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(Tiom the Illattralcd London Newr.J

The bonnets me nlwnys mode of Italian or lice straw, ornamented with leaves and flowers. Fruits hnve completely disappeared. The favoured flowers arc bunches of rose buds, or of

China Pinks, of reseda, of forget-me-not ; like wise all drooping flowers, such as the con volvulus, the vnlubilis, and others. The bonnets are of a deeper shade ns the season advances ; amongst others, a violent and lilac bonnet (capote), the front in lilac, is c ncirclcd !-y three rows of trimming in violet ; the crown is in lilac crepe., plaited on the cross way ; violets of two shades oriiotucr.t the interior of this charm iug bonnet. The changes in summer dresB begin to slacken, and to be little more than slight alterations in the fashions that huve reigned throughout the season. The costumes for autumn already oc cupy the modestis. In houvatilcs dc bol, we have remarked some dresses of tulle, embroidered in coloured silks

They are ready to be made up, and the em broidery «f the skirt ready worked, either with separate bouquets, or with wreaths for one or more skirts. The dresses arc always with a plain body, open in front, and high in the back, with very open and or rather short sleeves. This fashion necessitates the wearing of bracelets; and of these there arc some of every sort The most simple, and consequently the prettiest, are those of ribbon velvet (No 7), fastened by a buckle, the elegance of which relieves ibe simplicity of the velvet There are sonic very handsome ones, ornamented with diamonds and turquoises, and ordinary ones in marcasitc

stone. The buckles in the style of Louis XV however, are very much worn j for the style of those sleeves is exactly the same as that which we find in nil the portraits of the last century. Emerald bracelets are very rechtrehes ; those in particular, which imitate a simple ribbon arc in good taste. Bracelets formed of medals either antique or of the middle ngc, are tnuch worn ; and the amateurs of numismatics may find in the salons, on the arm of a charming dancer, the rare Vespasian or the Trajan which is want ing in his collection. Toilette D'lnttrifvr. — Coiffure in white biond. with rosettes in Grosde Naples ribbons, This coiffure is placed quite to the back of the head, and is, therefore, as it were, supported by the back hair alone. The dress is in t f fetas d'hatie (bleu. Louise), with high and closed bpdy, ornamented with brandebourgs, but embroidered on stuff. This embroidery is cither in satin stitch or in tambour, and some times laid on in a narrow gimp trimming; the sleeves, wide and turned over, are also slightly embroidered. The promenade mantelet in taffetas d' I talk is trimmed with lace. A skirt made at taffetas dltalie, or any other silk, with a canezou of Indian muslin, the front of which is closed by buttons of briUinuts, rubies, or enamel, is a favourite costume. Sometimes these buttona are of different sites, and diminish in size as they approach the. waist. For little Boys.— A blouse, either of Valencia

or pjsin poplin, of a -medium «olor- forming jllat plaits on the breast, .and flumped close to the Ineast, and (fastened close to tbe shoulder by a black varnished leather; short trousers, trimmed with English embroidery; little boots, grey pearl, and buttoned, with varnished tips; small Scotch crnvnte, nnd puffs of white muslin nt the end of the sleeves, For little Girts— A poplin of Scotch Valencia dress, short in the skirt ; trousers, a little longer than for little boys. ? .-