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PATEO» : Hie Excellency Sin John Young, Bart.,' K.C.B.,

G.Ü.M.G.,áto. : *'

PBBSIDENT : Tho Hon. E. Deas Thomson, O.B. j VlCE-PaBSlDBMT : Alfred'Oheeko; Esq. sv "... \ JÜDOB AMS HANDICAPPXB : «John Lackoy, Esq. ;

TBKABÜBBB s J. do V.; Lamb, Haqi tA^.A*f ' STABXXB : W. Ö. Henfrey, Eaq.

STEWARDS: Hon.. IS. Boas Thomson, C.B.; Hon. Sir W.

AI. Manning, Kichard Jones, Esq.,' J. F. Downes, Esq., W. M. Busby, Esq.


, ," . ..Thomson, E«q.^ ,1 Af,-«, ir -f f.'.'í" * Jr. '. ' . :<* *. ï*t t-1'

Tins Australian Tooker Club^commenced their Autumn

Mooting iôr"l866 *oà Satùrdày'lastj under, perhaps, not

tile moat favourailo ausp|ces._ Accidents and jnusforj-. . tunos hadlmfortnnätelybeen'busily at work; the Bolds Vero much curtailedfrom whit they were, expected to bo a morith'agö ; the arrival of tho Melbourne colts last week, had. caused considerable distrust in the Kew South Walds two year, olds ; ¿nd.? altogether,: speculation had

boen confined'to a few~-favourites, the outsiders - hav- ? ing boon .hardly, backed at all. Tho Holiday, too,-on

St George's Day,' had cáusoda good deal Of money tobó ' spent, which would otherwise luve -gone to-Bandwick ;

and, notwithstanding the excellence-of-'th'e programme,'' and tho interest - attaching to The Leger; The Cup,' and' the difforent two year old races, we have dong been alive to, the faet that the' meeting' did not create the excite mont it merited, or that we should' havo liked''to'see. The lamented death of Mr-Charles Martyn, Into Trea- surer of the A.J.O., cast a chilling damper upon every thing; and there was a sorioua air about tho officials,' as they moved: about with the mourning badgb upon tho left arin, which told of misfortune that' loft'more'thun a surfuco grief behind. The Club havo loft nothing un- done tb bring'off tho meeting with eolat'i and for months past tho energetic Hon. Secrotary has been' contriving and perfecting improvements upon' the times gone by.

, Much has' been dono to the «ourse ; and a very great im- '.

provoment indeed is the new paling fonce,-six feet high,' reaching round tho first turn, on the outside,'from op- posite the entrance gato, to near the rooks. This-will

serve asian effectual atoppor tb bolting off the course'at' that vary tempting gate turn. Tho running ground -is in first-rate order,-admitting of - no doubt -as to- tho' beiie- ' fioial effects of street sweepings as' a top dressing.';'in short the. A.J.O.--will- not relax their efforts until they have succeeded in arriving as' near perfection with their

,raco course, as'circumstances will admit. 'Since the

Spring, the Grand Stand has undergone some alterations, by whioh entrance has been facilitated ; and there are improvements also in tho weighing room, by which what goes oninside can be soon by persons interested, and the room still kept clear for tho officials to carry on their bittiness without crushing or interference.! We said that misfortune thinned the fields, and so it did indeed ; for during the week before the races, Old England, Lord of the Wood, and -Blair-Athol; all-very promising colts, disappeared from , among tho two -year olds; Orphan Prince declined to sliow for tho Leger ; and many doubts wero thrown upon Tarragon boing a- starter for any of his engagements. Still, however, Mr Town's horse found supporters for the Cup ¡ --and'with things connect- ed with all tho great races, in >a state of delightful un- certainty, the curtain rose upon the . i

:. - *' j _ FIBST DAT.

., Saturday morning, when wo'looked out, gat o evory. ,prpmiseof a fine-day; tho general appearance of things as thoj day advanced, being quite enough'to tempt'all those who had not quite made up their ifiinds whether theyVwould go or not; .'It' strück its throughout tho fdre . noon that tho busses! were not'so largely pntronised'as usual i and all along tho road wo noticed a falling off in tho number of travellers, so that we wero riot at all asto- nished to find on the1,course, by far tho smallest afton dance ¡we ever saw on a. Saturday ; nor did the-numbers increase in any very; largo ratio during thb cntiro after- noon.! .Wo ahould not ha«e taken it for "The Leger Day,"| for, truth- to speak, it had more the look ofan "off";day ; and wo could well have supposed it to bo. tho Friday betwoon the Cup Day and tho /concluding Satur-, 'day'; Naturally, tho Booths, of which thore were tho usual çui««riim,,did;not make w,hat- would bo considered anythitig.'like a Saturday's harvest; and tho:Lessee of 'the Gate, would hardly find lie had too cheap a bargain. So far things did not augur well for great profita tothoso who had myestod capital in race course property . Of course, there, was tho usual.atteridanco of racing men j but tho general publio woro not thoro ; and tho nnmber of vehicles ranged along the inside of tho course was a longway below tho average; Mr O'Brien, ofTattersalPs, dispensed creature comforts,. as usual, at tho Grand Stand!; but even he was not patronised ,as of yore,, and must have discovered a falling off in his takings, Neither the stand» enclosure was as numerously tenanted as heretofore ; and there was not the least difficulty in getting close enough to form an opinion of tho greatest -favourites. - For-the-first race, Malvina inspired most confidence; and'sho looked pretty' right, while' Mr Town's colt did not please us a-bit ; but thero was a hard-áa.naUs: old-fashioned' look about Barby arid Ash- worth that quite prepared us for mischief. The bid horse was very fit ;1 he soemed to race os if it was great'fun'to htm, and he liked it ¡ and 1*9 and his ridor evidently quito understood each other. For the next race there carno out tho finest field of two year olds wo oversaw in Aus- tralia, and somo -that would be difficult to find the .equals olin the : Of course, the obsorved of all observers were the Maribyrnong pair ; and when they stripped under the, shed,'; there, could be but orié opinión about them. The "Hook" isa tremendous oolt, with immense size and power, without being handsome; and Budelight, although thought little of by his stable, (so we bear); ísiuBt ono ofthose useful eut-and-come-again colts so difficult to find, tho bottom.of.- In the race he was in front ¿from .end tô'cnd; ,waaCnover.; caught'by any 'but Fishhook,' and the latter had to bo punished to' win the' race.-' Our'impression was that both these colts were mud fat, and tho way they ran homo, led to the question being asked rory gonerally, what will they be when they are fit? . Tho Judgo's colt,, " Sir John," comes naxt to . the Melbourne.pair in'point-of fashionable appearance ; ho has rather a heavy head and neck, , broad chest ; and is very deep in the girth, with great thighs quarters and gaskin«. '; He sweated considerably when stripped, giving us tho idea that he was fretful, and had been a littlo " off." ' The Barb. to.our fancy was fitter than anything else-'in' .in1 the raco ; and there is no doubt ho went, faster ' than; any of them, round tho turn ; but. something, made him' 'shift, otherwise bb would not have been a mile away in

the run homo. -Bylong is a very improving looking colt, with great propelling power, and all over the walk of a racehorse. Ho will.have,to see a good'day yet. Circassian looked well enough ; and ran well to the turn ; but after, the execrablo start ho got ho. could not bo ex- pected to be more* forward than he was". In the first half mile; he, mado up-much- of his' lost 'ground; arid pas»ed several that woro in : front of him. At' Homo bush we expected to seo this colt improve ¡ and but for .getting away so badly; he would have run wellen Satur- day. Hambleton Hill ; is a fine big colt; but not furnish- ed enough to run woll at two years' old ;-and Norma,: though anice pony, only made us fancy, that a "trainer can' derivo little. satisfaction from having siióh quality put into hia hands.-Miss. Corobus certainly : showed no improvement on.ber Homebush form. -. They were nine, very creditable youngsters,-.and if: the dozen had been . mado up by Lord of the Wood, Old England, and Blair Athol,. ! they would .indeed. have been , a great - lot. - Fourteen out of the fifteen.on.tho'card, sported silk 1 for-tho Leger; The, Pitsford being a great favourito,

?and quito, justifying all the confidante of his backer*.

