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ST. I/EOEE STAKES of 25 govs eaoh, for three-year-olds'j

oolts 8st 101b, and fillies Sst 51b ; 234 subs j 1 mile 6

furlongs 132 yards.

Mr T. V. Morgan's Hawthornden, by Lord Clifden-Bonny

Blink, 8st 101b.?.Grimshaw 1 Lord Falmouth's Kingcraft, by King Tom-Woodcraft, Sst 101b

Lord Falmouth's Whe'átVaV, by 'Young' Melb'oürnö^Swallow,

. 8st61ti.F.Webb 3 Mr Martin's Enterprise, Sst 101b Morris

Mr Bravlcy's Tho Recorder. Sst 1010 Cannon Capt. Machell's Bonny Swell, Sst 101b Jeffery Capt. Atkins's Tho Boy, Sst 101b ' Wyatt Mr Stuart's Tabernacle, Sst 10b Goater

Mr Crawfurd's Palmerston, Sst 101b Ghaloner Mr Cross's Physiology, Sst 101b Maldmont Mr Graham's Captivator, Sst 101b Fordham

Mr Graham's Stockhausen, Sst 101b J. Adams Mr T. Jennings's Alarie, 8st 101b Hunter Mr Merry's Sunlight. Sst lOHi Snowdon

Slr Johnstono's Stanley, Sst loin Osborne

Mr J. Dawson's Normanby, Sst 101b Parry

.Mr T. Dawson's Ptarmigan, 8stl01b Hudson

Mr Cartwright'« Ely Appleton, Sst 101b Custanco Mr Crawfurd's Wild Flower, Sst 61b Butler

Betting! 2 to logst Kingcraft, 100 to 80 agst Pal- merston, 7 to 1 ngat Sunlight, 10 to V agst Wheatear, 100 to 6 agst Captivator, 25 to" 1' agst Tabernoolo, 85 to 1 nçst Hawthornden, 40 to .l agst Stanley, 60 to 1 agst Normanby, 1000 to 16 agst Bonny Swell, 1000 to 12» agst The Boy, 1000 to 10 agst Alario, 1000 to 8 agst'

Ptarmigan, and 1000 to 5 eaoh agat Enterpriae and Ely Appleton. Mr Manning, with hie usual punctuality, weighed out the nineteen riders, who, having completed their toilette in the paddock, were shortly.after aeen en- tering tho conrad, whioh at this period waa thickly studded by the privileged tioket-holders, who narrowly soanned the oondition of the respeotive favorites, tho majority of whom appeared in the perfection of training, the outsider, and ultimate winner-Hawthornden Anding a host of admirers. After the usual parade and canter, they wore taken in hand by Mr M'Georgo at twenty minutes to four ; but after the first break away, Sunlight and Ptarmigan became BO unmanageable that tho pair required leading back to the post, and in consequence several failures preceded tho actual start, whioh was protracted until 8'54, when they were dispatched in close company. The unruly Sunlight WBB the first away, closely attended by Ely Appleton, Palmerston, Wheatear, and The Boy, with the favorite lying next on the inside ¡ to1 these succeeded The Recorder, Stockhausen, Wild Flower, Ptarmigan, Normanby, Bonny Swell, and Haw- thornden in a body, with Captivator, Phyaiology and Stanley in the rear. They ran thus to the road, when Sunlight was seen to suddenly stop, having unfortunately broken his near hind fetlock joint, which Snowden for the moment was unacquainted with until'informed by Custanoe. During HUB mishap, and as the loaders ap- proached the foot of the hill, Wild Flower, with Stock- hausen by her side, rushed to the front and forcod the running, for tho purpose of serving their stable com- panions Palmerston and Captivator, the pair boing fol- lowed by Enterprise, Ely Appleton, Ptarmigan, Bonny Swell, The Boy, and Alaric, close in whose rear were seen the colors of The Beoordor, Kingcraft, - Whoatear, Tabernaole, Palmerston, and Hawthornden nearly abreast to . tho wood side, when Wild Flower, having performed her allotted task, retired. At the samo timo Palmerston drew up to the leaders on their left, Stockhausen at this period taking a clear lead of Ely Appleton ; but on reaohing the rifle butts the former was beaten, and Mr Cartwright's colt was joined by The Boy, Ptarmigan, Alario, - Normanby, and Bonny Swell; whilst on tho inside, next tho rails, carno Palmerston, Enterprise, Cap- tivator, and Tabernacle, with Wheator, Tho Becorder, the favorite, and Hawthornden lying next. On rounding tli6 Red House turn, where Stockhausen was beaton, and Ely Appleton, with Tho Boy and Enterpriao at his quarters, came on with the running, oloaoly attended by The Recorder, Palmerston, Alaric, and Wheateaa to the bond for homo. Here Ely Appleton was addod to tho beaten division, followed in a few strides further by Ptarmigan, The Recorder, and Alario, thus leaving Tho Boy in advance of Tabernaole, Enterprise, and Palmer eton, who ran nearly abreast into the straight, when the first-natned " oraoked," this example boing followed by the retirement of Palmerston. . But at this moment Frenoh was seen orepping up on the-inside, with Haw- thornden wide on tho . right, and as they neared the distance the favorite had both the leaders beaten, and appeared to have tho best of it ; but immediately after- wards Grimshaw brought up Mr Morgan's colt with a well-timed rush, challenged the favorite at the enclosure, lîad. h im beaten at the stand, and won an exciting race by half a length; Wheatoar, beaten five lengths, was third, close up to whom carno Enterprise ; whilst The Recorder finished, fifth', Bonny Swell Bixth, Tho Boy seventh, Tabornaclo eighth, Palmerston ninth, Alario tenth, Stanley eleventh, and Captivator next ; then came Ptarmigan, Stockhausen, Ely Appleton, and Normanby, who pulled up on the post, with Wild Flower and Phy I Biology last, the latter two walking in with tho crowd.

