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Che MIDDLE PARK PLATE of 1,000 «ova, given by Mr Blenk

lron, E«q., added to a sweepstakes of 30 sovs eacb, 20 ft. ; for two-year-uhla ; colts, Sst Olli : fillies and geldings, Hst Gib : win- ners of a stake valno 1,000 aova, 71b; of 500, iib extra ; maidens at starting allowed Sib; tho second horse received 200 sovt, *hlid, 100! Uretby Stakes. Course (fl fur.). 105 subs.

Slr Lyndon's oh f Frivolity, by Macaroni-Miss Agnes, 8st 101b

[ (ino. 41b ex.).Chawner 1 Mr Merry's b f Sunshine, by Thormanby-Sunbeam, 8st lalb

' (ino. 71box.). ...... .J.Daley 2 Lora Falmouth s b o Kingcraft, by King Tom-Woodcraft, Sst

21b(Inc. 71bex.).T.French S Mr W. Bevin'» br c, by Thormanby-Bluo Bell, Hst 131b (inc. I 41b ex.) Fordham

¡Mr E. Brayley'a b c PearlHnder, 8st 61b Cannon

'Mr E. Brayley'a bl c The ltecorder, 8st Sib J. Mann

Mr John Core's b f Lady Superior, by Caterer-Penance, 8st 31b * Parry

Mr Jos. Dawson's b c by King Tom-Katherine Logie, Sat 61b


Jlr Dover's b c Satellite, by Wamba-Starlight, Sst 61b Rolfe Mr Ileene's b o Hawthornden, Sst Dib J. Adams

.Count F. de Lagrange's ch o Alarlo, Sst 01b Butler

air J. B. Morris's br f Cradle, by Saunterer-Margery Daw, Sst

31b Morris

.Mr K. C. Naylor's br c, by Carnival-Leila, Sst 01b Kenyon

¿Barón Rothschild's b c, by North Lincoln-Mentmore Lass, 8it

! 01b Peake

¡Baron Rothschild's b f Mahonia. 8st 01b J. Osborne ¡Lord Stamford's cb c Normanby, Sst 01b Goatcr

¡Mr lt. Sutton's bl f Daylight, by Wallace-Twilight, 8st 31b


Bettlug : 7 to 4 ngst Sunshine, 7 to 2 agst Hawthornden, 6 to 1 agst Kingcraft, 8 to 1 each agst Normanby and Frivolity, 100 to 7 agst Pcarlilndor, 20 to 1 each agst Blue Doll colt and Alaric, and 25 to 1 agst Katherine Logie colt. Despatched after a few minutes' delay, the lot ran in direct Uno for a few strides, when Alaric, in the centre of tho course, showed slightly ahead of the Leila colt on the extreme right, but when they had fairly settled down Mr Naylor's colt took a clear load, cutting out tho work at .a cracking pace. Alaric toing on second, nut more than a neck in front of Normanby, Hawthornden, and Cradle, the three lying abreast, immediately In advance of of the blue Bell colt, Sun- shine, and Kingcraft. Behind those enumerated wcro Recorder ,and the Mentmore Lass colt, tho Katherine Logie colt heading ' tho ruck, and Daylight whipping in. Tho splitting pace at which

the Leila colt the running told upon some of the runners before ¿be Bushes Hill waa reached, and at that point Alaric was in troublo and retired from tho front, an example Immediately fol-

lowed by Hawthornden and the Mentmoro Lass colt, while Cradle, j after showing prominently for a few strides, also dropped back. ' When they were fairly yast the Bushes the Leila colt compounded and Recorder, on the Stand side, took up the running ; but ho was immediately disposed of, and Kingcraft in the centre, with Sunshine on his left, descended the hill head and head, Frivolity, at the same moment Recorder retired, drawing into third place, taking her position at Sunshine's quarters on the left. To these thrco, tho Katherine Logie colt, and Normanby the race waB con- fined a little over a quarter of a mlle from home, but the two lost mentioned were so far behind that only tho cracking of tho three in front could give them a chance of success. In the Abingdon Milo bottom Kingoraft took a neck lead of the favourite, Frivolity lying about half a length in sunshine's rear. Rising tho hill out of tho dip-about two hundred yards from home-Daley called upon Sunshine, and the mare answering with her usual gameness, seemed aa if silo was going to cut ber opponents down. At the same moment French moved on Kingcraft, and Lord Falmouth'» colt, swerving slightly, "cannoned" Sunsbino, interfering with her action, willie Frivolity being brought up at tho samo time got almost level with the pair. i-unshino was in the middle, and, though Daley had hardly room to " finish," ho rode with great resolution, and a wonderfully close and exciting race homo ensued, Frivolity getting up in the lost two strides, and winning alter a most brilliant struggle by a head. Kingcraft, tiring per- ceptibly under his weight at the iinish, was beaton a short head hy ; Sunshine for second Iplaco. Quite fuur lengths In tho rear of Kingcraft the Katherine Logie colt was fourth, with Alaric fifth, , Normanby sixth, and Hawthornden seventh. The Blue Bell colt,

the Mentmoro Lass colt, and Mahonia woro next. PearlHnder and The Recorder heading the others, of whom Daylight was last. 'After the Taco 0 to 1 to £600 was taken about Kingcraft for the Dorby. Nett value of the stakes, £4,140.

