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Epsom Races.— The Derby-day, Wednesday, May 26, was ushered in with heavy rain which continued without intermission, accompanied by a cold south-easterly wind, until just before the great event of the year was decided. Not' withstanding the unpropitious weather, so large a meeting of the mere business portion of the eomnanv had never been seen before. Out of

29 horses on the card, 27 were telegraphed as actual runners. The Derby Stakes of 50 eove. each h. for 3 year olds : colts 8 st. 7 lbs. ; fillies, 3 st. 2 lbs ; the second to receive 100 sovs. out of the staltes, anil the winner to pay 100 sovs. towards the police and regulations of the course, and 50 sovs. to tlie Judge; one mile and half. [181 subscribers.) The following were the horses placed and the result : — Mr. Boncs's eh. e. Daniel O'Rourke, by Irish Birdeatcher (Butler) ? 1 Mr. Bradshaw's b. c. Barbarian, by Simeon (Hiett) ? 2 Mr. C. Dorrien's b. c. Chief Baron Nichol son, by tlie Boron (Kitchener) ? 3 Mr. Merry's b. c. Hobljie Moble, by Panta loon (W. Sharp) ? 4 The betting nt the starting wfi» 4 to 1 ag. Hobbie Noble, 25 to 1 ag. Daniel O'Uourke. 40 to 1 ag. Chief Baron Nicholson, and 1000 to 10 ag. Barbarian. The winner, Daniel O'Rourke, was bred by Mr. Bowes in 1849, is by the celebrated Irish Birdeatcher out of Mr. .Bowes' Forget-me-not, and is her first produce. At Doncaster (1851) Daniel O'Rourke was second for the Champagne Stakes, won by Augur by half a length ; at the Newmarket Hougbton Meeting was fifth for the Criterion, won by Red Hind bv a length ; in 1B52, ran fifth for the 2000 guinea Stakes, wou by Stockwell. Daniel O'Rourke is slight chesnut horse, stands not quite IS hands high, has a rather small neat head, small ears, strong

neck, vei'y good shoulders, deep girth, immense ribs and quarters, and powerful loins, thighs and aims, is short on Iiib legs, and of great length with very good bone. The race was run in 3 m. 2 see., the slowest line on record. Value of the stakes ;£J5050. The jockey of this horse, Frank Butler, has had the rare fortune of winning both the great races at one meeting, and the Oaks, four times in succession, against the accomplishment of which latter feat, he was sometime ago offered the extraordinary odds of .£10,000 to .£30, a bet which he declined to take, imagining that such a piece of good luck could not fall to the lot of man. He has also won the Oaks six times, viz : in 1843, with Poison ; in 1844, with the Premier; in 184!), with Lady Evelyn; in 1850. with Rhetlycina; in 1851, with Iris; nnd this year with Songstress He has also won in suc cession the Oaks, St. Leger, Derby, and Oaks ! Such a run of luck is, we believe, unprecedented. Mr. Davies, who is the great loser, is hit for about .£30,000 ; Daniel O'Rourke having been one of the very worst horses in his book ; fie would have won ,£80,000 bv Barbarian, and

.£50,000 by Chief Baron Nicholson. He gene rally has the ill-luck to run second for the great races. John Scott's party are gallant winners, and a Capt, Scott, one of the most fortunate men on the turf, who did not make a bet until the horses were brought out for saddling, bus netted .£5000. The Oaks Stakes were run on Friday, 28th; 50 sovs. each, foi 3 year old fillies; mile and half; 123 subscribers. The following horses were placed : — Mr. Scott's b. f. Songstress, by Irish Bird catcher (F. Butler) ? 1 Mr. Parker's bk. f. Bird on the Wing, bv Irish Birdeatcher v Rogers) ? 2 Lord Zetland's br. f. Gossamer, by Irish Birdeatcher (Manon) ? 3 Mr. Sergeant's b. f. Kate, by Auckland (A. Day) ? 4 Betting:— 2 to 1 ag. Songstress (taken freely); 8 to 1 ag. Gossamer; 15 to 1 ag. Bird on the Wing. The grand day passed over very well con sidering the moist state of the weather ; the winners were confined to a narrow and select circle ; Vhe defeat nf Hob We Noble was as un expected as it was disagreeable to his numerous friend*'; there wete a great many long faces and amongst the knowing ones too ; they tried to look as careless as a costermoneer's neck-tie, but there was a dreadful gnawing of the heads of canes and knobs of umbtellass among them, after that Derby ! Licensing Act. — Mr. Matthew Riley, and Mr. David Laiug, of Holmrt Town, have petitioned the Legislative Council, to repeal the third section of the Retail Licensing Act

