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FITZROY TOICKEl1 CLUB, Ul.L'T0UA REPORT, 1914. Ladies and Gentlemen,-Your Committee have pleasure in presenting a report of the working of the Club for the past year.. They are not in a position to congratulate members on any distinct advance in the sporting arena, the first eleven having a very pleasant season socially, but from a cricket point of view they were not as successful as in the previous year. The second eleven put up a splendid fight, but were defeated in the semi-final by South Melbourne, after a most interesting and exciting game, in the presence of a large number of enthusiasts. The Metropohltan League team provided our one ray' of cricket sun ahine, and again won the premiership; they have the splendid record of three wins and two seconds during the five years the competition has been in existence. In Bowling circles your representatives, the North Fitzroy teams, like the cricketers, appeared to rest after the brilliant successes which. fittingly commemorated the jubilee of this Club. The " A" players won the Champion rink contest for the first time in the Club's history, and this proved the only Association success of the year. In the "A" grade of Baseball your representatives have achieved the distinction of premiers, end won the Pennant for 1914. Your Com mittee warmly congratulates all these teams on their brilliant perform ances. As will be gathered from a perasal of this Report, your Com mittee have been active in providing facilities for members' enjoyment; however, one very grave defect during last year was the poor quality of the practice wickets and several match wickets. lais caused mucn discussion during the season. The Com mittee gave the matter, which they considered of the firsct importance, very earnest consideration. It was eventually ascer tained that the lime used s a dressing had a core in it, which woa the source of all the mischief. Steps hare been taken to ensure good wickets tor the coming esason. Arrangements were made with a well known expert inM1r. T. Warne to supervise the top-dressing, both as to qunlity of soil and manner of placeing it on the ground. Your Committee look forward witll confidence to the settlement of this trouble, and assurance of better wickets in the coming season. VICTORIAN CRICKET ASSOCIATION. The interest taken in Interstate games was well maintained, and although Victorisa did ret win the Sheffield Shield, several of the young players showed such ability that the outlook is full of promise. Messrs. Bussell.iid Ellis, our delegates swere spheres during tboeyear, tho former in ensuring the smiiotih- work-' of the newly-formed Junior 'Cricket Union. Mr.--Ellis,. as one of the selectors and also as a member of the Executive Committee, had to bear a full measure of criticism. Members will no doubt rejoice that at last a satisfactory arrangement has been made with the t)e-l bournoe Club, and that future pennant fixtures will include-teams from that club. An Australian XI., with the consent of the Board of Control, toured New Zealand. Included amongst .the players was Colin McKenzie, and members watched his performances with interest. They were pleased at his success, both in batting and bowling. INTERSTATE HONOURS. Your Committee desire to congratulate the following members, who were selected for Interstate games, and are pleased to report that all such members at their respective opportunities performed with honour to your Club and credit to themselves: Cricket-Messrs. Cannon, Kiernan and McDonald, and (Colts) t. Delves. Bowling-Messrs. Furzer and McCarthy. Baseboll--Messrs. Cant, Kiernan and Owen. FIRST ELEVEN. It is disappointing that we are unable to furnish a more glowing report of the doings of the First Eleven during the season 1913-14. Our players failed to produce their previous season's performance. The bowhling was not as consistent as last year, and the batting decidedly weaker. Mr. Wm. Webb was elected as captain; and did much to make the season a social success. C. Kiernan won the batting average with consistent scoring, thus wininnig a position in Interstate cricket. E. A. McDonald won the bowling average. In most of the matches he kept a good length, and bowled very fastly. There is no 'doubt that he is the best fast bowler in Victoria. J. R. H. Woodford deserves special mention for his splendid wicket keeping during the season. For the coming