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PATBON.-rHis Excellency the Eight Honorable Sir John Young, Bart., K.C.B., G.O.M.G., &o, &o ; Presi- dent, the Hon. E. Deas Thomson, O.B., ¿to; vice President, Mr Judge Cheeto ; Stewards, the Hon. E. Deas Thomson, O.B., Mr Judge Ohecke, Georgo Bow- ley, Esq., tho Hon. Sir W. M. Manning, Andrew Loder, Esq. ; Honorary Secretary, Buchan Thomson, Esq. i Judge and Handicapper, John Lackey, Esq. ; Treasurer and Starter, Charles Martyn, Esq. ; Clerk of the Course, W. G. Henfrey, Esq.


Many »vere the fears expressed and much the anxiety lest the almost certain accompaniment of rain should again attend the sports. The weather had for days been, to say the least, unfavourable to racing, and however much one must feel thankful for the rain, as it was really wanted, it was a matter of little surprise that the raoe-horse owners on Wednesday, would have preferred a postponement of its fall. Thursday was a beautiful day-cool and pleasant, not a grain of dust, and not particularly much mud. Whether the attractions lately offered at the Homebush Meeting affected Randwick, or not, it is certain that the attendance on Thursday was not nearly so great as was expected. At no time of the day did the spectators number 5000. This was extraordinary, as the racing was looked forward to, to be more than ordinarily good. The fields were large, and the horses for the most part in tip-top condition. The spirited lessee of the gate must have been very much out in his calculation when he gave somewhat over £570 for his purchase. As usual, all kinds of vehicles, from the barouche of the patrician, to the donkey cart of the plebeian were on the road. The busses, however, had the call, being loaded with passengers intent upon the pleasures of the day. Their charges were moderate, and their custom in consequence good. A large number of private carriages and cabs were on the course, but nothing equal to previous Meetings. Numbers of folk were en- camped outside the course, seeing what they could see fdr nothing. Sir John Young, accompanied by Lord Taylour, and Lady^Young with Miss Dal- ton, Lady Manning, Lady Taylour and others, graced the Grand Stand nearly all day ; but very few other ladies were present. How. is this? They lend enchantment to the scene by their prsence, and it would be a matter of respect and courtesy to Lady Young, who, as is well known, patronises all wholesome amusements if they in large numbers attended. Mr Deas Thomson, Judge Cheeke, Sir W. Manning, and the officers of the races were punctually at their posts, and by their courtesy and urbanity showed they werethe right men in the right, .places. The Bathurst division numbered strong,.abd the . success of the Western nagsel¡cited many.a^cheer from them. They are a sporting lot and áí^olly abroad as hospitable at home. The Gran^Sjaad. was well filled at each race-and so^it-fitíoúld be, the view of the course froinJtToeing perfect. The German :'bán'd :waV theréj discoursing mont excellent music.7 O'Ôrien did the eatable and drinkable part-of the/business well, and was patronised to overflowing. :, . There were" se- veral other booths' out side the enclosure, and refreshment purveyors of all kinds' from the oyster pate man to the humble lolly-pop vendor. The usual sinalf fund of extraneous amusements was in abundance. Bowls, Aunt. Sally, " chuck in the ring," 'Vet hoc genus ornlne,'\ Admirable order was maintained by the police, And cases of drunkenness were, few and far between. The

ubiquitous dogNwas of course there, but in small force. The bookmakers mustered strong, and must have addecfNip the result of the day's doings with considerable-satisfaction. The raeing on the whole was good^the favo- rites and outsiders dividing the honours. ^Having with our usual loyalty stood unbonnetted to ""God Save the'Queen," refreshed ourselves with-well never mind what, and obtained one of our own racing cards from our own Printing Booth on the ground, we scanned the horses entered for


each, h lt. ; 150 sov added, for all maiden horses (in- cluding WINNERS of two yrs stakes) at time of en- trance ; no maiden allowauco ; penalties for winning after entrance-once, 51b ; twice or more 71b j 1J mile. Second horse, SO sov, and tho third 10 from tho prize.

Ur Loder*« Tamworth, S yrs, Tit ISlb M.."..Thompson 1

Geo. Young ni b h Slr Uoloman, 4 yrs, Sst 131b .........Young 1

J. Tait's cb K Falcon, 8 >'". Tit 91b. S . A. Howman'» b o Qooattnt, 8 JU, Ht 121b, by Panton

Jenny Had

Hr J. Dillon'« cn g Hotspur, .3 yrs, »ti, by BU Charla*-lim

í " unnamed '.' ? - : .

