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House.' Present;-The Surveyor-General   Mr Skene, in the' chair; the 'Mayor of Portland, Mr W. Corney ; and the Presi dent of the Portlandshire, Mr W. Lear month. The following applications were made: George Ball, 180a, Warrahkook. Re commended, subject to road reserve. William Reed. 91a, Warrahkook. Re   commended to have a portion sibject to survey. William Gibbin., 2s?, Warrahkook. Re fused. Samuel Clarke, 80s, Warrahkook. From 15 to 20 acres; recommended. Austin Ball, 153s 2r 13p, Warrabkook. Recommended. John James Johnson, 36a, Macarthur. Recommended, subject to road reserve. Charles Dogherty, 36a, Macarthur. In this case Mr Lyne appeared on behalf of Mr Walpole to oppose the application, on the ground that the land had already been promised to his client. A Mr Taylor also entered a protest against Dogherty's application. The allotment was divided between Walpole and Taylor, the first agreeing to pay Dogherty's survey expenses. Mary Duna, 137a 2r, Macartbur. Re commended. Micbhael O'Donabue, 17a, Macarthur. Recommeded, provided the applicant does not come within half a chain of the crest of the bill. Robert Lincoln, 8a, Macarthur. Recomi mended. John. Maher, 7a, Macarthnr. Recom mended. " . . Caroline Tarrant, 13a 2s 12r, Ardon achie. Land alienated. - - Neil IMcKellar, 20a, Ardonachie. Be. commended, subject to survey. Thomas .Hallam, 20a, Weerangot. No appearance. Edward -Murphy, 95a, Weerangou?t. Land already given to Samuel Taylor. Christian Hiendreck, 150a,. Weeran, gourt. Recommended. Jame Hill 60, Wemangourt. Recom mended, sbjectto Hill relinquishiog all claim to thelands oa- the north aide of the swamp; on-Bailles and Melville com pesnting him for improvements thereon. James Scott, ;-150s, Weerangourt. Re June Trotter, 40s, Weerangourt. RBe commended: a road being left along west bonndary of 4. .John Crisp, Greenhils, 123. 3I:. Re fued tilll it wa uacentained whether alien ated or otherwise. Hugh McDonald, 91 it 17p, M ymyn. Reeosameoded, Stewart Cowan, s0o, Mya myn. RBeda mended . . James. McPherson, 200 a, M3yaimyn. Recommended. John Ryan, 220s; Myamyn. Recom Adam Thompson, 60s, Myanmyma. Re commended. . . ,. Aleanderb , 7atheson, 20a Myamyn. Recomuended, subject to exsaion of water hole and somer thereto. William Key, 40s, Clrracart. Recom mended. " John ankind , 100, Drunborg. Be commendedl- . Paul Alday, . 60, Heywood. Recom mended. - - Lnchlan Frot, 40i, Homerton.. Reom mended -r:. - I ... Eliabeth Anketell Jones, 320, Homer Son. o a sppurance.: - Biehard Thosma Carthy, 200.,: omer. ton. oodppsfrasre_. -i:.. Bohbrt i ly, -60 , Horl -rton. Re Edward i?nt, 40a, Homerton. Reom mended. i William Allen, 2000i, Dirmore. ?e?om. mended. Jams Scullion;, 24, Beesiebelle. -Re commended. GeorgeiTaylor. '0j Beesiebelle. d Re commended for survey. Clara Ann Davis, 57s, Bessiebell. Re commended site for sbool to be reserved. George Taylor,, 100a, Beasiebelle. Be fused. Walter Duff, 19O, Tyrendarra. Recoinm mended. Bojer O'Shinaesy, .57a,' Tyrendarra Recommended. Jame Mullend , 37a it 25, Tyrendarra. Recommended. . Cornelrius GQlfoil, 80s, Tyrerdarra. Refused on the groed of reserve for vil Amnie Treii st , Ta;o orendarra. Be. commended. Tbomas Meltborie; 3la St 21p, Narra wong. Recommnded d, subject to exr cision of road within half a chain of Carter's gatle.,. Silas Smith, e 0r , n arrawotg. Recom mended. Henry Goods,; 5- , N arrawong. Re commended. Wiliain Millird, 5a, Narrawong. Re commended, subject to excision of stone reserve. James Gray, L100, , Narraironi. Re commended for survey. William Annett, 60S, Narrawong. Re commended for survey. George Jone5 60Ss, Narnowng. Re commendsd for aurvey. John Ishy, 18., Portland. Refused, as shire reestres. Frederick Pitta, 40, Treals. ERecom mended. ' - - Willia.. Wilson, 40., Trea laB. commenddl.' James Monitomfer7 Kerinedy,'-s' Ir Tarragal. Reconimended. Samuel Jenings,56a ir 24p,'Tarrigal. This was opposed by Johna Smiith and -William Thompioin. 'icomismended, to include' one spruig-the siasey made so as to leave good read ind access thi the Richard 'uglehole, Tairagal, Sas. Ra.~ saiuel Atchieuon Tarraga l on. Re commended . William' Thompson Tatrrtagl1 -2IO . Recommended. John Holmes, Tart al 30.. Recom mended. -Recommended., William John Lighlbody Tarragal, Sa. Recommended Heary Cain, Trrsgal, Oa. s Recudi roended. Alexander '-- Queen, Ralruo0, 40s. Recommended. Anide Livingstone, Blaook,1a30a. Re commended. Dae 60e. John Lightbody, Drik-lnrik; ..Re commended, subject to reserve of four chains to permanunt wate. - Henry Cowland, Drik Drik, 40s. Re mended " frrr survey, position ofo cording to 100 section to be made around equolly. ' Wiiun-Llndner., te0, Darmoor 1 Rcorxmended. ' " -- Nro'incut ·' Maclcicte lOiin il rt;ie·;!~sntr!E - Iccnisedc

u. a...m , e ur Donald Macdene, 40t; Dartwoor. Recommended. - Donald McPherson 30s, Dartmoor. Recommended . John Motern, 150 Dartmoor. Recom mended, Samuel Evans Young 160a, Dartmoor. Withdrawn. James Booth; 80, Dartmoor, No appearance. Samuel Dalling. 50s, Dartmoor. No appearance. Thoma Burgess, 80s, Kinkella. Recom mended. Edward Young. 16Sa, Kinkella. With drawn. Lot Lester, 50a. EKnkells. Recommend ed 100 acresin N.E. angle of see 1,. John McCrae, 50a, nel Recom mended. Malcolm Morrison, 20s, Kinkella. Re commended. - Allan Callie, 63a, KinkellR. Recom mended. John Morrison, ? O, Kinkells. Recommended. James Pick, 140a 3r, Gleneig. Recom mended.. Henry Handcock, 84 or 13p, Glenelg Recommended. SRichard Taylor, -84a Or 16p, Glenelg. Recommended. John Mackenzie, 22ta Sr Ip, Gleneig. Recommended. ' - Peter Aitken tor allotment in Warrab kook. Disposed of£ William Tarrant, 2sa,-Ardonachie. Mr McKeair objected to Tarrant who selected 258. acres under Land Act 1865 in Bab~allah forfeited for evasion of the act see Gazette 0 June 1868 page 1203. Re fused.+ .. . John McKellar, Ardonachie,appl?edfor W. R. McDonald's allotment, Recom mended for survey.