season all of last year's players are available, and the team will be strengthened by the services of Doctors Cordner and O'Hara, besides several promising young players. On our own ground we opened the season against -St. Kilda, which won the toss, and had first use of the wicket, scoring 163. C. McKenzie, four for 42, bowled splendidly, W. Cannon asisting with three for 47. Our batsmen completely failed in the first innings, being disposed of for 43, but following on they showed that that score was not .an index to their batting ability, as they compiled 167 for the loss of four wickets only. C. Kiernan (60) and E. Buist (59' not out) batted in dashing style. Our next engagement was against Northicote, -hich had first use" of a wicket that was slow and easy at first. They were all out for 121, C. McKenzi, and E. Boulter being in great form with the ball, capturing five for 31 and three for 21 respectively. We were. dismissed for 62, C. Kiernan making 29 of the total. Northcote's second innings totalled 302. E. bMcDonald bowled well, securing six for 127. We were at home to our neighbouring opponents.'Collingwood, the premiers of the previous season, the meeting causing keen interest. Our team rose to the occasion, and soundly whipped the team that had deprived us of the premiership in the fnal match of the previous lrasman?.J Collingwood wron the toss, and took first use of the wicket but were dismissed for 62. E. McDonald bowling at a terrific pace, played havoc with tle batsmen, obtaining the fine average of five for 25,off i balls; IV. Cannon also bowled splendidly, and secured five for 30. Our response was 202, C. Kiernan again showing what a fine batsman he is by compiling 95, including four sixes; E. Buist gathering 34 by correct batting. Collingwvood's second try resulted in 189. Cannon (fivre for 94), McDonald (three for 40), and Boulter (two for 38) bowled well. Our next match was at South Melbourne. on a wicket that was some what slow from previous rains. South Melbourne, batting first, seared 144. McDonald (two for 15), Boulter (three for 58) were the best bowlers. The following Saturday the wicket was wet and soft. Our opening batsmen, ea an tnd Delves, started well to make the re quired runs, reaching 27 and 15 respectively but after their dismissal (with the exeedtion of Boulter making 15) the side failed, andewaa out for 88. Soute Melbourne's second innings produced 147. Cannon pioved in exceptionally fine form, and secured eight for 56, off 130 bolls. We nest met North M keleourre, on our ground, C. Kiernan produc inug 89 in solid faslhion out of a total of 174. North Melbourno replied wtith 258. . JMcDonald, bowling wael and with great pace, but with indifferent luck, obtainred seven for 95; Cannon thre for 89. Our next em s a journey to Essendon, and we took part in a game that mighlt well be described as tihe "McDonald triumph." Essendon woint te loss, and as a perfect wicket had been prepared, of- course decideds to bat. They were qll out for 83. IecDonsld, with afnorth winl Ilhindt hi, borling beautifully), anid witll almost lightning pace, simply wal'd tharough the Essendon batsmen.' He captured nine scalps for -ti, alld taught tlhe oler bthsman off Cannon, tius he hado a hand in dismissing the rthole of the side. We answered with a total of 202. McDonald played a nashling innings of 853, and thus obtained a splen didl d,ble performance. It. Delves compiled 41 by nico batting. tRichmetnd were our next visitors, whom we had not met for four yetrs. We occupied the wicket during the afternoon, scoring 263 for nine wickelts. J. IBidstrp playing a good innings for 83. R. Delves, 68 again well made. Heavy rain prevented the match being continued on the Monday, and it was abandoned. Winning the toss at Carlton we had first use of a splendid wicket, which was true and very fast. We held possession during the afternoon, scoring 197. Dwyer (43), Kiernan (32), Buist (26), and Wawn (27 not out) all batted trell. Carlton's response was 271 for the loss of five wickets. Kiernan (tkso for 22), Bidstrup (one for 33) bowled well. In thois match we greatly felt the loss of our fast bowler, who had his knee injured whilst playing for Victoria against New Zealand. At East M3elbourne we made a good fight on a fast wicket, seven of our batsmen obtaining double figures, the side totalling 221, Webb (35), Dwyer (34), McDonald (32), Wotodford (31), Kiernan (21), and Brosnan (18) producing the runs. East Melbourne won by 47 runs. L. J. Shewan, a young player, who was promoted from the second eleven, bowledn really well, recording three for 47. Our failure in catching in this matclh was te cause of our defeat, several chances being missed. We closed the season with a match against Prahran on our ground. Again we were doomed to a small score, being routed for 82; Shewan 17 l tmastop-usorer... McDonald. (four.for_.64),. Cannon (three for 46), dimiai(no fo " t r Cono ao:fi8irs Bn:/sriotr-< ao 7ý ismissi Prahran :for'12.Our seconda-effort proeduced 142R; RDelvei 38. O. 