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PoEMoouseP MARcIfCe Frrzaoy v. CARLTOn. The neighboring teams of Fitzroy and Carlton commence the premiership battles on Saturday on the Fitzroy Cricket Ground. Football promises this year to be more interesting than it has for many previous seasons, and it is satisfactory to learn that the local club has every indication of playing a very strong 20. Fully 15 of last year's team will be available for the opening match, viz.:-Banks, Grace (2), Muircead, Hickey, Whelan, Moriarty (2),R apiport, McMichael, Staniland, Reid, Dalton, McSpeerin and Lamley, whilst the Committee will have great dificolty in selectiog the team when the following joniors are considered, who all have excellent reputations for ability in various departments. McKay, Nolan, Astric, Deacrimes, MIcLeish, Jenkins, Kimberley, Peppard, Yager, Curran, Quirk, and Strong. Then there will also be Nomene, Cleary and Kiernan available in a match or two-in fact Nomens and Kiernan will probably play in the second match. Au will be seen from this list the team is likely so be very strong, and with those teams eliminated who showed a tendency to play the man instead of the ball, the football. loving public should be the gainers, and the matches be productive of more interest than shown for many seasons, whilst the play should be better and more enjoyable for the participators.