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EXTRACTS FROM FITZROY CRICKET CLUB'S REPORT. TO THE MEMBERS- LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, - In presenting this Report to you, it is natural, and, indeed, fitting, that we shouldrefer firstly to the most vital crisis that the Empire has been called upon to face. Unfortunately, the end is not yet. During the past year, however, the determination of Britain and her gallant. Allies has made the position assured, and though the struggle may be long, victory will be ours. From time to time we have read of the magnificent achievements of our own boys, in the various theatres of the struggle for humanity and justice against tyranny and oppression. By supplying men whose names have become immortalised because of their courage, dash, and initiative, and by assisting liberally in the provision of the "sinews of war," Australia's name for patriotic unity and sincerity has'become undoubted. It is with feelings of pride that we are able to record that a very satisfactory proportior of our members, have placed themselves at the disposal of their King and Country. Some of these have made their final sacrifice, and have fallen honorably and bravely, to find their last resting-place thousands of miles from their native soil. Though we mourn their loss, we are nevertheless proud in the knowledge that the flustre of their fame will shine for time immemorial. Amongst those or whom we grieve are-Lieut. F. R. Beveridge, Sergeant A. Jones, Privates Doney, Murton, Prosser, Rosa, S. Perrotet, A. & E. Francis, and Poison. Amounts Realised on Ground and Donated to various Patriotic and Charitable Funds. Your Committee naturally felt itself bound to assist as far as it possibly could in every patriotic and charitable movement. On every occasion when required your ground has been placed gratuitiously at the disposal of'those organising attractions for the purpose of augment ing the various Patriotic Funds. Many members by subscriptions, and by otherwise actively assisting us, have rendered bur effort a practical one indeed. The total amount by which Patriotic and Charitable funds have been increased in the manner indicated is £922. We feel that members have reason to congratulate themselves on such a magnificent response. Proceeds of Raffle for Land and Life Membership ... 6r54 2 o Amateur Theatrical Association ... ... ... 128 13 6 Fitzroy lied Cross Society Gymkhana ... ... 13t 9 2 Fitzroy Unemployed League, Concert, &c. ... ... 75 2 5 Bowling Members' Concert ... ... ... 50 o o Buttons, &c., sold by Ladies ... ... 50 o o Massed Bands' Carnival ... ... ... 48 18 6 Fitzroy v. Collingwood. Cricket Match ... ... 40 14 4 Victorian Cricket Association, Buttons and Tickets ... 34 i 6 North Fitzroy v. Capulets, Cricket Match ... ... 26 6 8 Fitzroy Ladies' Work Association Concert ... ... 24 5 3 Wounded Soldiers' Fund (One Penny Collection) ... 19 a 5 Football, so per cent reduction--Cricket Club ... 18 8 o Football Club ... 12 15 6 Opposing Clubs ... 12 15 7 Fitzroy v. Carlton, Cricket Match ... ... 18 17 3 Soccer Football Match ... ... .. ... 17. 7 3 . Fitzroy Cricket Club to 1916 Football effort... ... is5 o o Red Cross Society Concert .. ... ... r 7 6 Belgium Fund ... ... .... ... 0o 0 Falconer Street State School Concert ... ... to 3 4 Henley Regatta ... . ... ... ..: o o o £922 5 so MEMBERS WHO HAVE ENLISTED. Allen, J. Cosgrave, L P. Ingham, V. Prosser, C. E. Andrews, R. Crawford, W. Jones, A. Prosser, D, Ashman, H. Dedman, C. Kenwood, H. Rice, H. Banks, G. W. L. Delves, E. King, G. Rice, E. Barker, L. Dickenson, N. King, W.] Robertson, H.! Barker, S. Doney, A. Lewis, L. Roberts, E. F, Bell, F. Dowell, C. Lumsden, A. Rosa, O. Bell, J. Draper, J. Lumsden, A. V. Rochfort, L. Bennett, G. Dunstan. H. P. Macrow, W. Scott, R. N, Best, S. Farr, R. .. Martir, 0. S. Shoebridge, A. W. Beveridge, F. R. Fergie, C. Marks, M. I. Snadden, R. S. Bottomley, E. Fletcher, J. Milne, R. Sorrell, T. Bishop, H. Francis, A. Mullen, H, Sorrell, T. R. Bishop, V. Francis, E. J. Murray, R. L. Sorrell, J. R. Bradshaw, C. V. Franklin, W. Murton, Roy Strong, B. - Bray, R. Furzer, R. Murton, L. " Stevens, F. V. Bridges, A. F. 'Gaskell, G. E. Marston, W. A. Strachan, H. W. Bryning, A. H. Goodman, J. G. Mackay, J. Schmidt, W. Bowman, A. Griffiths, A. Miller, F. Simpson, W. H. Boyd, C. Griffiths, S. G. Morns, G. G. Sinclair, C. H. Cannon, W. G. Heatley, C. O'Hara, W. E. Stott, S. J. Canobbio, V.C. Hallifax, J. Oliver, J. St. Clair, 0. Christian, F. Hanna, J. Olver, H. Starr, J. Coates, G. B. Harrison, A. Otzen, V. Swift, G. Coles, T. Hills, C. Perrottet, S. Tivey, S. . Collins, It. .