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FITZROY CRICKET CLUB. .FORTY-SEVENTII ANNUAL REPORT. OTcers elected:--President, ir. P. Knuckey; Vice-presi dents, Simssrs. Wm. Barr, Mat. Ellis, and II. B. Scotmey ; iong Ticasurer, Mr. T. ii. 'Ilaslan ; lion. : Secretary, Mr. W. IL. Ban.s ; lion. Asst. Secretary, Mr. W. Delves ; Delcgates to V.C.A, Messrs. Mat. Ellis and Phil. Knruckey; Conmmittec, Messrs. J. N. Barnes, II. A. Bussell, W. G. Cant, Chris Kier nan. C. Lansdown, W. Sweeney, and E. Twentyman; Football Conrmitt e Nominees, Messrs. C. 3i. lickey and Jas. Sharp. The motion for a paid Secretary was inoved by 1r. Archdeac.un, but was deleated by a large mlajority. In presenting the Annual lReport, your Committee can congra tulate members on the continued prosperity of the Club; the num her of -lmembers has been increased, and in every department of sport healthy activity has been shown. It is with pleasure we report the success of 'our eflorts to secul?e another ground. A deputation, consisting of Mr. Metcbrey. ML...A.; The Mayor of Fitzroy (Cr. Chapman), The Mayor of Northcot, (Cr. Plant), Crs. Renfrew, Iteddan, and lBastings, with your t'ommnittee, waited on the lion. the Minister of Lands (Mcr. McKeonzie), laid the position before him, and urged that 10 acres of the Cnown land known as the Inebniates' Retreat, at North cote, should be sold to tie Club for recreation purposes at a nominal price. The Minister promised to take the matter to the Cabinet,- and the outcome was the following letter : Department of Lands and Surr~ey. Melbourne, 21st October, 1909. ..., - -- -- Rcl- rring to the deputation which waited on the Honorable the Minister of Lands on the 17th August last, in regard to the purchase by your Club of portion of the site known as the "Inebriates' Retreat," Northcote, I have the honor, by direction, to inform you that the Cabinet has decided to allow, the Northoote Town Council permissive occupancy, for recrea tion purposes, of the area (a out 9 acres) indicated by blue on the annexed tracing, for a term of five (5) years, on con dition that the Council arrange with the Fitzroy Cricket Club for the use of about 5 acres of such area, and on the under standing that, it improvements be effected thereon to the value of at least £1,000 during the said term of five (5) years, the area of 9 acres will be permanently reserved for recreation putrposes. I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant, S, ,_ JNO. MACGIBBON, lion. Secretary, Pro Secretary for Lands. Fitzroy Cricket Club. The five acres placed at the t'lub's disposal is the southern portion, and is a splendid block of gnound. Two wiclets are now being prepared, and will be available for play during the ensuing season. The ground is situated on th. banks of the Merri Creek, only a few minutes from the St. George's-road tram terminus. Association.-The question or Interstate and International cricket being played upon your ground was mentioned in our last Repont. However, after much turmoil and trouble the Associa tion signed an agreement for 7 years with the M.C.C. on much better terms than previously. As a result the Association this year was enabled to declare a disidcnd. Associated Clubs received £50 each, whilst Sub-district Clubs were allotted £25 each. Your delegates, Messrs. Ellis and Knuckey, were assiduous in their attention to the Club"b welfare. As a member of the As sociation's Executive, Mr. Knuckey had many meetings to at tend ; and a special mark of esteem was paid to Mr. Ellis in appointing him sole selector, in the absence of Mr. McAlister. As a result of their efforts, a recommendation is being made by the Executive, that the Brunswick territory, east of Lygon-st., shall be neutnal between Carlton and Fitzroy. Members will be pleased to know thdat the V.C.A. has again resolved, on the motion of your delegates, that tickets admitting to Interstate cricket matches played on the Melbourne 'Cricket Ground, shallTbT--b ssued to all financial members of one guinea. The Comnittee would urge all the mnembers to take advantage of this valuable concession. Your Committee congratulate those members who were chosen to represent the State in the various sports played on the ground, and members watched their successful performances with delight : Criclet-Messrs. Colin McKenzie and W., IH. Cannon. Bowling-Messrs. Barr, Beacham, Furzer, and Long. Baseball-Messrs. C. Dedman, A. Jones, C. Kiernan, C. Lansdown, A. Wilson. Your Committee offers its congratulations to our winning beams-the Second Eleven, on its splendid performance of winning the Pennant ; also to the Bowlers in winning the V.B.A. Presi dent's Trophy ; the 4th Section Tennis team, winners of the Pen nat ; the Metropolitan Cricket League Premiers, and to Mis ses Westmoreland, Levi, Thomas, and Dore, who so successfully won the Ladies' Premiership in Lawn Tennis. Your team was not so successful as expected during the sea son, a number of the best players being unable to give the Club the full value of their services. 