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The English Turf. I

Newmarket Second Ootober Meeting. I

The OLBABWBIJÍ BTAKKS of 30 BOT» each, 20 ft, for two-year-olds ¡ colts, 8st 101b; fillies, 8st 81b; win- ners extra ¡ T.Y.O. (5 fur. 140 yards.,) 43 subs.

Sir J. Hawley's b c Blue Gown, by Beadsman-Bas Bleu, 8st

131b (Ino. Slbex.).Huxtable 1 Mr Chaplin's eb c St. Ronan, Sst 131b (inc. 31b ex).Custance 2 Baron Rothschild's b c King Alfred, 8st 101b.Daley 3 Lord Fal mouth's b f Pearlfeather, Sst lllb (inc. 31b ex.)

Lord Glasgow's br e by Brother to Bird on the Wing (foaled in

1853)-The Drake's dam, Sst 101b

Duke of Newcastle's b c The Piper, 8stl01b Mr Beadman's h c Ironmaster, 8st 101b Mr Padwlck'a br c Peter, Sst 101b

Betting : 6 to 4 on Bluo Gown, 6 to 1 agst Ironmaster 10 to 1 agst St. Bonan, 100 to 8 each agst Pearlfeather and Lord Glasgow's colt, and 100 to 5 agst King Alfred.

The start was delayed some time, owing to tho frac- tiousness of Pearlfeather, but eventually Fren oh suc- ceeded in quieting her, and the flag fell to a very even start. When they had fairly settled in their stride, Blue Gown took the lead, closely attended by King Alfred and St. Bonan until within 300 yards from home where the favorito gradually drew away from his opponents, and won very easily by a length and a half. A similar distance divided the second and third ; Pearl- feather, three lengtliB off, was fourth, Ironmaster fifth, Lord Glasgow's colt sixth, Peter seventh, and Tho Piper


The CESABEwiTcn STAKES, a free handicap of 25 sovs

each, 15 ft, with 200 added. Second to to receive 50 BOTS ; Oesarewitoh Course (2 miles 2 fur. 23 yards.)

88 subs.

Dake of Newcastle's b c Julius, by St Albans-Julie, 3 yrs, Sst

.T, Challoner 1

.T. Challoner 1

Mr Dawes's b c Wcstwlck, by Stockwell-Mowerina, 4 yrs, 8st

41b_.T. French 2

Lord Westmoreland's b f Romping Girl,by Wild Dayrell-Gay,

3 yrs, 7st.Kenyon 3 Baron Rothschild's ch c Dalesman, 4 yrs. Ost 41b

Mr E. Buckley's chit Success, S yrs, Sst 61b ¡In 31b ex) Mr E. Brayley's b g Pearl Diver, aged, Sst 41b Mr Cartwright's b li Scamander, aged, 8st 21b Mr II. Saville"» b c Sealskin, 4 yrs. Sst

Lord Poulett's b f Endsleigh, 6 yrs, 7st 81b

Lord stamford's ch g Archimedes, 5 yrs, 7st 71b

Mr II. Green's br c Young Express, 4 yrs, 7st 41b, (car "st 81b) Mr Chaplin's b c Blinkhoolle, 3 yrs, "st

M. IL Lund's b f Etoile Filante, 4 yrs, Ost 131b

Count F. de Lagrange's bl c Montgoubert, 3 yrs, Ost 121b Slr lt. »V. liulkoley's br c Ownln Glyndwr, 3 yrs, Ost 111b Mr Thomas's ch f La Daupliine, 4 yrs, Ost 101b

air Jay's b c Grand Cross, 3 yrs, Ost 101b, (car list 111b) Mr S. Thellusson'8 b c Pirate Chief, 3 yrs, Ost 81b

Duke of Hamilton's br c Honesty, 3 yrs, Ost 71b (car Ost 81b) Mr F. Elliott'« ldc Leases, 3yrs, Cst 71b

Mr Bevin's b o King Victor, 3 yrs, flst 31b (car Ost 71b Colonel G. W. Knox's br c Armourer. 3 yrs, Ost 21b Mr Brewer's ch c MInsser, 4 yrs. Ost llb

Mr Jos. Dawson's b c >~uma Pompilius, 3 yrs, Sst 121b (car Sst 131b Mr J. Day's b g Harnenden, 3 yrs, Sst 121b

