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SPORTING NOTES     FOOTBALL,     Fitzroy v. Richmond   The Richmond ground was only moderately attended on Saturday last, probably as many gaining a view from the hill over looking the ground as within the enclosure. The game was, up till half-time, a very fair one, but after the interval, with but the ex- ception of a few minutes, it degenerated into a series of scrimmages, scragging tussles, in which blows were frequently exchanged, and in several instances the fighting element was rampant when the ball and the play were yards away. This sort of thing cannot go on. Umpires should put down the element of fighting with a strong hand. If two or three players were disqualified there would be fewer of the exhibitions which are occur ing in nearly every match now played. The play: Fitzroy kicked up the hill to the north goal. Sloan secured from the bounce, and then Digby (Richmond) booted the ball away, and Sloan was awarded a free kick under the recording angels. Digby to Sloan, and then Melling secured a mark from the scrimmage, and the first behind. Digby and Cornigo were prominent in a forward move ment on Richmond's part, Reid came in with a fine mark but kicked rather hurriedly, and from the scrimmage which ensued Hickey had to put his best foot forward in getting the ball to the centre. Bain to Elder re turned and Hickey marked, Cauley missed, and Taylor received a free kick. McMichael to Kerrigan to the centre, when Backhouse marked in fine style, be played to Parker (line obscured) marked to Howard, a behind being the out come of a nice kick. Kelly and Melling centered, only to see the ball returned by   Digby and Taylor to the vicinity of the Fitzroy goal. Parker was awarded a free lick, and Reynolds temporarily saved the goal, Alsop then marked and his kick raised   the two flags. Cornigo played well, and Jenkins marked splendidly, Sloan kicked to the centre wing, and Shore booted back, Melling, Kerrigan, Sloan and Kelly worked the ball up to the Richmond's half-back line where Sinclair marked, he centered, and Kerrigan returned to Davis, then Backhouse received a free hick, a rapid passage between Freeman and Howard being followed with a behind. Musgrove, Kelly and Whelan worked the ball right up to goal, and from out of bounds M'Speerin smartly marked to Kerrigan, who passed to Lamley, and one lag. Callaghan showed good play then Elder was conspicuous, Mc'Michael, Melling and Sloan worked from the centre to the east wing where Sumpter secured, and a long low kick was well marked by Grace, who, booted first goal. Taylor, Williams and Howard caused the sphere to hover round the Fitzroy goal, Red eomeo in with a beautiful mark, and a fine long kick was well marked by Backhouse. Elder and Bain forwarded,and Cawley relieved the pressure, Howard badly messing up a splendid oppor tunity; however, it did not matter much as one of the Fitzroy was kind enough to give Taylor a mark, and he was considerate in only kicking a behind. This was quickly followed by another by Price. Fitzroy then made a rally, Jenkins marked beautifully right back, Melling and Callaghan took up the running, and Lamley failed badly - in attempting a mark. Sumpter retrieved the error, and gave Lamley a little mark, a behind being scored. Quarter time Fitzroy ... - ..1 goal 4 behinds Richmond ... 1 goal 5 behinds Jenkins and M'Speerin played well at the start, then Backhouse gained great applause for a splendid mark, and from his kick, Reid also brought the house down. Melling, Banks and M'Michael handled the ball, Sparrow returned, and Freame marked splendidly but was only equal to a behind. Callaghan, Kerrigan and Sloan played to the centre, when Banks secured a good mark, M'Michael was too much for his opponent, and then Kelly marked smartly to Sumpter. Kerrigan marked-well but kicked badly. Melling played well, and Jenkins was very smart in passing a little mark to Kerrigan. Digby defended, and Musgrove and Whelan returned the ball, Grace marked beautifully, and another goal was signalled. After a few minutes play, in which Mnsgrove and M'Speerin were prominent, Grace again marked from Mel ling and the third goal was scored. A quick rally by the home team resulted is Alsop getting another opportunity, and a good goal followed. Richmond again pressed for ward, Weir and Reid centred, and M'Speerin to M'Michael to Grace gave Fitzroy their fourth goal. Reid again marked splendidly, Kelly and D. Moriarty put in some good play, then Richmond worked the ball for ward, Price having a shot but failed, and at half-time the scores were Fitzroy .. .