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EXTRACTS FROM FITZROY CRICKET CLUB'S REPORT. ADJUNCT GROUND. The ground at Merri Park becomes of greater importance each year. In.addition to the Club teams playing thereon, viz., Metro politan Juniors, F.F.C. Juniors and Rovers, your Committee granted its use during the Cricket Season to. the Rose of Fitzroy, Northcote Juniors, Clifton Sociables, and the Miller Street School, and the Northcote District and Northcote Juniors played football on Saturdays, whilst St. Patrick's and the Miller Street Schools played and practised football during week days The water supply was laid on, and the showers, &c.; proved a great convenience. The Pavilion was re-painted and other improvements were effected. CHARITABLE EVENTS. The utility of the ground as a means of aiding Charities has been clearly demonstrated during the past year, its use having been often and varied, and the results highly gratifying, The Fitzroy Citizens' Band held a Massed Bands' Concert, and secured a much needed £41 se. The Unemployed and Belgian funds benefited to the extent of £65 from an entertainment given by the Theatrical employes. The sum of £15 was voted to the Belgian Fund. Members contributed £5 5s. to the Belgian Fund, and £7 Is. to the Melbourne Hospital. The Mayoress (Mrs. J. A. Boell) and a ladies' committee collected from members and patrons E50 for the IRed Cross anid Wounded Soldiers. The Club's donation to the Wounded Soldiers' Fund, inaugurated by the Victorian Football League, amounted to £18, and a collection for the same object resulted in £19. Meadames Win. Barr, W. and A. Cant, C. S. Lansdown and R. H. Woodford and Miss Cant giving great assistance on Saturday afternoons in securing the latter collection. In addition, your Committee anticipated your sanction to raffle a Life Membership (carrying all the privileges of Cricket, Bowling and Tennis enjoyed by the ordinary full member) for the Wounded Soldiers' Fund; Vice-President H. B. Scotney, Esq., generously presented a block of land, 8o ft. x 12b ft., at Laverton, as an additional prize, and by .the enthusiastic efforts of all members it is hoped to secure at least £250 from this Art Union. A Carnival was held on Saturday, Aug. 2eth, for the Unemployed Fund, and the receipts amounted to £E4. The net proceeds from the Annual Soccer match was devoted to the fund for Wounded Soldiers, which bencficted by £17/13/1. RECKUIlING WEEK. The State Parliament inaugurated a week's Rally for Voluntary Recruits for the Australian ExpeditionarysForces. Your Committee joined in the local movement, under the guidance of the Fitzroy Council. Two meetings were held on the Ground, and the combined effort in Victoria was eminently successful, over 2o,UOU men responding to the call within a fortnight, aid the gratifying iesponse continued thereafter. The following are amongst the number, and are MEMBERS OF THE FITZROY CRICKET CLUB. Allen, J. Dedman, C. King, G. Roberts, E. F. Ashman, H. Doney, A. Lewis, L. 'Rosa, O. Banks, G. W. L. Dowell, C. Lumsdcn, A. Rochiort, L. Barker, L. Dunstan, H. P. Macrow, V. Scott, I. N. Barker, S. Farr, R. E. Martin, 0. S. Shoebridge,A. W. Bell, 0. Francis, A. Marks, M. L. Snadden, R. S. Bell, F. Francis, E. J. Milne, R. Sorrell, T. Bennett, G. Franklin, W. Mullen, H. Strong, B. Bishop, H. Gaskell, G. E. Murray, R. L. Stevens, F. V. Bishop, V. Goodman, J. G. Murton, Roy. Strachan, H. W. Bryning, A. H. Heatley, C. Murton, L. Tivey, S. K. Bowman, A. Hallifax, J. O'Hara, IV. E4 Toms. L H. Boyd, C. Hanna, J. Oliver, J. - Wilson, K. V. Coates, G. B. Harrison, A. Perrottet, S. Worsnop, J. Collins, H. Hills, C. Pearmaan, S. . Wiei, J. I Cordner, E. R. Heron, P. Rice, H. Yager, Ueo. Corben, H. L Jones, A. IMPROVEMENTS. Your Committee during the year have expended a large sum of money in improvements and general repairs. It was found expedient to move the stairways from the front of the Football Stand to the side. This has given freer, access, and also allowed for the erection of timber stands, which have given an uninterrupted view of the ground. These stands have been fully occupied during the football matches. Fences and gates were elected for the convenience of the visiting football teams, and the dividing fence between the outer ground and members' reserve was taken down and re-erected in a new position. An iron roof was constructed over the ticket entrances at freeman Street,. giving