!H«J ¡waa, the very picture of condition ; and there^is ' -nlways.a jeaifemna/y,'look about histhead; that -must command respect, oven,from bis opponents. Day and 'Martin, about whom fortunes were to be won, was very 'fit ; ,arid ifcondition could.have won 'the-- race ho-would . havo been thereabouts..,., As itwas, hpjiover showad pro . 'roiuenfly-in tho race,; after, the .firsfrget^away.-- Angler,

as'he]walked'in the enclosure, did not impress- us-with 'fitnèss-^he seèemed nötto liko it; ,and- waa. certainly too < ,fuU>of flesh,;.but> when ho bolted, ho waa ns good as 'any- thing, brid ot hera in the race thought ho >was< 'coming- to ,.jvin. ! Cossack'had not improved a bit sinco .Homebush indeed he-looked lesa fit to ru'n> than when he ran second to Beatrice there for tho Maiden Plate; but he finished garnely home. Bulgenbar is tho makings .of ia- geod horse i.and ran very well. He has a fine forehand ; but ' falls away behind, and is deficient in barrel. Somemis

takb must have been mado in Mr Lee's atable, for: Gazelle was thought nothing of, as compared with Sappho.- The chestnut lilly will grow into a good one; for from: tho running shu made, and the way sho lastbd homo, there can bo no doubt about her staying powers or gameness. Tim Whifllcr was rather full of flesh, but in spite of all that, he ran well to a certain point; and Pyra mus we rathor expected better things of. Pioneer, Alexandra, Littlo Bobin and Ludia, though all vory well to swell the field and th» stake, wero sadly out of place in auch a crowd. Warwick had very littlo trouble to settle the pretensions of Safeguard ; and Dundee regular- ly galloppod away from tho moderate lot that disputed his right to the Doncaster Handicap ; tho race being run without thc first and second nags being interfered with from start tp finish. Johnny Driscoll is . wonderfully good at getting away ; and if there is a little pull, toi be

got in the start he is pretty sure to.take it. The perform-1 ance of Pontifical was not calculated to give his stable !

much more confidence than they had in hint before. Generally speaking therarrangeumits .were.'M usual with tho A. J. C., very good. Tho starting tras quito Up to the/standard. Nothing could be better than the way in whioh the Leger nags were got away. If Pontifioal ohose to'stay at the post in preference to running for the Don-' caster Handicap, the starter must not bo held, answer^ abje ; and it appeared aa though the fault of Cir- cassian not getting away for tho two year old race, was very muah to be laid to his jockey. The grey horse, ridden by tho Deputy Clerk of tho Course, was t> little too playful for the work he had to do j but this is a small matter ; and beyond it we saw nothing that could hare been.improved. ¿ Hi« .Excellency and Lady Young, ac compsntediby/tha'Erinco do Condo, and attended'by Lord J^ohriTaylouf,' arrived on tho Course just before tho start for tho Trial Stakes ; and, having been conducted to that portion of tho stand set.apart for their accommoda "tiô'rj, rcmaihëB, enjoying 'tho sport, during ¿the. greater, part'of the afternoon.' J_ '.. ' * .

One. old Randwick acquaintance, wo wore very glad to miss, and that was the dust, which for once wai riot tlioro in such choking clouds as wo have seen ; and, in- deed, bo-h along the' road and on the oourse we never saw BO little of it on a fino day. There is something tin-' -mistokoablo about Eandwiok dust ; it is certainly not easy swallowing ;, and those, outer garments: aro short-: li ved'that get a good.tastoof it. ] "Wo aro'vory glad to bo abie to compliment tho Stewards and the Secretary on their punctuality'. ; Tho races were run.'strictly, to time, and this in a.great .measure onsuroa tho safety of race visitors oh their return home.. .. > >.. . . . ?. . :?- . ! Tho'following are tha particulars of tho racing 1-'

The TRIAL STAKES, of 4 sov oacli, with 40 sor added; .. .for all horses; ll milo. . Tho winner to bo sold by

auction immediately after tho race, for £60; tho amount . (if any) realised jiu excess of that'sum to go to the .til'und.. '.'['. ' ' I ' ? '- .? ., . ? < . ?

MrTalt'i b g'Rarey.aged...............Ashworth I

Ivory's bm Malvina, Syn....Cano U Town's.b(Lunatic.4 yrs*-.;-......~......."...f3arlcr 3 .Betting-Even, and;6 toyl on Malvina; At tho fiiU of

the flag, Earoy was tho first to show-in advance; but it was only-momentary,1': for before'the. gate was reached, and 03 éoonaa they wera well oh their logs, tho mare; who was going »long on tho inside, had assumed the command, and went round tho turn at tho Rooks with a strong lead, Lunatic lying third:' At the back of the course tho-trio got into, closer .order, and at the Derby 'cornor the Ancient of Days had got on terms with his

loader. Going up tho hill Ashworth set his horse going, in' earnest, and ron up along sido Malvina at the top ; tho pair .coming round the turn together, and the .horse lauding in tho straight, with a slight lead. Here tho race was over, constant old Baroy galloping homo in front,, arid' landing "Mr '..Tait's colours, .first,past the post for tho opening raco of the .Meeting, with the greatest ease. Haifa milo from home .Lunatic tried to get up, but was'never able to reach.,the .others, and finished a bad third. Time, 2 min. 25i secs.


STAKES of 10 sov each, h ft; 100 sov added; }. mile. 32 subs. Colts 8st 71b, fillies and/geldings ? Sit -llb.

Ur Fisher's b e Fishhook, by Fisherman, out of Marchioness

; . / * D. O'Brien 1 " b e Budellght, by Fisherman, out of Nlghtllght

: V' ) tireen 3 ' T«)t'*Mlc c The Barb, by Slr Hercules, out of Yoong Gul-- .

nure ...v...,..'...:...-...'... ..ri. Stanley S Checke's ur e Sir/ohn, by Magus, out, ofVesslná;.Driscoll g Merry's b c Clrcasilai*. by.Chevalier, out of Chullco...Holmes 0 'V. Leo's eli e'Byldhii; bjrSlr Hercules, out of Marchioness

i Cano ' 0 A. j Bowman's gr f norma, by Cossack, out of Mimosa

¡ . ? ..- .... . . ; " ' Edwards'O' ' Din«'« b o Hambleton lilli, by Lord of the Hills-Requiem

'- ! ? \ . ... /.Woods. 0 Cobcroft's b f Miss Corcebus, by Corcebus-Slaldof Au»trulla

. ' , . O, Thump-on . 0

. .Betting: 6 to 4 agst Fishhook, 3 to i agst Tho Barb, 6 to l agst Sir John, 6 and 7 to 1 agst'tho others. ;