. W. Town's b g Uuckitone, Syn,'Tit 91b, by Potentate


E. Cobcroft'! gr c Voltigeur, 3 yrs, Tit 121b

E. DeMestreVb t Maggy, * yn, dat 101b, by New Warrior


Judge Cheeke'a ch m Virago, 5 yn, Oil llb

Virago ¿nd Hain worth ware drawn. Tamworth waa moat fancied, Voltigeur, Sir Solomon, and Kaloon had many Monds. Hotspur was too light. The betting was about 3 to 1 each against Tamworth, Falcon and Sir Solomon, and 2 to 1 against Voltigeur who stripped well and was much improved on his Homebush form. Tam- worth looked fit to win, as he did. Falcon got away and was with difficulty brought to tho post. On the dropping of the flag Voltigeur took a commanding lead, alosbly waited on by Sir Solomon, with Buckstono in company, tho rest waiting. They kept so to the corner when Tam- worth ran through his horses, showed the best of the pace, and despite all the efforts of Sir Solomon, who ran most gamely, won easily. Falcon not a bad third, the rest tailing up anyhow. Ttime 3 minutes 23 sees.


10 sov each, h ft ¡ 100 sov added, colts, Sat 71ba ; fillies and geldings, 8st 41bs. i mile. Second horse 10, and the third 5 per cent, on tho gross amount of the price,

and to be deducted therefrom,

afr J. Eale's Jun. br f Hose of Australia -Wood!

Loder'! The Pluford "..^"".^"^."."Thompion

Town's b g Exile ".»..»Mtll S Richard's b g Little Robin ..

J. Lee'» ch e Cossack . .. , Ryan'! ch h Pioneer

DoUeitre's b c uuckitone

A. Bowman's bl and gr f Maritana.

Five horses scratched brought 8 to the post for the two year olds. race. There was little betting'on the event, the ring offered long odds against any young 'un mentioned. The Pitsford was the favorito, Cossack and Pioneer with Battye and Joe Kain up were thought very dangerous. Tho blood of Mr Eales' filly gave confidence not misplaced to his friends. Maritana with Bishop in the saddle looked well, and got some share of liking. Tho start was bad, tho youngsters would be fractious. Cossack bucked and losing' noarly 20 yards was out of the race. Vitsford made tho running but was outj ao td by Hose of. Australia, who won nearly as she liked, with the favorito second, Exile a good third, the rest every- where. Time, 1 minute 30 seconds.

The OPTIONAL SELLING STAKES of 3 sov eaoh, with

60 sov added j for all horses ; H mile. The winner to bo Bold by auction immediately after the raee for £50; any sum realised in exoess of that amount to go to the race fund, if entered not to be sold, to carry

141bs extra.

Ur J. T. Ryan's gr g Forrester, 6 yrs, Ott ~.--.~Cane 1

J. Tait"! b g Presto, aged. Oit."...._..._ ..Ashworth 2 O'Malley'a br f Vilelte, 3 yn, (not for sale) Sit 121b S J. DrlicoU'a b g Nonsuch, 6yri, Oil, by Plover-dam unnamed.

This race was looked upon as a gift to* Nonsuch. Old Presto received the good will of many, but even with Johnny Ashworth riding ho was not loved by the know- ing ones. Vilette was ovor-waited having to carry a ponalty of 141bs, as not to bo sold. Forrester came to the post a good horse, but tha betting was about 2 toi agst Nonsuch. The race ts easily described, Nonsuch was far behind all the Way. Forrestor .led all the way, but "by the prettiest bit of riding of the day, on tho part ot Ashworth, only beat the game old Presto by half a length, and with the whip. Forrester was bought in by the owner at £81.. On Driscoll entering the enclosure with Nonsuch a perfect storm assailed him. Many appeared to think that he did not mean to win. He was greatly howled at, and hissed, and entered the saddling paddook amid cries of " disqualify him." The time was slow, 2 minutes 66 seconds.


20 sov eáoh,8 ft, 4 only if declared by the Slst^Marah ; entrance fee only if by 17th February ; 200 sov added ; for all horses, 2 miles. Second horse 40 gov, and the third 20 from tho prize. Weights on the 28th January. A winner of any handicap thereafter to carry 31b, and of two or more, 61b extra.

Mr McGregor's b g Union Jack, Syn, Tit 131b, by St. John ......

