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-SrZRn7{N'-ThTESZ' FOOTBALL. VacranAt LEAonuEc. BALLARAT ASSOClaeaox. SUronDAY last was the first time since football has been played on the Fitzroy Cricket Gronnd. that this city has been honoured with an important As-ciation match other than the ordinary inter-club fxture, and the cause was somewrhat adversely criticised by the critic in one of our daily papers. That writer seems to hold the opinion that there is only one ground on which to play any cricket or football match ofaayi mportaneo. Therecan be no doaube that the MI C.C. has better accemmedation this any other club, but we maintain that the 71.C.C. has been huilt up at the expense of all the other clubs in Melbourne. Its maonificet revenue of £8.000 or £10,000 is principally derived from its 2000 or 3000 membetrs, and the Interationl and inter colonial cricket matches. The majority of members have the privilege of taking two ladies to the grand stand at any time during the year, and aore members simply because all international and intercolonial cricket matcles are played on the ground, and tlerefore get good value for their two guineas. But let Fitzroy, South Melhourne, Rast Melbourne, or any club with suitable grounds as regards size have a share of these plums, and their revenue from Members, inst-ad of, as at Ipresent, being from £100 to £600. would soon increase and the M.C.C. decrease. The other clubs would then have an opportunity of erecting suitable anecom modation for the public and the present uno satitfactory state of nafairs cease. We are indeed pleased to arsee the V.F.L make this first step to kick against the monopoly, and although the attendance of the public on Saturday was not as gretasas as anticipated we have no doubt that the public would attend the Fitzroy Cricket Groand to woit ness an importcnt premiership match in as large nambers as at thehI.C.G. There have been crowds of 15,000 on tihe Fitzroy iricket Ground, a.nd many more could have been ac. commodated. So far, we Itoiere, thin year, the largest attettance at any football match was at the Fitzroy Cricket Ground. The gross receipts on Saturday amounted to cbout £70. and the Leaguea will recciva about £00; The game was well worth witnessing, and the fine displny of runnieg, kioking, clever' handball, and straight goal-kickina on the part of the Ballarat players called forth feennentapplanuse. The old veteian, Geo. Mecfenzie, who has practically retired from football, eas indaced ta again don the 'togs' and take command of the combined team. The League team had at the last moment to he further recruited from the Fitzroy; in addition to MlfMichael, Dalton and ). Moriarity, Cleary, Banks, lTairhead, tedSpeerin and Reid playing, and in view of the importance of the maich against Gcelong on Saturday, it was particularly unfortunate that Reid should have been injured, and Essendon, who have already more than a fair share of wounded players, had another (N. Waugh) added to the list. The Ballarat played a quick, clever game, running and passing the hall eith mach greater accuracy than the Metro politan players, and before the latter knew where they were two goals had been kicked, both running shots. The secondquarter wans the best contested of the four, and the scores at half-time were 6 goals to 4. During the second half the League players roamed at their own sweet will on the forcing game, eith the resalt that the back linen wore greatly weakened, and the Iallarat sinmply swoope down every few minstes and piled on the big points wvith deadly naccuracy. In the first half Banks distinguinhed himself by lying loose right foreard and kicking 2 genat as a result. Sham did some s-ry good running. and Adamson and M'Kay werr prominent in high markiog. 31'lichei and h'peeerin, and Reid (until injured) played the best game of the lonil reprenca tative The final result was: Ballarat Association... 1:3 11-09 points League ...... 8 6-54 points At the conclunsion of the game the Mlayor of Fitzroy (Cr. Renfrew, J.P.) in his capacity of President of the Fitzroy Cricket Club, asked the players to meet the committee of the Cricket Club, and proposed the health of the winners, and in a very neat speech com plimented the Ballarat players on their sictory and the splendid exposition they had given of the game. Mr. M'Kenzie briefly responded on behalf of the Ballarat, and Mr. G. Wilsaon on behalf of the League. Fitzry v. Gelong.-Fitzroy has another vejpfengh esPagsment en Saturday against Geelong. at the Geelong Oval. The local team has beenplaylng-well daring iti re smens, but in one department the players have been off-very much eff-and that in in goal kicking. We believe the Selection Committee are trying a local junior of pro* mise in Beet Sharps, and as he is f a splendid football physiqne, he should form a valuable adjunct amongst the forwards. Kennedy is also a likely starter, and in sap posed to be sa taleabs adjanct to the team. The train fares are first 6s., second 4s., re turn, leaving Spencer-street at 10 tinaten apastl1'clock, and Geelong at 8.15 far re tern journey. The Treasurer hopes to see a a goad number of members avail them selves of the cheap fares, as the clbb has I to guaranlee the special train, Tickets can be obtained from the Han. Treasurer, Mr. W. H. Banks, na 120 Brunswiek-street, Fitzroy. The match against South Melbourne will he played on TPPesday next, on the Fiteroy f Cricket Granon,