On inusteringat the starting post, Budclight showod py'mptoms pf fractiousness, "arid nt ono timo it was feared tho Melbourne edita would,object ,to travelling in com ' pony. Tho.lot, however, were soon got togethor, ond Mr Hcñfrcy succeeded in despatching them at the first at- tempt pa very good terms, all except. Circassian, with whom Holmes wouldn't go up j and tho result waa that he had much' tho worst, of the start. The rose cap of Bu'delight'was at once seen in'front, .the others laid up 'in closo quarters; Sir John, Bylong, Fishhook, and The Barb constituting the front rauk in waiting on the loader. Round the turn tho paco was a cracker '; and Tho Barb,

who had been lyin; fifth on tho outside, came round his, horses with ii tremendous show of foot, and on landing fairly in the straight, looked as if ho was going to up- set the' " pot" and koep up the prestige of the yellow and black cap. Here Fishhook came .out, ond in a few strides tho race .was left to the Melbourne pair and The Barb-^tho latter running wide:by himself in. the middle of the oourse, Before roaching the distance, ho wovor, Mr Tait's colt swerved towards the inside running, and coming behind Mr Fisher's two, put himself out of the raco. The'two representatives of Maribyrnong ran a splendid, race home, the favorito requiring to .be-,ridden all the way to finish a neck. in, front of his stable com fianion. Tho Barb was beaten two lengths from Bude

ight; Sir John was foutrth, and'Bylong ran home fifth. Bun in 1 min. 22} sec. .Value pf the.stakos, £296.:

The {Australian) ST. LEGER STAKES of 80 BOVS each, . "h ft, for3yrs old; colts, 8st lOIbs, fillies 8st 61bs. \ Tho second to receive 60 eovs' out - of ike stokes. 1} ;'. înilé. 89 subs. ..

Mr Loder'« br c The PltifMd_."~...,".........;"_;S, Thompson 1

J, Lee's ch f Gazelle.............*.(Tune 3 Hundoclc's b e llulglmbar."_. Ashworth 3 J. Lee's eh e Cossack.. ......i.Cane * 0 Hassall'* b eTim \VhltBer "....."^...T";....^......"....Stone 0 Fisher's br c Angler.«...."D. O'Brien , 0 Kyan's eh e Pioneer .i....T*...'.."" ....Hanks 0 , Town's b í Ludia'...-.. ........... : Curler -0 ' Dangar'» b e Pjrarou» ....w.."..;."WTOds .

O, Lee's gr fSappho .... ............"Holmes 0 Klchards's b g Little B.o»lrt.......:......"...Do\rllrig 0 Iialdwlu's bf BeaUicc.r........""..........^v..... ........J.Bmty '0 ', * Hoir» b e Day and Martin (lats Charles Albert) .Cook 0

M elhado's ro f Alexandra ....Stanley . 0 Betting at starting J 6 to 2 agst' Tba Pitsford, 3 to 1 agst Beatrieej 5 to 1 agst Day and Martin, 6 to 1 agst Angler, 7 to 1 eaoh agstBulgimbar and Cossack. , . i ? . .

The lot got away Without n mistake, and »ll in a clus- ter, so closo togethor that for some .distance positions couldjnot bo assigned to any but tho, first one pr two. Ai far as we could see'from tho stand, Day arid. Martin and Beatrice led from tho jump, and continued in .front until Icommcncing the thrri into ' the , straight, where Gazelle took the command, and cut, out .tho. work .at ¡a good paco np tho distance, past theBtqiid,,and)rouñd the Denison turn, th'e'lot being laid up eloao at ber heels, with tho exception pf the .favorite, .who. loy .oft" some lengths as they passed tho stand. By, the time the.rooks were passed,' tho pace had toll visibly upon some ¡of the JouVsido ' division ; and a' very Conspicuous " tail'; was established aa they rounded tho Denison .turn, In the meantime tho blaek jaokct of Mr X/te Mestre wai seen approaching'the front, as Tim ."Whiffler, went, up ai the back of the courso ; while, Anglór and ,tho favorite got on terms with their leaders, ani tho rear guard was hopelessly composed of Ludia; Alexandra," Little Bobin, Bod Pioneer. At tho top of the hill all those with any chanco bad. drawn up into good- positions, and among tliose'in thp front rank it looked. like anybody's race; As they made the turn for home, Angler,, who had :run up into second place on tho outside, cut ir, and ? bolted across .thp. course, right; under -the outside rails; and Fitsfdrd was eeou to come through his horses; and estab- lish himself in front on tho inside. Once in possession of the leao^tho,b.lpodhke'little;Pi^fprd:had the raco liii own woy ; for although the filly ran gamely to: the,last, the running she had mado from end to end, toldiagainsl her, and the favorite won without ..being called upon al the finish". íBulgirabar and Cossack'.camo->.with>a: rush inside tho half distance, and ran a fino race home, thc former seonring , third place by a nook ; . ïim: Whiffle! wns fiftir, arid Angler, who ran home undcr-the judge*! box, finished, about,sixth. ... Time,-,3;í;min.,¡ 25i i seo Value of tho stakes after deducting,tho winner's owr stakiv £?05.¡ ".> ,': : . .V .: <???? - "r ..'.:-? The PUBLICANSV STAKES of 7,sov8;eaoh, with 70 sovt

'added. ' ,Wilu,or3 i.«ltrfl-..; ..Ms'dens, allowed I 6lbs "?'iZi milos.-' ,'Tho second horso14BOVS out,of,the prize

: Mr Toit'»'c)i g Warwick, 6 yr», {allowed 61bs)8st91b« Ashworth J

. .. alcrry's b g Sáfeguard, 4yrs, Sit 01bs....^.....;:;.T".Holmés' ' , 4 on Warwick. . __ ..... ... , ,.

' Warwick werit'nwóy with'tho lead,1 and kept it linti .coming into the straight'rurfaing the first rime "round where he-allowed Safeguard to approach'bini; arid thi pair passed tho stand on very good- terms with eacl other..' "During' th'6 second round {th'o'nori-foyonrit scverfai times came near to Warwick, bnt1^ it was only oi srifioranco; and Ashworth brought tho chestnut in i very cosy, winner by'tbroo' lengths.' Tiinc,'6. min.:G soc Tho DONCASTER HASDICAP of , 7 sovs each, h ft

entrance fee only if declared .by 23rd, April,, with 7« BOVS added ; 1 mile, ll subs, 4 of .whpm| paid on}; their entranco fee. '. v i .

Ur cbaafe ns eh c Dundee, 4 yrs, Bst laib .«^._..^."~Drl«colI '

Eeath's br g Bracelet, a yrs, Tst 101b..................... Colley Ityan's eli g Cock-a-Uoop, aged, Tst 41b »....»."^.."George Leder'» b in Tho fun, aged, Sst Sib Thompion tiydncj-'s b g Little Mick, d yrs. Tit Sib ...._...."...W, Moore Marsden's sr h Albert, 5 yr«, 7«t. ._...."..._T..."_ Pollock Cohcrofl'i hrh Pontifical,aced,Tst Oit>(diitanced;"Edward*

Betting : 6 to 4 ogst Dandee, 6. to .2 agst Bracelet, . and 6 to 1 agst tho others.