MATCH : 600, 200 ft ; D.M. (7 fur. 210 yards).

Sir Josoph Hawley's b c Bluo Gown, by Beadsman-Bas Bleu,

4 yrs, Ost.Wells 1 1 Mr Pryor's ch h Friponnicr, 5 yrs, Ost..T. French 2

Betting : 6 to 2 or Blue Gown, who jumped off with tho lead, ! and made the paco a '. cracker " throughout. About 300 yards from home Frlponnler made his effort, in which ho signally failed, and was beaten easily by Bluo Gown by half a length.

The CBSAHEWITCH STAKES, a Freo Handicap of 25 aovs each, 16

ft, with 2G0 added ¡ second received 60 sovs ; Cesarewitch Course (2 miles 2 fur. 28 yards). 62 subs.

Mr Naylor's u f Cherie, by Stockwell-Chere Amie, 3 yrs, 6st 71b

. .F. Webb 1

Mr W. S. Stonehowcr's br h John Davis, by Voltigeur-Ja-

maica, aged, 6st 121b .Mordan 2 Colonel Astley1* b o Provider, by Caterer-Emotion, 3 yrs, 6at

21b .Jewitt 3

Mr Nightingales ch c Cecil. 4 yrs, 8st Dib. Chaloner Mr flowes's ch c Taraban, 6 yrs, 8st 71b. Fordham

Count F. de Lagrange's ii c Gondolier, 4 yrs, 7s1111b. Huxtable Mr H. Westford'a ch f Clemcnco, 4 yrs, 7st 71b. Chandler .

Count Batthyany's b c Marquis of Carabas, 4 yrs, 7st 01b. Hudson Mr E. Proctor's ch c Birthday, 3 yrs, 7st. Butler Mr Gllby's br c Phantom, 4 yrs, Ost Dib. Jeffery

Captain Moduli's b o Tramp (late Agrippa, late Tramp), 3 yr»,

6st 01b (cor. Oat 131b). Varney

Mr W. Day's b Í Our Mary Ann, 4 yrs, 6st 71b. Crutcher Lord Hosebory's br c Ladas, 3 yrs, Cst 71b. Crickmere Mr T. Hughes's ch c Loper, 3 yrs. Cst 61b. Wilson

Baron Rothschild's b c Wlldbad, 3 yrs, Ost 41b (car 6st 61b) Butters Captain Macholl's b g Gardener, aged, Cst 21b. Walling

Baron Rothschild's b c by Lambton-Miss Peddle, 3 yrs, fist 01b

(car Cst 101b). Hunt

Lord Wilton's br f Sylva, by Young Melbourne-Lady Evelyn, 3

yrs, 6st 01b (car. 5st 101b). Fox

Mr T. Parr's li g Tony, 3 yrs, 6st 71b. G. Jarvis

Betting : 0 to 2 agst Phantom, 0 to 1 each agst John Davis and Sylva, 8 to 1 agst Miss Peddle colt, ll to 1 agst Cecil, 12 to 1 agst Lopez, 14 to I agst Taraban, 20 to 1 agst Cherie, 26 to 1 agst Our Maiy Ann, 25 to 1 agst Birthday, 33 to 1 ngst Provider, 40 to 1 each agst Wlldbad and Marquis of Corabas, 60 to 1 agst Gondolier, 00 to 1 agst Ladas, and 100 to 1 each agst Clemence, Tramp, and


Being preceded by minor affairs, no time was lost in weighing out the jockeys for tho Ceaarowitch, which was appointed lo be run at 2.10. Half an hour beforo this time the numbers of the nineteen runners were hoisted at the Stand, whero. howover, only Clemence was saddled, the remainder having their toilettes coni Çtoted nt the Ditch stables, in tho presence of an immense crowd,

he lot arrived at the post a minute or so before tho time fixed for the start, and being marshalled into order were despatched at the first attempt on very oven terms. Tho first to break the straight line In which thoy got away were Our Mary Ann, Wlldbad, Gardener, Lopez, and tho Miss Peddle colt, the Woodyeatcs mare showing slightly in advance of her field, but when they fairly settled down to their woik-indeed, in the first two hundred yards -she resigned her position to Lopez, who, at a capital paco, cut out tho work, followed on the left by Wlldbad and Gardener, tho three being clear of Phantom and the Miss l'cddio colt, who lay abreast and just in advance of Sylva, at whose quarters wero Jolie Davis, Provider, and Cherie, thc remainder being headed by Toby and Marquis ol Carat os, tho rearward lot consisting of Birth- day, Cecil, 'laroban, Gondolier, and Tramp, tho latter of whom appeared quito unable to go tho paco, and carly became the whipper-in. After thc first quartor of a milo Lopez decreased the f' lace ; no change, however, took pUce in tho positions of tho lead

