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Tho following amusing anecdote ot tho lato Mr Gcorgo Samuol Ford, tho " llnanco agent" who flourished before Mr Fadwlek, is told by tho writer of "Our Van" in a recent number of Balla'a Magazine :-" Mr Ford carno down to Ascot with ÍT000 In his note-case, which he had promised to give Slr Massy Stanley, who was then living in most extravagant stylo at Hooton, and rapidly getting through his fortuno. Georgo Samuel, ns ho was moro familiarly stylod at that time, came down from London with that sum in hts noto caso, which he offered on tho first day of tho meet- ing to Slr Massy, who, being very much ongaged at the timo, told him to give it to him after tho races. In this, however, ho was disappointed, under tho following circumstances, Having Quo Minus to run in the Ascot, he naturally repaired to tho rails ot the Stand to seo tho moo, a,qd While ongnged in this task and watching tho running, a little hoy Jumped upon his back, and oxclaimcil directly, < why. Quo Minus wins I Quo Minus wins !' ' Get off,' said the lawyer, 'Got ott",' ho repeated. *I sha'nt; I can't seo,' replied tho urchin ; and again exciting George Samuel with the hopes of his horse winning, ho drow Ids coveted note-case, and slid oil his back Uko a lamplighter down a ladder, and was lost In the crowd in an instant. Quo Minus, as our elder readers will recol- lect, was beaten, and tho suddenness of tho movement gave ' George Samuel' the Idea 1 ho had been had.' An application to his insldo pocket proved the truth of his suspicions, and he was horror struck, as seven thousands were no Joko even for "Henri- etta-street," as ho was sometimes termed. Ills first mon tion of tho faqt wa« ta Lord OhastcrQold, who told htm, to liedgo with Oauty. And now our readers will Uko to know who Canty was, ns ho ls only known to tho past generation. Wo, thoroforo, feel It incurahent on us to supply tho defect hy stating that William Cauty, or Dill Canty, as he was more familiarly called, was the keeper ora gambling houso, and, in addition, carried on tho lucrativo although somewhat dishonourable occupation of a fence, or receivor of stolen goods, in which capacity ho concluded delicate negotiations between interested parties, and for which wo may remnrk, he spept tho latter part of his lifo in Millbank penitentiary, wlrorol fte could reflect upon the past, andscek çanapl»t|on ipr thc future, Having thus given n sketch of tl\o mlicn-i^mit/e actor |n tho scene, wo may state that, on Mr Qoial going to'lilm, Cauty qammenqcil tho con- versation by toiling him,'* I know what you havo ooma about.' You've been had.' ' Well,'remarked George Samuel, ' What am 1 to do t Lord ChcstorI)old has sont mo hore.' To this observation Oauty snld, without an instant's dolny. ' You must givo up all idea of the whitebait.1 ' What the h-- ls tho whitebait,' cried tho lawyer.* * Why, tho tonnors, tho scores, and tho other littlo fish, - Tho rest I will try nnd collar for you. This ho did ; but George Samuel was sorely tried when he hoard the terms, which wore that ho should put down llvo hundred pounds, and go thc following night to a.certain placo in the neighbourhood, whero In a pilo of timber ho would find tho wholo of his largo notos directed to him In an envelope. Hard ns was tho bargain, he was oliUgot\ to accept lt ; for, as he remarked, 'Nothing venture, ppth(ng havo and ho knew ho could his hand on Cauty nt nr,y \n(imcpt¡. So ho parted with hts monkey ns reluctant;',? «s a lather from nn only son starting for Sierra Lonna ! $\y\ keeping his appointment to tho second, put \M h/\nd \ntp tho timber stalk, nod Dried * Euretta I ' for. thcrq were tho notes. Tho «tory wo recollect created a great sensation at thc tho Hmo."

A liwyor- nt a plrou.(t tco\-n dropped a ton nonna noto undor tho fable wbllo playing ennis nt the Inn. Lie dirt not discover his loss until ho was going ta hod, hut then roturnort Immediately. On reaching the room ho was mot by the waltor. who said, "I know what you want. slr. you have lost something Yes, I have lost a. ton pound note. "-" Woll, slr, I hnvo found lt, and hero lt ls." -?" Thanks, my good lad ¡ hero's asoverolgn for you,"-" No, slr, I want no reward for being honest ¡ but," looking at him with n knowing grin, " wasn't it lucky none of tho gentlemen found'

A Collin Makor wat asked whom' ho making for, and mon Hon- ed tho Intended. " Why. ho ls not dead, man I " "Do not trouble yourself, .' replied tho othor ; Dr Coe told us to mako his collin, andi guess ho knows what he gavo him."

An article announcing tho decoaao ot a poraou, says :-" Ills remains woro committed to that bourne whence no traveller returns, accompanied by his friends, " "