This race gave tho only false start of the day ; but a the second attempt all excopt Pontifical got away ol pretty good, terms. Johnny Driscoll, with. .that, deter ratnation for which.he U famous; and;¡which;makes hin

sp highly-thought of as a rider ia short- races,' 'got Dun dee away'in front with'.certainly.thp .bojt;of.tba-start

Bracelet coming on second, and The Nun third, lita

order wa» maintained .throughout" almost th«*anttm^ jouncy j for Dundee won'without being approached,: and Mr Seath'a nag appropriated the " tenner* 'without > any trouble ; Cock-a-lioop third. Pontifical waï left at Ï the post, and cantered over tho milo by himself after tho Í

other horsespassed tho post.' Bun in 1 min. bli seo. \ . "i v "" .*»THB CUP DIT-THURSDAY. * --''"-*'..»£''

Why Thursday should bo called the first day of tha regular meeting it is not easy to say, for the Leger Hay is just as much part and parcel of the regulars as tiny of tho

others ; but for somo reason or other many peoplo seom > to hare got it into their heads that tho Sxturduy was a sort of Interloper. However, this has littlo to do witt tifo matter. . .Thursday was a very fino day, tho foj, ? which was thick in the early part, eleurod away before raco timo, a nice shower iu the morning had .laid.tho. dust, and rendered - a- trip - to ltondwick. by "no' means unpleasant. / 'A large Humber of visitors'-were ort

tho cotirae, the attondauoe- being in this particular inucU ' moro satisfactory than it was on.tho Legerity, whilo the sport was very good. Theroiwure -fiv^.'oveiita on tho card, or, rather, we should say, " ontered~in.\tho book,'' :of which the Maiden .Plato and-'.thb'.Oup wëréftho elïîof attractions, and both produced-good races, tho formo?

givirigjtho fielders.-a pull, and the, favorite, Yattendon, pulling off the big oront. But of this more by and bye.

tThe arrangements, as on tho first day, arid aa indeed they; .'' always are at Randwick, were excellent-punctuality and

a perfect absence of .all confusion hoing ;tlie "prominent ». features.) and tito starting- was good, although tho field *

for tho Cup Oppenrod,from tho stand not-to-got.away, on:i-,' tho .best ot. .terms, and in tho Champagne Budejight did., not.leave tho post with his horses. And hero it may not ''

bo.outjof place to put inia Word on tho subject of start'.., ing. Tho publie are very apt to ,lay everybad^'f got-* - away", to tho account of the starter, but sometimes ,tha

riders make it absolutely impossible to send.a field going. ,, ou good terms. Thore are aoino old "generals ".catong.

jockeys who will never go up to- their horses in a;field" ? until nomo, of tho'youngsters have been made fraotious ,., in .their anxiety to get away, and until these havo boen.,,. fined onco or twice, or left lialf a dozen times at the post,

they.won't be convinced... No dohbt something of this","".] kind had to do with,, the straggling'start, for'tho. oiip.-' Howoverr Mr. Henfrey slfowa a; dctcrminaion' to saud.1

his horsái)'orí their journey whenever begets thom'ii.csrty ' together,vwithóut letting-the whole, afternoon bb cut to" . waste by a'lot of false starts ; and as this is getting well

known] among the jocks, it will soon have a gqbdbffect,.]']. It wasja general remark'ajhoiig'those Who piy4atten.tlon ',' to, this rory interesting and, important portion of tha ' sport, that tho official'timo 'taken during tho two first' days was fast throughout j and wo boliere not] without

reason. < This time there has boen no white flag to drop ' " 'as the' horses left,tho post, and as in most cases tho,

starts have boen some diatanco behind it, tho time has had to betaken from tho'fall of tho red flag, and considerably

over the distance has'been run. We know that in soma'

cases careful and experienced tithers, with good watches, ' hive rrindo tho time a couple of seconds slower than that , ! officially given.' The first event of the day, tho' Cham'¿"'

pagno.Stakes, brought out tho Melbourne pair, witht '

Blondín arid Mies Ciorcehus. Of course it was looked ", ? upon as a certainty, and tho only betting was about ptab¿ ' ing the lot. Mr."Baldwin's colt jumped away witnshe"1 "Hook," and tho pair raced hoad »nd head for half ai '

mile,_ tho litjia*" un* on tho outside, showhig , slightly,In?' front'for 8*ómo distance j but after this it was all over,

and Budelight, "who carno striding along at o.terriblo ' pace, finished tho race,'as on' Saturday,"alongside'his stable companion. They .aro great two-year-olds, without

a doubt, arid it"the "Light" had a good pair of foro legs 1

we don't know which of. the two wo would sooner have«

By the bye, we have-noticed'a-provolone feeling that,: bobauiie those, youngsters aro so good, racing hero may be looked upon as'aver for ever and a day;'ano! that the) ' good things of tho next half dozen meetings moy as well1

bo handed over to'them at onco'j but this is a most'; ridiculous idea. ' We havo had to do with the some blood ' boforej and apparently in quito as'dangerous o guiso, and J thero is no reason whatover why these two-year-olds ahould be inviuciMo at another meeting; any moro than

Angler and the other representatives of tho stable that,

have bofore-timo raced on ltandwick. ' Heretofore" New1 :

South Wales has always.had something good, enough. tori find thom out, and we have a strong idea the something ; will happen again.. Noona can grudge them their success* this time, for richly indeed do. tho colts deserve it ; andi tho cheers which greeted themas they ran home,, first ,

and second on Thursday showed they wore' appreciated*]. Five two;year-olds and Warwick sported silk for tho ; Maidon.Stakea. Gazelle,: Bulginbar, and Mr Tait's nag , being in most favor. The pot eame to grief,- and Cossack - won easily'.. At last this colt has done what we had. been ,<

expecting of him. Ho certainly looked mueh better than-!

on'Saturuay ; and quite satisfied us that there must hav* I been ¡somo mistako about tho Leger..running (to-day i

he ran. withomt shoes) j although, aa Mr; Coker so,ij. aptly,; and so frequently docs, observe, V you never";, caii tell." This Cossack colt will be , a great tcazer,:! fir the flyers, another season, and. if Mr Thompson.: keeps him on the, improving BU it, as ho has so far, it willy "be "look,to yourselves'', in. big races next yoaryfor.'i: Cossack is a stickor. Tho paco for the first half of thal ;

Maiden Plate journey was «low. enough, and passing tho*,,

stand they were only cantering j, but at the far aide of th» . ' course it improved considerably, although tho time is no ! great things.. . Gardie made, running all. tho way, as in... tho Logcrj and Bulginbar ran a good colt, but unfortu-: nately had his chance, upset by being cannoned?, agninst in the . run home,. Worwiek und - Beatrice! i ought to.have, carried Bibs extra, .which of course they,

did, though our book did'nt say so* Johnny Driscoll ¡oix ¡ Mormon pulled off the Selling 2:58. Malvina' cutting up wretchedly..- And'now camotho great orent of tho meeting,-the Sydney,, Cupy which has'ibxon tho

gt bat betting race of. the Autumn, and regarding wbicht - there have been so many differences of opinion. Thirteen:. ont of tho original twenty-seven paine to the poet ; and. several stables .fancied, they possessed'tho winner. Tarragon,. Tattondon, Pitsford, .Sultana, Sir Patrick/ Falcon, and Orneara had each been backed ; and aft»' sundry and .divers changes, the betting which in conse- quence, of the mysterious, aileneo maintained about. Tarragon, has'for tho last week been, , as far as he ws» concerned, a dead Icttor,;elosed on the previous evening,, àt the following ¡ pikes, the .Pitsford's Leger victory, having, brought him up considerably in the odds, his. friends believing it to be all over. 4 to 1 v Yattendon fa ' I1 v Sir Patrick, Pitsford and Bose of Australia ;. S. to 1 y Sultana and Falcon," and ten to ono against any

others. On. the coarse'there was no great amount of i business.actually.dorie, and the. closingprices,are given ' below. . The doubts, which have ta long enshrouded.*.