ng lot, who carno on in tho order indicated, but beforo reaching the " gap" tho "spread-eagling" commenced. Lopoz led his field ¡towards " Chcke Jade" with a slight advantage, but before reach- ing the point indicated tho leading division undi riven t a marked change. Thus, Gardener dropped back to tho hood of the ruck, while John Davis ran into second place, Sylva going on third.while Lopez had only a slight lead of tho pair, who woro succeeded by Cecil, Our Mary Ann, Provider, and Gardener. Phantom also ¡retreated to tho rear, whilo at tho toil of affairs come Clemence, 'ilarquls of Carabas, l'oby, and Gondolier, with Tramp beaten off. Coming through tho Ditch Gap, Lopez, who lind now boen in front ¡for a mile, resigned tho command to John Davis. Mr Hughes's horse, however, still wont on second, with Sylva next, tho trio 'being now succeeded by Cecil and Provider. About a milo from nome, Phantom, Clemence, Marquis of Carabas, Cecil, Toi-y, and Ladas dropped into the rear, hopelessly beaten. At a moderate pace John Davis showed tho woy towards the Bushes Hill, ap- proaching which Sylva passod Lopoz, who |belngbeaten nt tho placo

mentioned, was also headed by Cherie, Provider, Wiidbad, Birth- day, Our Marv Ann,and Taraban, tho last-named running wido on the left, while Birthday occupied a like position on the right. -John Davis, in thc centre of tho course, still kept making running with a slight lend of Chorlo, who was on tho right of rho old horse, Sylva and Provider succeeding. This lot were separated by awldo Î- ap from tho others, and os they descended the Bushes HUI, John

lavis and Cherie singled themselves out. Half-way down the hill Cherie drew slightly uhcad of John Davis, who did not at all like the descent, so that when they reached tho dip Mr Naylor's maro Was clear of her opponent, and loud cheering from the Stand pro- claimed the victory of tho " primrose jacket,' which, although of 'similar colour, was sufllclently distinguishable from tho " yellow" of John Davis and tho " straw" of Provider. Tho alight ascent ont bf the Abingdon Mile Bottom exactly suited the action of John ! 'Davis, and thus favoured, ho was enabled again to get to tho quar

. tors of Cherie, and within a hundred strides of the chair thc pair ran abreast : but the young ono having tho speed of lier opponent, drew away from him, and literally won in a canter by a length and a half. Three lengths in rear ot J olin Davis, Provider finished I third, quito four lengths ahead of Sylva, fourth. Closo up with

the lost-mentioned, Our Mary Ann was fifth, Wildbad sixth, Birth Hay seventh, and Lopez eighth. A long way behind these carno Taraban ninth, Gardener tenth, Cecil eleventh, with Toby next. This lot wcro some lengths ahead of Ladas, the Miss Peddle colt, Clemence, Phantom, and Marquis of Carabas, tho last of all being Gondolier, who wns beaten off. Tramp was outpaced from the start, and did not pass tho post. Nett value of tho stakes, £1,246. Time, as taken by Benson's Chronograph, a ruin 66Jscc.

Tho NEWMARKET DEKUY, a sweepstakes of 25 sovs each, 10 ft,

with 100 added, for three year olds ; colts, 8st 111b; tlUIca, 8st 71b ; penalties and allowances; second received 100 sovs; last : milo and a half of tho B.C. 51 subs.

Count F. de Lagrange's b c Boulogne, by Monarquo-Miss Ion,

1 Sst 111b .Butler 1

Jlr Johnstone's hr c Pretender, Ost 41b (Inc 71b ex) ...J. Osborne 2 Baron Rothschild's bc» lldbad, Sst lllb.Daley S Lord Calthorpe'» ch c Martyrdom, Ost 41b (in 71b ex) Fordham 4

Betting : 0 to 5 on Martyrdom, 5 to 4 agst Pretender, and 10 to 1 agst Boulogne. The latter made running, followed by Pretender for thrco hundred yards, when Wildbad on tho left took o clenr lead of tho French colt on the right. Martyrdom and Pretender succeeding abreast of cadi other until reaching tho Cesarewitch Stand. Here Wiidbad was beaten, and Boulogne left with a clear lead of tho favourite and Pretondor. At tho Turn of tho Landa Fordham was uneasy upon Martyrdom, and before the Bite of tho Old Duke's Stand was reached Martyrdom was hopelessly beaten, and passed by Pretender and Wiidbad. Within tho last hundred yards Osborne mode a brilliant effort on the Derby winner, and though be gradually dccrcnscd Boulogne's advantage, he was unnblo to got up, nnd nmidst great cheering tho French colt won by a neck. Wiidbad was third, beaton thrco lengths from Preten- der; wbiie Martyrdom, pulling up, was last.