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FIRST HALF-YEARLY REPORT OF THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF FITZ ROY, FROM 30TH SEPTEMBER, 858, TO 3tsT MARCH, 1859. On the 9th of September, r858, Ils Excel lency the Governor proclaimed that postion of Colliungwvod formerly known as FitzroyWVard a separate municipalhty, under the title of the Municipal District of Fitzroy." On the a8th September following, a public meeting of the ratepayers was held, in accord ante with the Municipal Act, in Mr Temple ton's schoolroom, George street. Dr. Em bling, M.L.A., presided, and Messrs. Vasey and Prince were elected to act as assessors. It was then decided that the Municipal Council should consist of seven members, and that they shold receive no remuneration. Immedi ately afterwards the following candidates were nominated :-Messrs. Hugh Peck, Benjamin Bell, Edwin Harris, Charles Lister, A. T. Best, G.'H. Williams,G. Hyde. II. P. Fergie, Edward Langton. George Wallder, Thomas Hargreave, R. T. Clarke, R. \Vallace, Edwin J. Bennett, George Symons, J. T. McMinn, H. Templeton,'s.3]. lulreaay. Henry Groom and Thomas Rae. The polling took place on the following day, Dr. Embling presiding. The following were the number of votes re corded for the stccessful candidates :-Thos. Rae, got ; Geoirge Symoss. 789; E. Langton,. n685 .HenyyGroom, 64o Be .1nj tell, 5fi9; Edin Bennett, 56 ; and Thios: ;argreave 56.. On the 30th September. the. ehafrman of the election declared the abovenamed gen. tlemen duly elected as isembers of the Fitzroy Municipal Council. On the same day the Council held its first meeting at the Exchange Hotel. in Gertrude street, on which occasion Cr. George Symons was unanimously elected chairman. Since that date the Council have held thirty-four meetings, at which the attendance of the Councillors has been as follows: Attrnded. reetings. Cr. Geo. Symons. ... 2i out of 25. Cr. Thomas Rae ... 27 , 34 Cr. Edward Langton.. 29 ,, 34 Cr. Henry Groom ... 32 ,, 34 Cr. Benjamin Bell .. 32 , 34 Cr. Edwin J. Bennett... 34 , 34 Cr. Thos. Hargreave... 34 ,, 34 Cr. G. H" Williams ... 4 ,, 4 The Chaiirman Cr. Symons) resigned office on o6th January.'and on the 28th Cr. Edwin James Bennett was elected Chairman for the reminder of the municipal year. On the 2nd of March last, George llenry Williams was elected to fill the place of Cr. Symons, resigned. The Public Works and Lighting Committee (Cr. Groom, chairman, Crs. Bernett and Bell) have held aS mtetings during the past half-year. The Finance Committee (Cr. Langton, chairman, Crs Rae and Hargreave) have held 22 metings during the same period The Health and Legislative Committee (Cr. Rae, chairman, Cis. Langt n and IHargreave) have held 16 meetings ; and the ?larkets and Licensing Committee (Cr. Bell, chairman, Crs. Langton and Htargeave) have held t6 msettrgs also. The Free Public Library Cmmit'ee (ICr. Rae, chairman, Crs. Langton and Hargceav ), hab e held four meet ings since its aoi:mt nt on tst Decemle, last. The commsttee for the ineui.y into the propiety of estallishing municipal gasc.mka held one meeting. and adjourned sine die. The Benevolent Committee (Cr. Hargreave, rhairman, Crs. Brnnett and Bell), appointed on 23rd February last, for the purpose of re lieving pressing cases of poverty, have held

.two meetings. On- the oth- March, a com mittee, consisting of the chairman, and. Crs. Lanton, . Hargreav?e, and Williams, were appointed to, enqulie into, Rand report to the Counil,' ponpus the present coindtion of the local Fire Brigade, and also as to the best means for etingushing fires. PUBLIC WORKS. O :. The Government grant in aid of £3,ooo, being the share due to this Muoniipality from the vote of £25,oo granted by the Legislature in aid of repairing the streets..of Melbourne, was appropriated in metalling Brunswick street, Gertrude-street, and a portian of Vic. toria-parade, and in the construction of several cunbe crossings at the intersection of those streets. The following works have been repaired and constructed during the last half-year under contracts : Branswick-street, metalled and . repaired, 8ochains ... "£;. 