Mr G. Dalton's b f Gleaner, 4 yrs. Sst 81b ! Mr Jos. Dawson's ch e Guy of Warwick, 3 yrs, Sst 71b

Betting: 7 to 4 agst Biinklioolio, 100 to 15 agst Ar- j tnourer, 7 to 1 agst Sealskin, 12 to 1 agst Julius, 20 to 1 each agst Romping Girl and Archimedes, 25 to 1 agst Mongoubert, 30 to 1 agst Kuma Pompilius, 33 to 1 ugst Honesty, 40 to 1 agst Scamander, 50 to I each agst Harpenden and Pearl Diver, 1,000 to 15 eaoh agst Pirate Chief, King Victor, and ta Dauphino, and 100 to 1 oooh agst Dalesman and Westwick.

The start, which was preceded by two or three breaks

away, caused by tho fractiousness of King Victor, was effected at ten minutes past throe, tho twenty-seven competitors being despatched in admirablo order. The first to show in front was Archimedes, who quickly assumed a clear lead of Kuma Pompilius, Guy of Warwick, La Dauphino, King Victor, and Leases, tin* lot being in a cluster slightly in advance of a compact body of horses, most prominent of tvliom wero Julius, Westwick, Blinklioolie, Armourer, Endsleigh, Montgou bort, and Etoile Filante, the rear division, ofter they had gone two hundred yards comprising Honesty, Sealskin, Romping Girl, Pearl Diver, and Dalesman, who lay oil'

until coming through tho Ditch Gap, whero Honesty j ran through his horses, and joined the leaders. When fairly through Choko Jade, Archimedes exhibited symp- toms of distress, and La Dauphino, wide ott the left, took up tho running, Blinklioolie at this point lying second, closo up with Mr Chaplin's colt being Armourer, Etoile Filante, Kuma Pompilius, Guy of Warwick, Pearl Diver, and Honesty slightly in their rear, following Julius, Westwick, Sealskin, and Endsleigh. Across tho Flat La Dauphino at ono moment held a lead of half a dozen lengths, lying still wida on the left, whilst tho various positions of tho others, underwent but little alteration, except that Romping Girl and Pearl Diver gradually drew forward until approaching tho Bushes Hill, whero tho tailed-off division comprised by far tho greater part of tho competitors. On tho brow of tho hill La Dauphino gare way, and Julius rushed to tho front, taking a clear lead the moment thoy commenced tho descent, having Westwick, Sealskin, and Honesty on his whip-hand, with Pearl Diver, Romping Girl, and Blinklioolie on the left, La Dauphino in tho centre of tho course, and Armourer at tho latter's quarters lying well up. Behind tltesc, in the order named, were Joseph Dawson's pair Kuma Pompilius and Guy of Warwick-Endsleigh, Montgoubert, Success, and Leases, tho others bein^ booton off a long way. In tho Dip, Julius was pulling double, whilst Blinklioolie, after running a great horse to tho top of tho hill, govo woy, and, half woy down tho hill, either from want of staying power or a propensity to " chuck it up," ho was in extreme difficulties. West- wick on tho right and Romping Girl on tho left wore now tho only two left to do battle with tho Duko of Newcastle's colt, tho others not having a struggle left in them, and although both French and Kenyon rode most resolutely, they could only reach tho quarters of Julius, who shot out the moment Challoner called upon him, and won in tho commonest of canters by four lengths from Westwick, who was a neck in advnnoo of Romping Girl. Blinklioolie was fourth, a longth and a half behind Lord Westmorland's now purchase; Honesty, two longths from tho favourite, being fifth. Then carno Armourer sixth, Sealskin, seventh, La Dauphino eighth, Kuma Pompilius ninth, Guy of Warwick tenth, Success eleventh, Leases twelfth, Montgoubert thirteenth, and Minster fourteenth. Separated at wido intervals the Ëulling-up division comprised Endsleigh, Archimedes,

Salesman, Gleaner, Pearl Diver, Etoile Filante, Young Express, King Victor, and Pirate Chief, tho extreme rear division consisting of Grand Cross, Harpenden, Owain Glyndwr, and Scamander, tho latter absolutely last. Minster broko down. Time, as taken by Ben- son's chronograph, 4 min, 10 soc. Nett value of the stakes, £1,715.