'ischher, who wars playing his first match with thoi'lve;en showed good defenco - in compiling 20 not out. S SEC"OND ELEVEN. The 2nd Eleven, captained by C. Lansdown, started the season with several juniors, and the team improved as the season advanced, thereby gaTn securing a placo inthe final four. - - Unfortunately the semi-final was played under conditions that .aere nall against ood cricket. Rain that- had just previously fallen made the aicket almost unplayable. T'i team put up a good fight against Soutlh _olbourne, onlf 10 runs separating them on .the first innings. Some very good performances wsere secured during tie season b mem bers of the team. J. Bidstrup, after playing three matches, had scored so cansistently that ie was promoted to the first eleven, and quite justifiedl his inclnston in That team. S. Pearmain also played some fine inn-ngs, seoring 35. 26 and 77 io three consebhtive matches, a perform ansos which also gained for him a place in the first eleven. W'. Schmidt play-l several dashisfg innings, and gves promise of being a first-clasm ,oatsman. The most, inprovel player for the season wos S. Ormsby. He gave us some ecellent performances both in boetrwling and hatting, -. seceral times pulling the game out of the fire by his splendid defensive h:rttine, and sntould prove an acqsuisition to 'the first eleven in the eamsoig caseo. A.-Lumsden also showed great improvement in hLis hatting. ad shtoatld do even better ini the rooting season. The veteran, A. Tarrent, put sip &osd~rhmarkaolep'Pifoimiicts'witlctlih brll?his bost feat wes 7 for 5h against Itoendon. He again won thle bowling average nitll 26 wiclkets at 10.4 per wiclet. E. Boulter's 7 wickets foS30 nfmi-fnal match isl deerving of spe.gial resttien. C. LaC Isadiwsrishiitte_ resistently, and was first iat batting a-ith an average of'30, S. Oksiasbt ihemng oxt wtih 29. lho team weroe unfontunate in boiugwvlithout the neroices of tChir soiCelt-keeper, S. Campbell, for most of the season. Ile was tiaailable for eels lif the matches played. Busines reasons kept him on iva from somemhatieh. 'sond tmeartthe end of the seasln? l.a -es usnfortuuate io getting hit:sith a fast ball, which kept him out mf the 'i ame for tie remainder of the season. It is to beliopod he will 1,,, asailsble for all matchvs this seasoit. The fielding" of 'the team n-a ?i ,itoe s?:fettireol'f its suneess, and~in this'importisit'dd partment it f. ETltO.OIahT T A, H AGUI PREMIERS. -

petition and were successful in again winning the premiership. This'is the fifth year since the formation of the Leagne, and your eleven has put up a wonderful record in connection with-the same, being premiers on three occasions; and twice runners-up. During the season 12 matches were pla?jed, of which ten were won and two lost. ' he batting average was won by I. Delves with 326 runs for 11 completed innings, an average of 29.6. That consistent player, A. Bartlett; was dnce again second with an average of.27.9 for.-1 ininga. - Gerald Brosnan won the bowling average, securing 47 wickets at an average cost of 5.7 runs.m Alf. Duncan was second on the list with an average of 10.4 for 21 wickets. - During theseason several young players secured a place in the team, tha mesa successful of whom were S. Bond, L. Bond and A. Jeffreys. Two of your members, viz., G. Brosnan and W. Delves, won the all round prize and best betting. average;respectively in the eompeti Aion. As this eleven is always considered a nursery for the lot and Snd elevens, we would urge all young players to throw in their lot with them, and if successful they will soon be affor?,ed an opportunity of entering the pennant ranks.l. - ROVERS' TEAM. - The Rovers' team, which has been in existence for eighteen years, completed another enjoyable season, the players showing a keen interest in-the various games played.: