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FITZROY FOOTBALL CLUB. The Annual Meeting of the local football club took place on Monday last, at the Town Hall, which was crowded with ten or twelve hundred members and supporters, whilst numbers could not gain admittane, Thr fon. R W. Best, president, and one of the newly-elected senators for Australia, occu pied the chair. The minutes of the last annual meeting were read by Secretary Mickey, and the Cammittee's report and balance-sheet taken as read. In moving the adoption of the report Mr. Beat referred in flattering terms to tlte spleedid performance of thc team doering th Iant few -nnascca<4n nha.§fleaacnoeore mvacen..' pl.yed Fieioy secured gent place, and were lust beaten on the post for major premiers by the Mel bourne. The season had been a moat enjoy able one, and included a trip to Tasmania, where three motches were played and won by the team. The social element was in troduced amongst the committee and players by omoke nighto, tbcatrc poetie, &c., and these functina created a feeling of good fellowship nucontt players. The palm of champion had acain been accorded to a Fite ray player, and for the second time Alick Grace had been selected. (Applause.) They all heartily concurred in that verdict, and tranted that the coming season would see the club in the same prosperous condition. Mr. John McMahon in seconding the motion referred to the splendid play ehown on all occasions by the team, the gentle manly conduct of players on and off the field, and the magniincontl belnee-sheet ,shown at thneed af the ascon. He briefly drew attention to the system in force of de aiding the premiership, and considered it shouldbe alteeed so that the team winning the greatest number of matches should win the coveted distinction. The following omicer-bearers were elected without opposition:-The Mayor of Fitzroy, Cr. S. Gillot, 2LL.A., Mayor of Melbeurne; Cr. Ml. Gross, Dre. Maortn, Horne, Ryan, MlcInerney, and Mesers. McMahon and S. Holden; president, the Hon. R. WV. Best; vice-presidents, Mesars. Madden, WV. H. Fatterson, J.P., and T. Banks; cpemittee (players), Messrs. Dalton, Grace, Drohan, Potter, Moriarty-(non-players), Mesora. Andrew, Delsarte, Descrimes and Sloan; treasurer, MIr. Park; auditors, Messrs. Blair and Biddle; secretary, Mr. Hickey. A splendid programme was then provided and thoroughly enjoyed by the large audi ence. A collection in aid of the Melbourneo Hospital wan tahen op. The balance-sheet shows that the club's income for the season was the truly mag nificent one of £074, which includes a balance of £63 brought forward from last season. Matches on the Fitzroy Cricket Ground produced £217, and those played on other ground £143;: the membership fees totalled £22S, less £77 paid for grand-stand fees. The club's share of the fineal round of matches was £101, and £100 was obtained from Tasmanian guarantee. The expendi tore for the six months reached £001. The targest amounts were-Toemanian trip, £274; travelling, cab hire, Llm-this seems alargea sanm for cabs,- butwe are given to under stand the amount Iclodea the sums allowed to players in journeying to and from practice); trainingexpenses, £72; improvc. mentsato dressing roem, £55; onifurms, £50; material, £28; League charges, £10; insurances, £47; printing, £26; refresh ments, £32; theatre parties, £27; prizes, kc., £17; and general, £21. To necure nearly £1,000 in sin mouths shown that the club etill maintains ito good position, and that the indocemetnt given to the public is su aficient to mako them appreciate the game. The expenditure of this large anom of money necessarily requires close supervision, nod Mr. Best spoke in eulugistic teems of the committee, treasurer, and secretary, who had worked assiduously in the club's interest. We notice by the report that the whole of the mtembers' eubseciptiuns will in future go into the celocrs of the Foothall C.ub, that portion which has in the past been levied by the comtmittee of manneaement of the ground and eaxpnddi eu improcements oeing re mitted. ; Another dremnd by the Fonthell Pommittee, however, was refuPred, viz, ' that 2itocmber (tloe players and cam micteel he moetn financial membero of the Cricket Club." The players are at present made. complimentary menmbers, and are each 10.0 tao Inliaer' ceuson ticheto. They have oll the pritil-cr of c ce-ie-ry cookber,, bnt the dt-ci was evidentcy to also obtain a bote at the general meetings of the Cricket Club mtmberr;