Tho MIDDLE PABK PLATE of 1000 BOVS, given by W.

Blor.kiron, Esq., added to a sweepstakes of 30 sovs each, 20 ft. ; for two-year-olds ; colts, 8st 01b ; fillies and geldings, 8st 61b ; winnors of a stake value 1000 BOVS, 71b ; of 500 BOVS 41b extra ; maidens at starting allowed 31b ; second to receive 200 BOVS, and tho third 100 sovs ; Bretby Stakes Course (last G fur. of R.M.).

179 subs.

Slr J. Hawley's b ( Green Sleeve, by Beadsman-Jins Quickly,

Sst 31b .Kenyon 1

Slr J. Hawley's b c Rosicrucian, by Beadsman-Madame Eglan-

tine, Sst 01b.Huxtablo 2 Mr M. Dawson's b f Lady Coventry, by Tbormanby-Lady

. Boden, Sst 31b.Grimshaw 3 Count Batthyany's b e Typhceus, Sst 01b

Mr Chaplin's ch c St. Bonan, Dst 21b (Inc. 71b ex.) Captain \V. Cooper's ch I Gloire do Dijon, Sst 01b Mr B. E. Dunbar's b o Mclbourno, Sst 01b Lord Falmouth's br c Courtmantle, Sst 01b

Marquis of Hosting'« b f Lady Elizabeth, 8st 131b (inc. 71b ex.) Mr Graham's ch t Formosa, (ist 131b (in. 71b ex.)

Count F. da Lngrange,s b c Lo Sarrazin, Sst 131b (Inc. 41b ex.) Lord G. Mânners's b 1 St. Angela, Sst (Jib Air J. Scott's b o Viscount, 8st 01b

Mr II. Wilmer's ch c Castley, Sst 01b

Slr F. Johnstone's b c Michael de Bosco, Sst 01b Mr W. S. Cartwright's cb o Tympanum, Sst 01b

Betting: 6 to 5 agst Lady Elizabeth, 5 to 2 agst LadylCovontry, 8 to'l agst Rosicrucian, 100 to 8 agst Green Sleovo (Sir Josoph Hawley's pair wero moro gonorally backed at 6 to 1 coupled), 15 to 1 agst For- mosa, 25 to 1 ogst Typhous, 33 to 1 agst Courtmantle, 40 to 1 agst Le Sarrazin, 50 to 1 agst Michael,do Basco, and 100 to 1 agst St. Ronan.

Tho sixteen competitors, who were saddled in the " Birdcage," proceeded to tho starting-post in excellent time, and wore soon after joined by Lady Coventry, who had been saddled in tho neighbourhood of tho Bushes. Lady Elizabeth's toilet was mada at the Ditoh stables, and on immense crowd of horsemen and foot pooplo sur- rounded and followed her to tho starting-post. Here, however, she created a deal of consternation among her

I friends by displaying a fractiousness anything but reas-

suring ; she kicked and plunged about most violently, and delayed tho start at least a quarter of an hour by her exhibition of tomper. Her bad oxamplo in a milder form was imitated by both Courtmantle and Typhoaus, but eventually their vagaries terminated. Tho Hag fell to a very even stort, and tho competitors ron in porfect line for about 200 yards the bright jackets of Sir Joseph Hawley's two being conspicuous on tho extreme loft and right of tho line. Gloiro do Dijon was tho first to show in advance, having Green Sleove on the whip hand and Typhous on tho left, whilst in tho centre tho' prominent division comprised Tympanum, Enstloy, Lady Elizabeth, and Lady Coventry, wido on tho left being Formosa and Rosicrucian. No raatorial alteration occurred for a quarter of a milo whon Gloiro do Dijon gavo way, leaving Green Sloevo with a slight lead to tho Bushes Hill. Hero Kenyon was com- pelled to commenco riding her, and hor chanco scorned entirely gono. as all tho front rank abovo-montionod licadod hor when half-way down tho hill. Boing called I upon by hor jockey, however,' eho answered in thc gamost ' possible manner, aud in tho dip she was nguiu up with