As some of the older players were not available, - their places were filled by others who were equally enthu siastib. Of the 14 matches played 9 were won; 4 lost,' and 1 drawn. The batting trophy was :won by H. Kendall,, aevrage 16 runs. L. Barker secured the bowling:trophy with an average, cost per wicket of 10 runs. H. Walton secured the highest individual score with 72 runs against Yarra Bend. A. Piper, who has been a most successful wicket-keeper for several years with the team,.again won the trophy. J. Martinwas successful in wninuig the catchings trophy. A good list of two-day matches has been arranged for the- incoming season, which; we hope will prove eas.enjoyable as past onh..,.The thanks of the-team. are tendered to Mir. F. Anderson, whorefficiently discharged the duties of treasurer and manager, and also to Mr.' H. Kendall for his kindness in providing avodhielo. . - - - F.F.C. JUNIOR?. The footballers' team again competed: for the V.J.C.A. troihy, which was-won last year, but owing-to the visit?to .Snth:Australit at the end of the football season, the hrst matchshad to-be forfeitedIto Mliddle Park. P. Parratt was elected captain, and.the ?toam hada:thoroughly enjoyable season's play.-.; t'Eiater-tide the'tm hand supporters visited MLaryboroug]?'snd -the visitscill long remain a pleasant.memory for ao taking part. .W. Fldgg *on'tbhebatting iiverhge' G.'Shaw the bowling average, and A. Harrison Was.awarded -the honour of best all-round player. The secretary, .?r. KiKng, has the promiso of several good players; and is confident of placing mn the field during the coming season a strong team. EASTER TRIP TO BAIRNSDALE. The Club was again allotted to Bairnsdale at Easter, and thereby enabled to accept the very cordial invitation of the Bairnsdale District Associataion. So that our country friends may have an opportunity of competing against good players, the V.C.A. ay 'the' rail fares of 1st and 2nd.SI. pennant players who undertake the" country trips. The only match played was against the Bairnsdele District team--two days. - The splindid progress of the local players was distinctly noticed by those-who had accompanied the team on the previous visit. This improvement was very gratifying to the Fitzrby players. Prior to that visit cricket was languishing in the district, now there is a splendidly contested competition for the Association pennant. Enthusiasts have secured the freehold of a magnificent ground, quite close to the rail way station, and in every way the:outlook was distinctly promising. The President (Mr. Kyle) gave much credit to the Fitzroy team for this impetus, and, also stated at the banquet held in honour of the visitors that he trusted that the annual visits would be continued. Our team played 15 of the locals, and won the match by five wickets. Very fine batting displays were given by Messrs. Delves, Lansdown, Lumsden and Schmidt, - whilst Messrs. IMcDonald and Cannon fully upheld their- bowline reputations. The manager, 3Ir. C. Lansdown, also arranged very pleasant trips to Cunninghame and Lake Tyers, and up the Tambo River. These trips,: together with the return journeey through the magnificent lakes to Sole, were thorouglly enjoyed by all. The party included 31esdames Barr, Cannon and Lansdown, nd Miss Lansdown, and they materially augmented the enjoymerit of the party. As a slight memento of the happy time spent, Mr. Lansdown was presented with an enlarged group photo., suitably mounted and tramed. BASEBALL.- - The baseball players put two teams in the field, one in the "A" Grade, and another in the "B" Grade. The "A" team selected Mir. O. Lanadown to lead.them, and 'have performed brilliantly during the season. The team has missed the services of Mir. It. Delves, who has not been'ablo to play regularly owing to ill-health, but the players are glad to heoar he is getting well again. Three of our members, essrs. A. Cant, C. Owen and C. Kiernan were selected to play in the Inter Stato carnival, held in Sydney. The first-named two performed very creditably. -Mr. Kiernan was unable to take part. The visit of the two crack baseball teams of America, the New York Giants and Chicago Whiite Sox, was much appreciated by all baseball lovers. Many of our members availed themselves of the opportunity to witness the teams in action, and-no doubt picked up many of the finer points of the game. -Messrs. C. Kiernan, C. Owen and A. Cant were picked to represent this State against the American teams. A baseball "licturo night was held at the Solway Picture Theatre during tbh: season, and frbm-a social point of 'view, war thoroughly enjoyed-by, everybody:. . , .. - SThe "B"_ team, under iho ablb leadership of Mr. C. Dedman. nak not been so successful, -and were unfortunate in losing the services of Mr. G. Barrett, owing to a leg injury. 