Tarragon'were 'by no* means cleared away "daring thc ' forenoon.. . The horra had : not arrived.- It was said that,, he'waa tb* come down by special train ; and some people were pufficiontly unbelieving not-to credit thiB. It was

not until Johnny Higgerson. was seen on tho course, and.. it was known that the horso had come, that any certainty existed ; and even then everybody waited to seo what h<*

'was like befbre'operatiitg about him. When he did come;,, into the. enclosure, ? there wero -various opinions about; him, and offers of 3 to 1 went plentifully begging) very many] peoplo attaching more mystery to him than ha' deserted.! Tho old horse was simply not fit to run,

and j though brought, there to run for his. backers'- ; moaey . and' give them a chance ' to,', hcdgo,: ho had ' no chance,-and had much better haye'' been kept at home. We must not be told, however, that the race proves-he had too much weight on him. Ha

couldn't haye won with a stone taken off. The great ,

,hprse' and 'hi's rider were-well cheered-tho former^ pulled up lame, and we thought was so before Btartirit?' Yattoudon attracted à great share'of attention; and welt

hp deserved it; he looked really "dipping,"' and has. grown ititO o'grout horse} ' Mr Jenner'has had to put'uj] ; with a long list of defeats; but ho has brought out abs, ".'plutn"'thit' will console him for all tho moderates^ and

; wo v<jry béartüy' congratulate him- ou Iris success; Wo" w]erojglad torsee, too, that constant old stager Sara Holmes;'whô'b'asidés'Higgerson is "tho only one bf tbs1 ,ojd sort still,in the pigskin, get a slice of good lucV,'.

after a-lot'bf loaiag mbunts.' .Ivory's nags looked well,..; "arid ran wonr'But'Torivis out of luck; Falcon finished

,abou^ os good a race as he over ran, ,and as - usual diJ'¡ credit iridoed'to'MTTait*s^stable. He does bring tljtffl, oiit sp "very fit-ñot"oñ'é¿ but all tho nags-if tho qualify ' is] good enough, you may, safely back the condition. 'Sir" Patrick looked right ; brit those who know ho had bein,

knocked off his work during tho last week' wero doúbt

fúl about his.being go the two miles ; ho broil* down badly at a milo and a quarter, running well within himself at tho time, in'a good place, and looking all ?over like o winner. Union Jock and Canobio stripped under tho shod,'the latter looking anything but tip to th* mark,-and the other not exactly what ho was last year* when ho won tho samo raco for Noah Beal with only a

pound less than now to corry. In many quartern tho Pitsford was bookod a certainty, and in others Bose oj Australia was much fancied ; but though both looked" right well, they had no ohance, and the thrco year ote that looked so " well in, modo no show at tho finish, ' though tho littlo maro and Angler ran forward to », certain point. People say Angler waa winning, when lie began his tricks-we don't think so. Forester was nv good! buckle, but he got awny badly, worse oven i"Vn Tarragon, and never showed in a prominent position. Just! as tho horses wont 'out to start for tho Cup tlio Yffeatherjwhich' had been very warm; suddenly changed,

"i , CooI,-«T«iir»;flUilly, breoientodo ie necessary tr. throw on th© Aittim ai th« hone* were lod round to , th« »wo-milo post." Trió ovor-¿Migornod» of somo riders une ilia s'aid-movomonts of others oauscd ono fnläo start ; hit Mr ¿enfróy sont thom away at the, second time ,o ¡skineT ànâ: n's wo thought, did perfectly right. Yat tsmlifn won his ruco vory cloverly, and finished tho gooc ooh we always thought him ; and Sultana proved her «If a rieht good little mare, and a credit to her. trainor On comirlg to scales the ridor, of Sultano entored a pro. .Mtsesinst Holmes for à jostle in the mri hbnie,',anrj .oreral witnesses from auiong ,the. ridors hi ft.l¡oi rnc( «arno forward to substantiate, tho ohaige.From! when wa stood the alleged jostlo'could not be seen j' .b'ntyoy'pra of tbe jockeys, with whom, the moro's soo'mod tho popu hr cause, described'it 'to us'aa' unmistakeable... The stewards, however, nftor ari attentive arid, no doubt, im nartial hearing.of tho evidonco, dismissed tho case, ¡and u^clire'd'Yottendon tho winner. . After the'great'event of tho' meeting;"'the* Waverley Stakes' caused little ex, citetriont f ári'd,Wáriviokj WUh'a poiiolty of Clus, on him, as We suppotc','p^liiihed off [ his , competitors in'g'oód .trie.- The rrioniarit tlío'lioriés'iyo'ro' past tho post th'ure w^ j¿.réi¡uHV.:Blámpbde hito town, ( wherp. yo behove ererybódy arrived'.safely," and in r good,'timo'.' .' .The crowd waV'^vpry 'orderly \ during -the^'jdayr^th^.co^e was'well1: sept'" by .tthe polico,' whoso 'duty, , "so ; fur- as ^w^bw.woiro'ttonfcero^ if rió't,quito, n.sint

"rho «ttondancb ^'.il^.WjM.'àu^ontéa' by tho arrival 'of soml'MÄhournfeLspoVtsmbri, among whom wo were .alad, "to seo.Mr P. J^Soighrai^ Mr Goldsborough,; aitd ' 'oilier léa'dórs'of racing ion 'in tho sister colony.,

And sp we proceed tri'a* resume .of ,the racing. , .1

Ilia 'ôHÂMPA'GNIî:iSrAKBS 'of lö soys, h ft,. 4 only .ii

declared by Si'st March,' with 80 sortf added.; for two; year-old" colts,,8at lOlbs ; .fillies, 8st: 81b8S,7,".furlpng8. lSsiibB,^ bf whom paid, 4 sova each, ; . , -c.'.

Ur Kitier** b c Pinlihnnk,6 lbi extra............,....;..,. D. 0 Brien 1

Filbert bt Badeltght...........i.. Oreen X C. Uah)w'ln'* blk c Blondín.:.:.v,'..'.v..G.' Thomjrtcn1' S Cobcroft'sb ÍHUi .<:orcebui,...i....;.~,....r.,.»...'.". .."UggBlt'O

Bi)ttIrig,'2Jo'r'j3 tp..l'pn Fishhook, ^aud ovon money on theMelbotjrttór8.b'eing'0rst,áñ(3,sooond. -."....,

At tho'ft rit attempt tho fiag'foll, Budelight gcttingitho worst of tho start, and the otlicrsjCrmping awnytogether "Thompson Sf. onco.rushed Blondín tp the/ront,laud eut out tilts .work, ^svi th Fishhook sit his lwud,each determined to find ont how fa'r'lfis 'pppotíónt coúlditravol.-> They, rnn thus' along' thc^lbuck 'of .tito* course, round ,.t.ho'. Derby Cornor.'nndíipUie hitl,Budélight, who showed tremend- ous spee.d, ninkirig up Iiis löät ground in wonderful style, ind th'e'paco.from tho first being n "cracker." At tho

top of .jíie^hill Fishhook's stride'had told its tale'upon Blondín, and after.going half a milo tho little colt cried n go,4nd'ivä».,pooii.pii8sled,l>y Billielight,.who como sailing round' tho turri,'.and.raii up to the favorito at tho distunce, bcin¿ b'oníí'n'nf nock. in tito run home. 11Í63 C'orobus beBten';¿jir,'. '.X^^^ . ... . - ' ' . .