ber horses on the right. At tho same moment Typhoids, Tympanum, and Eaatley, disappeared from .the front, leaving tho issue to Lady Elizabeth and Lady Coventry in the centre, and Formosa and Rosicrucian on the right Of these the first to "crack" was Lady Coventry, hut she wBB not alone in her trouble, for immediately afterwards Fordham was s<en to call upon Lady Elizabeth, but " her Ladyship" apparently could not make an effort, to tho astonishment of ner baokers, who had relied upon upon her cutting down her opponents for speed. Tho race was now virtually a tnatoh between Sir Joaoph Haw- ley's pair, as Formosa was settled. A hundred yards from homo the excitement was intense, as Kenyon, on Green Sleeve, drew out wide on tho right, and Huxtable, on Rosicrucian, on the extreme left, the pair running nn exciting race home, which ended tn favor of tho filly by a head, although it looked as if the colt would provo victorious, as he appeared to bo going on so much stronger of the two, two lengths from home. A race for third money resulted in favour of Lady Coventry, who finished gamely, by a head from Formosa, she de- feating the favourite by a eimiliar distance. Michael de Basco, passing the beaten horses from the dip, was sixth, Typjiceus seventh, and Gloir de Dijon next ; thou came St R onan, Courtmautle, and St Angela, whilo in the rear, almost abreast, wero Melbourne, Lo Sarrazin, Tympanum, and Eastley. The hoisting of tho winning number was tho signal for loud and prolonged cheering, as tho victory was a very popular one with public backers Immediately after tho race 1,000 to 70 each was freely taken about Green Sleeve and Rosicrucian for tho Derby, Nett valuo of the stakes, £4,410.

Tho CAMBUIDOESHIKE STAKES of 25 sovs each, 10 ft, and

5 only if declared, with 100 added : winners of a handi- cap value 300 sovs after September 5, at ten a.m., 71b ¡

of any other handicap, 31b "extra ; these oxtra weights to be accumulative up to 101b ; tho winner of tho Cesarewitch 71b over and above any other extra weight to which he may bo liable ; second |to receive 50 sovs; Cambridgeshire Courso (1 mile 240 yards.)

201 subs, 77 of whom paid 5 sovs each. '! Mr Fulko's b h Lozenge, by Sweetmeat-Down with tho Dust,

6 yrs, 7st 21b.S. Adams t 1 Sir J. Hawley's br c Wolsoy, by Trimo Minister-Repentance

4 yrs, Ost 81b.Kenyon t 2 Mr G. Bryant's ch o Laneret, by Newminster-Ostrcger's

dam, 4 yrs, Sst 71b.. .Fordham 3 Duke of Hamilton's br c Honesty, 3 yrs, Oat 71b (car. Ost 81b) Mr Fleming's b c Cecrops, 4 yrs, 8st 131b

Duke of Newcastle's br c Julius. 3 yrs. Sst 01b (Ino. 71b ex.) Prlnco D. Soltykolf's b c Duke of York, 4 yrs Sst

Captain Machell's br c Knight of the Garter, 3 yrs, Sst Baron Rothschild's b f Iiippla, 3 yrs, Sst

Mr E. Brayley's b h Harry Brailsford, 0 yrs, 7st 121b Mr B. E. Dunbar's b f Tormentor, 4 yrs, 7st 121b

Lord Glasgow's br c by Toxophlilte-Stratford's dam, 4 yrs,

7st 101b

Mr Bowes's h c War, 4 yrs.7st 101b (Inc. 31h ex.)

Mr J. -tohnstone's b c Tho Corporal 3yrs. 7st 81b (Inc. 31b ox.) Mr S. Thcllusson's b f Actaia, 4 yrs, 7st 71b Lord Poulett's » m Nu, 6 yrs, 7st 31b

Baron Rotluehild's ch c Jasper, 3 yrs, "st 31b

Mr W. S. Cartwright's br c Wroughton, 3 yrs, 7st 31b [inc. 3lb


Mr Chaplin's b c Blinkhoolle, 3 yrs, 7st 21b Mr Payne's ch c Captain Kidd, 3 yrs, "st 21b

Mr Thomas's ch f La Dauphins, 4 yrs, 7st llb (inc. 31b ex.) Mr Lubln's b f Jeune Premiere, 3 yrs, Ost' 131b Mr Edgar's br f Duchess, 3 yrs, Ost 101b

Lord G. Manners's ch f M armite, 3 yrs, Dst 01b (inc. 31b ex.)