'The new players in the team are young .nd eager they promise in time to become "A" grada players, and on the whole have had a. very enjoyable season. The thanks of the club are due to -Mr. W. Cannon for his services as scorer to the "A " team, also to 'Mfessrs. G. Barrett and Cannon, who acted as delegates during the year. FOOTBALL. - It wal with very gratified feelings your Committee witnessed the Fitzroy Football Team win the Premiership for 1913, and the President and team were warmly congratulated. It was a' fitting elimns for the jubilee year of the ground, and the splendidly consistent play ii the team merited all honour. This year. the team opened remarkably well, their play being far in advance of their opponents'. - In the second round, howeveor, the list of injured players was so great that the same measure of success did not reward the players. The team has iron'its position in the first four, and, at the time of writing there -is -every prospect of Fitzrosy again battling for the premiership. They have the best wishes of all members for a successful result. The project placed before members last year of having two repre sentatives on the Football Club's committee was consummated, aend Messrs. Cant and Rowe were elected as the first reoresentatives. - VISITING TEAMS AND SPORTS. The playing members of the Club for many years have been warmly welcomed by various country clubs, and it was, therefore, quite' a leasure for your Committee to receive and entertain visitors from the lairnsdoale Association, and also from Moe and district. It was gratifying to be assured by the president of the Bairnadalo Association, and by the manager of the Moe team, that the visitors enjoyed them selves on-the trf, and were quite delighted at their visit to Fitaroy. Very successful and interesting sports, at which many. members at tended, were held by the High School, the University practising, the State schools of Fitzroy on Empire Day, and also by the 54th B alion Senior Cadets. The American Boys on tour provided two baseball matches, one against a V.B.L. team, and the other against the school boys, at which some very fine ploy was shown. The Kilmoro and Gold-street boys also played football. OPEN-AIR CONOERTS. The musical sub-committee devoted much thought and time to the open-air concerts held .every Wednesday. Special attractions were secured from time to time, the programme being varied considerably from former years. The pictures were speciall? selected, and were without doubt some of the best ,ever seen. Codes Concert Band gave every satisfaction, and several orchestral nights were much aipreciated. Your Committee intend to.give special attention to this feature of the Club during'the coming summer, and trust to make these concerts even more succesfusl and enjoyable. ..CHARITABLE EVENTB. - Your Committee held a benefit concert for Member Dedman, who, as a result of an injury to his leg on the cricket field, was unfortunately ;Austin: Hospital-nd:Free Kindergartens, :'and" a concert 'resulted-,in £30, .being handed to thoe-Meyor. The .North Fitzroy State Schoel was also assisted by a conceit;at-waich over £10 was secured. "- - "K- UCKEY TESTIMONIAL. \V regret very much that we cannot report. any improvement in. the condition of Mfr. Knuckey. The testifeoial inaugurated on his behall resulted in £86 being lhanded to him and Mrs. Kunckey, who both desire to warmly thank members for their efforts. - - OBITUARY.- -? It is with much regret reference is made to the great losese susthiifed be the Club by death during the peast year. Mr. Charlesi Githrie Steel joined the Club in 1876, and since then has ever been a staunch supportcr, at all times a:hard-worker,-and a generous patron. He has held office as.Vice-President, Member of Committee, Delegate and Auditor.