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Sitting Magistrate—Thomas Bell, Esq.

Captain Kelly, of the brig Sophia, who we

stated in our last to have gone out in Mr. Birch's   shallop, in search of the schooner Young Lach-   lan, returned to Port on Sunday morning, with- out having seen any thing of that vessel.—On

Bruni Island, he picked up four seamen, the     crew of the Young Lachlan, who were confined below when the pirates boarded, and were land-

ed on that island. The circumstances attending the seizure of the schooner, as they appeared from the evidence of these seamen before a Bench

of Magistrates on Tuesday, being fully stated

in a Government and General Order in our first page, we need not here repeat their account.

Captain Kelly has obligingly informed us that at sea he boarded the ship Lord Sidmouth Captain Wm.Gunner, with 158 male prisoners on board, bound for Port Jackson.—Surgeon Su- perintendant, Dr, Archibald Lang, R.N. The   guard on board the Sidmouth consists of a de tachment of the 84th Regiment, commanded by

Lieutenant Andrews. She had a very healthy passage, no deaths having occurred exception one seaman, who died on the 4th of this month the day Captain K. boarded her. She left En- gland on the 22nd December last, in company with the ship Surrey, Captain Raine, also with     prisoners bound for Port Jackson, with whom she parted at sea.      


Captain Gunner informed Captain Kelly that

the ship Harriet sailed from England three weeks before the Sidmouth, but unfortunately ____   Margate Sands, and was obliged to return for

repairs; also that the ship Hibernia, with pris- oners, was expected to sail from England in weeks.—Both these vessels were destined for Port Jackson; the former, it is said will tour  

at this Port.

In addition to the above information, we

favored through Captain Kelly with thefij of one Eritiíh Paper of, date September 1? ;

which we regret to find the continuance of | difpofition in Her Majefty, though accord bj the later! intelligence the report of the Phyfici was that Her Maje Hy was recovering. Par| meat had been prorogued fora few week» was not ftated ai certain when it would

for difpatch of bufinefs.-This Paper conveyed to us no other important news.

                          HOBAJIT TOWN PRINTED BY A. BENT.