Mr F. Elliott's bl c Lenses, 3 yrs, Ost 71b

Count F. de Lagrange's b c Montagnard, 3 yrs, Ost 51b Colonel G. W. Knox's br c Armourer, 3 yrs, Cst 61b Mr R. C. Noylor's ch f Groy Stocking, 4 yrs, Ost 21b Mr Fleming's cb f Nancy, 3yrs, Ost llb

Lord Wilton's b c by Romulus-Attack, 3 yrs, Ost llb Mr R. D. ichwlnge's b c William Tcll,"4yrs, 6st 111b Mr A. Taylor's gr c Adam Bede, 3 yrs, Sst 71b Mr liarlock's b f Ammunition, 4 yrs. Sst 71b.

Betting : 5 to I ngst Laneret,' G to 1 ngst Honesty, 100 to 7 each agst Blinkhoolie and Harry Brailsford, 16 to 1 agst Knight of tho Garter; 100 to 6 agst Action, 20 to 1 each agst Julius and Lozenge, 22 to 1 agst Wolsey, 25 to 1 each agst the Strafford's dam colt, Wroughton, and the Attock colt, -IO to 1 each agst La Dauphine, Jcunt Premiere, and Ammunition, 60 to I each agst Cecrops, Duke of York, and Tormontor, and 1,000 to 15 agst


Tho thirty-three competitors being saddled in tho Bird-1 cage Enclosuro at tlio Cesarewitch Stund, at onco pro! ceeded to tito starting-post, which wns readied a fera minutes after the time (quarter-past one) for which thal raco had been set. All attempts of tho starter to gels them away wcro for a long time frustrated by thoa fractiousness of several of tho competitors and tho great]! anxiety of sovoral of the jockeys to get well olf. Jenna! Promiero was most conspicuous of those who displayed! temper, as she danced about and tried in a variety of ways to throw her jockey. Blinkhoolie, Leases, Lancrctjj Wroughton, and Wolsoy wero amongst those »ho wore! anxious to get away, but the most aciious consequences] of tho continuous breaks-nway wcro occasioned bj Montagnard running against Julius, who resented t li fan liberty by backing and kicking violently, Nu, Montagnard^

and Harry Brailsford being the chief recipients of his;

anger. Cannon, who rode Hurry Brailsford, rcceiredj

one of tho kicks on hie knee, which was extromcly pain« ful for somo time, but ho fortunately sustained no serious! hurt. When again in order a gor>d start was baulked]! this timo by Blinkhoolie, Grey Sto:king and the AttacKs colt being left at tho post. Tho patience of tho specta-l tors was well nigh exhausted when tho Hag was lotvcrcdg at five minutes to 2, to a Grst-rato start, thcro being!

scarcely a head advantage between any of tho competing

tors. In a perfect lino tho squadron dashed aw0y ot aa " cracking" pace, and so well did they keep together than it was a mat tor of extremo difficulty to discern whictff animal had tho lead, but when they had fuirly Bottled ra» their stride, Julius showed in advance. Daley, lioworerS taking a " steadier" at him, drew him back in the rear ot Cecrops, Honesty, Knight of the Garter, and Aetna, wliog were running in a cluster on the far side, Ammunitions on the left being slightly in advance of Wolseya Wroughton, Lozenge, and' tho Straflord's dam colffi Laneret was lying well up with Julius, who headed thu

ruck, tho most prominent of whom were Harry BrailsJ] ford, Tho Corporal, Armourer, and Leases ; tho rest! division, as they passed tho Cesarowitch Stand, comprisa

ing La Duuphino, Blinkhoolie, Duko of York, War, ond^ Nancy, and many lengths in roar the " hobMing'jg William Tell, who was evidently not at all at homo ftuj such company, but being run morely to decido a bet asl to 'starting, ho did as much as was expected of liinw When fairly past tho Cesarewitch Stand, Ammunition and Cecrops dropped away, Knight of tho Garter taking! up tho running, Acttoa showing most prominently of lill leading division. Tho positions of tho horses wcro bul slightly varied until nearing tho site of tho Old Duke'! Stand, where Aetna began to give way, and as the] approached tho top of tho Hill, Knight of tho Gsrtei compounded with tho weight. Lozenge and Wolsey! with Lanoret and Wroughton at their quarters, were nov«

in front, having, however, but a slight lead of Julius, nj

tho centro of course, Knight of tho Garter and Honest] lying next on the upper ground, Lord Glasgow's colors heine; prominent, with Tho Corporal slichtly in rear og

Julius, whilst lying wide on the extreme right, bog beaten, was Harry Brailsford. 'The race, on entering! tho rails, was virtually reduced to a match between!