51r. Colin McKenzie only played in 5 matches, while SMr. Mat Ellis only tour the field on 3 occa sions. The captaincy of the team was ably carried out by Mr. Chris. Kiernan, who set the team a splendid example. The loss of Mr. Colin McKenzie's services to the Club while playing in Interstate cricket in West Australia was a corres ponding gain to Interstate cricket, as he proved one of the most brilliant performers. In the first match at Perth he scored 211 runs, and, with W. Kortlang, secured a record in Australia for the second wicket by compiling 358 runs. In the second match, at Kalgoorlie, .Mr. McKenzie scored 131 (not out), and, amongst other smaller scores, made 48, 40, and 28 runs. Mr. McKenzie had only moderate success with the ball. The junior elevens were particularly successful, and it is many years since the Club had such a number of promising colts, fitted to uphold the Club in the highest grade- of cricket. The outlook is of the brightest, and it is hoped that equal success will crown the efflorts of the First Eleven during the incoming season, it . . . . 1-t i ..A Your Second Eleven, under th captaincy of C. Lansdown, had a very successful season. After losing -Ihe two first matches they went through without defeat, and won the Premiership. It was a very creditable performance, considering that moat of the team were young players, and that four of them were hating their first year on turfe Tab best performances were against Col lingwood, who were beaten by an innings and 62 runs. F. Cole chin 101 not out, and E. Boulter 54, and.6 wickets for 21,. were the most successful. Against Prahran a three point victory was secured, with 5 wickets to spare. F. Colechin secured 8 wickets ion 37, and C. Lansdown 34 not out. ' Against East Melbourne the fine score of 312 for 9 wickets was compiled, M. Green 77 not out, C. Lansdown 65, and E. Boulter 51. East Melbourne lost 8 wickets for a total of 136, C. Lansdown securing 4 wick ets for 50. The star performances were in the semi-final and final matches. In both, your team had to face scores which, con sidering the lateness of the season and the , unoertainty of the weather, seemed almost unattainable. ? In: the semi-fmial, against East Melbourne, they were set he ta1sk of making, 288, and, through the brilliant batting of E. Boulter 88, A. Wilson 50 not out, J. Downs 41, G. Lanigan 36, 3. Green 34, and C. Best 17 not out, they wore able to secure a victory with 3 wickets to spare. E. Boulter bowled brilliantly, gaining 7 widkets for 38 runs. In lthe fmal match against Carlton, everything seemed to. lavour our opponents, who had the best of the light and wea ther conditions. hlere again your players had to hat second, an? were confronted with the task of making 282, but,. as in the - previous match, they showed that ahere one failed there were others who rose to the occasion, and they ran out winners with two wickets to spare. It would be difficult to single out the brt performers where all did their sh ie towards victory. SEl. Boulter's splendid performatese in both the semi-finat and final matches call for special mention. Against East' Melbourne he acored 88 and secured 7 wi-ects for 38 runs, and, against Carl ton, 42 and 8 wickets for 77. (. Lansdown had the mislortune to be run out after cmanplling 54 at Carltan; E. Talt j;, C. - ?dma·s S 7ao on-t, at C. Best I2 ntot eut, diesIrv? ll ki'ct

did that is. due to them in batting so gamely when the light and rain were against them. The success of the bowlers during the season was due mainly to the splendid fielding of C. Lansdown, R. Delves, A. Wilson, C. Downs, antd C. Dedman, and the fine wicket-keeping of S. Campbell. By ballot of the players the fielding prize was awar ded to A. Wilson. F. Colechin secured the batting average, and E. Boulter the howling. Vice-president Ellis marked Ih s appreciation of the success by inviting the teaml to a Theatre l'arty, and Mr. Sweeney ex pressed his pleasure by giving the team a banquet. The Premiership flag-the firs Association flag ever secured by the Club-and the V.C.A. badges, will be presented to the Eleven at the Annual Meeting.. The members of the Eleven desire to extend their sincere thanks to the Ladies' Committee for so kindly providing tea dur ing the season. A Smoke Night by the, combined Premier Teams was held in the Pavilion, and the Second Eleven took the opportunity of pre senting their captain (Mr. Lansdown) with a group photo of the team. The Club is indebted to the honorary scorers for their pains taking labor of love. Mr. W. Pilkington has for many years kept the scores for the First Eleven with commendable, accuracy; and last year Mr. W. J. MoKenzie proved a zealous . supporter of the Second Eleven. In their last.year's Report, your Committee referred to the formation of the Metropolitan Cricket League Competition, and now desire to offer to.that League theit .a. successful and enjoyable season for its maiden effort. This Com petition comprised representative elevens from most of the lead ing Senior Clubs, and indications show that in future it will comprise representatives of every district, thereby cmaking it a valuable asset to the Senior Association. Your Committee have to record their appreciation of the service? rendered by Mr. G. Barreth and Mr. Archdeacon as delegates, and the latter gentle man also occupied the position of secretary to your eleven. The Club's Team, under the captaincy of Mr. Gerald Brosnan, succeeded in winning the coveted Pennant and Caps presented by the League, and the, perfornances show that out of 10 matches they, won 7 outright, 2 on the first innings, and lost 1, the Club's average being-for, 120 wicketns, 15.9 pen wicket; against, 165 wickets, 8.3 per wicket. The individual performanceoos of the team were exocedingly, satisfactory. In batting Mr. Brosnan heads the list with the fine average of 33.7, being 9 innings for 236 runs; and in bowling Mn. G. Goodenough