644 4 3 Gertrndestreet, metalled and - ; repaired, 46chains ... 455 2 0 King Villiam-street, formed and metalled, t9 chains... .... 431 to 2 Prinoess-street, metalled and blinded, rochins .. .. 43 05 o Cecil street, formed and metalled, . 5 chains ... 7318 0 Westgart-street, formed and : - metalled,.5 chainc .. .d. -. 98 oo: Argyle-street,' foemed +aodme-. . tailed, 94 chains . .... 174 017 O George-street. formed and me taIled, 03 chains ... 220o x o Victoria-parade, metalled and reIpired, 4chains ...... 177 7 o Smith-street, formed and me tailed, 42 chains ... 1,821 O 0 Leicester street, formed and me talled, 5 chains . ... 62 a Rose-street, repaired, 24 chains 254 15. o Rubble supplied by contract, 4,o000 yards . ... 1,033 6 0 Metal supplied by contract,. 66o yards ... .348 8 9 PUBLI WORKS IN COURSE OF CONSfRUCTION. Cube crossings, estimated number, 50o. Vnebb street--erbing, pitching and paving portion in frant of Municipal Chamber to corner of Napierstreet. Circular kerbing-corners of streets where cube crossings have been laid. Circular kerbing-entrance to Market from King \Villiam street. Market sheds, and kerbing and channelling to Market, £880. Weighbridge, £618 Is. 4d. Fire plugs-pitching round them for se curity. MCHIIINEY. Iron roller, with frame, 35 cwt., "£92. The following public works have been con structed by day labor. STREETS FORME.D AND METALLED. Fitzroy street, James street, Ferris street, Palmer street, Fleet street, Little Fleet.ftreet, Little Hanover street, Charles street, David street, Young street, Moore street, Spring street, Marion street, Greeves street, Little George street, Webb street, Princess street, John street, -Bell street (part street metalled), Rose street. STREETS REPAIRED.. Gertrude street, Brunswick street, Young street, Moore street, Greevms street, Nichol son street. The water channels within the district have been repeatedly cleaned, and about 414 chains newly cat and formed. nEY-LAWS The following bye-laws have been framed by the Council, and have received the appro val of His Excellency the Governor-inCouCo ell Bye-law No. t.-For regulating the pro ceedings of the MIunicipat Council. Bye-law No. 2.-For empowering the chair. man to take elections by ballot, for supplying vacancies in the Municipal Council. Bye isw No 3.-For regulating building operations within the municipality. Bye-law No. 4.-For levying a rate of One Shilling and Sixpence in the Pound for the ,crrent municipal year. tye law No. 5.-For preventing damages to footpaths and water channels, and for regulat-. ing the foundation of private and common crossings. SBye-law No. 6 -For appointing stands for public carriers, carters, water drawers, and public vehicles. SThe rateable property within the Munici pality is valued at £144.508, which, at one shilling and sixpence in the pound, will yield a revenue of £o,838 s. - GOVERNMENT GRANTS. The Council have already received £r,ooo from the sum voted in aid of lMunicipalities formed during the year 1858; also the sum of £3,ooo, being the sum due to this district from the £25,000 voted by Parliament for the maintenance of the streets of Melbourne, which, together with the first instalment of £4,500 named on account of the grant in aid for the current year, makes a total of £8,5oo already received by this Municipality. The proportion of rate collected up to 3tst March amounts to £5,400 ls. 6d. DEPUTA?TIONS. The Chairman (Cr. Symons), attended by the Town Clerk, presented a memoril to His Excellency on the 26th November lait, pray ing that the southern boundary of this Munici pality be not altered. - The Chairman and Cr. Langton represented this Council at the tonicitpal Conference. The object of the meeting was to endeavoul td obtain redress from the Legistlatur- with respect to the monopoly of carriage. licenses possessed by the city of Melbourne. Several deputations have waited on the Attorney-General to cndeavour to obtain a conveyance of the rights and privilegesof the Fitzroy Ward Improvement Act from the City Corporation to the Municipal Council. On one of those occasions the Attorney-General stated