- Hills, C. H. Perrottet. L.F. Toms, L. H. Collins, P. Heron, P. Pearmain, S. Wilsoi, R. V. Collins, B. A. Hoare F. Peniose, A. Worsnop, J. Commons, J. F. Hook, L. Pick, W. R. Worsnop, D. Cooper, J.. Hoy, C. Poison, A. J. Wren, J. Cordner, E. R. Hollow, S. G. Piper, G. F. Yager. Geo, Corben, H L. CRICKET. Owing to the war, and the urgent need for recruits, it was decided by the Victorian Cricket Association that playing for the usual Championship Pennant be discontinued. The ordinary pro gramme of matches was carried out; our First Eleven winning 6 matches, drawing 3, losing 3, showing excellent cricket. Your selectors availed themselves of the opportunity of trying a number of junior players, with good results. Players are to be congratulated on their individual performances throughout the season. The Second Eleven played in splendid form, and had the distinction of gaining first position. FIRST ELEVEN. Owing to the Essendon ground not being available, the opening match was played on our ground. Having lost the toss, our side had first use of wicket. Kiernan 109, Cody 62, gave us a splendid start - coMpiling over a century for opening partnership - the former batting splendidly, driving and pulling with precision. Bidstrup 51 (not not), Liddicut 49, also showed they had struck form early, and assisted, in bringing the total to 330 for 5 wickets. Innings closed, our bowlers could not follow up the example exhibited by the batsmen, disposing of 3 opponents only for 227. The match was drawn. Richmond were our next opponents. We registered 257, Cody 63, Bidstrup 52, McDonald 42, Webb 37, being chief performers. Cannon, once again, demonstrated his ability with the ball, securing 9 wickets for 59, Woodforde helping him in getting rid of four opponents behind the wickets. Our opponents could only muster 125, thus enabling us to register our first win. Our effort to secure a three point victory was staved off by time. At one stage of second innings we had 4 wickets for 2 runs. Keen interest was created in our match against Melbourne, premiers of last season, a great crowd witnessing the match each Saturday. McDonald, displacing Armstrong with his first delivery, soon had our opponents on the defensive. Practically only one batsman showed any form against his deliveries, the side being dismissed for a total of 22o. Kiernan 100, Cody 74, opened the innings, before being separated the board showed 172, both playing delightful cricket; Bidstrup 33, played soundly. Our opponents score was passed with only three wickets down. This win was the best achievement against Melbourne for many years. We suffered our first defeat at the hands of South Melbourne. Although we made a splendid start, we subsequently dropped catches, allowing' our opponents to reach the total of 251. Again Cannon proved his superiority with the ball, always being difficult to play. Bowling throughout the innings, he secured 9 wickets for 110 runs. Our batsmen failed, with the exception of Kiernan 63, put together in fine style, the side was dismissed for 136. We had no difficulty in securing a win against St. Kilda; Tait 104,   (being his first century for the Club), played an attractive innings. Cody 90 Webb 47 (not out), gave a glimpse of his old form; innings closed for 308. Our opponents could offer no resistance against McDonald, 7 for 61, and Cannon, 3 for 66, being disposed of for 127, time depriving us of a three-point victory.     In our match against Prahran, we could only muster. 155 (Cody 60, McDonald 22, Featherstone 20, not out), and in winning this match   great credit is due to the magnificent bowling of McDonald, 6 for 44. At one period of our opponents innings the score stood at 4 wickets for 70, but they were all out for 88 runs.    