Run in 3min 18 1-Sth seo.

DONCASTER Ctn?-value 800 sovs ; 2 milos 5 furlongs. , Major Frldolln's Sornette, by Light, 3 yrs, Ost 111b.Handley 1

Lord Falmouth's Gertrude, 3 yrs, Cst 111b.F. Webb 2 Slr O. Legard's Border Knight, 4 yrs, 8st .Snowden S [ Mr T. Hugues's Starter, 4 yrs, Sst 51b. Cannon 4

Betting : ll to 10 on Sornette, 3 to 1 ugst Gertrude, 4 to 1 agst Border Knight,; and 7 to 1 agst Starter. Starter jumped away with a lead of three lengths from the favorite, a similar distance from tho last-named nnd Gertrude, with Border Knight bringing up the rear. In this order they ran over the hill, where the loader waa seen gradually coming back to his horses, and as thoy approached the woodside Sornette went up, and passing the rifle butts, she dispossessed Mr Hughes's colt of his lead, and came on two or three longtha in advance, which advantage alie retained into the straight. Here Starter was fairly disposed of, and his place taken by Gertrude, who drew up to tho favorite at the distance, but without improving her position ; she was beaten very cleverly by half a length, Border Knight who passed the tired Starter, finished a wretched third. Time, 4miu 44}aco.

DONCASTER STAKES of 10 sovs each, with IOOSOVB added,

for three-year olds ; last mile and a half ; 25 subs.

Mr Martin's b o Enterprise, by Endeavour, Sst 101b.Morris J

Mr Launde's b f Agility, by Adventure, Sst 01b.Osborne T Lord Zetland's b or br o Falkland, Sst 101b.Snowdon 3 Lord Falmouth's b c Kingcraft, Ost 01b....French * Mr Johnstono's b o Stanley, 8st 101b.....T. Chaloner 6

Betting: 7 to 4 agat Kingcraft, 100 to 45 agat Agility, 4 to 1 agst Falkland, and 8 to 1 agst Enterprise, Agility, with Falkland in attendanoo, made play for a quarter of a mile, when she was pulled back, and the running was taken up by Falkland, Mr Launde'fi filly going on second, with Stanley third, Enterpriae and the favorite lying off. Thoy ran thuB for a mile, when Stanley dropped away beaten, and his place was taken by Enter-

prise, who followed tho teador into tho straight, where' Falkland was beaten,. leaving the pair to finish tho race homo, Enterprise just getting up in the last stride and making a dead heat of it ; three lengths separated these from Falkland. The stako was then divided between Enterprise and Agility, the former walking over.

i Hawthornden, by Lord Clifton, the winner of tho St. Leger in 1863, was purchased at the sole of Mr Keene's stud by Mr T. V. Morgan for 900 guineas, and waa brought to Donoaster to fulfil his engagement in tho Portland Plato ¡ but his owner was induced to try con- clusion in tho StJ Leger, having a belief that staying was his forte. AB ho ran untried, his winnings were in a measure not so large os was at first anticipated ; but his owner's success from his well-known liberality in sup- porting his animals, WOB received by the ring with a

I strong manifestation.

-The Field. ' -