that it was his intention to bring a bill before the last Parliament to obtain that object, hut the Council regret to say that be has not done so. SDeputations from this Council have also waited on the President of the Board of Lands and Works respecting Reilly-street drain, and it is nowe probable the work wiltl he proceeded with forthwith, according to plans that have received the approval of the Joint Councils of East Collingwood and Fitzroy. A deputation recently waited at the above office, and received a favorable reply to an application for a site for public baths, and for other purposes of recreation. _ The locality indicated as a suitable spot was that triangular portion of land lying between the Heidelberg road and Smith and Reilly streets. A numerously sigihed petition has been for warded to His Excellency, praying for the ex tension of the northern boundary of the Muni cipality, so as to embrace the above-described locality. SOn the 22nd December tast, the slunicipal Council, as local board of health, appointed R. T.Tracy, Esq., M.D., health officer for this district. A favourable report of the sanatory condition of ths district, prepared by Dr. Tracy, together with the certificate re quired by the Health Act, has been trans mitted to the Central Board of Itteah. After repeated applications, the Attorney General yappointed a temporary clerk of petty sessions for this district the Court, which had been proclaimeed on 3oth November last, was then opened on the 4th loarch following. S The Sewerage snd Water CoM misionhave extenddv their moins throughout the whole distnrictandat the ionstance of the Council, l idtoan?n e hundred a fitly fire pilugs, in addition to the hunde pred evously laid down by the Corporation of lelbourne. The lournlbae Gas Company have laid Smains down Nicholson streets to Johnston st, and haveagreed ut lay down mains throughnut i the ectire length of Irounssic street, with at v iw of ultimately carrying hranch mains tot the cross street, north of Johnston street ; the Council therefore intend shortly to call fn, tenders for suppl)ing lamp posts, with a vie: of better lighting tsie present unlighted pot. lions of the .luntidpatlty. The Council have voted an annual grant ou £'50 towards the funds of the Fire Brigade. d TheConecil haveno-opcrated with thato East Colliogwocd to prevent the placing a StolU on Johnston s ect bridge, and though no.

successful in, their immediate object, have, however, good reason to. believe that upon their representations the rates imposed will not exceed 3d: for each dray laden with po-. dnce and firewood. - " Thejoint committees of the two Councils save had several interviews- with the council of the Mechanics' Institute respecting the establishment of a Free Public Library. Statement of receipts and expenditure of the Municipal Council of Fitroy for the half yesr ending 31st March, 1859: RECEIPIS. Grants in aid, from fund apj o. piiated for Municipaltiest formed i88 .. £ ?,ooo o n Ditto, ditto, first instalment on account of grant in aid for current ycar ...... . 4,500 0 0 Ditto, ditto, share due to the. late Fitzroy Ward from vote of £25,oo toCityofelbourne 3,00ooo o0 0o From East Colliugwood Coun. - cil, being its proportion of expenses for cutting down Smith-street :.. . 637 .o 0 Public works, being proportion of expenses privately con tributed toward constructing bye streets, &c. ... ... 62 o o Rates collected for first half-year 5,40o 17 6 514,632 3 5 .. EXPENDITUR.. Payments for public work- Contracts . . ... 6,4n 18 so 'Do. do. day labor ... 2,o12 0 7 Do. do. tools, &c.... - 1 3 9 Salaries... .. . 509 13 Interest, Gabrielli loan ... oo0 Election expenses 45 11 3 ncidental do. 32 8 9 Gasaecount-streetlamps, Tn. 48 3 4 Petty cash, as per petty charges 39 4 Books and stationery ... ... 3 0 2 Printing and advertising " ... 98 o Furniture.. . . - 325 8 sr Cash in town clerk's hands .. 418 8 Cash in Englith, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank... 4,308 6 to £?4,632 3 5 -Audited and found correct. THOMAS VASEY, Auditors. HENRY P. FERGIE, EDWIN BENNET, Chairman. -WM.J. GILCHRIST, Town Clerk.