- When the Club was in itn strsgglng dJoys Mr. Steel:was ost of the most octive workers,- arid by -his death it has loet one of 'its most valued members. Another loyal supporter and membern?o?iany years' standing, who was cut off n the flower of his manlibod,; vans Mr. Henry Rapiport. He was one of the" Fobtball Club's initial team and for years an enthusiastic and strictly amateur football player. H irequently travelled over 100 miles to take part in the Saturday matches. Mr. J. V. Mileo was'also a member, wuo had the hbeast i "terest-of theoclub-at"heart-:_::-t:---- - ---..,. S IMPROVEMENTS. - ' -aniinounol in thelasc repu,& the :jubilee pavilion for beowlng imemberslns completed, and opened in October last. It les proved all bthat'was claimed ofsit:by your Committee, end its apearance reflects credit on all concerned; more particularly the srlchitects5 i.Lesrs. Taentyman?ndo Askew,-and the bnilder,' Mr. G. Andrew. It is without doubt one:of the finest, -if .not the best in the Commonwealth. The -bullding was opened by .th I'remir of.Victoria, the Hen. W. A. Wstt, ' :L.A?,at the same timeoat the utistil opening eereeieony of the green, and full particulars aire given in the Bowling Club's report. aIn onetione with the pmvilionm your Committee made proisfion fr billards, said two of- AhlecacFand Co.'s- latest -babies were •installed; The billiard-room is open -to all senior members-of the Club, -but not to any person ;who cianot a uembee." Mer:'E. Tord is in chaige, and many

citizens enjoy the amusement provided by this now departure. ;Therae have-been several tourneys played, that open to all Club members attracted quite a number of entries, and after many interesting games I was won by Mr. Percy Parratt, witih _Mr. Moyes as runner-up. Messrsa.t Beacham and MeNaughtan were in close ottendance. - n The number of full members has been increased by about'fi'ty owing thi to-theseo improverents, and assthere are prospects of further additions dro to the ranks of bowlers, the completion of the six rink green will have to be taken into consideration. fit The- condition" of the larger green has been the subject of much-i thought on the part of your Committees., for severol years. At the end a of last'season the-many bare places on the-s~rface as well as its uneven- fal -ess caused your Committee to secure expert advice Mlr. Scott, head he of the State'Department, kindly instructed one 'of his-staff to inspect ha the green, and report on it. On inspection he at once stated that the principal cause was defective drainage. -An analysis of the soil was .e also made, and an exhaustive level test of the surface proved its mr inequalities. Your Committee decided to execute the necessary im provement in a thorough manner, under a scheme proposed by Mr. Twentyntan, and approved by the State expert. The whole green was fa excavated down to the clay and graded. Four inches of ashes were he placed on the bottom, and four-inch drain pipes in the centre of each rink to connect with main drain at south side; loamy soil was used to fill to required height, and the final dressing was Mentone loam. gr Tihe contention of the expert office? was fully proved, in the recon struction work carried out under the direction and supervision of Mr. , Twentynln. In resowing, Rye, Kentucky-blue, Creeping Bent, Sheep's Fescue, Chewing Fenecue and a fine natural Gsoch, were used, on the advice of the Green. Committee, who are satisfied from experience " that these grasses give the best result. We trust that the work done bo - saill prove of lasting benefit. At the present time the levels show a very decided improvement; and the green has every appearance of. being splendidly grassed. - _ The tennis courts and all the asphalt in..front of the members' w reserve was tar painted, and considerable asphalting was' done at the. di south end of the bowhug green; and the press box was 'given much- ki needed attention. The fire which occurred in the members' pavilion just prior to the t last annual meeting.caused cousiderable damage to the building, to erimbers' cricket.and. baseball kits;:, eridket,.material, .and -ll ithe .s pennants won by telrfFdotball.Club, as well- as ourpwn.., As-§tated in ce our last report;.the- London and Lancashiro Company pronptly paid. di the full aimourit of the claim.