Mr. Ghadow's Petition (o the Queen.— In the council, on Tuesday last, Mr. Gleadow moved the adoption of a petition to the Queen, praying the revocation of the order in council consti stuting this island a penal settlement. The Colonial Secretary moved by way of amend ment the adoption of the following resolution : 'Tnat 'his council having, in the month of May last, voted an address to the Queen ad verse to the continuation of transportation to this colony, it would be improper now to exer cise the constitutional right of petition by voting an address to Her Majesty, praying Her Majesty to repeal the order in council making Van Diemen's Land a penal colony, until after Her Majesty's receptios of the former address shall have been communicated to this council.' Question was put on this amendment and ne gatived. The council divided on the original resolution with the following result :— Ayes 16— soes 4. The chairman of the Land Board and the Solicitor-General voted for the resolution.

Lannceston Literary Association,— We beg to direct the attention of the native youth and other young men of Lnunceston, to the exis tence of a society in this town, which has for its object the mutual improvement of its members. It has been established upwards of eighteen months, and we are informed some respectable productions, on different subjects, have emanated from it during that lime. It is contetnplatedshortlyto issues p»'iodieal journal in I'onuuctioQ with tlie association, to comprise articles written by the members, which will be a more direct exponent of the opinions they entertain. A general notice of the society by the press of Tasmania, would gain for it, more extended publicity, and ensure it a greater amount of patronage. Meetings are held every Friday fortnight in the Wyckliffe Chapel, York-street.

Mr. Abbott's Claim.— We alluded in a recent i issue, to the reply of the Secretary of State, to | a claim mnde by I-r. Douglas* at Sydney for . compensation, for a grant of lani made to him, by Sir Thomas Brisbane, which wat, afterwards resumed by the government and so|J, and siroilied it to the claim of Mr. Edward AUjott; in this we were in error, inasmuch, tu I4r- Abbott has obtained the decision of the pro^r court (the Caveat Board! in hia favor, whose province is to decide claims to grants of land. Mr. Abbott's claim certainly has law— equity, custom, and right in its favor, and we trust for the honor of the British Government, that the gentleman's last appeal to the Secretary of State tnav be met with acauieseeuce.and unlike

that of Dr. Douglas,' authorize (restitutions of the land, it cannot) ample compensation for the yeara' wrong endured. Circular Head — Customs. — A return of the amount of customs, duties, wharfage, tonnage, and light dues for the years 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850, and 1851, was laid on the table of the Legislative Council by command of His Ex cellency the Lieutenant-Governor on the 1 4th inst., and is as follows : — Customs -.—1847, .£259 10 0; 1848, .£70 14 9; 1849, .£54 15 9; 1850, j£170 7 0; 1851, £257 19 11. Wharfage:— 1847, £\2 15 7; 1848, £6 ; 1849, £5 16 5; 1850, £[7 14 1; 1851, ,£20 3 6. Tonnooe:-I847.£6'2 1 6; 1848, £74 8 6; 1849, £B2 14 6; 1850, £99 10 0; 1851, £113 13 0. Lights:— IW, £43 14 0; 1848, £50 16 4 j 1849, £56 9 6; 1850, £66 11 8; 1S51, £76 15 Total:— 1147,£37S I I; 1848, £201 19 7; 1849, £119 16 2; 1850, £353 12 9; 1851, £461 11 5.

Rcbbcry.—h roan named Joseph Ball, whoresides near the Scotch Burial Ground, reports that his house was burglariously entered, and a quantity of wearing apparel, and other articles abstracted there from, on Saturday last. Suspicion is attached to an abscondcr who was formerly in bis employ. Bobarl Town.— The Franklin has brought sixty eight convicts from Norfolk Island ? Tlie franklin fund, has reached 1600/. As several gentlemen of the local committee have not been able to complete the lists in their own districts — the subscription list will remain open during tlio current month. ...Child