Tl»'MAUJRK.-STAKES of' 10 'sov leñelí, ti ít,'with. 130

added,;!. l£:in ile:*'.'-Winnow',nftor 'entraficó,'onco Clli, twipa,or inoro¡71b ovtra. 12 subs. ' . . . Ur A.TJ)omp«qn's.'ch c -Cossack, Sy'ni...;....'.i.'.'J. Curia . I

J» Lee's eli f -Jiraellc, S jrs.(.«.Hamtny '1 Smith's b c Hulglnti.-ir. ..."...Carlen tl Tall'» ch (T warwick, 5 yrt'.'CS los extra)......Atiuwoith 0 ]>y Mektre'a bcTlni U'liifllur, ,1yr»... Y ...V...'.....' Andrewa 0 llald<T(n'« b,f Beatrice, 3 yr,, (5 lr» extra)....;..: Thompson 0

Betting:'2 to.lagst Gazollo; 3 to l Warwick; 4to 1 BulgimD'ar'atid'CÔBsnck. . - . . :

At the first attompt the maiden half dosen, were sent away'from tho post, all pf a heap, andTor a few strides nothing showed ' in,front. When, they wore fairly at worlcj Qazelle'cariib out from tho crowd, and with a lead oflhreo pr'four leiigtlts inado tho running, at not a very great bat,tip tho'hill, and round tho> turn.-: >Coming tip ths sti7"s)h'j'th«,'>Iot'olps^.,aiit.tla upon the:lendt>r, who eoniinueu in froiit past tlioittnd, waited on by Warwick, Uïm'Whiffipr.arid Cossiokjirl tho order named. Bulgim bar "'lyirig" o8V ' So they* ran by tho rocks, and lo the Dtuison.turn, wliero.Bulgbtibfr ran into third place; and sloifg the Tar 'aido of tho course, tho paco mended con- siderably,' arid all got pretty, well together, with the exception- of Boatrioe, Gaulle still holding tho lead. Ooing up tho hill, Bulgimbar ttill further improved his poiitiop; and .oh tho arriving at tho top, was lying second,' on fornis. witli^tlio loader, in. which.positions they came round-tho: turu fdr borne. Hero- Cossack began to como, joined Uta front rank as thny:got into the straight^ and challenged, for-the lead.' " Coming to trio distance, Cline got his colt, in. front. ' ' Vp the. .distance,, Cossack held;hU; owiij'anti5 the filly, who ran till the 'last, "was never able again to overhaul him, being beaten in tho run home by a. length. ' Bun in i'min 22jt socs. ' j( ?

The" SETXtNG STAKKS pf 8 sovs.csch, .with 85- added ;

li mile, j Hie winner, .to be. sold by. sold by auction immediately* after tho race Ipr £35, any surplus .to go

tb the funds. IS subsv

iii J. Driscoll sba; Mormon,ARcd......-...,......... ..¿...Driscoll 1

Winch's b fl »steinte, fl vrs.i.Moore 2 Ivorj's bm Malvina,e yr»....:..Yeomans S I¡etthig'< Even' on the' field j' 7'to S against Mormon. This race, gave'^the .first false sturt of tho .day, in which Manilla' fan about à hundred yards. At the second .attempt, they, carno nwoy,:. tbs maro." in front miking a great sweep' rbpiid the turn, and taking up. a-, fashion" ori'the rails'coming up .Hie straight runnintr,

pissing tho stand with a olear lead, the others-' holding l hard, ^At.thb Denisoh turii' Sntellito lind gone to the

front/.'Brid/ along' tho book of the courso - Mormon ,wont. i up to him; i tho'inoro falling ; nwny ' boitfn.' Tho . leaders. ran togethor; round thè turn^for librae','"and''Johiiny setting. his horse going, Carno-' nway: rip (ho straight, arid won a -Blow race as lie plcnsed, in 2.68: "Malvina b'untèn où*.- lho;winnor was Sold for '£49,-'realiiing"i:i3 to tho, funds.1« .-t;: V.«'.: ,.v....« --t '!; n' ":., "' ] '" The BTDVUT Goin;Çv'p, ynjúe 150 soys, .wi'^

specie, added lo a hnnilicop- sweepstakes, of .20. sovs caohJ 'Ó'ftj '4 Pnly if declared by 31st March, entrance fee ' only'if^by .17th"."Feb.. 2. miles.'. S|r...aulM-three ef whom did not1 accept1,' arid 'six puid 4 sovs oaclu Mr »ferrWs br c-Yattendon,-I yr»; Sst ?»'lb«...".... J...'....Holfnciil- -1'

Ivory's ro f Sultana, 4 yrs, Oat 12lus (3IU uxtia).Puller -2 TMl'a ch K Kaleen; 4 yrs. Tit 2lb» (aili's uxtrnKw-Mnrtlneer - 3' 3'owo' li TarraiJon, aced, I0«t IOIbs.'.'...'...',..;i..'.fiIgRersbn. li Hulllnn'i b g ennoble, aged, Sst Slb«.:......t..,.iilgganbotloni1- 0 Cliaafe1« ca, b h Slr/atrick, 6 yrs, Sst Sib»*.....,.DcUcotI'. 0 1 rory « eli K O'Mcsfa, aged,^»t'l|b...'.M,..MIMjM..,...J',-Orne 0 Ilyan's gr g Porester, aged, 8«.' .;.....i."...Thomp.on" '0 bulllvan's b g Union Jock,,0 yrs. Sst....,..t,T...»'Ycoraamr"'0 Ksthet'» eli g Potentate, ngeil, 7«t «Un.Hamsay Q X-oder's br c The Hltsfcrd, 2 yr», fist 9lbs.George 0 Fisher's bi-c Angler. .1 yr,, Cst Bibs.Ooldnpinlc fr. J. Hair»'jun., br f Itoic of Australia, i yrs, Cst Jltm, Edwards ,.0. Betting nt starting : 4 to' 1 ugst Tnrr«e'"n and Yat- tendon, -5 to 1 ogat Pitsford, 6 to 1 agst Sir Patrick, 7 to 1 aget Rosu of Australia, Sultana, and Falcon!

Aftef "pms falso stnrt, tho baker's dosen commenced their .journey in earnest, but not in very good order, Forester and Tarragon not getting on their, logs'until Ihe'others hid Tgonesome distance ; arid ifc'.TOB.B.ppnseen, ts indoed had been judged by._ hU, stilty .stylo of canter- ing, that tho champion Was out of tho race.. ,_ÀB soon is they.bcgnrt to pingle''oiit. Sultana wriB's'eonliVi^htho, ?command, Boso of Austrulia, nqxt to hcr,-tlio ruck*':willi tho exception of Tarragon and. Forester,-following st thorr' heels in ,vory ;clpso order;'. nn;n,* hB, ''thpy.

t»ma round thù tum, tip tho, hUl,','and jíró'unded, into' tho straight it was not o/isy to eco. whnt individual' nsg» in that closely packed crowd wero';doiñg. ;,í TJp the ilra'ight, positions were'a little altered,'atiä-BOBO of Aus»'' trslia Ima deprived'Sultana of tho .lead, 'tho, latter-lying, lecond aa tliiiy passed tho stand, with-Faleon-and-Angler third and fourth, tho ruck well laid ' up, arid Tarragon'. Itinging up tho rénr'. ¡Thb 'samp.order was maintained psit tho rocks, as for OM tho leaders were concerned; and to the Donison turn, round which they went at o' good, paco. Sirtatrick'rind Yntteiidoh moving.up into .good placo». After getting round tho turn Tarragon was seen Baking in attompt to go up, .and loud "íriea wore, roísed on tho stand that ho was going to do. tho. trick,'ne ho jiMed ono by «ono the rearmost horses, and scorned to te working up into ft-forward position, Tilo excitomont »ss only momentary, however, for Higgorson waa oven then hard on his boree, and in a fow strides it was all orcr._ Hero tho Boso retired, Sultana onco moro going on with tho lead, with Angler rind Falcon sticking ¿o her i and st tho back of tho courso Sir Patrick's loir Went, and his chanco was out. At this point tho ex- citement wa» .intonso, and tho ndmes of Tarragon, Angler, Yattendon, wero shouted by tho parties of ouch, ss ho was thought to be gaining somo ad»untoço. At tho turnfor home Yattendon hud improved his position and vns on good terms with his leaders, tho front rank consisting "Sultana, Angler, Falcon and O'Monra, as thoy rounded into the straight. . Hero Angler »hot his bolt, and nt tho

diitanco Holmes brought Yattendon out and laid him in i front, lauding him a very clovoi-,if notan easy winner by a i length. SultanA woll ' riddon home, boat Falcon for I .Mond placo by A couple of lengths, O'Mcarn being 1 «I far off Boving his etako. Canobio was fifth and i th« Roso of Australia ran homo next. Tarragon who as i well as Sir Patrick pulled up lamo passed tho post j eighth or ninth. Tinte 8 min 43 soc. Value of the i (inks*, aft«r deducting tho wiunor'a own . stake, £411 i Wlidc» the Gold Cup. .'.'., '. Iho WAVEBLRT STASIS of 6 sovs each, with 60 sovs odd

' *d. li milo; 7 subs. . .