Rain interfered with lur match with North' Melbourne, our side having scored 275 fo5 ~'wickets. Kiernan 75. Tait 65, Liddicut 59, g:ave excellent batting'displays; match drawn. We defeated University, the last wicket being obtained just on call. of time. Kiernan 85, Liddicut 65, both. confirming their form of the previous match, were chief performers in our total 268, against our opponents 221; McDonald, 6 for 82; securing the best bowling figures. We suffered our second defeat.against East Melbourne, who, batting on a perfect wicket, scored 2oo. Owing to rain slightly damag ing the wicket on the second day, we were disposed of far the small total of 64, but managed to stave off an outright defeat. Much credit is due to D. Moore, late of Bendigo, who secured 6 for 4r, keeping an excellent length. Against our old rivals, Collingwood, our batting failed us, the side scoring 4ri, .iddicut 47, Tait 46, being best performers. Col lingwood replied with 5 wickets for a6a. Keating was again a thorn in our side. This was our third defeat. The following match was plaiyed against our neighbours, Carlton. With a weak side we managed to total 2a2. .Liddicut, 'coring a cen-" tury, showed great .defence, his leg strokhes being excellent., Our opponents replied with7 for i93. "We were without the services of McDonald. Match drawn. The last, match of the season was against Northcote, whom we defeated. Webb 7r, Liddicut 69, gave the side an excellent start, the partnership realising 3r;. The remaining batsmen failed badly, the side being disposed" of for 188. . Northcote responded with r22. Cannon, Liddicut and McDonald shared the bowling honors.; SECOND ELEVEN. The Second Eleven, following on their success in gaining a position in the semi-final of last year, again demonstrated their ability on the field by securing this time the much-coveted distinction of being heralded as the Premier team for the season, although no Pennant was" attached to the achievement on account of the present war conditions; nevertheless, players of this team are to be congratulated on the credit able performance they achieved-played no matches, won 8, lost r, drawn r. One of the features of the team's success was the evenness of the batting department; when one batsman failed, others rose to the occasion. For this reason it would be difficult to single out the best performer, as each player deserves much credit in assisting to reach the top. htsp. I GRADE JUNIOR CRICKET. The F.F.C. team had a splendid season. In the first match, against Flemington, the team had to score 183 runs in go minutes, and Messrs. Freake, Parratt, McLennan and Moles rattled up the runs. In the next match, against the A.N.A., we won by 5 wickets. Preston made a draw, scoring 7 for 165, against our 220 runs. We lost to Brunswick City by 25 runs, and, in'a close game, we defeated Middle Park by t8 runs. Yarraville was defeated by 31 runs. Our second defeat was by Richmond City by 43 runs, and a similiar number separated us against S.M. Footballers, this time in our favor, P. Parratt scoring 92 in fine style. North Melbourne District were defeated by an innings and 60 runs, Messrs. Wawn, Parratt, Freake and McLennan batting splendidly. Gaining a position amongst the leading four, we were drawn against Preston, and, after an exciting game, won, owing to the fine bowling of H. Walton and F. Ryan. The final game was a magnificient contest, and proved the most exciting match that has taken place for Junior honors for many years. We commenced.with 'only a moderate score, against a fine performance of the S.M. Footballers. In the second innings, oir batsmen rose to the occasion, P. Parratt scoring i3o and J. Freake 87 runs, put up a splendid opening per formance. The South Melbourne won after a most exciting finish, the bowling of F. Ryan, to wickets for 21m, was much admired. STATE SCHOOL CHAMPIONS. Alfred Crescent State School-L. Gibaud. George Street State School-Alfred Gange. Gold Street State School-Eric Cock. Miller Street State School-Fred Eunson. Napier Street State School-Thomas Corrigan. Grammer School, North Fitzroy-Jack Sampson. BASEBALL. At the annual;,meeting of Baseball members, it was considered whether it would be advisable to put two teims into the field as usual, on account of so many members enlisting for Active Service. It was eventually decided to again enter two teams for "A" and "B" Grades. No difficulty has been experienced in keeping both teams afield. The Victorian Baseball Union decided that no Pennant would be awarded for competition, but arranged the usual round of home and home matches. Keen interest has been displayed amongst the players throughout, and the different clubs have fought just as eagerly to win as if a Pennant had been provided. The Club was very fortunate in being able to draw upon Juniors who had learned the game at. the local State Schools. Several of last year's "B" Team were promoted to the "A" Team, and