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SPORTING NOTES. FOOTBALL. Frtzao? v. COLLI.r WOOD. - The local football team played its final premiership match on Saturday against Collingwood, at Victoria Park, in the pre .ence of about 8000 spectators. The play fully justified the high opinion held by their supporters throughout the season, and the brilliant victories they have gained over Melbourne, South Melbourne, and Colliogwood in euccession, stamp the Fitzroy as being absolutely the best team of the year. Fitzroy started badly, losing three matches through the players being engaged in cricket, ana in this par ticulanr, Juniors ahboul follos' the rule of senior clubs, and have a fixed date for commencing. and ending the season. uo .ionbtFitzroFy lost the Football'"remiershlp' through this causne. On Saturday the game veas an exciting one; the smallness of the meound and its roughness prevented the Fitzroy from displaying that brilliancy which eharacterised the play against South. The play was closer-more of the ruock and ncrimmaging style, and not nearly such a good game from an onlooker's point of view. Fitzroy's strongest point was along the eentre line, where all three players Nomens, G. Moriarty, and Dalton pro'ed too strong for their opponents, in fact Moriarty was in splendid form, quite equal to any of his most brilliant performances. Cleary was certainly the pick of the forty, his marking, kicking, and general play being, magaificent, and rarely has any player done such an amount of real hard work. Sloan was particularly good in the rock, and during the first quarter M[eSpeerin was in great nick ; unfortunately he then met with an accident, and during the remaining three-quarters was practically not playing. MIiek Grace was another great loss, although he did good work in giving little marks for ward, buhit is a big drop from the player of the forty to one of the weakest, and owing to the severe wrench he received in the leg against South, Grace was unfortunately in that position. The win, therefore, reflects great credit on the Fitzroy players, who battled so gamely under these adverse cir cumstances. Banks. M'Michael and Hickey as usual were very much in evidence, but the roughness of the ground 'spoiled i great deal of their play and caused them to adopt ?ew tactica. Reid played a splendid game, and Reynolds did his work well when ho had an opportunity. Jim Grace kicked two fine coals, and should have netted a third but for over.eagerness. Kiernan was the best of the forwards and was also seen to advantage when on the ball. Noonan bagged a nice goal, and just at the stage when it was urgently needed. Rapipott showed good form in the rack during the second half and appears to be improving with age. The result was in doubt right up to the bell ringing, Fitzroy successfully repnlsing one or two attacks made by Colligrwoed dnring the last few minutes. The victory of Fitzs roy over both South and Collingwood who are now level for the premiership was im meesely popular with the.local supportere. The final scores were : FITZOY?or zo . 4 goals, 4 behinds. K CoLNouwoo z.:. S-3' w;i,-! 8- "'-S-&-.