occupies the leading position with, the average of 6.5 for 51 wickets. During Easter week your Committee placed the ground at the disposal of the Victorian Junior Cricket Association for the natoh New South Wales versus South Australian Juniors, which was son by New South Wales. Included in tlhe performances of the winners, the exhibition of batiting by F. Storey (16) 'and J. Lee (123 not out),.were extremely brilliant. SCHOOL SPORT. The school teams in both Cricket and Football were again granted the use of the, ground for matches. The Annual Schools' Sports were also held on the ground, and proved a great, success. The champion cricketers of the respective schools who have won the membership medals annually donated by the Club, are as follow : Alfred Cres. S.S., N. Fitzroy ... ... Lyle Downs. George Street S.S., Fitzroy ... _.. Alfred Jelfreys. Gold Street S.S., Clifton Iill ... ... Leonard Kelso. Lee Street S.S., Carlton ... ... Norman flanna. Miller Street S.S., N. Fitzroy... ... Winm. T. Thompson. Napier Street S.S., Fitzroy ... ... Roy McGiil. King's College, Clifton HIill ... ... Knox Inglis. St. Brigid's, North Fitzroy ... . J. Kirby. Grammar School, North Fitzroy ... William Hudson. BASEBALL.. The "A'' Team were very for unate in being able to retain --oletor-lteirn-last season's players, and also in scuring t', the services of C. Lansdown and A. Jones, both of whom are a great acquisition to the team; but, at the same tiee, it Is a matter for regret that we have lost the services of so brilliant a player as W. Robertson, who has, taken up his residence in the country. The team is under the atle captaincy of W. Delves. In the first round 14 matches have been played and 11 have been won. We have had the honor of beatin etery team iq the competition, and occupy second place,on, the pr:miership list. Our success in a great measure is due to the capable pitching of C. Lansdown and J. Bidstrup, and to the splendid fielding of the team, and also the batting of C. Lansdown, C. Kiernan, A. Wilson, A. Jones, and E. Baillle. The "B" teamn have gone through the round with only 2 defeats, which, considering that only two of the players had previous knowledge of the game, is a performance which reflects much cre dit on the Juniors for picking up the points of the game so quickly. This team is captained by G. Barrett, with G. Lanigan as second in command. They have secured a fine battery in A. Beckefeld and A. Cant, and brilliant fielders in R. Delves, J. Shea, and C. Dedman, while the batting is done chiefly by J. Shea, G. Lanigan, J. Martin, C., Dednan; and E. Boulter. The team has won the right of challenge, and the game will probably take place on the 24th inst. Both teams are looking forward to carrying off the premiership. LACROSSE. The "C" Team, captained by Mr. A. Bagger, has had a most successful season. They have only been defeated twice, at one time being at the top, undefeated. They are now second, 1 point behind the leaders. There is every prospect of the team winning the premiership of the Section. Mr. A. W. Fergie was again re-elected as President. The annual opening was held on April 30th at the ground. Two matches were played, and afternoon tea provided. Invita tions were issued, and a good attendance was the result. The function proved a great success. A very successful and enjoyable Smoke Night took place in the pavilion on Dec. 30th. FINANCIAL. There has been a fairly heavy expenditure during the year. The picket fence at Cricket Ground was re-arranged, at a cost of £4a. The seating accommodation in the Cricket Stand was provided with backs, and the , embankments enlarged, at a cost of ,£59 17s. 9d. Twenty-five add tional' seats and "painting' cost £39 3s. An unexpected claim by the Metropolitan Board for sani tary charges of £60 was also liquidated. £69 126. 3d. has been paid for the formation of three new rinks on the. Bowling Green, and £15 4s. 6d. for new lockers. The receipts from Football are less by £215, and from Open Ain Concerts by £125. There has, however, been a gratifying increase in members' subscriptions. As members will recollect, the season 1908-9 showed the largest adIvance the Club had made In that direction, when the revenue increased from £859 to £1,060. It is still growing, and this year. the total is. £1,143. This has eabled your Committee. to pay for all the improve. ments mentioned above out of current revenue, and still lessen the indebtedness' of the Club by £40. The total liabilities now being £1,390. We must again add our praise for the very cealour attention given to the Club's affairs by your oIInorary Secretary, Mr. SW. HII. Banks. The increase in the number of members is largely due to his efforts, and, as the number increases,' more work necessarily devolves upon the Secretary. No payment is made to the Secretary for his e tra work -at football matches or concert~, and your Committee decided to again vote him a bonus. Mr. W. Delves has carried out hif duties as. Assistant Secretary with every satisfaction. . ........ In conclusion, your Committee warmly comnesd members for the 'great interest evinced in adding new. members. There are al ways a number dropping out, therefore the efforts should not be :relaxed.: The 'yeari has been a particularly bright one in every department; more premierships and important eavents ihave beesn won than in the wiole history of the Club. The ?Chomnmittee confidently anticipate a prosperous future, with'e- , eftpla sure te nmambeis.C<