- 4 goals 4 behinds Richmond ... 2 goals 6 behinds Fitzroy were very quick after the interval, Kelly received a little mark, he kicked right up the centre, and M'Speerin smartly marked to Grace, who scored his fifth goal, amidst great applause. The kick was a good one, the ball just squeezing through. Rich mond made a rapid rally, Weir relieved a couple of fine marks by Shore and Price, returned the ball to the Fitzroy goal, and Howard marked. D. Moriarty did a fine run across goal, Musgrove followed up the advantage, then Sparrow marked to Price, McMichael played well and Fitzroy forwards instead of shepherding all went for the ball -result goal relieved and a couple of free kinks placed the Fitzroy goal in danger, a behind being the outcome of a free-kick right in front. D. Moriarty marked splendidly, but Richmond were pressing the visitors and scored another behind. Hickey played well. A series of ecrimmages on the east wing followed, and the result of good play on Parkers part was a goal. Fitzroy made a quick rally, a fine run by D. Moriarty across the centre to the pavilion, then Musgrove and Whelan got the ball forward, where Cawley marked to Whelan and the sixth goal was notched. Some good play was shown by Reid and Reynolds in defence, and at three-quarter time the scores were : Fitzroy ... ... 6 goals 4 behinds Richmond .. 3 goals 10 behinds   During the first few minutes of the last quarter Fitzroy simply walked over the hoome team. The game was ball bounced, forwarded by McMichael and Melling, and a goal. The seventh was scored thusly McMichael to Whelan, a sixty yard kick was knocked out of bounds, and Melling marked to D. Moriarty, who put up a fine goal. Ball bounced, Cawley to McMichael, a fine boot sent the ball in front, and a snap shot by Sumpter again raised the two pieces of bunting. 9th goal- McMichael secured on the bounce, a running kick was taken by Grace and passed to Whelan, who kicked poorly, then Lamley marked to Cawley and a goal. Within a minute Lamley had another shot, the ball piecing through the hands of McMichael, Melling and Whelan. Richmond then made an effort to pull them selves together, and a fine mark by Back house caused the ball to travel out near the Fitzroy behind post, and a free kick to the home team gave another behind. Melling and Moriarty played well, then Hickey centered and Jenkins passed to Grace, ball returned and Whelan was awarded a free-kick, he kicked in front of goal, and Jenkins by splendid p!ay gave Sumpter a mark, and the 10th goal resulted. Fiteroy continued to press the home team,   who rarely got the ball past half-way. McMichael scored a behind frqm a shot which proved the final score. The result was a decided win for Fitzroy. Scores: Fitzroy ... ...10 goals 7 behinds Richmond .. 3 goals 10 behinda Fitzroy play Williamstown to-morrow at Williamstow Fitzroy: Banks. Callaghan, Cawley. Cleary   Grace.Hinkey. Jeekins, Kerrigan, L.mlcy, Lockington, IMurove, Mellivg McSpeerie, Matthewre, Bueckley WV., McMiehael; Reid, Reynolds, Sumpter, Sln, Whnlasn, V Wir, and ahemrn. . bsecd Wilsamntonin team will be selccted:;frin i ?:. .. . • '? , f ~,.,, '?

the following :--Brwnfleid, Clarike. Condon, Dyson, Evans, Fribbe. Fanning, Grimden, Griffen, Gibbs/,Hall, Hawkestone, James, Kenny, McCallum, R .McCubbin, G. cCubboi, Rielly; Rigg, Sbgnant, Sheehan, Shanahan, Thompson, W. Warren and. P. Warren. Mission Ramblers v. Ponbooke, at Albert Park. The following is the Itambler's team :--Blane, Banbury, Broobman, Candy, Davidson, Gough, Hart, Hoolpei,M Hiirmes, Johnston, Lock, Layfield, .Mrrte,.'Price, Potts, Ridd, Stack, Robeetahn, Eyan, Marshall, O'Brien, Small and Wriglit. Meet at the gymnasium at 1.45 ebirp: -