Ur Ult'ach g Warwick, 5 yrs, (Bibs extra).Ashworth 1

Andrew.', ch g Orphim, 4 yu.-..'...,..;.,..Andrew» 2

r>«»TOu'» b « Praxiteles,»»................,..._.,...,skittlcy 3 f Rowman's blk c Tocal,8 yrs .'..*..."-..M. 0 1 Eren OH Warwick. Orphan out out tho work with 1 I'rfsitolcs second, tho favorite being off. At tho back of tho curso Ashworth took his horso up to the teador, and .ftcr racing with him to tho last turn esme away by him

itlf and won in a cantor. g

, . .. THIBD DAY, "¡"uiDAT.. ,,' ,. .,-,.,""

"Tiife;"' oIT" day at Handwmk, ieU" ou» _ drews' ai'larg» at» tendance j aiitKhis was rio exception ,tb tho rulo; but,

in cbíiséqtiouce of ]tlie .'finé ,'woáthor, moro poqpla wore . uttraated tortile couria than' wo"hare öftoii seen on ,a !

Friday^ The snorts of tho day woro'renmrkabld for'tW ] bowling over ot tho ' favourites, as also ,for. a protest i against/The, Pitsford, for tho AU Agod stakes, willoh

and BB thia" tb'bt] pla'ce.'ot tho milo' post; sp.rne, distance

/rom tho Stanid^wo could,not soo what took'; place.' The': hoaririg of thó caso occupied somo time,.' arid. t|ib disqua-

lification of Thompson appeared,tb take immy by sur- '

prise. Although not bcliuying in,vexatious protests, tho ] .stewards liad dolerriiiriód to^oy-V heayy,, hand'upon ; .tim first offs'tider who "'should' bo. í'eally, caught »n 7Zar/¿ ' 'rania delicto . ñiid'after taking,a,largo amount bf bri- j donc'ej .they were of opinion 'that"a'? very -strong, ca'sri j wits rriiido"ojut 'against Tllbiripson.']".'. If wp/remomber - aright, ho hail rather a narrow squeak of a similar] misfortune ,'rit;Bathurst 1as't "Spring. ?'Tho raco for tho ! All-Aged ' staked gitvb1 orio'o'f 'tho' fln'ost'ttriislios during the three days, tho. threo first horses ]:beirig nt', the wliip'fórftlio.liíit'qüar^ér'of^'».rmnb1} "and' thoy'were within a leñ'gth.'át'tho'jBntslu Dun'dqo.wttsa great'favor- ite, but was npt~.abfo'>tó']'do tho] .trios; 'prop'orly.' For tho Priñcé'of \\v"Ble|','!th.ore wita' aiiptli'or" great; bowl

out, .Presto being 'made a', tremendous '.favorito j ' but ; Bracelet'';' wori* ' vory'"SpMHy,'''''.arid 'tho 'T'favorite"\ n'eyer" ; got - to'' ílíb'front, * at 'any ''point'of therace. \ Previous to the ¿tart Tocal did a little galloping round by j himself j'muchto'thban'rioyance of tlid spectators and little ¡ to tho advantage, ol'^th'o otlior ,ri'ags; wlib^wero kopt. ut

the post fully-b q'ua'rtor'of ari hour white'ho~wris'oxcontirig

his]oxcentrio poa seul. ..Tho." Bruio", was~rcdü.'jö'd to' a ; match betweéii Tim' WhiflW'ari'd "Kosefpf Australia,' ,'and, tho talent laid tïireoto"olio. on.tho filly, notwithstanding ( shb was iri a'p'érYèctlàthçr^

J,didn't liko thp work'eho liacl in hand: ': Slur.ifl: riot other-' ' wiso than'ti niçS.filly;;'but,' wo" very xuucht feary of tho

.counterfeit' class.'IirlAöracö'sh^

I ooiil(l,;aild as'fast üs "'slip]' could ¡ "brit tho Tion-fpyourito 1 cellared ; and l! passed . ;libr ; whori'"*-'lto"1 'likod,'\ and won '".'very' '"easily.'' '/.Tim' 'Whiffler, is. '«'* very''Ario' colt ';,': and .': loUIts);'¡; quito ' ;'likp'.'niakirig]'; a' ^ raeo^ horso 'iri: another yorir or two ; for lid lias very 'many excellent paints about him ; and his blood (by Now'

Warrior ont of Oindorol!u),--is'!undoriiulile.'' Six 'oufcof

tho original ' thirteen' faced' tho- starter -for tho ? City.'l Handicap,-.Yattondon! being spotted n's tho ": inevitable Wirindi', mid bnekod ut 7 to 4 on him. : Ho justified tho' confidence of Ilia friends >byiwimiing-very,oasilyi. waiting for a milo, und coming to tho'front whonuvor Jiopleascd.; Safeguard ran much bettor than wo expected'to see him; and aftor making running for his stable companion, all the way,'finished a- second, lcavintr Mr, Merry'to show that other estables, besides ? that of Maribyrnong,' cari psr ' form tho foat of running flrst'nnd second.' ./Yattondon has .proved himself quito the horse of tho mooting.; and if Tarragon moots him for tho Queen]a Pinto, ho will certainly not ba show tho'way'to this"son bf .Cassandra. , Ko i«.in splendid .fattiej ..niid his 'party bnckod him for,tlid]Sydndy' Cup'with'groat détorruiria-' tion. Mr .Merry,, wd hear, lands a'good s|ake, and several' friends of 'tho stable havo uleo thrown in on the big raeo. Tlio Scurry, (a sort of pxere'aonce by tho hye, whiih we shptild like to seo cut "off from every'Metropolitan' programme, "brought cloven nags "tu thostarling post,- -lind' .produced à splendid race,- ns wbll' as giving tho "fielders'' anethcr alice of luok. Hotspur was backed ak S to 1 j but tho winner turned up in a little pony maro, Imdy.-Wildair, who won in a canter, tho'favorite , not -'obtaining a situation. ,The arrange- ments wore much as on other days ; punctuality, except in t!)o caso oÇTocftl'a bolt away in tho Prince of Wales, wbs Btribtlyoosorvcd; and thoro was no fatilt to. bo found with tho, starting. Somo of tho timo waa very fast, arid

does not wont much improvement to moko it equal to . tho best oat at tho distunco. Tho Sport was good, so everybody said-about "tho best "day's . racing of tho throe--and,, with ? tho . -.twoyyoung,.handicaps and the "guineas,'"' bosides tho ". Rand wick,'-. to como-off; this afternoon, wo shall no doubt, nave an excellent. wind : up to tho mooting. Thoday'araoïngwillbofpundapponded.

