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The Ship Ann, Captain John Wilkinson, will sail from this Port for England in   about a Fortnight from this Day; all Claims against the Captain and Officers are therefore requested to be presented at the residence of   Mr Birch in Macquirie-Street.

The Public are cautioned not to Trust     any of the Crew of the, above Vessel, as no   Debts of their contacting will be paid by the Commander. [October 10]  

TO STOCK-OWNERS.-The under-described

quantity of Cattle and Sheep, belonging to the following Individuals as their Names are inserted, having strayed into my Herd at the Duck-holes, near the Coal River; This is to   require their respective Owners to withdraw the same within fourteen Days from the Date here of; and should any Persons have any of my Cattle or Sheep in their Herds, they are in like Manner requested to make the same immediate ly known to me, in order that they may be ta-

ken away. . _T. W. BIRCH.

Colonel Davey, 3 Sheep; Mr. Edw. Lord, 1 Steer and 13 Sheep; Mr. Humphrey, 1 Cow and a Calf; Mr. Collins, a Cow and a Calf; Henry Aiken, 2 Steers; Thomas Peters, 1 Cow and a Calf; James Lord, 1 Heifer & 15 Sheep;   Messrs. Stynes and Troy, 6 Sheep ; Mrs. Ser- jeant, 29 Sheep; Anthony Lowe, 1 Sheep ; James Ballance, 1 Sheep.

Macquarie strcet, October 10th 1818 ELIZABETH BUCKLEY alias SHBCKLET,(

'intending to leave the Colony, requefts|

all Clairm on her maybe prciinted immediately.


VTOTICE.«-A Report hiving biah circu- it lated that I have fome stolen Sheep in my Flock, and in order to convince the Pub- lic of -this falfe, malicious, and groundjeià A fler ti on, I hereby invite any Perfon to infpect the fame Flock, at any period within thirty Days from this Date.

Bagdad Oct. to.] T. HAYES, Jua.

vj OTICE.-We, the Underfigned, Excca« ^ trixes named in the Will of the lateThom

as Richard Prefton, deceaied, having made the neceffa/y Affidavits before THOMAS BELL, fifq. Commiffioner of, the Supreme, Court at Sydney, for the purpose of obtaining Lepera of Admimflration ; Do hereby caution any Per fort whatfoevex from committing any Trefpaftes opon the Farms or Effects of the raid Deceafed ; which are known by the Narrien of PurdWs and Kingfton's Farms, in the 'Di(tritt of Glenarchy.



.** . «. Perlons having any Claims or Demands againft the Eft ates aïid Effects of the above-named Deceafed, either by Bonds, Notes of Hand, or otherwife; are requefted'to prefent their Accounts within 21 Days'from the Date hereof, in order that they may be'J inveftigated and arranged prior to their being liquidated'." I Derwent Hotel; I M" - >'>" .

I 0$. IO.' J**>^RiTH^ijSiroç«:aR,

NOTICE. The Undersigned having Auth- ority from the Lieutenant Governor to occupy the Tract of Land adjoining Colonel

Davey's Farm, near the Mouth of the Coal Riv- er, hereby gives Notice to all Perfons'who have Stock grassing thereon, or on the Farm of Sim- eon Lord, Esq. to remove the same without de- lay ; as all Cattle and Sheep found trespassing on the said Land and farm, after this public Notice, will he impounded. T. W. BIRCH   CAUTION.-Having fuilained repeated and

ferioui injury from the,, neighbouring. Stockholders trefpaffing pa Captain Jeffreys/a Farm at Pitt Water, I hereby notify! that in future all Cattle of any defcriprion found, on the (aid Farm will be immediately, im pounded^ and ,the Owner or Owners profecufed ¡for'tjie Damages. ( - THOHA« RANSOM,

. i > .¿Ageatito^ '

Captain jar rears.

N' OTICE.-Mtffr«. JAME a Loatí and Son

intending, to remove their Herd of: Horned Cattle from their: Farm «t S weat-water,'on Wed ne iday next the 14th In ft ant,, to the Eaftern Blue Hill* hereby gives Notice of the fame accordingly. _._

CAUTION.- Stock-Owners and others are    

cautioned against allowing their Stock to       Trespass upon the Farms of Joseph Berrisford and George Oakley, or to run upon the Graz- ing Ground allowed to the Undersigned, called

Woodcock and Bandicoote Hills, situate be-

tween Humphrey's River and Fawkner's Run, in the District of Glenarchy. Any Cattle or Sheep found thereon, after this Notice, will be impounded. ALEXANDER WADDLE.

Glenarchy, Oct. 10.  

ALL Perfons having Sheep in the Flock of RICHARD BUCKINGHAM, at the Lower Settlement at Pitt Water, are hereby required to take the same away within 21 Days from this   Date, or they will be turned at large at their Owners risk. Oct. 10.    


GAZETTE OFFICE, the following

Blank Printed Forms :-Powers of Attorney; Bills of Sale; Bills of Lading; 'Notes of Hand; Subpoenas, for Witnelîes for the Lieutenant Governor's Court, &c> I Al A Ali A MAA« i iii i à