Halbourne. In ballast. SAILED. Aug. II — Tlrlganllnc Prince nt Wales, 114 to-j, Camp, bell, for Melbourne. Cargo-3,776 puling, 1,22? feet myrtle, U-6 bags wheat, 16 mA a-rmlf Ions (mUton, Bramctt; 6 and a quarter do. Thorp ; 16 and * quarter, do. llouso : 21 and a-tialf bags, 30 bags potatoes, Borrodale; 46 bags dllto, Alford 1 49 bags ditto, CamnUll. Pasiengcrs Mr. John House, Mils House, Mr. A.H, Boys, Mr. Wll lluui, tfr, and Mrs. Jocei, and 4 chlldion.

OOA8TER8. A:«. 29.— Schooner Jane and nilzabolh, from Uie River Elll.lCI). Aug. 31.-Btranier TlUma, riillllpi, commander, for Ilio Kcrtu West Coast.

MISCELLANEOUS The brig Mary Clarke, was to be taken out of Mr. Edward's floating dock yesterday, and the Royal Shepherd was to take her place on the dock, to have her keel and bottom examined, repaired and painted. Names of immigrants introduced by Mr. Drake, per Southern Eagle. From Norfolk — William and Mary Yaxley and 5 children, Thomas and Maria Yaxley, and 3 children, John and Sarah Parker, and 3 children, John and Elizabeth Vertigan, and 2 children, Robert and Martha Sneer, John and   Susan Barker and 3 children, Thomas and Hannah Barrett, Richard and Charlotte Ward, and 1 child, George and Mary Whatfield, George and Mary Revell and 4 children, John and Hannah Emery, George and Keziah Ayres and 1 child, John and Jemima Spinks and 3 children, Robert and Susan Davey and 2 children, George and Mary Ann Howard, William and Mary Ann Brett and 6 children, William   and Pamela Whiley and 7 children, James and Ann Green, Benjamln and Mary Green and 1 child; William and Mary   Barnes and 3 children, Judd and Mary Ann Macrow and 4 children, Walter and Leith Barnard, George and Mary Ann Howard and 2 children, Stephen and Sarah Howard and 1 child, James and Mary Ann Green, James and Hannah Howard, William and Sarah Barnard, 1 child, John and Mary Ann Barrett, 1 child, Robert and Eliza Revell, 4 children, John and Martha Tharman, Robert and Eliza Page, 4 children, Wm. and Sarah Page, 10 children, Robert and Ann Ree, James and Maria Oakley, 2 children, Isaac and Eliza James, 3 children, Robert and Sarah Wesney, 3 children, John Reeve and daughter, Robert and Frances Cook, 1 child, Joseph and Eliza Ling, 3 children; John and Ann Russell, 2 children, Isaac and Eliza Brett, James and Eliza Eastoe, 2 children, John and Rebecca Varker, 1 child, John and Emma Harvey, John and Ann Cooper, 2 children, David and Hannah Eastoe, 4 children, James and Caroline Sushames, 4 children; Wm. Bye, Wm. Prewer   F. Linstead, Bishop Muskett, George Waters, Joseph Harman,

Isaac Sharman, D. Sayer, Elijah Green, Rober Sharman, Wm Howard, A Ransom, John Howard, W. Dixon, John Dixon, G. Knights, James Botts, William Musk, Charles Harman, W. Church, G. Spraggs, George Gayford, Elijah Ling, James Hall, Edmund Hall, W. Bilham, Leonard Hunt, Geo. Jellons, Charlotte Turner,   Eliza Reader, Maria Pruer, Ann Potter, Mary Bush, Mary Catchpole, Eliza Vareman, Eliza Watson, Ann Coleman. From other places— John and Ruth Arnold and 2 children, Henry and Abertine Harvey, 3 children, James and Susan Leonard and 4 children, Thomas and Susan Tuck, Benjamin and Emma Brown, James and Sarah Stebbing, and 1 child, Ezekiel and Eliza Webb, Charles Flack, Edward Gray, Thomas Gathercole, David Webb, Susan Gray. Purchase ofthe Havilah. - The steamer Havilah has been purchased by Mr. White, of Aldinga, for the sum or 9,0001. - Melbourne Herald. Enormous Seal.— On Saturday morning a boatman shot a seal on Torren'l Island, which measured nearly Illtecn fecc in length. Its skin was purchased by Mr. Blandowill, far the Victorian Museum. The capture of tuch an animal on Torrens Island Is a remarkable fact. The presence nf seal in that quarter had not been previously suspected. Torrens [?land Is becoming famous for the production of extraordi nary creatures. It will lie remembered that a short Utnu sin e a turtle of an uucouituou description was found there. —Ibid. Tbe ship Dragoon left Liverpool May 26Ui. She was lu compat.y with the ship Ben Nevis, fnim Liverpool towards this port, fur three days, to the 11th June, latitude. 36 ° 12 norlb, longUlude 17 c 47 west. Captain Weston reports that nn the 2-th July, the ship was struck by lightning, which started one of the deck planks, entered tin cabin, nnd searched the framework or the skylight. Although several of the passengers were In Uie cabin at the time, none re ceived the slightest Injury .—Argus. Aug. 29. The Collaroy arrived last night from Newcastle, nt half past ten o'clock, having waited the arrival of the Hunter, at two p.m. There has boen no communication with Mtllland since Friday last, and ns the railway Is In some places four feet under water, there will be none by rail for some days. The Cullamy will not leare Sydnoy, until to-morrow, Wed. nesday, night, and Captain Mulhall hones by that time Uie

waters will so far subside as to allow bltn to proceed to Marpoth.— Empire, 25th Auguat. Wreck on the Coast.— Early yesterday (18th August), we had Information that a large vessel, under Portuguese colours, witli a nnmbcr of Chinese on board, went ashore near Port Wlllunga during the gale early on Monday morning. We have since learned that Uie tlranded vessel In the Manhow. of Macao, 1116 tons, Bonledlno, master, and that she had 348 Chinese |«ssengers rroro Hong Kong on Inard. The Maohnw Is manned by Malays, and has no enrgo, She look the beach at half-post three o'clock, on Monday morning, being under sail a« the time; and at tho pcrod of our Istest advices, she was reported to have four feet water In her hold. Sho (? said to be tbe property of her captain, anil to be uninsured. Information ofthe wreck wa. brought lo the Port on Monday evening ; and Hi day break nn Tuesday, the harbor master started to go down to Port Wlllunga by land. The steamer Young Australian left the port about thesamo tlinc, with a view ofrenderiug every possible assistance— 8. A. Register.