Lozenge and Wolsey, the former haring a slight lead, af j Laueret was struggling on in their rear, while Juliusg after a game effort, dtod away under tho crushing weiglttg and was again headed by Honesty, Wroughton, Knight? of the Garter, and Aetna. In tho last fifty yards, SM tremendous struggle commenced between Sam Adorn*! and Kenyon, and so close was it that it was impossible to seo which had gained tho advantago in the Anal olTortfl but tho announcement of a duad-'jeut was fully anticijj

Eitcd by those who wero in. a good position to judges

anerot struggled homo third, a couplo of lengths ii rear of tho dead-heaters, and nearly twice that distan» in advance of Honesty, who was fourth. Wrouglitai was fifth, two or three longths from the Duke of Honiil ton's colt, Knight of tho Garter being sixth, aud Aclrei seventh. Closo up with Ur Thollusson's mare, were the Stratford's dam colt, Tho Corporal, and Julius head oad head, an interval of a length separating them froi Armourer, Groy Stocking, Captain Kidd, Lease« Blinkboolie, Ammunition, and Harry Brailsford, in i olustcr. The next division consisted of Jeuno Premiere Duke of York, Montagnard, Duchess, Nanoy, Jasper,

Marmite,'War, and Adam Bedo; the rear division M

division pulling up on tho post being Tormentor, Li | Dauphino, the Attack colt, Hippie, Hippin, A'o I Cecrops, and William Tell. .As soon as it becum; S known that the determined finish had actually resulta 1 in a doad-heat, tho excitement was, if possible, moro in | tenso than when tho struggle was going on, and tho par g tisons of either wore equally sanguine of success. Lom 2 oheoring greeted both Kenyon and Adams as they rc |j

turned to weigh-in. Immediately after Paco's walk-ore: a tho jockeys (wero weighed out for tho deciding '1C'H amidst Buch a Boone of excitement as has never preSS viously been witnessed on Newmarket Heath. ffl

DECIDING HEAT.-Betting : ll to IO on Wolsey. All soon ns tho word was given, Adams, obeying inst niel iom | to como away, ' forced tho running nt his best poer | Wolsey lying on his .loft for nearly half tho di.ilsncr | whon Kenyon brought him up on tho higher ground am |

took his placo on tho right of Lozenge. AB they cami S

over tho brow of tho hill tho pair took closer ord» | Lozenge, still, howovcr, maintaining a slight lead, and ig was not until ontaring tho roils, whero Kenyon enmo «ill« a determined rush, that loud shouts wera raised pros

claiming Sir Joseph Hawloy's victory. Both jockcj«|

woro now hard upon their horses, and a Oner or mores determined finish was rover witnessed. At tho niosH

vital juncture of tliis extraordinary strugglo-about lisJB

a dozen strides from tho ohnir-Adams mado a resolut*

olfort, and Lozengo just having tmflloiout stamina left (<?

ter ¡ti landed tho "chocolate and white hoop«" by a I t, howl and prolonged oheoring proofed the an» m'«mcnt of tho winner's number, and this was re.

I(jagain and ngnin when tho "all right" wa< pro-j "«a hr tho Clerk of tho Soulos. Nott value of the

drcil : 1,000, h ft ; Urn! by Stnkos Omirno (G fur) "liot Hasting'* b f Lady Elizabeth, hy Trumpeter-Miss

1 towzer, 2 yrs, 8st 21b .Fordham 1 ¡¡il Xevrcntlo's b o Julius, 3 yrs, 8st lllb .J. Daley 2 Betting : ll to 10 on Julius. Tho pair jumped off in jninr tho moment tho flag foll, Lady Elizabeth lying ,iileft, but beforo a hundred yards had been tra "¡ Julius took a load of a length nnd a half, which

..Intnined into the Abingdon Afilo hottnm. WIIAM

jr Elizabeth gradually olosed with him. As thoy j'scnced tho ascent to tho finish, Fordham was com- eto call upon the maro. Shouts woro thon raised Í"Julius wins." Lady Elizabeth, however, struggled nd, despite all Dulcy's efforts, tho Marquis's mare àiletcrly by a short bond. After tho race there'wore into take 7 to 1 about tho winner for the Dorby.