The ATJL-AOKD ; STAKES of IO < soya ; each,? with. 100 éôv's ] . added; 1, milo subs..- * : .*.;

Mr Tnlt'aeh g Fnlcon.-tyrs."".."~."............Stjinloy 1

Clianfo'a n> ch lt Buiiie*, -I yn .............Srltcoll ' ; llaldwln's bi lfealrice^iyn'..'.'_^...'"..-M...~.:."..'....Carter S

Loilcr-a br c ïlie ritiford, J yr.-.Thompson dli . Betting :, Kvoa on.Dundeo. , <'',';

Pitsford and* Faloon;' jumped away in; front," .'and raced together ,from tho jvimp, tho former,,with p] slight .lead cutting out tim; work;at,u,groot,(paco.. Aftcr^gbitig a quarter of a milo Dundee ran hito aocorid place, arid

the'backers of tho' faVorito "thought it was all] óver. j

Beatrice continue"! ..rast,- and.- conmlotoly , out of 'tho i rabe, tho others boing all together down tho fá'fsido'of

tho course to tho Champion comdr, whoro Falcon hod ' taken tho first pince-. Up the hill Johnny Driaooll sont Diiodco up to -tliera, and led them round tho turn a 'docker, Pitsford having retired tb third s place, and : all being at the whip as - they . rounded..into tho straight, A'slashing'race'ensued all' the way tb thc post; tho three "whips" being >' hi co'nstont- requisition, and' the' favorite having, tho best of it for some titne; . At tho ?distance Thompson nindo' his . effort with''Mr. Loder'b ¡colt on tho outside, collared and passed tho chesiiut, and won à splendid'raco by"-half-'a lengthFalcon'beating Dundee by tho somo distance for second placo. . ' Beatr'iob .beaten off.-Time,-1.49..-: . . Mr. Tait immediately'chtoréd'á-protostlBgaiiiBt' the"

; winner, on the ground of a I cross ior.> jostle immediately j

after starting.- Thp- jockeys who^ rode in' tho* racé' "were" [ oxamined, as woll as-several gontl8moniwho.saw:tho oc-i I ourronce, -and tlio .stewards,i.oftor long ,doliberaîion,:.dis-:

qualified: Pitsfordj plaoing Falcon first- and Dundee I Second j a'rid .dlèo " aidquulified'"Thpmpaou "for "ono"year I I at alllmeetings under? tho' authorityröf- tbo.Jookoy Clubí I

iThe pRiitpB ot WALKS Sr Alf BS of Q'sov eaeli', with GO sov I '»' iaddod^ijmilo. Thewihnartobosoldbyouctionimmcd

'^.fàtélr,after the raco for JB1O0, with allowances if for less.

Ar^-s'üAjSs rcalíied o"verílla's¿lling price,.tá go to tho

.:-,fuilds. '.'LO subs. "?'.-'. '?' .iT '"-'A . 1 iii J. fieath'6 b g llra'celot, G jfri,,£70.-..;T"-...u^.'^Joo Ciñó!,

'"Kjf!m'*c.h K Co«k-a.ltoon, OKOil, £S0...-. . Goouo :

" BnWson'a bg l,rsxllelei'"4 yt«, ¿50...."._."..,Qo!diplnk ,, L.iureHcc'i b K Preilo, nicil, JÉC0......,.......'....?..Carter

" J. Uowman'abl o T«Ml/3>-ri¿'í50.:."...'..--..U,;.'..XJ»ar(li, ' Tatt'» b K lUirey, BSed, ;*lo .:..".."..."...."......I)«.»ii : 'tunriden's'g I, Albert, i yr«, Ä50..'...:....;..'....'....'.....¡.Pollack

, i Sidney'» b g Little U l"¡k,"0 yea. £iO..........:..'.,;.'..,.';.'..'.Mooro " Betting: 6 to 4 agstPresto,3 to 1-ogstrBrncolot; . ¡Littlo Miok:junipcd away in frbnt,-but by thotitne'.tho I . rocks wore reaohed,"Praxiteles had as'sumed tne premier- 1 .ship, with Cobk'-á-Hoóp' arid]'Albert in' olos'o attendance,

.theifayoritb'boing'abôitfc' sixthi-on! tho far -sido-of tho: OQiirsb;'Praxiteles was still in front, but Bracelet carno afc' thorhill, andjled into tho straight,,galloping .homo an easy winner by'two lengths.Mr Dawson's colt a good ttiird, Presto, lyhq, appeftrtfd)'ö^t"jpacctt\froui,Jtlie Jump, i finished fourth, aiid/BAroy waB sixítliiOr soventh. ' B,un

in*3 ll)J-.1 Tho winuor fotoht'd'^ï'bynûctiorij^nnôhlrig ty SUT-~--,T~""-. - "

TUB BBDIB SXÁEÍS óflb ''aovs' oaeh''h'. ft" with lOÖ whí,

ladded; "'for .ttírbíNycW^old"colts' '8st '^"lOlb;"' fillies J '. j8str81b.---Tho-\vinnor-of-the-Derby-61b5 ot the " jliegor71b';-'of ¡both 'lOlb.T .Thois'oborid ria ,th6;¡Dbrby

'alb';:' Loger ' 31bs''t :in both, :41bar.öx,tra,,iii.,.in3ilo. |

'socoiid,hor80"20~8öv$:from~tlio~Btakes.'''~, ,"' ~ Mr DeMestró'í b c Tim Whlíñer .'..:¿;'..ií.'...\...-.;...,~..í'.-StonB'

! y. Iialü»'Junf. tvf ltoso'iir Amtralla-..."'....-.'.'...,.-...v^Cd2im _

3 to. 1 on "Tho Roso." The filly jumped away,"",]

aud continued in front-to tho turn-for--home ; - when tho.colt came out andiVwon ra's~,'ho''.diked '.hyt"i some" lengths; tims boiling over s most unmistokoabio.pot'; and doing tho distance, in-2'min-22 soo¿»'.t'n.

Tho Cur UANDI CAT, of 10 so vs each, .li ft, or. entronco

¡fee only if declared by the 23rd April, with 10O SOVB. added ; ll milo; second horso 30 sovs out pf ' tho stakes. 13 subs-4 of whom did riot accept. The highest weight accepting boing under 8st 121b, it was raised to that, and tho others-in proportion.

Mr Merrys ur o Yattendon, lyr*. Hst 121b, and 81b extra.Holmes

Atcrry'i b g Saft-'^uard. -1 ynP7it &lb..."...«M.........Moore J.TJCO'S ch f Gazelle, 3 yr«. Cm Mb.Gcorno Ivory's eli (j O'Mcara.oKoa. a«t 101b.J Cana [ . Sullivan's b u Union Jock, 6 vu, Hst 61U.".Yeomans

Kathcr'B ch g Fotcntate, aged, S«Hlti....._....»Kamsay Betting : 7 to -i ou I'nttoiidon.

Sufcguard wont away in front, and pasaod tho stand j with n commanding lead,' Gazollo lying second, and tho favorito and O'Moara sido by sido in tho rear. At tho far eido tho latter pair went up, Yattendon taking second place, and.Mr Ivory'» nag lying fourth, Potentate being bctweon thom. Rounding tho turn for homo, Holmes brought his horso to tho front, and passing his stable companion, in tho Btraight, won all tho way in a cantor. Safeguard, who ron an exceedingly good race, novor being caught by any but the winnor,

und finishing a good second, Qazollo. third, and O'Moara i fourth"-. ."Timó, 21rim.'49l- sba.

Tho Sotj'nuY SrAKBS of 2i sovs each, with 25 added ]

for all ages ; \\ milo. Tho winnor to bo Bold by auction for £20, Any surplice to go te the fund,

lîlovon startod for this raco, and Hotspur waa mudo j a great favorito, only to disappoint his friends. Tho lot kopt, well togotlior from tho jum p, and Lady Wildair carno out in tho straight and won in a canter..

r.ady Wlldalr.i._._Moore 1 Young- Coornmln.Itnmsny 2 Otorgo Ut.i.Sullivan S

- ChattoresB, Hotspur, Lunatic, Camdon Dora,- Garvoy( Satellite- and Brown Prince, not placed. ""