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NOTES AT THE COUNCIL MEETING. THE Council was over at 4.30 p.m., and might have been earlier still A Short only that the discussion of ,leeting. ultra-Council business accoun ted for half-an-hour. There was no money to spend, and therefore little business to be done. Councillors are not purse-proud nowadays. THE president made an unfortunate com mencement of his term in A Bad dragging in a newspaper let Precedent ter to the Council table. Did we say "dragging" in? Well, that was not so. It was the youthful Court cillor Morgan, who innocently asked "if the President had authorised work, etc., as suggested in a letter to the Press " The President replied that "he was glad the question had teen askel because it gave him an opportunity. etc., etc.." then he went on to say that' he hoped the editor of the "Advertiser" would as freely print his answer, as it had "'Ratepayer's" letter." Surely, Cr. Chanter has no doubt upon this point ? The letter appeared on the 4th Octo ber, and there have been two issues since then,and also three issues of another paper. If Cr. Chanter had any doubt as to the fair spirit of one editor, he had another to fall back upon. so that there was no excucse for diverting the time of the Council to a pur pose for which it is not intended. The mat ter in question is an small one, and simply gains importance by being the initiat'on of a bad precedent. In the future how can the President hope to convince members that letters in a newspaper are not Council business, or how can he hope to uphold the dignity of the Council after setting such an example? But perhaps we ought to put the blame on Cr. Morgan's innocent little query, at the explanation to which he expressed himself as much relieved. Shall we, Mr President AS FAR as newspaper criticism of the Council is concerned, any Newspaper careful reader of the local Criticism. press will have observed that during the past two or three years such has been conspicuously absent. This may make it pleasanter for pressmen; wvhetherratepayers find their interests have beenas well.onserved in the meantime may be another question. THE collection of arrears of sanitary rates may be regarded by land lords Back as an insanitary move on the Rates. partof the Council, but they will find "that the law allows it and the court awards it." Tenants may come and go, leaving, as Kipling says, "a lot of little things behind them,"but their neglect comes home to roost in the landlord's purse. He must pay up and smile as best be may. THE Euroa Branch A.N.A. asked for re pairs to the bathing reserve in the park so that proprieties       may be observed. The town   members are loth to move, as they feel the bathing reserve is in the wrong place. One Councillor suggested the en forcement of a proper costume, from neck to knee, but did not go us far as the Bondi mayor (N.S.W.), in advocating a short skirt in addition. IT is pleasant to see a public body such as the A.N.A.with ideas of its own Sunday and the courage to take public Training. action when necessary. This body requested the Council to stop the practice of training for cycle races on Sunday at the Euroa Cricket Oval,which is alleged to take place all day long. The Council decided to bring the matter under the direct notice of the police. THE financial position is such asto cause serious anxiety. During the Sowing past year three of the ridings the entered eon a campaign of ex Wind penditure which could only have one ending. The following ofli cial figures are eloquent: Year ended 30th Sept. 1907. Year ending 30th September, 1907, Year's Amount Receipts. Expended. Iorthriding £889 9 10 £1620 7 1 outh riding 11:34 11 5 1496 ' 7 Central riding 975 4 8 1227 11 6 Euroariding I081 10 6 971 1 6 In the expensescolumn a debi, balance of £4S2 I lid t?rried over fron last year has been allowed for. THE inevitable has now to be faced, namely, stagnation as far as Reaping works are concerned; an the earlier striking of the rate; Whirlwind and what amount of ratel Notwithstanding the in creased revenue to come from the adoption of the new and improved valuation this year, the task of wiping out this big over draft may well make ratepayers mutter in their beards. THE "Advertiser" has always contended and fought to enforce the pinciple Can't that each municipal year should Stopit. meet its ownexpenditure, andthat councillors have no right to mortgage the future by taking advantage of the facilities to overdraw afforded by banks or other financial institutions. Poli ticians have sought to enforce the same principle by Act of Parliament, but lo! the proverbial carriages and pairs of horses drive gaily through on the roads paved with good intentions, THE age of chivalry is surely at an end. The "infant" town riding, a Bread which is admitted by the out and tide councillors to be so small Dripping, in extentthat its revenue can not possibly meet its require ments withouta big rate, has to find money to help the other ridings to pay the interest on their overdraft-at least so says the vote recorded at last meeting. The "infants" objected to their elder brothers stealing their bit of bread and dripping in this fashion, but they not only lost it but got a birching in addition for objecting. This will all be altered when Daddy comes home;