-?: Members' losses were: paid by' t6 Com mittee, the flags were replaced, and the.pavilion put in a Ithoroughl-e state of repair.. The necessary work was entrnsted to Mr. E. Goette, fIl and under the supervision of Mr.. Twentyman it was completed in a mI satisfactory manner. c ADJUNCT GROUND: i Considerable improvements have been effected by the adjunct ground, ,s Merri Par-k. The pavilion formerly used by bowlers has been re-erected thereon, with additions for caretaker's quarters, and should prove of Pt great con;enieniie to members. A '4 ft: 3 in. picket fence has been' c erected right along the whole lengths of the western and southern [i boindaries, and should prevent the cricket balls from going into. tife lfrri'Crcek so frequently. The-value of the improvements effected w to date by the Olub, including the filling of the storm water channel at on the eastern side, total £750. There are, however, many other at requirements, sand an efficient supply of water is urgent. Durins tihe dear your Committee have conferred with the Northcote Conncil witlh ; reference to such of the improvements as are matters of necessity. From u] the attitude of the members of the Council, and their expression of opinion, it may reasonably be inferred that the council will co-operate with and assist us in improving this very raluable club asset. - GENERAL. -- C Your Committeo were gratified to recpive congratulatory expressions ci from quite a 'argo number of members on the Jubilee report. As a result of the trip to Great Britain by Vice-President Scotuesy, the Club received a very interesting aind valuable engraving of an h( early cricket match played in Sussex.- ,Mr. Scotney returned in December last,'anld the picture has been placed- in the Committee-room. Your Committee desire to specially thank the ladies whoso geoner ously attended to afternoon tea for the cricket teams throuirout A the season. We can assure them*that the players thoroughly enjoy - the dainties provided, and their presence is also greatly appreciated. The Committee are pleased that the number of Indies is increasing, and take this opportunity of letting members know there is room for many more. - Mr. H. Walton was requested, -and consented, to act as auditor, on al account of the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. Steel. The social life of members received a stimulus by holding a Cinderella dane on September 9th, at the Fitzroy T'own Hall. In previous years y the Tennis members have held a dance, hut so that it might be more general on this occasion, invited the co-operation of the General Conn mittee, and also representatives of tihe Bowlers' Committee. Several -very' enjoyable and well-attended committee meetings were held, and the Cinderella itself proved a decided success. 'Another pleasant function was a "Re-unioni of Players," held on -August 15th, in the pavilion. All players and intending-players, as well as the various office-bearers of the club, and tihe office-bearers of the Fitzroy Football Club. were invited to this smoke-night by' the . President. A very enjoyable evening was spent by those who attended. 'Your- Comnfitte"tab'i this opportunity of specially thanking the " chalirman of-the Grouid Committee (Vice-President Trrentyman),'on.his.-. promotinig's interests. The- re-making of the larger green took up considerable time, and.the improvements at the adjunct ground also necessitated many visits from him and also Vice-Prc'sident fi?ctney." The Hon. 'l'Treasurer (Mr: Haslam) has this year had manyi duties thrown on him, which were usually performed by the Secretary, the 'new billiard canteen arrangements especially, causing almost daily attendance. Your Assistant Secretary (tr. Wnm. Delves) has zealously at tended to his duties, and his experience on tie cricket field has proved very useful toyoanger members. Tothe Hon. Seeretaries (Messrs. H. S. Lone and S. G. Hllow), who pay particular attention to bowling and tennis affairs, and the secretaries of other teams: Messrs. 'F. Anderson (baseball). -M. Arohdeacon (1Metropolitan-League), T. S. Rowo (Rovers); and R. King (F.F.C. Juniors), your Committee are indebted for.their active assistance. SThe club is indebted to the honorary scorers, Messrs. Pilkin ton (lst Eleven) and Gee. Owens (2nd Eleven) for their capable work in this department. It is a great assistance for the teams to have reliable enthusiasts, and Mr. Pilkington, in particular, has devoted many years to this work. - The retirement of 'Ir. John MacGibbon,. Secretary of Lands, may appear outside the province of a cricket report. Many know, however, that he was a particularly good friend to all sportsmen, and his interest in the Fitzroy Cricket Ground and many others was sincere. On many occasions lih displayed that interest to your Committee, and as he