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Ostrich Farming. The Messrs. Officer, who took over .he ostriches from the Acclimatisation Society, and were so successful in Breeding the birds at Murray Downs, re not going to relinquish the experi. nent now, that all the preliminary lificulties have been overcome. The Iurray Downs estate has been sold, but Mlr. Officer intends bringing tlfe Lirds across the border into Victoria nd placing them on land purchased or the purpose at Kerang, There are about twenty birds belonging to the Acclimatisation Society, and eighty ethers which are the property of Messrs Oflicer, who have already exported everal shipments of feathers, sufficient to yield a fair profit on the venture. The authorities of the of Cape of Good Hope have placed an export duty of £100 per pair on ostriches, so that the birds now in this colony ought to be rendered more valuable than before, from the expense of procuring addition l ones. The few birds imported by the Aeclimatisation Society wereorigin ally located at the Messrs. Wilson's station in the Wimmera 'District, but their numbers did not increae so rapid ly a-wlvas thlertease m'enrthe, birdr were removed to the warmer climate of Murray Downs. The shifting of the ostriches to Kerang will further test the suitability of our Northern plains to the growth of the ostrich, and as the climate of Kerang is very similar to that of Murray Downs, and the dis tance between the two places not very considerable, it is to be hoped that we are on the eve of the successful acclim atisation amongst us of an industry which, at one time, seemed likely to be banished to the neighbouring colonies. -Ifamilton Spectator.