protection from the weather to ticket gatekeepers. Additional subsoil drains have beew placed on the Urickec Ground, and particular attention will be paid to grading during top-dressing. The banks around the playing arena have been graded and coated with ashes, and the approaches to the bootball btand have been asphalted. A start has been made to complete the northern bowling green; a large amount of soil has been deposited on the site, and the work will be gone on with as time and funds permit. New windows were fitted in the Football Gymnasium, gi in g additional light and s entilation. The rooms were also painted internilly. The lennis Pavilion was also renovated and painted, and cupboards for the use of ladies pro viding afternoon tea were installed in the lennia room and Members' btand. The dressing rooms of the Tennis members have been painted and renovated. sew lockers were provided for the use of bowling members, and the Telephone has also been connected to the Pavilion. A new Concert btage was erected on wheels, and may be moved to position as required. '1his structure has been much appreciated by the performers, and has added to the amusement of the members. FINANCIAL. The financial position of the Club is undoubtedly a matter for congratulaton; Members' subscriptions increased on the previous highest record ot ; ,, ito to t,20oo; considering the adverse times, we think this very cieditable. Although no alteration has been made in the Stand overdraft, which has been allowed to remain at .o200, in various other directions reductions have been made, including 44o0 for Sewerage and ,15 for Debentures, and these taken into consideration with the improvements totalling 435o, represent a substantial amount for the year. The gross receipts iomn Football were, on nearly every giound, much less than last year, and with us dropped no less than ., ,, oo. The receipts from Open-air Concerts were well maintained, £,a83 being received, which was a few pounds more than the ex penditure. As these concerts are a splendit means of securing nmembers, the result must be regarded as sauisactory- T'le net revenue from the Canteen and Billiards is about equal to last year, A 339. The general account shows a debit balance of _. loo. In view ot* the un settled state of aflairs and the absence of so many of our young men serving the nation in the front of battle, the incoming Committee will, no doubt, curtail expenditure on new works as much as possible. GENERAL. To those ladies who so materially assist to promote the social side of cricket by attending to the alternoon tea for the teams and friends, we again extend our heartiest . thanks. Their efforts are very warmly appreciated by our visitors and our own players. The Conmmitec, inl common with all einuloers, warmly congratulate the Alfred Crescent State School Boys on again securing the' Premier ship. PRIZE-WINNERS, 1914/15.     First Eleven-Batting. .. ... Mr. C. Kiernan. Presented bty Vice-president Twentyman. First Eleven-Bowling M ... Mr. W. H. Cannon. Presented by President Wm. Barr. First Eleven (Special) ... ... ... Mr. A. E. Liddicut. Presented by Vice-President W. H. Banks. First Eleven (Special) ... ... ... . :... Mr. E. Tait. Presented by Mr. L. A. Cody. Second Eleven-Batting ... ... ... Mr. A. Tarrant. Presented by Vice-president :M. J. F. O'Heare. Second Eleven-Bowling ... ... ...Mr. A. Tarrant. " Presented by' Mr. Mat Ellis. Second Eleven. (Special)- .... ... . .... ..Mr. A. Cant. Presented by Mr. Ormsby, senr. Second 'Eleven (Special); ... ... Mr. W. A. Schmidt: Presented by Mr. S. C. Lanedown. : Iretropoditan League-Batting .. ... Mr. A. Bartlett. Presented by Mr. W. Park. ..Metropolitan League-Bowling ... ... .' Mr. E. J. Francis. . Presented by Vioe-Preisident' H. B. Scotney. Meotropolitan League (Special) -. ... ' Mr. H. Phillips. :Presented by sI. B. Sibtihorpe. SRovers Eleven-Batting ... ... .. Mr. A. Woods. Presented by iMr. A W. Fepgie Rovers Eleven-Bowling ... ' . ' -: 'Mr. H. Walton. . .Presented by ir. C. W. Scheele. SRovers'- Eleven ('Highest Individual Score) : r.-A. Piper. . Presented by Mr. .T: ;S.' Rowe. Rovers' Even.--Most Catches .. .... Mr. A. Grifliths. S Prsenited by Mr. J. F; Smith. S-.-Bats for compiling. Century Scores.. will bepresented. to-Mes--: r'es.Cody, Kleriai, Lftddicut, and Bldstrup;.'.;l:'-;.,-:-: ' -

Prinued and published by. Rm. Barr, at. the Ofoe, 105-107 Bnrnswick-street, Fitzroy.