was universally acknowledged to be an :'uthority of first rank amongst respect to land legislation and-administration, his advice was much sought after. On his retirement your Committee thanked him 'for manty services they had received. Your committee' ipressed its regret at th?e--ithdrasnal of 'Mr.AJ. JI. Reed as a member of the Edinburgh Gardens Committee. His advice had been at all times freely given your Committee, his great experience and ripe judgment making it at all times of great valoe; at thIe same . time he was warmly coongratulated on attainling the position of Secretary of Lands.. lMembers -will notice-s very fine collection of ferns at the omain entrance on the south side of the new pavilion.. These were the generous donationr of Mir. Stewart, an enthusiastic bowler, who visits os oceasionally from Boolira. In a few years'they should add materially to the: beauty-of-the entrance. - .Thastaff cojisists of J. Miller, E. Clack, A. Mitchell and -L. M3iller; the,latter having been appointed this year. In addition C. Dwyer acted'as -oach to young npiaers, and A. E. McDonald as ground bowler, 'and later 'ii inivarious clerical duties, etc.' Special attention was given to the bowling greens, as stated elsewhere, 'andnecessaiy 'eeding was done at the practice and match wicket portions of the ground. A abonui wa'agianttdf t tie permanent staff. , - . RETIREMENT OF 3MR. . H. -BANKSH;ION. SEORETARY. It is-with feelings of deep regret that your Committee notify members that ,Mr..W. H. Banks has intimated;tlratho cannot :continuo in his posiiti'ii"of Hon. Secretary after the approaching annual meeting. Joiningt 1he'clrb in November, 1884, Mr. Banks' atoce dnco bcmo an enthussassti trades cricketer, and after serving as a novice under the vrteran ,harley Smith, he assumed eh management of Ee teams, which - ? ?"e carried on in a. higdhly successful "anner for- sdveral year-s, fmal tesunditor: f- boeral byessilsndn nl89ifiarxssoletedpan 1 Latry.?':-'pointed'otxin the Jubiles report,tthojmembers'-uubsceiptionia -tetallued??us0 atth end of. his first year'of office, an increase of £ oan' theo previous year. -"From That time'uhtil the pietent year thereoha s beenr acotinuial upward movement, in some yearasmore marked-cthane others but-theo clu has ever advanced. During this period of seven-. . -teen years theground and all its surroundings hav been 'wonderfully ' imptovoed, and;the club raised to i 'pinnale' secod- to one only in Vlctsria_' Jr. ?rBanks has ati alltimesahadzenergetic 'and- loyal-mem--, mittees? ?id anonhthusiTstic body of members woarking in perfecthar-' eny with him ,hut heohas been the o s idin 'aiTirio t Band 'much of. the - tuirb' s ue s duo to his efforts. We are?pleised that his great 'abilitvrIas secur'edhimia position as Secretary of the Licences Rodue tiin"toard;- nd trust he may long hold the office. .i. n - r in e -" FIlNACILS L. - r Int its Jubilee report your Committe.congratulated .members on the. eplendid finsaucial positron attained by tlit'.Clhb, oho thust tuts history. Agoarill im?.?ear, it ires to record a fui-the-"itubatintiii l advance. - T'horeeipts were £6455, 'nd the expenditare' £6552, 'a debinit on the ' .ytr- of. L9; -Thi receipts, which 'included' £1155 intitirannei 'money, , were £1468 greater than' any' previous year.. Theother principal- items'' of..revenue were --?Mombers' aebseriptio?"?' £1180 (ths rlageist on rea cord) ;-fothall" proceeds, £5815 (a subsantial increase on laut ver); and .£397 net' re'venue from billiards and canteen.- -The expenditure wa?s lavish.: T'lusagraes have inreajsid from £496 to £689. -Thu adjunct. ground -had £155 expended upon it, and in addition a-rit?5 smnable and eomfortabla 1iavilion was'-traseferr~dd there. A further onem of - £1126 'was paid on-riccount ofouav bowling pavilion and Iuriiishinca; adding the samount 'of £600 paid last-Fear, this hasceaot £1726. Thf 9-rink bowlsnir green was re-laid at a cost of £20t, iiand-is now expected to be equal to anything in the metropolis.-- fhl cricket grandstarid was ren?ted,l dind mosnt of the other loasses occasioned bhythe fire were met "ry'theomouiey'rebeived from tho insurance companies- £300 was -paid off the cricket stand uccount, leafring r halance 'of -?00 . ? hich will be - paid off during tbso.miuyfear.r: otwithstanding the notable in- I prevementsi _ndited, theo Iiabiltim* a the club are merely' nominal; rii7£9l."" '- -:e - r-I - --~· ivwg ~ dent ·