they acquitted themselves so well that the team held a prominent position right through the season, and were at the head of the list until defeated by Melbourne in the final match. - The "B " Team was composed mostly of juniors, and they played so well, that they finished the season at the top of the list. Both teams have had an excellent season, and so many juniors taking'a prominent part in the game augurs well forthe future of the Club. The thanks of the members are due to Mr. F. Anderson, hon. secretary; and Mr. W. Cannon, scorer, for their services during the season. FINANCIAL. The financial position is gratifying. Your Committee cut out all new efforts, other than those performed by our staff, and husbanded the resources in every way. Members responded splendidly to the call for loyal support, and although our Secretary, Mr. Cody, has hard to face two years of war, he feels that he has had great encouragement from'members. The subscriptions amount to ;1,o022, as against ,200oo last year, which was the highest on record; your Committee fully realise the amount of persistent work entailed on the Secretary in securing this very gratifying result. As showing the favorable situation of our ground, we need only mention that, even in this year, a28 new members were proposed. The balance-sheet shows a credit in the General Account of £87 i7s. ,d. against a debit balance of L98 last year. The Stand Account has been allowed to remain as before, in debit iz2do, and the Bowling Pavilion Debenture Account is £572, no reduction having been made. The receipts from Football were, including Grand Stand, 599 15s., whilst last year ;, rtS 4s. id. were received, which was £1,too less than the previous year, so that in two years the receipts have failed very considerably. Your Committee voted Jr5s to assist the Football Club's Patriotic effort. The Open-air Concerts were splendidly patronised, altogether £3c6 were received, but £169, as shown by the balance-sheet, were for special Patriotic or Charitable efforts. For all these, lighting, and various work of the Staff, were given Iree, and a small debit balance resulted on the season. Billiards' receipts were well maintained, and, with the Canteen, show a net revenue of ; 171: The Stock Account is fully £4o better than at the commencement of the year. The 'year's financial transactions show the Club to be a225 better off, without taking into consideration the new Bowling Rinks, costing about £80. M ERRI PARK. The ground at Merri Park has been fully used during the year:; In the summer- the Tootballers' Cricktt team, Metropolitan League, Rovers, Rose of Fitzroy, St. George's Road Methodist, 'and State Schools' teams' play cricket there, whilst in winter various Northcote football teams and the State Schools' boys have the use of the ground. . The patriotic effort ol the V.C.A. proved .a great success. ' Your representatives, Messrs. Bussell' and E llis; aided in that deserving object. MIr. Ellis, who by virtue of his position as a memsber of the Executive, was on the Special Patriotic Committee, threw all his energy into the effort, and in particular much of the success of the '"Blackham Ball Fund" was due to him. In connection with the Auction Sale of RIelics,'your Committee secured a Silk Emblem of the first All England Eleven, and Mr..Ellis purclasaed rand presented to the Club the Test Match Records of the first team sent to England by the' Board of Control. NEW EFFORTS.' Your Committee have again to express their confidence in and appreciation of the services of Mr. L. A.Cody. The terrible war has made a considerable drain on eligible young men, who could be induced to join the Club, and in other directions he has had'to face exceptional conditions. However, the return of r,o22a from menmbers speaks vdlumes for his energy; and, by re-organising the general work, he has enabled th'e staff to carry out substantial improvements during the year. ' Your Committee ask all members foir their special supporit during the coming se.ason.:' We have'alarge field to work on, our ground is most conveniently situated, we have numerous attractions. to. offer--Cricket, Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Conceits, Football and other sports. If every member made an effort to induce one 'friend' to join he wouid be rendering 'great service-enable the'Club to maintain its present staffi: who arecall married men--add add to the improvements o thed glOuOd. ' ' '