[CniTEiuox STAKES of 30 sors each," 20 ft, for two tur olds; cults, 8st 81b ; fillies, 8st 61b ; winners extra ¡ jntthe turn of the Lands in (0 fur.) 59 subs.

Ulm loy's hrc Rosicrucian, by Beadsman-Madama Eglan-

tine, Bst Sib... .T. Frcncb 1 hot Hamilton's cb f Leonie. 8st 81b (ino. 21b ex.). A. Edwards 2 sRothschild's bc King Allred, 8st 81b.J. Daloy 3 f Johnstono's br c Bel Glorno, Sst 81b.I'arry bef Beaufort's b f by Young Melbourne-Bab-at-thc-Bow

iter, Sst 01b

r>GUi?<"v's ch c, by Tom Bowline-Makeshift, 8st 81b --Ji of Hastings's b f Xotveto, Sst fllb ,

3 Lagrange's ch c rtablcan, Sst IOIb (ino. 21b ex,) 3 Ls;range's ch c Ouragan, Sst 101b (Inc. 21b ex.)

Sitting : 5 to 2 on Rosicrucian, 6 to 1 ngst Loonio, 10 lust Bel G ionio,und 20 to 1 ofst Nnivoto.

lie field were despatched to a capitol start nt tho first apt, liing Alfred and Lord Glasgow's colt taking ilad, closoly waited upon by liosicrucian ; Leonie, jGiomo, and Count Lagrange's pair being in tho im ¿torear. At tho site of the Old Duko's Stand, Lord tjur's colt dropped back beaton, and on entering tile iRosicrucinn took tho lead. Fifty yards from home, ?iuds sat clown to ride Leonie with great determin 3, but could never overhaul tho favourite, and was ca by three-quarters of n length, A hoad only sopar jtecónd und third. Bel Giorno, closo up, was fourth j xrn ilf'h, several longths o IT; Bab nt tho Bowstor irlitIi, Nnircto seventh, Rabicán eight, and tho Maka jcoltlast. Nett value of tho stakes, £1,210.

iSEtniAnKET D£unr, n Sweepstakes of 25 sova each, lift, with 100 ndded, for three year olds ; colts 8st 111b, fillies Sst 71b j certain penalties and allowances; ft second received 100 sovs out of tho stakes ; last

,',nnrl a half of B.C. . fifi mihi.

?ä F. ile Lagrange's Longchamps by Monarque, Sst 41b

. .Chaloner 1 [iiplln's Hermit, Oat 41b (inc. 71b ex.).distance 2 i'hnitono's Mandrake, Sst 111b.Ost-orne 3 ira's Taraban, Sst 111b.Fordham O a Rothschild's J asper, Sit 111b.Daley 0 Idling: 7 to 4 nest Hermit, 7 to 2 agst Longchamps, iitgst Jnspor, 5 to 1 ngst Mandrake, and 8 to 1 ngst s£u. Tho latter mado running, vf ¡th Longchamps *xi, Hermit third, and Jasper last, and they ran jfor upwards of thrco quarters of a mile, when Tara cat it. Mnndrnko was done with entering tho rails, iJjspcr collapsing half-way up. Longchamps, loft in casnd upon tho retirement of Taraban, was joined by bit, who appeared to lmvo tho best of it in tho last tired yards, but stopping to nothing undor tho weight, ^frenchman won by a length and a half; thrco lengths

i'Jing second and third

irr.Er3TA.KES of SOO sovs each, 200 ft, 'for threo year iii; colts 8st 101b, fillies 8st 71b ; certain penalties :i allowances ; R.M. (lm 17yds) s 6 «nbs,

ivor's Friponnicr, by Chevalier d'Industrie, Sst 101b

.Fronch 1

iiplin's Hermit, Ost llb (inc. Sib ox.).distance 2 ,

¡tiling : G to 4 on Friponnior, who, pulling French I cfilio saddle, waited upon Hermit to-half way down ' ?i'jilies hill, where ho drew lovel, and Hermit being , pout in tho bottom, Custanco ceased to persovcre a [¿.iii yards from home, leaving Friponnior to canter

;'fl!engtlis ahead._