Richards'! bb Rioter, S yrs. Sit «Ib ........... ..~"...I)rlscoll Tait'« br h Volunteer, aged, 9st llb .Ashworth Geo. Young ns b m Maid of the Lake, S yrs, 8st 91b Yeoman'! eh m Zenobia, S yn. Bit llb Yeoman'! bl h Kildare, 6 yn, Sit 51b

O'Malley's br c Yattendon, 8 yrs, Tit iib Tait's br h Chanteur, 4 yrs, Tat 41b

Hlggerson'a b h Hncmun, S yrs, Tit 101b.

Tho Grand Handicap was the race of the day, not only in the amount of tho prize, but in the number and quality

of the competitors. O.K., Virago, and Atalanta, being I scratched, nine came to the post, and except Kildare who |

was heavy and out of form, they all looked porfeotion.

Yattendon hold first place in the betting at 6 to 2 ; j

Mnemon at 3 to 1 next; Volunteer at¡ 4 to 1

Union Jack at 5 to 1. Ono of the ring offered ! the- long odds of £500 to £40 agst Union Jack. J tut boforo the start Bioter was taken into favpur, and right well he looked. Volunteer, with Ashworth up, was well fancied ; and a few took Maid of the Laka against any horse named.

On getting the horses together Mnemon took the lead, : with Volnntoer in attendance. Zenobia had, as usual, shown her disposition not to start, and turned her tail where her head should have been, losing any ohanoe of the race. Passing the judge's chair the first time, Volunteer, who was leading, was challenged by Union Jack, who was patiently and admirably ridden by Dowling, who finding he was sccuro so far as he was concerned, drew off, Yattendon, Bioter and Kildare running very strong. Beyond the gate at the entrance to tho course,

Maid of the Lake and Bioter tried a dash and overtook

Volunteer, but could not get up to Union Jack, who was running gamely and well. The pace was too severe for Kildare and Mnemon, who severally fell book towards Zenobia, doing flunkoy behind. Coining towards the oorner, Bioter, excellently pilotted by Driscoll, and Volunteer ridden in Ashwerth's usual style, challenged Union Jaok, and coming into the straight, Bioter looked all over a winner. Punishment began at the distanoo ; but Union Jack answered honestly tb Bowling's per-

suaders, could not be headed, and won the rsco cleverly I by half a length, with Bioter second, and Volunteer, who made splendid running, third; Maid of the Lake and Yattendon, followed by Kildare and Zenobia abso- lutely last. Time, 3 minutes 55 seconds.

Union Jack was loudly cheered, especially by tho j

Western division. He ran os game as possible, and was' ridden with a judgement and patience worthy of all firaise. Considering the work he has done during the sst three years, it must be admitted that he is a " right 'un."


added, for all horses that have not won an advertised prize exoeoding in value 30 BOT at the time of en tranco ; winners thereafter of such a prize to carry

61b extra, li milo ; second horse 10 sov out of the | prize.

Mr McGregor's b h Alphonso, 6 yrs, Sst llb, by Vanguard

Alpha by Cossack .... ....'..".Dowling 1 O. Baldwin's b m Villetta, 4 yrs, 8it 101b, by Idle Soy-dam

Desdemona.......»."Batty t Waldrons b g Birmingham, S yrs, 9it 121b, by Slr Charles

dam Plook .1.._.-~.Donnelly 3 O'Malley's b f Colleen Dawn, a yn, Tst I Sib A. Bowmans b h Constant, 3 yn. Sat .

Thai. Moore's b ra Malvina, S y», 8«t 1 Jib

For the Waverley Stakes, Marchioness, Sir Solomon, |

and Brown Duohess were drawn.

Birmingham was the favorite at 5 to 2.

Colleen Bawn was in very light condition, but enquired | after. Alphonso had few friends, and little was .known

of the othors. Constant looked anything but. right.' I "A-ftertwo false starts, during which Birmingham showed

bad tethptjr--running right on to the fence-the lot. "got |

away with VüJetta leading, Malvina at her wither.' Al {>honso tried mS>paoe at the corner, came away from the ot, and won as Bcspleaaod j Villetta second, 'end Bir-

mingham, who ran >very gamely, third, tho rest' all j abroad. Time, 2 min. 125 sec.

So ended Thursday's ráoing. Tho clerk of the course, ' Mr Henfroy, and the starto?, Mr Martyn, gave universal satisfaction ; and it is not oat of place to say a good word of tho civility of the goto-keepers ord other ser- vants on the course. \

At Tattersall^ in the ovoning there was a goodly as j somplage, Calcutta sweeps being, the order of the night Fro/n his running, Union Jack was fancied for the City Handioap. Tho great demand was made for Paella and Volunteer. Everything passed off pleasantly an d right. I