murder is on the increase in liobart. On Monday last, an inquest was held on the female child of a Catherine Quitm, aged five months, which was found dead, lying in bed, with its mother, who was drunk. Suffocation was given as the cause of dentil, but without evidence as to how it took place. Tlie mother was severely reprimanded and discharged... It has b;cn decided by the local government to in crease the amount of reward to constables and others, for tho capture of runaway prisoners — to any turn not exceeding 5 1, according to the circum stances attendant upon the escape ? Sir William Denison has consented to aid the corporation of Mel bourne, professionally, in the construction of the water works for that city ...A prisoner under several chnrges, lias oscaped from the Swanport Gaol ? Surprise is very generally expressed at the continued high price of meat, notwithstanding tho Urge im portations of cattle and sheep which Imvo taken place lately. Within tlie last week no fewer than 1311ie.idof cattle, 10i5 sheep bave been landed hero, and other vessels with similar freights were to follow. Suroly with such a supply there can be no necessity for mutton to bo Sd and beef Is per Ib, — prices which may not affeot the affluent, but mult press heavily upon the poor., ..Tlie mw John War burton, who was convicted at the late Supreme Court Sessions, of raps on & child, has been ordered for execution this (Tuesday) morning.

Counterfeit Notes.— On 'Saturday last, a ticket-holder ia the employ of Mr. Turner, ten« (Wed a spurious twenty pound note «t the bar of the ' Glasgow Wine Vaults,' the fraud- was ' instantly detected, and the delinquent hooded, over to the custody of the police. The note ' was maae payable a.t one of-, the Melbourne banks, but was too clumsily executed to deceive the most credulous. Assaulting Constables.— Scarcely « week passes but what the time of the police magis trate is occupied in adjudicating two or three of the above description of cases; in feet, -some of the returned successful diggers consider that constables, like footballs, are for no other pur pose, and deserve no better usage, thau. being kicked and knocked about, and otherwise mal treated for their amusement : this idea is erro neous. The police have a duty to perform, find if individuals, whether they be digger* or not, choose to depart from the mlet of pro priety, it is the instructions of the constabulary to enforce them. The police magistrate made . some pertinent allusions in connection with this ' matter when disposing of a case of assault on Tuesday last. Value of a convict. — A sawyer from Port Esperance, holding a tieket-of-leave, «vai recently sentenced to seven days' solitary for being st a public house during prohibited hours on Sunday. Mr. George Watson, Old « harf, made a pressing application to the po lice magistrate to fine the accused, and in con sequence of the scarcity of labour, offered to pay any amount, even ten pounds, rather than he should be sent to gaol. Mr. Wilmot re gretted he could not comply, as this was an offence only applicable to prisoners.— Advertiser

Departure of the Yarra Yarra.— Yesterday, j the wharf presented an unusually animated ap- 1 pearance for some time prior to the departure of this fine steamer for Melbourne. Persons were to be seen laden with all sorts of utensils &e., necessary for completing an outfit for the digging*, -- Wing on board, in order to aafely SZftft£* two' rfSMBT J«* *?? *? above four hundred passengers. on ooara Hobart Tovon.—k number of gentlemen en terttioed Mr. R. Garrett, Solicitor, at a dinner, prior to his departure for Port Phillip. . . . A letter appears in the Courier, dated Hong-kong, March '2\,\w which it is stated that 37 vessel* have arrived from the Arctic Seas ; and that it is believed that Sir John Franklin is safe, and will not suffer for want of food. We will pub lish the letter iu our nest. Mechanics' Institute.— The Rev. R. K. Ewing delivered his concluding lecture on Phrenology, on Thursday evening last, at the Temperance HaU. The lecturer confined himself to the task of rebutting the most popular objections to the science. There was a numerous auditory. CH' Extensive sale of elegaut engravings, pistols, double and single banel guns, plated ware, fenders and fire irons, ironmongery, oil skin table covering, room paper, paper machie and fancy goods, pier glasses, bottled ale and porter, boots and shoes with a large and exten sive assortment of other goods will be sold by Mr. J. C. Pyle at his mart, 011 Monday next, commencing at 12 o'clock.

tj-igr Hymns' XXX. — By our advertising columns, it will be seen that Mr. Hyrons, of the ' Royal Hotel,' Wellington-street, offers to the public a superior article of the above descrip tion, at the reduced rate of sixpence a-quart. The reasonable rate at which the ale is sold i» not its only recommendation, it being of ex cellent quality, and sure to command extensive patronage.